Sex and a Single Girl Ch. 06


Hi! Still with me on my little adventure? You will have read about my erotic introduction to Tom and Les, this is how things slowly develop. Also, showing up out of the blue, I introduce you to my bisexual friend from college, Sophie.

Chapter 6: A surprise visit from an old friend

Following the sexy interlude in the hammocks, and our subsequent formal introduction over lunch, we saw little of our new friends for a few days due mainly to Richard’s determination to enlist for every tour of virtually every island in the Caribbean! We sailed through the Grenadines to Union Island, we flew to St Lucia, and Martinique, and we dived off Antigua. I would much rather have been exhausted having sex with Tom and Les!

In between these trips I did manage to grab a moment in the pool with Tom telling him about the regular Saturday disco, the one the previous week had been very lively and Richard and I had watched several couples get horny on the floor, I was determined to do the same with Tom. In that brief moment in the water he came on to me very strongly, unfortunately it was too public and I had to back away, but not before he deliberately pressed his hard erection against my bare belly. I knew in my heart we weren’t very far away from fucking our brains out. A little later, I told Rich that I couldn’t hang out much longer.

“Then why not go for it Sis? I have it on good authority that Les has no objection.”

As it happened things did progress rather nicely in the right direction when she knocked on our door that very evening after dinner, looking very seductive in a sheer black dress that stuck to every curve, and she had a few of those. Smiling to myself, my pussy gave a familiar twitch and I thought that if I failed with Tom she would be my second choice.

“Hey guys, we are going to Barbados for the day tomorrow, we wondered if you fancy joining us? I’m told there’s still room on the tour.”

Normally I would have refused, I was weary of shabby overheated airport lounges, but on this occasion I jumped at the chance of being close to Tom, and Rich appeared to be complete putty as far as Les was concerned.

“Err, yes Les, we would love to.”

“This one is on me Rich,” I declared before he could change his mind, and supplied my card details for Les to pass on to the tour organiser.

“Great you guys, see you at six in the morning!” She disappeared with a knowing grin, I was sure she could read my mind.

An hour later, changing some money at reception, I got the shock of my life.

“Hi Sue, what the fuck are you doing here?” I turned, half recognising the voice.

“Bloody hell! Sophie?”

It was one of my college friends with her husband Paul and, unlike my best friend Helen, she had remained geographically close and we had remained in contact. She was still happily married to her long-time college sweetheart.

After we had all hugged a few thousand times and I was assured by Paul that, in his normal physical manner, he still fancied me as much as ever, I led his wife to the bar while he continued checking-in.

Taking a sip from her rum punch, Sophie repeated her question, “So?”

“Actually I am here with Richard, we are on our honeymoon.”

“Pardon me?”

“Only kidding.” I laughed out loud. I explained about Richard’s cancelled wedding, but for the time being, excluded the details of our incestuous encounter. Through Helen she was already aware of our youthful masturbatory escapades.

Sophie smiled in that not-so-innocent way I remembered from college, “God, I wish I could be in your shoes, or your bed for that matter, with that lovely cock next to me.” She had had the hots for Richard ever since I could remember and was one of the few girls to have actually seen his colossal appendage fully erect. True to form he had shied away when she tried to get closer to it.

I laughed, suddenly remembering that horny moment in college when four of us girls watched her go down on her new boyfriend Paul in the back row of class. I told her about our new friends Tom and Les and, remembering she was pretty much as broadminded as me, I included the hammock interlude, nervously waiting for her response. After all, liberated though we all were, it’s not every day one fucks one’s own brother! Or even step-brother.

I needn’t have worried. My friend peered over her glasses, a mischievous smile on her face, apparently totally unfazed by my admission, “I’m really surprised you two hadn’t fucked much sooner. You and Richard were always so close, I often wondered if you two were lovers, especially as you weren’t truly related.”

I took her hand, “Please keep it to yourself Soph, only you and Helen know about the masturbation thing, and even she doesn’t know we had full sex, it only happened the first time a couple of weeks ago.”

“Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me, and Paul doesn’t need to know.”

She took a long sip of her drink, “God, these people know how to make a good cocktail!”

I laughed as she continued, “I hear that Richard has been seeing czech couples porno Helen.”

“How did you know that?”

