Room for Mickie Ch. 04


Well, I had to admit that could have gone better. Mickie and I were going to reveal to my parents that she was transgender, but my brother Ted discovered it before we ever had a chance to explain, and ‘outed’ her with a rather nasty homophobic rant. Mickie left the cabin crying and I was about to open a can of whoop ass on my brother, but my Dad intervened and pulled us apart. Ted stormed off using fishing as an excuse but the genie was out of the bottle, and all that was left for us now, was damage control.

My Dad eyed me like he was figuring out what to say. I knew it couldn’t be easy for him. His generation was never exposed to trans people, especially in the small town he was from. Hell, he and Mom grew up before the internet and instantaneous news, so such states as being Transgender, were unknown to them for most of their life.

“Richard…” he began with a long sigh, but then seemed to quickly lose steam.

“Dad, I will tell you anything you need to know, but I have to check on Mickie first.”

Knowing how determined I was, he simply said, “Go to her son.”

I was heading out the door in a flash. Mom and Mickie sat on the porch swing, Mom’s arm around my girl’s shoulder, comforting her. Mickie’s chin raised off of Mom’s shoulder when I whispered her name. Her tearful, blue eyes searched mine for a sign of what I was thinking. I smiled slightly and a heartbeat later she was being held by the arms that always ached to hold her. Tears came to my eyes as she softly cried. After a bit, her sobs slowed and her eyes met mine. I winked and kissed her soft lips.

My Dad approached with two lawn chairs and he sat in one as Mom moved over to the other chair. Mickie and I slid onto the porch swing holding hands. We looked at each other and faced my parents.

Mickie and I slowly began our story. We told them everything about how we met, my discovery of her transition and how we dealt with it. We took turns, revealing both of our points of view and my parents, bless their hearts, took in every word with rapt attention. They learned of our status before Christmas break and how it changed one night. We finally told them about Mickie’s Mom’s visit with us and her view of our relationship.

When we finished, we sat there while my Parents mulled over the bomb we dropped on them. I had a feeling we had won my Mom over easily, but my Dad was a different matter. He sometimes kept his emotions in check so much that you couldn’t tell what he was thinking. I knew Dad to be one of the most level headed and accepting people around. Seems that this situation was going to be the acid test.

He took my Mom’s hand and looked into her eyes. Mom nodded slightly and gave him a soft smile. He turned back to us and simply asked, “Do you Love Mickie, son?”

Tears came to my eyes again as I replied, ” I love her with all my heart Dad,” I then turned to Mickie and she met my gaze, “I would die for her.”

Happy tears leaked from the most beautiful eyes in the world. I heard my Mom’s voice catch. There were tears in her eyes as well as she softly said, “There was a time when I wasn’t sure if your Dad was the right man for me. One day I flat out asked him if he loved me.”

She squeezed Dad’s hand and smiled at him, tears running down her cheeks.

“Carolyn, I would be willing to die for you.” tears leaking from his eyes, he finished my Mom’s thought and discretely wiped them away, “We never told anybody that story until now.”

“I knew then that I would do anything for him.” Mom giggled lightly and then kissed my Dad briefly. She then turned back toward us, “Mickie, do you love our Richard?”

“Yes, I love him. He is truly the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Not only is Richard the most accepting man I know, but also the most loving man as well.” Her face darkened a bit. “My only regret is that I will never be able to give him babies, even after my SRS.” She settled deeper into the crook of my arm and I kissed her head above her ear.

“Its okay Baby,” I whispered, then a bit louder said, “Well, in for a penny…”

I rose off the swing and knelt in front of Mickie. “Will you marry me Michelle?”

“Yes Baby, yes!” Mickie shrieked and we both rose as one with her in my arms once again.

Mom giggled a bit as she wiped her tears. “You need to give me your Mom’s cell number Mickie. Looks like we have a wedding to plan.”

My parents now took turns hugging my girl and welcoming her to the family.

“And it looks like I have to go apologize to my brother. ” I declared.

“I don’t think that will be a problem honey,” Mom hugged me and motioned to look by the corner of the garage. Ted stood there, trying to wipe the tears from his face. He had heard the whole conversation and she added, “What you don’t know about your brother, is that he is an even bigger softy than you are Richard.”


Ted and I laid our fishing poles down on the dock. We had planned going out in the boat, but instead we sat down on a bench near the dock and just talked. His mind was more open then it had been earlier and Kurtköy Grup Escort he really listened to me for a change. The sun was getting low so we started up the path, toward the cabin. It had been a long time since he had said anything.

