Root and the Pharmacist’s Wife Pt. 04

Big Tits

Brief Backstory: The setting is a Middle America town in the late 1970’s, and Lute (The Root), our hero, is a well-hung 18-year-old who’s finishing high school, playing bass in a rock band, and spreading his own brand of goodwill among the local ladies.


“So, do you think I’m terrible?” Ellen Heath asked her best friend Nicole Perkins as they sat drinking Margaritas at a downtown restaurant, both having just closed up their businesses for the day.

“Terrible? God, no!” Nicole replied with a huge smile as she leaned across the table of their booth and took her friend’s hands, “You deserve to be happy, and it sounds like this young guy is giving you exactly what you’ve needed!”

Emboldened by her second margarita, Ellen had just told Nicole about the affair she was having with Luther Casey, her amazing young lover with the ten-inch cock.

Nicole was a couple years older than Ellen and owned a downtown photography studio that had been in her family for years. She was divorced and had two kids – a son in college and an older daughter who had graduated the year before.

The comely photographer had short blonde hair, a pretty face, and a long lean body, quite unlike Ellen’s voluptuous frame that carried her big 38F tits. After first meeting many years ago at a downtown business association gathering, Nicole and Ellen had become fast friends.

Now, munching on a plate of smothered nachos to go with their margaritas, Ellen was alternating her story between some juicy details of her affair with her lover Lute, and the guilt she felt for what she was doing behind her husband’s back.

And when Nicole asked Ellen if her affair had helped spice up her sex life with her unadventurous husband, Ellen told her that it had. And that she had seduced Ron into trying some of the things that she had been doing with Lute. As a result, they had anal sex for the first time recently. And they had both really enjoyed it.

Ellen and Lute knew their affair was a temporary fling – albeit a really enjoyable one for both – and they had talked about how it would need to end, and probably sooner than later.

Also, a tenant was moving into the vacant apartment above the pharmacy where the lovers had been meeting, so that love nest was no longer available to them. And the thought of continuing to sneak around was weighing on Ellen.

So, as she talked with Nicole, it became clear that it was time for Ellen and Lute to end their affair. But she really wanted one last time with him before they called it quits. And that’s when the two old friends put together their plan.

As usual, on the following Thursday, Ron motored off after the pharmacy closed for his weekly bowling league. Ellen had told him that she was going out for dinner and a movie with Nicole, so she probably wouldn’t be home until after he was already in bed. But after bowling ten frames and drinking a few beers, Ron usually was out like a light anyway.

So, after he saw Ron’s car drive away from the pharmacy, Lute pulled his van down the alley behind the shop and picked up Ellen. Greeting each other with a long kiss and embrace, they drove over to Nicole’s photography studio.

Perkins Photography was housed in a classic two-story building not far from the pharmacy. The first floor had a meeting and reception area by the front windows, with a large studio in the back where Nicole did family portraits, graduation photos and the like. And upstairs she had her office, darkroom and a smaller studio where she did more intimate shots. And Nicole had her upstairs studio all ready for the lovers when they arrived.

Several years ago, at the request of a friend wanting a special anniversary gift for her husband, Nicole had photographed the friend in sexy lingerie and various stages of undress. These “glamour shots,” as they called them, were a big hit with her friend’s husband.

And though the photos of her friend were hardly pornographic, no nipples or crotch were exposed, they were racy enough to provoke some inspired lovemaking for the couple that lasted for months. As a result, Nicole now had a nice, unadvertised line of business. And she shot the glamour photos for friends, and friends of friends, and other discrete women wanting to rekindle some flames in their marriages.

So, one part of the plan Nicole and Ellen had cooked up over margaritas included Ellen posing for some glamour shots as a gift for her husband. This was Ellen’s way to assuage some guilt for her extra-marital activities, knowing Ron would enjoy the photos. And it would also hopefully improve their sex life, which was going to be important to her after she stopped seeing Lute.

But Ellen also knew that the shooting of these glamour shots was something Lute would also enjoy watching. And then, as the second part of the scheme, once the photo shoot was over, Nicole would leave the lovers alone in her studio for their final evening of lovemaking. At least that was the plan.

On their drive over to Nicole’s studio, otele gelen escort Ellen had filled Lute in on all of this. And he agreed it was a good way to end their affair.