“I bumped into her last week in Smith’s, ironically we were both looking for the same book, that new one by Wilbur Smith?”

“How is she?”

“Looking forward to getting rid of that asshole of a husband, I think your brother would be very good for her.”

“My thoughts entirely, she certainly loosened him up you know where!”

“Just as well, he was always a bit slow in that department. How was he with you, if I may ask? It must have felt amazing with all that cock inside you.”

“It did.” I placed my hand on hers, “Surprisingly, that first night in my cottage he was very attentive, I have Helen and Frances to thank for that.”

“Wow, he is a dark horse! He had sex with your cousin. Isn’t she married?”

I nodded, “She was, gone to live with some guy in Spain.”

I explained how she had seduced him and the near threesome encounter in the hotel. Sophie, who was widely known to be bisexual herself, widened her eyes at the mention of the Polish maid.

“I would have bolted the door and thrown her on the bed,” she laughed.

“So would I,” I replied daringly. I then went into detail of how I had literally raped Richard when I discovered Tom and Les fucking in the adjacent hammock, I could see Sophie painting the picture in her mind, clearly it excited her. “God, I wish I had been there, Sue.”

“So do I Soph, so do I.”

I sipped at the remainder of my rum punch, then a further surprise awaited me.

“Your new friends, are they swingers too?”

My glass paused at my lips, “What do you mean by too?”

She grinned from ear to ear, “Bloody hell Sue, I thought you knew?”

I shook my head in disbelief. “Knew what?” But I already had the answer.

Her smile disappeared and for a moment became serious, waving her arms in the air, “You know what this place is don’t you? Isn’t that why you’re here?”

“Umm, yes and no.” I knew she and Paul had always been party-mad and I once accepted an invite to one of their pyjama do’s. To this day I don’t know if she is aware that I had that horny night seduced her then boyfriend into a quick shag in the bathroom. I recalled not feeling guilty at the time because she herself had been seen sneaking off down the garden with a mutual male friend, both full of sexual intent.

Sophie waved to the barman and ordered another round, “I honestly thought you knew. We’ve been swapping partners for years now. It’s great fun.”

“So this is why you two are here then?”

She grinned again, “Of course it is! And with you and Richard around perhaps we don’t need to look any further. What do you think?”

I adored the boldness of my friend. Already she had my brother mentally undressed and cavorting on the end of his big cock! Sophie, despite her solid relationship with Paul, had never made a secret of her desire for my brother but, as usual at that time and, even though I knew he had fancied her (all the boys did!), he had proved too shy to make a move. And I wouldn’t have said no to Paul either. According to her he was an expert lover, he had to be to hang on to her! For a brief instant, realising that these two wanted to have sex with us, I regretted agreeing to tomorrow’s excursion with Tom and Les. Suddenly there were two men available to me! For an exciting moment I wondered if, before the holiday was over, we would all wind up in one big orgy? My brother excepted of course! However, I had to decline, for the time being anyway.

“Sorry Soph, I’m really flattered by your invitation but I think we are pretty committed to seeing where this goes with our new friends.” I grinned, “You should have been here two days ago to ask us then, but there are lots of other sexy couples here though, if that’s what you really want.”

I pointed discreetly to the corner of the restaurant. “There’s Mike and Rita over there, they might be available, they came on to us quite strongly on the beach yesterday but as usual Rich was the problem.” I laughed at the memory. “She couldn’t keep her eyes off his dick!”

“I know the feeling. Where is big boy by the way?”

“Gone to bed. Alone I might add! We’ve been touring all day, and tomorrow we are off to Barbados with our new friends.”

“Lucky you, I hope you all get it on.”

“I plan to, he’s gorge, and definitely up for it!”

She stood up, “Good luck then, maybe when our men are preoccupied we two could hitch up on our own sometime?”

“I would really like that. Let’s call it a rain check shall we?”

I kissed her softly on the lips, knowing exactly what she was implying. It was clear that a girls-only session was being suggested, and I hugged her tightly, thrilled at the body-to-body contact. It was hard to imagine my friend not being bisexual. At that very moment I was so tempted to invite her and Paul to our room but, although I remembered Richard fancying Sophie like mad, I knew he would throw a fit, especially as he had in no czech estrogenolit porno uncertain manner now warmed to the charms of Les. I was a little disappointed that she didn’t invite me to her chalet for a ménage-a-trois. I put that down to her wanting my brother to be in the picture also.