“So, you are saying that being trans is biological abnormality and not a mental defect?”

“There is a bunch of evidence that supports the claim Ted,” I replied, “Indications are that the brain of a transgender woman and that of a biological woman are mostly identical. More people need to take that leap of faith and understand the reasoning behind it. Being trans is not a choice they are making, it is who they are. I mean, can you imagine if your head and heart told you from the word go, that you were female, but when you looked in the mirror, all you saw was a guy? Can you imagine the conflict going on inside your head?”

“Wow I guess I never really looked at it that way,” He shook his head, “But… are you really SURE about this little brother. I mean, why Mickie?”

“Well Ted, I could say she gives head like a porn star, or I could say that she likes to fuck as much as I do. They are both true, but the real reason is because I simply love her and can’t imagine what life would be without her.”

“Then considering all the trans women that are beaten or killed, Mickie is lucky to have you I guess.”

Mickie brought out a laundry basket and began to take clothes off the line. She was wearing short-shorts and a bikini top that showed off her ample charms. The breeze rustled through her soft blonde hair and the way the setting sun highlighted her, I swore she looked like a goddess.

I motioned toward Mickie, “Just look at her Ted. I’m really the lucky one.”

After a bit of a pause, he piped up, “Do you think that she would even talk to me after… after all I said?”

“Only one way to find out brother.”

Ted slowly approached Mickie and she turned toward him laundry basket in hand. I was too far away to hear what was being said. Suddenly Mickie dropped the basket and threw her arms around my brother to hug him. He hugged her back without a moments hesitation.

“That’s my girl!” I whispered.


“Baby…!” Mickie stood with her eyes closed, but I knew her patience was running thin. We had just eaten lunch at Mertins Café In Iron River and we were walking along the main drag of the small town. I promised her a surprise if she closed her eyes.

“C’mon baby, please!” She jumped up and down a little as I couldn’t help but tease her.

“Okay, you can open them,” Mickie’s Blue eyes popped open as she searched for her surprise.

Disappointment showed on her beautiful face. The sign in the showroom window in front of her read Angelies Summer Blowout Meat Sale.

“Baby, I don’t understand. This is my surprise?” she asked incredulously.

I leaned in close and whispered in her ear, “I didn’t say it was in that direction, Sweetie.”

“What…?” she started as she did an about face. Her eyes grew wide and her jaw dropped. The sign on this store advertised Miner’s Harvest Jewelry. A smaller sign in the window read: Over 150 engagement rings in stock. I lead my shocked girlfriend across the street and into the store.

When Mickie finally spoke. Her words were sad, almost tearful, “Oh honey, we can’t afford this.”

“Um… well, about that… I have another surprise for you. I got a letter back from the book publisher. I…”

“They liked your book Rick?” she interrupted, almost squealing with glee.

I shook my head. “No… they didn’t like it… they loved it! Bev said that ‘In the Nick of Time’ could be the Next hunger Games or Divergent.”

Mickie hugged me tight, “I am so happy for you Baby.”

I reached into my shirt pocket, “In fact, after I signed the contract, she sent me an advance check and told me to get started on the sequel.”

I then showed her the check stub. Mickie took one look long at it in shock and dragged me over to the engagement ring display case.


We returned to my parents cabin and my Mom properly oohed and awed over Mickie’s engagement ring. We told them about the book deal and they were very happy for us. Just then Ted’s jeep rolled up in the drive and he pulled a pair of suitcases from the back. Ted drove to the airport in Rhinelander to pick up his girlfriend. We had known bits and pieces about Katherine but Ted had kept her mysteriously under wraps for almost 6 months.

My brother is just over 6ft, broad shouldered and barrel chested. The woman that stepped from the passenger side, had to be 5’4″ at the most. She had long black hair, pale skin and large expressive eyes. She reminded me of Christina Ricci and was quite beautiful. Ted set her luggage on the porch and slipped an arm around her. The rest of us had already congregated on the covered porch to greet them.

“Hi. Everyone, I want you to meet Kat,” Ted finished the introductions and Kat, very congenially, hugged each of us. She was sweet, although a little guarded. My brother slightly Kurtköy Manken Escort relaxed after the initial meeting, but still there was an uneasiness about him that didn’t seem natural. Mickie and I had picked up some chicken and fixings from KFC so we relocated at the dinner table for supper.