Once introductions had been made in Nicole’s studio and a round of stiff whiskey sours had been served, Nicole sent Ellen off behind a dressing screen to get ready for her shoot.

In front of a curtain-covered wall of the big open studio, Nicole had tall photo lights focused on a backless couch covered in a soft velvety blanket. And while Ellen got ready for the shoot, Lute and Nicole stood by the set and got acquainted.

Though Ellen had told Nicole plenty about her sweet young lover, Nicole was nonetheless taken aback by Lute’s good looks and his and mature-beyond-his-years manner. And as he checked out the camera equipment, she couldn’t help looking down at his crotch to see the sizeable bulge that filled out the front of his tight-fitting jeans, “My god, he’s huge, and he’s not even hard yet!” Nicole thought to herself as she imagined what a cock that size would feel like inside her pussy.

“Okay, tell me what to do!” Ellen called out as she approached the set, interrupting Nicole’s cock gazing fantasies.

Ellen was dressed in a sexy lingerie ensemble composed of a low-cut red bra and matching bikini panties, an outfit that she had previously worn to rave reviews in one of her trysts with Lute.

Nicole did a wolf whistle when she saw Ellen in her erotic attire, and then showed her friend where she wanted her to sit on the couch.

After finishing off her drink and receiving a refill, Ellen became more comfortable under the studio lights. And then, following Nicole’s instructions, she began posing for the camera in various seductive positions as Nicole began snapping away.

Lute was sipping his drink while watching all of this from a comfortable chair at the side of the set. And though he had seen Ellen in this outfit before, and had also helped her remove it, he was nonetheless aroused to see her voluptuous body filling it up once again.

Ellen’s big succulent tits spilled out of the tops of the bra cups like muffins in a baking tin. And as she reclined seductively on the couch while Nicole shot photos, her perfect round ass filled out the sheer bikini bottoms.

Nicole then had Ellen undo the bra and lean forward so she could take some close up shots, each one with increasingly more of Ellen’s fleshy breasts exposed.

Ellen was next instructed to take off the bra and turn sideways for some profile shots. And then Nicole asked her to look straight at the camera for more poses where she partially covered her huge breasts with her arms.

Nicole’s animated coaching – “Oh, yeah, nice!” “Perfect, just like that!” “Wow, that’s it…yes, give me more of that sexy smile, sweetie!” – coupled with the strong drink, had loosened up Ellen considerably. And she was now vamping seductively for both the camera and her appreciative audience.

And then of her own accord, Ellen knelt on the couch and began to slip down her panties, giving the camera half and full moon shots of her round ass as she coyly looked over her shoulder at the camera.

“Oh, yes! Nice…nice…now touch your bottom! That’s right!” Nicole complimented and coaxed her model while Ellen, who had removed her panties and was now completely naked, delved further into her seductress role.

“Now stand up and turn away from the camera,” Nicole instructed as she removed the Nikon from its tripod and moved closer to her model, “Now, look back at the camera and give us that ‘Come and fuck me smile,’ sweetie…that’s right…perfect!”

Then, moving to the side, Nicole directed, “Now, lean forward on the couch and let your big boobs droop down…perfect…just like that! Now give us that smile again! Yes, great, that’s it…perfecto!”

After several more increasingly naughty poses, Nicole handed Ellen a light robe to wear and suggested they take a short break.

“That was great, sweetie!” Nicole complimented Ellen as they clinked their glasses together before taking long sips of their drinks, “You’re really good at this. Are you sure you’ve never done sexy modeling before?”

Ellen giggled as she looked over at Lute, “Thanks, Nikki, this is fun. But, no, I’ve never modeled for a camera,” and then added for Lute’s benefit, “Just for my boyfriends.”

While Nicole changed film in the camera, Ellen walked over to Lute and sat down on his lap. Aroused by her erotic modeling, the two began to kiss. They first engaged slowly and tenderly, and then with increased passion, not caring that Nicole was standing nearby, tending to her camera and occasionally looking their way.

But watching them, Nicole decided on a new plan for how this photo shoot should unfold. And knowing that she had Ellen’s trust, and that Lute would also be game, Nicole went into her storage room and soon returned carrying a cardboard box while pendik escort also pushing a video camera mounted on a wheeled tripod.

Approaching the lovers, she parked the tripod and then put the box on the floor by Lute’s chair. And when Ellen began to apologize for having ignored her, Nicole waved her off as she reached into the box and pulled out two brightly colored Italian Carnevale masks, traditionally worn in Italy during their Mardi Gras celebrations.