I returned to our room, vexed that Jim and I had not seen the signs with Sophie and Paul all that time ago. My late husband had once suggested that, to invigorate our failing marriage, we find another sexy couple to share in some private bedroom fun. We had dined out with Sophie and Paul several times and never once suspected they were looking for exactly the same thing, all the time it had been staring us in the face! To make matters worse, when we got back home from one night out with them, we both admitted in the middle of a particularly hot sex session that we had both fancied them like mad!

As I climbed into bed I told Rich of my meeting with Sophie but limited the content of our conversation. As I turned out the light I had visions of a naked Sophie lying on one bed sucking Jim’s cock while she watched me slide down onto Paul’s stiff pole. As I drifted off with my fingers between my thighs, their faces slowly transformed into those of Tom and Les, our new, and apparently very available, sex partners-to-be. In the space of a few hours two couples now fancied us. And one of the girls was bisexual too! This holiday was definitely looking up!

On the short flight early the next morning, Les made a strange request, asking to sit next to me. I assumed she wanted to clear the air about what was building up into an interesting development between the four of us. I was partly right. She spoke quietly to avoid being overheard, particularly by our male partners.

“Sue, I think I can see the way this all heading, the four of us.”

I smiled, “You think?”

“I like Richard a lot, and it’s plain for all to see that you have the hots for Tom.”

“You seem very cool about it, you must tell me if you want me to back off.”

She took my hand, “No, no, it’s not that. I came out here with an open mind, and I really don’t want to get into a serious relationship with Tom. Don’t get me wrong, I love sex, but not at the quantity that he wants. I find him a bit too demanding if you know what I mean.”

I laughed, “He can demand as much as he wants from me! I have some catching up to do, I’ve had a couple of lean years.”

“Seriously Sue. I have something I want to share with you, and I don’t know how to put it to your boyfriend.”

“Go on. It’s safe with me. I have a secret of my own too.”

“Up until two years ago I was a prostitute.”

I grinned, “So? Aren’t we all?”

“I mean guys paid me to have sex.”

“So, what’s the problem?” She looked astonished at my indifference.

“It’s only considered the lowest form of life for a woman, that’s what’s the problem.”

I looked around to make sure we weren’t overheard and, grabbing both her arms, whispered close to her ear, “I would have thought having sex on the beach with one’s own brother would be a good candidate for that position.”

She paused for a moment, absorbing the information, her eyes slowly widening in astonishment.

“You mean Richard is your brother?” She exclaimed non-too quietly, then looked around at the other passengers, realising she might be overheard.

I squeezed her arm, “Shush. Right pair aren’t we!”

She continued in a whisper, “That night on the beach, you were fucking your brother!” It was more of a statement than a question. “Shit! And I thought I was carrying some stuff!”

“I don’t feel guilty about it Les, we were both lonely, a little drunk, and it just happened. First time a couple of weeks ago, and then when you both first saw us.”

Les laughed. “I don’t blame you, he is rather hunky. But what will he think of me?”

We paused while the pretty black stewardess handed out some fruit juice and peanuts.

“If I may say so, some of your experience will help in the bedroom, he is a little lacking in that department. And I don’t mean the length of his dick, assuming you get that far.”

She giggled softly, “I was already aware of its size!” She placed her hands on mine, her warmth passed right through my body, “You’re very cool about me Sue.”

“And the same here. The only emotion I feel with you is envy,”

She looked at me quizzically. “Why?”

I grinned, “I wish I had got paid for every time I’ve been fucked!”

Les laughed out loud, and a few passengers glared at us disapprovingly, “How does the song go? Money never bought me love? I still don’t know how to tell him though, I really like your brother, umm boyfriend, and I don’t want to balls things up.”

“Tell you what, I’ll break the ice tonight. I’ll think of something, okay?”

Les kissed me on the cheek, “Thank you Sue, I’m owed a decent relationship, perhaps this is the one.”

“No problem. By the way, say nothing to Tom about me and Richard, I would like to break czech experiment porno that to him myself.”

“Sure. I would love to see his face though!”

