Sexcapades All Day: Part 1


Sexcapades All Day: Part 1I woke up and my uncut dick was rock hard and I was super horny. My belly button was almost full of pre-cum. I must have had some great dreams. So, I used it as lube and stroked my cock until I busted allover. I gave myself a pearl necklace! That was a first, so I got ready for the day. I was feeling sexy and somehow still extremely horny and wanted to fuck some tight holes, or even get fucked by a huge juicy cock. Mmmmm. I didn’t even take a shower. I threw on my younger sisters pink and purple striped panties which were very tight on me. They were stretchy, so it was ok. Then just threw on some grey nylon sweats and a t-shirt and shoes. I was on my way to Secrets, the adult sex toy shop in town. I decided to walk because it’s only a few miles and there’s a community College on the güvenilir bahis way. I had to take a piss real bad and as I was coming up on the college I decided to use their bathroom. As I passed the gym I peeked in and saw the freshman wrestling team were finishing up their practice. They were all dripping sweat and wearing tight leotards, so you could see who had the bigger packages. I had an idea. I ran to their locker room, quickly stripped down and headed to the far corner of the showers. I got all soapy and they started piling in. Most everyone was in and out, but there was two boys I noticed that kept on looking at me. I would wash my hole or stroke my cock as they looked, acting like I didn’t see them. Well everyone left to towel off except for the two twinks. I hid behind the partition and they started güvenilir bahis siteleri stroking eachothers cocks and making out. My dick got so hard. I had to go over and join, but how? They were standing cock to cheeks so I got behind them and slid my hard cock from the bottom of his ass past his hole and he jumped and turned around! I said “oh, I am so sorry, I just couldn’t help myself you two are hot!” He didn’t say anything, looked down at my cock, looked at his friend and got on his knees. His throat felt like a tight vagina and he could take the whole 8 inches down his neck. At this point my eyes are closed and im amazed that this worked out so well. Then I felt this huge mushroom head poke me right in my hole. I was kind of surprised, but I immediately grabbed my cheeks with both hands iddaa siteleri and spread them apart to let him in. He did not take his time. He thrust the soapy head of his thick long rod all the way in til he hit my prostate. It felt extraordinary! So there I am standing between two young soapy studs. My dick is in the blondes mouth and the jock type one is thrusting his shaft deep as he can inside me. I’m about to bust, but I dont say a word. I cum while my dick is past his tonsils and he doesn’t stop sucking until it starts retracting out of his throat. Then, I bend all the way over and grab my ankles so he can finish pounding me. He grabs me by my hips and screams as he does one last hard and deep thrust breeding my hole. I squeezed my sphincter tight so he couldn’t easily pull out. His cock eventually slithered out as he got soft. At this point I’m in pure ecstasy and am amazed that this worked! I can feel his cum slowly leaking down my crack and as I’m catching my breath the blonde looks at me and says “ok, now its my turn.” …to be continued

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