As Nicole held up the colorful masks, Ellen and Lute could see they were of the seductive half-face variety that covered the wearer’s forehead, eyes, and sloped down above the mouth, leaving the bottom of the face uncovered. Handing one of the heavy paper masks to each of them, Nicole proposed her new plan.

After hearing the salacious plot twist Nicole had in mind, Ellen laughed and said she only had two requests, “Okay, first, you’ll give me the master tape, right?”

“Sure, sweetie,” Nicole replied, “It’ll be yours to do with however you’d like after I make an edited copy.”

“Okay, thanks, that’s perfect” Ellen replied as she sipped on her third strong drink of the evening and began to run her hand over the growing bulge in Lute’s crotch.

“And secondly,” Ellen continued, “I want you to take off your clothes while you film us. That would make me feel more comfortable, having us all naked.”

Nicole and Lute both laughed when Ellen made this request, but they knew she was serious.

“Okay,” Nicole replied willingly, “But if I do that, I also have a request.”

“Fair enough,” Ellen said, “What’s that?”

“I want to play too,” Nicole said with her own sexy smile. And then she slid a hand over to join Ellen in massaging the huge bulge in Lute’s pants.

Never having been in a threesome, but figuring it couldn’t get any better than doing it with these two, Ellen looked over at Lute as she nodded her head in agreement, “Okay with you, lover?” she asked.

Looking at the two fine women now stroking his growing cock, Lute smiled and nodded, “Yeah, you know, I think that could work.”

After laughing at their evening’s unexpected turn of events, the threesome moved their heads together and exchanged long imploring kisses, both boy-girl and girl-girl, and that sealed the deal.

Nicole then moved back into her director role as she handed Lute a robe and instructed him to get undressed, and then she ducked behind the dressing screen to remove her own clothes.

It only took Nicole a few minutes to slip off her clothes and put on a silky robe. But when she returned, she wasn’t surprised to find Ellen and Lute already reclining on the couch, wearing only their masks and robes as they kissed and groped, getting ready for their first scene.

And as she walked over to put some music on the stereo, Nicole caught sight of Lute’s huge cock in Ellen’s hand, as she stroked its long, thick shaft. And seeing his monster for the first time, she couldn’t help but moan in anticipation of having that beast stretching her own sweet pussy.

Nicole had been divorced for almost ten years. And over that time she had dated and slept with plenty of guys, and had a few current “friends with benefits” that she saw regularly. But since her marriage ended, her two primary interests had been her kids and her business. And she was pleased that all of them were doing great. However, though she wasn’t sex starved, she was definitely excited about this opportunity to make it with Lute and Ellen.

Nicole didn’t consider herself bisexual, and though she had a couple of exploratory girl-girl experiences in college, since then, she had only been with another woman as part of a threesome with a guy, and that had happened just twice.

But, she really did enjoy eating pussy, and she also loved having a woman do the same to her. And though she had always found Ellen’s voluptuous body to be really sexy, and had told her friend that without embarrassment, she never thought they’d end up having sex together. That is, until tonight.

With Marvin Gaye now coming out of the stereo speakers, Nicole slipped off her robe. Unlike Ellen’s curvaceous body, Nicole was tall and slender, with a tight ass and set of perfectly floppy 32B melons that were proportionally just right for her frame. Farther down, she had a wispy patch of blonde fur covering a sweet pink pussy that topped her long lovely legs.

Ellen and Lute were still reclining together on the couch, but they had taken a short break from their kissing and caressing to take a few hits from a joint Lute had brought along. Giggling, Nicole trotted over bare-assed to partake of the weed, knowing an additional mood enhancement was a fine idea for their evening together.

Then, turning on the video camera and positioning her eye on the viewfinder, Nicole focused the camera on the two ready lovers.

A few years prior, Nicole had started including video as part of her wedding photography rus escort options. She was pretty good at shooting video and was adept at using the editing bay she had in the back of her studio. But she also had a really good videographer that she hired for most of her weddings and big events, which allowed her to concentrate on the photography.

Her plan for that night’s video was to add a music track later, instead of using intrusive microphones to record their talking and their groans and moans. And not including their voices, coupled with the facial coverage provided by the masks, would ensure a greater degree of anonymity for the threesome, should the tape ever get viewed by someone other than the three of them.