We landed in Barbados in time for breakfast and were given a few hours to spend exploring Bridgetown, one of the few places in the Caribbean with any decent shops. We all stayed together as four friends getting to know more about each other as each hour passed by. Little intimate gestures between each other’s partner, such as holding hands, did not go amiss, nor was disapproved of. Even Richard accepted that we were all graduating to the next level, a sensual bond.

After a typical Caribbean lunch at an apparently famous beachside hotel we were taken inland to Harrison’s Cave, some prehistoric grotto. Somehow Tom ended up in the front seat of the underground tram with me, the other two immediately behind. As we descended into the mountain in the dark our lips met softly for the first time, the electricity of a first mouth-to-mouth contact never fails to thrill me. We were desperately hungry for each other and the passion started to show in our kissing. Out of the corner of my eye I was thrilled to see that Les and Rich had followed suit. It had started! I was now certain that tonight we would all fuck.

In the dark I desperately wanted to feel Tom’s cock for the first time but, expecting to be plunged into underground floodlight at any moment, I had to resist. With his hand high on my bare thigh, he obviously had the same thoughts! I so wanted him to touch me down there, it was driving me crazy. For the last two days I hadn’t masturbated, subconsciously saving it up, determined that my next orgasm would be on the end of his tongue. I wondered if he had been saving it up too, I had visions of him flooding my mouth, my pussy, wherever he wanted to cum. As we returned to the surface he again took my hand, and looked at me longingly. My eyes said ‘fuck me,’ his response, ill concealed in his black shorts, confirmed his reply in the affirmative.

In the afternoon we were guided around a nature reserve, arms around our lovers-to-be, the desire for each other continuously building. Despite my horny state I was a tiny bit apprehensive. For me in the past it had always been sex at first sight. Many a time had I fallen in love with a guy, only to be ditched after the sex. Was this just lust once again for me, or could there be more? It was so hard to tell at this stage, especially when my pussy was running my brain. Clearly Les and Rich had something going well beyond what I wanted with Tom. I just wanted to fuck and, from the state of his pants most of the day, Tom had the same objective.

On our return to the airport, and to the disapproval of the boys, Les and I again sat together in the minibus, this time at my request. For a while we sat in silence as we admired the palm covered coves each with it’s own little undeveloped beach. Finally Les turned to me and spoke quietly.

“What’s on your mind Sue?”

“Les, how would you feel if I asked Tom to sleep with me tonight?”

She took my hand and whispered in reply, “Listen, I have absolutely no objection to you fucking my boyfriend, it’s obvious you are both as horny as hell for each other. Just get on with it and get him out of my hair, he’s been like a caged lion ever since he met you!”

I’m sure I felt my pussy weep a little with joy, and I leaned forward and kissed Les’s cheek. “Oh thank you, you are right, I have been up for it all week too.”

“You’re welcome Sue, I get like that sometimes. But what do we do about your brother? We two haven’t got to that stage yet.”

For a moment my shoulders sagged and I regretted my selfishness but she gripped my hand, “Don’t worry, I’ll think of something. We find each other great company and that’s a start.”

She turned away and looked back out of the window, it was suddenly raining again. I heard her murmur, “Anyway, it’s not as though I don’t fancy him.”

I replied just as softly, “Les, you will fancy him even more when you see the size of his cock!”

Les turned back to me and laughed, “I have seen some big ones in my time Sue, but I wasn’t so stupid as not to get a feel when we were in that cave. I agree, he does seem very interesting down there!”

“If you really want him, he is easily seduced, Les.”

“I’m the world champion at that darling, but I won’t jump in until he is ready if you know what I mean, I don’t want to spoil things. I know you and Tom want to fuck and get it over and done with, but I’m different that way. I’ve had hundreds of one-night-stands, it was what I was paid for!”

“I understand, I know he will honour you for that.”

“That doesn’t mean that if he throws me on the bed and tries to ravish me I shall stop him!”

I giggled, “Tonight it is then?”

“Fuck it Sue, you are getting me in the mood already! Why not?”

We sat in silence for a while, I wondered if our two guys were having a similar conversation, and a seduction was being planned from their end. Or ends, to be sexually correct!

As we neared the airport I spoke again softly, “By the way, if it helps, Rich is actually my step-brother.” I explained our history but omitted the juvenile fooling around between us. I guessed she knew enough for the time being, not that for a single moment did I doubt that she would be shocked. Not with her history.

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