“I understand that congratulations are in order!” Kat declared from across the table next to Ted, who was strangely silent, “And your ring is beautiful Mickie.”

I was really starting to like her. The rest of us chatted through the meal, but Ted remained unusually mute. I caught his eye a couple times and he quickly looked away.

Even Dad picked up on it. “Ted, you okay?”

Ted got up, said he had to be excused and stepped out onto the porch. In unison, I got decided looks from both Mickie and my Mom, who sat next to each other. Mickie’s head jerked slightly, toward the porch. I knew she wanted me to follow my brother. I looked to Dad and with a shrug of the shoulders he made it my responsibility to check on Ted. I did catch the worried look on Kat’s face before I left though.

He was sitting on one of the lawn chairs, next to the porch swing. I plopped myself in the swing as he looked up.

“I just found out that Kat is pregnant.” He lowered his head. “Yeah the baby is mine.”

“And this troubles you because…?” I asked.

“I didn’t want to disappoint Mom and Dad. We should have been more careful,” He said quietly, catching my gaze again, “The reason I kept Kat under wraps was that… well I am so big and she is so tiny. Thought people would make fun of us.”

He turned away again to look out over the lake.

“Do you love her Ted?” I couldn’t hold back a smirk.

“Of course I love her!” he snapped and then as he turned, caught me smiling at him. The nickel dropped and he finally realized that I wasn’t goading him, but trying to get him to see what was important. He stood up, smiled and shook his head, “How did my little brother get to be so smart?”

“Maybe I watched you when you weren’t trying to act dumb,” Ted feigned annoyance and then ruffled the hair on my head as he got me in a mock head lock. He let me go and started back into the house.

“So?” I wondered.

He looked back at me but kept his voice down, “Looks like I am learning from you again Rick, but you ain’t the only Sanders who’s got game.”

Everybody was still seated at the table, looking a bit apprehensive toward us as we walked in. Mickie caught my eye and a big load seemed to roll off her shoulders when I winked at her.

Ted B-lined straight for Kat, who sat at the end of the table. His gazed never faltered. “Do you love me Kat?”

“Of course I do Teddy bear.” she replied wistfully.

Ted blushed and then bless his heart, dropped his 310 pound frame down on one knee. “Katherine, would you please marry me?”

“Of course I will Teddy.” Her giggles and tears mixed in even measure.

Ted raised to his feet and practically lifted Kat off her feet and into his arms. They kissed passionately, followed by a chorus of cheers and hugs of congratulations. I didn’t know if Kat’s family was a ‘huggy’ bunch, but we sure were!

“I don’t know, two weddings?” Dad smirked and pulled his wallet out to look inside. This was a game he played whenever he anticipated a large expenditure. Truth be known, his construction supply business did quite well.

“Russell!” Mom chided, slapping his arm playfully before putting her arm around his waist. “I want you boys to know that you take after your Dad. He knelt when he proposed to me too.”

“I didn’t kneel , I tripped.” he stated emphatically. Then he laughed after Mom lightly elbowed him in the ribs.

“Liar!” she laughed as he grinned.

“So that’s who you get your dopey grin from Baby,” My girl observed with a twinkle of mischief.

Dad seemed puzzled, “Dopey grin?”

I shook my head and chuckled, “I’ll tell you later Dad.”

After the family returned to their chairs at the table, Ted cleared his throat, he colored a bit and then dropped the second bomb of the evening. “Mom and Dad, looks like you are going to become grandparents. Katherine is… that is… we are going to have a baby.”

This time Dad’s mouth dropped open in shocked silence. As for Mom, I know she has been looking forward to grandchildren forever. On occasions she even teased Ted about getting with the program and getting married so it could happen. There was a wild gleam in her eye, but she acted more reserved than I would have thought she would be. Then it hit me, she kept her excitement down so as not to hurt Mickie’s feelings about not being able to have a child of her own. Mom was the best!

Another round of hugs and congratulations followed. Mickie called her Mom on her cell phone and broke the news that I had proposed to her. After some giggling and a few tears she handed her phone to Mom so that she and Grace could talk. Dad finally turned animated again and you probably couldn’t pry the smile off his face with a crowbar.

Kat took Mickie’s Kurtköy Masöz Escort hand and the two of them headed outside and sat down on the swing. Dad went with Mom into the living room, which left me and Ted to our own devices. We walked out onto the porch to be with our ladies.