And not recording audio also meant that Nicole could continue directing.

“Okay, ready on the set!” Nicole called out with a laugh as she moved back into her director role, “Now, pretend the camera isn’t here, just act naturally, and get it on!”

Lute and Ellen were more than ready – they’d been kissing and pawing at each other ever since Lute picked her up at the pharmacy an hour ago. And though their masks were a little constricting, they were getting used to them. And seeing each other in the colorful disguises with the alluring eye-cuts added an erotic element they were both enjoying.

With the camera now rolling, their robes were soon tossed aside, and the naked lovers began getting into their scene.

After some more kissing and caressing, Ellen slipped onto the floor and put her mouth over Lute’s thick cock and began licking and sucking his tool. Pleased to have the action underway, Nicole called out quietly as she filmed, “Yeah, baby, that’s it…get it deep in your throat and look him in the eyes…that’s right…perfect! Wow, you two are so beautiful together! So hot!”

“Now grab her head, Lute, and roll your head back like you’re in a daze…that’s right…perfect! God, you’ve got such a big gorgeous cock! Now, grab its shaft and raise your hips while you shove it in her mouth…yes…that’s right…got it!” Nicole coached as she continued recording.

“Ellen, squeeze your big tits while you suck that monster…perfect…oh, yeah…nice…now grab his cock shaft while you suck on his balls…that’s right…oh, yeah, sweetie, suck ’em…oh, yeah…perfect!”

Fortunately for Lute and Ellen, the strong drinks and a few hits of good weed were helping them ignore the studio lighting, the masks, and the knowledge they were being filmed. And though it felt intrusive at first, they were also starting to enjoy Nicole’s directorial commentary. Having a good-looking naked woman filming and talking to them while they made love was pretty hot. And knowing that at some point she was going to join in was an added bonus. And Nicole was also getting into it.

“That’s right…wrap your big tits around his thick cock, sweetie…oh, yeah, that’s so great…now slide them up and down on that big thing…yes, yes…suck it’s big head…oh, yeah! God, look at that!” Nicole cooed. And as the lovemaking continued, Nicole slipped a hand into her crotch and began fingering her own hungry pussy while she filmed.

“Oh, yeah, that’s perfect, get on top of him and straddle that big cock, slide it in, baby!” Nicole commentated as she zoomed in on the union of their genitals as Lute lay back on the couch and Ellen mounted his cock and pushed into it her huge cunt.

“Now fuck it…fuck it…oh, yeah, that’s great!” Nicole exclaimed as Lute raised his hips and drove his cock in and out of Ellen’s gaping cunt, “Oh, my god, this is so hot…his huge cock in your pussy! My god! It’s so fucking hot!”

And as Ellen rode Lute’s cock, she put her hand onto her pussy and began fingering her big clit, “Oooh…baby…that’s right,” Nicole whispered excitedly as she continued fingering her cunt as she filmed Ellen doing the same, “Rub it out for us, sweetie…that’s right, rub it …oh, yeah!”

After zooming in on Ellen’s fingers working over her big clit, Nicole pulled back and got a mid-range shot of her friend’s huge tits flopping about as she rode Lute’s cock.

“God, this is a great shot of your boobs bouncing up and down while you fuck, sweetie. You’re gonna’ love watching this!” Nicole called out to Ellen as she zoomed in for a close up on her gyrating rack, “What beautiful breasts …my god, they’re huge!”

Still fingering her pussy as she filmed the lovers, Nicole was starting to breath deeply as she felt her oncoming orgasm. Surprised that her climax was coming so soon, Nicole focused the camera and left it on a good mid-range shot of the lovers, and then sat down in the chair Luke had occupied earlier. And while she continued to watch Ellen bounce on Luke’s huge cock, the pretty blonde photographer began working on her pink pussy with increased intensity.

“God you two are so hot, you’re gonna’ make me cum,” Nicole whispered as she began to tremble. “Oh, yeah…yeah…mmm…yes!

Hearing Nicole’s moans, Ellen looked over and smiled and locked eyes with her friends.

“Yeah, baby, cum for me!” Ellen whispered to Nicole as she continued riding Lute’s cock, feeling her own oncoming climax. And then looking back down at Lute, she drove herself onto him as she clamped a hand onto one of her nipples and began squeezing hard as her initial orgasmic wave began to roll.

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