“Mickie, I don’t want you to be mad at my Teddy, but on the drive here, he told me you were trans,” My girl’s face flushed a bit, “Actually it was very sweet, he revealed it in such a way to protect you. Teddy tried to explain about all the evidence that showed being trans was biological. He goofed up on a couple of points, but I want you to know that he is very fond of you.”

The two of us sat down next to our girls and Kat graced her future husband with a smile. “What Ted doesn’t know is that I have a very good friend back in Mt Pleasant who is trans. I have been wanting to tell Teddy about my friend Wendy, but I was half afraid of his reaction,” She patted his knee, “Now I know my Teddy is very accepting, one of the many reasons I love him.”

‘You should have been here last night’ Was the first thought on my mind.

Ted eyed me sheepishly, gave me knuckles, then leaned in and whispered, “I owe you big time Rick.”

Mickie broke down and sniffed a bit, tears ran down her face, “I have been alone, other than my Mom, and an only child all my life,” she began, “Now I am getting married, I suddenly have another Mom and a real Dad, a big brother and now a sister and I’m gonna be an Aunt to boot. I never even dreamed this kind of a future was possible.”

“I am an only child too,” Kat exclaimed smiling over at Mickie, “I’ve always wanted a sister. Now it looks like I finally have one. The two ladies rose and hugged each other, then Mickie bent down and kissed Ted on the cheek. He blushed and tried to wipe away a stray tear.


I sat on a dining room chair in the kitchen of the guest cabin behind the main structure. Because the larger main cabin was only a 2 bedroom, Dad had this smaller, studio dwelling built for company. Besides, the sleeper sofa in the main residence was a little too uncomfortable for me. Mickie straddled my legs as she sat on my lap facing me. We had been kissing and something tickled my funny bone.

“What are you giggling about handsome?”

“Oh, I was just thinking. When I become a best selling author and we get invited to Hollywood parties, you will be my trophy wife, right?”

I snickered a bit more, “Of course, being a trophy wife, you will have to get your boobs done.”

For the life of me, considering Mickie’s substantial rack, I don’t know how I kept a straight face.

Mickie giggled and leaned back a bit, “A boob Job?” She asked incredulously. She pulled her tank top over her head and unfastened her bra. Her tits were so close to my nose I caught the aroma of her bare skin. She lightly rubbed her breasts against my face.

“Do you think these puppies really need to be enlarged? Not a good idea Baby considering the last time you motor boated me, you nearly drowned,” She laughed and then sighed as I latched on to the nipple of her right breast before she cooed, ” I’ll give you an hour to stop that Baby.”

I could feel her flesh enlarge in my mouth. Mickie groaned as I released her and attacked her other breast. She arched her back, holding my head in place with her hand. I teased her nipple with my tongue and returned to my first target. Her moans gained volume as she gained her feet, pulling herself from my lips. She grabbed a hold of my shirt and yanked.

“What does my wife-to-be have in mind? I queried with a smirk.

“Strip em Baby! Your cock is mine for the next hour!” Damn, she was aroused!

“Yes my Queen.” She snaked out of her shorts and pushed me backwards to the bed. As I fell, Mickie yanked the shorts and briefs from my body and tossed them behind her. I slid back farther on the bed, already incredibly hard and watched her crawl to me, her breasts swaying back and forth and lust in her eyes. Mickie straddled my waist, pinning down my hands and her mouth engulfed mine. She ground herself against my erection.

Mickie licked my ear and whispered, “I want you to stick that hot tongue of yours as deep in my ass as you can get it. Lick me good Baby.”

She crept forward, lining my face up under her beautiful ass. I took hold of her hips and pulled her down. My tongue speared her asshole and she moaned her approval.

“You drive me crazy when you do that Baby!” As I continued to tongue her hole she rubbed her flaccid cock on my forehead. “You like that don’t you Ricky? I think maybe you like sucking me.” Mickie raised off of me and the bed. She turned around and reversed her position, her sex dangling above my face. When I realized she was teasing me, dragging her semi hard cock along my face, I pulled on her hips forcing her deep into my mouth.

Mickie groaned, shifted her weight and swallowing my erection, completed the 69 position. I could feel her stroke me as her lips took me into her mouth farther, matching her hand work. I wasn’t kidding when I told Ted she gave head like a porn star. After we became a couple, she admitted to me that she would lay on her bed, watch movies and practice on a rubber cock. When she revealed that she use to pretend it was my cock, I remember turning red. She just laughed and told me it was cute she could make me blush.

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