Sharon Ch. 1


It had been about a year and a half since my wife and I had been involved in a MFF three- way relationship. It ended as many do in a big mess but Mary and I managed to stay together. Unfortunately Mary had become very untrusting of me and everyone else which brings us to Sharon. Sharon is Mary’s sister who at the time was having marital problems at the time.

It all started when we decided to go to the in-laws for the weekend in Vermont. Sharon came to visit Mary at their mom and dads. Mary doesn’t smoke much but Sharon and I party together whenever we can. Only this time she already had a buzz on and the flirting got a little out of hand, causing a family thing with the in-laws. We all got together a couple of more times over the next couple of months. Sharon and I sneaking off to smoke and the flirting continued. As far as Sharon and I were concerned it was all just fun. After all I was her sisters husband. Mary wouldn’t let it go she thought after the three-way I was after a replacement and she made even mentioning Sharon a fight. We were just having fun and Mary was never going to stop being jealous no matter what female I was around. An apartment in another building we own came vacant by this time I’d had enough. I moved in and set my new home up.

After a few weeks I realized that Sharon usually had me get her pot because it was tough to come by in Vermont. When I’d go up or she’d come down I’d get some for her. So I gave her a call to see if she needed any figuring I could meet her somewhere because it a four hour ride one way to my place plus I was a lone and didn’t think she’d want to stay here. She was happy to hear from me because she was all out and didn’t know how to get a hold of me without causing a big fight with Mary. We couldn’t come up with a good meeting place and since it was a three-bedroom apartment and only I. I offered her to come and stay the weekend. Much to my surprise after some thought she agreed that would probably be the easiest way plus then we could smoke with out her having to worry about driving all that way buzzed. So we planned on the following weekend and hung up. I went about my business for the next week getting what we needed all the time thinking about a weekend amatör porno with Sharon. We had always had fun together but this was different a weekend together. I had only thought about this with Sharon as a passing thing not that it would ever happen partying was good enough. Why ruin a good thing? But as time wore on I couldn’t help myself thinking about her five foot eight one hundred fifteen pound body with b cup (more than a handful a waste) tits with long beautiful curly blonde hair. She looked damn good for thirty-six and three kids. Plus she has a great personality great fun to be around.

Finally Friday came she was going to be there about nine since I work nights I left out the key for her to get in and make her self comfortable. I couldn’t get thru work soon enough still nervous how this was going to go. Not having much furniture we sat on the floor listened to some music and smoked a joint. After a while she started to lean on me and doze so I thought. Not being one to attack sleeping people and knowing there was all day Saturday ahead I ask if she wanted to go to bed. I showed her my room and the others letting her pick where to sleep. Much to my surprise she picked my room I was in disbelief I figured she was just tired and being a strange place in the city didn’t want to be alone. In our flirting we had gotten touchy enough to be comfortable without getting sexual so I didn’t find it too strange.

I normally sleep in the nude but still a little unsure I decided to leave my jeans on. We curled up under the covers and to my surprise she was quite awake. She curled up to me and started to rub my chest her hands on my bare chest had me hard in an instant. I decided to go for it rubbing her back through her shirt getting no protest I slid my hand under her shirt. Her skin was so soft and smooth I almost came right then. I slipped my hands around to those wonderful handfuls and lightly caressed then through her cotton bra. Getting only moans I gently slipped her shirt over her head and removed her bra exposing her lovely perky tits to my eyes. In wanted to say the hell with it and jump her then but I just had to suck on those tits and by now rock hard nipples. They were like little anal porno rockets in my mouth sucking and nibbling growing harder with each suck, I was distracted by my zipper and belt being undone. Her hand slipped into my pants under my briefs she grabbed my ragging hard-on in her hand. She started to stoke me ever so gently the more I sucked her tits the faster she stroked. I started to rub her thighs working to what I found to be hot and soaked pussy even with her jeans still on.

She pulled away and started to kiss down my chest. When she got to my briefs she pushed them out of the way and started to lap the pre-cum from the bulging head of my cock. All the while pushing my pants down which by now I gladly helped with She then lapped my whole cock and balls then took my cock to the in her mouth. Talk about heaven I looked down and saw my whole cock going in and out of her lovely mouth. I had to get my mouth on that hot dripping pussy soon because I wasn’t going to hold out like this for long not with that hot soft mouth on my cock. I grabbed for her legs and pulled them toward my head undoing her jeans and slipping them down and off. I could feel the heat from her sopping pussy. Kissing my way up her legs by now she was writhing on the floor and moaning on my cock. I couldn’t wait any longer I had to taste her pussy the smell was driving me crazy.

I couldn’t believe anyone could be this wet. She tasted so good, like sweet nectar of the gods. Her clit was sticking out of its hooded hiding place beckoning me to take it in my mouth. I suck it like there was no tomorrow taking it in my mouth giving little nibbles. I could tell by the humping against my face that she wasn’t far from cumming. Thank God because I could feel my balls tightening to blow my load. Slamming her pussy into my face she came with a flood almost drowning me in her juices. She stopped sucking my cock as she moaned around it as she came down and regained her self she started humping my cock in and out of her mouth like no tomorrow. I came instantly so hard I thought I’d blow her off my cock with the force. She to every drop I don’t know how she must had an empty stomach because I came what felt like gallons. After we recovered anal breakers porno she turned around and we kissed like I had never before. My cum on her tongue hers all over my face the taste mixed together was incredible like the perfect blend.

My cock was getting hard again so she started stroking me. I slid my hand between her legs she spread them wide inviting me in. I slid one then two fingers in her sopping pussy. We were both moaning again by this time. I pulled her over on top of me. She got up and squatted of my now hard again cock her juices dripping on me. She rubbed my cock up and down her slit just brushing her opening. This drove me crazy I had to get inside her love tunnel feel it rapped around my cock. Fortunately she drove herself wild right along with me.

She took my dick in hand and guided it to her dripping hole. Ever so slowly she lowered herself down onto my hard-on. The felling was wonderful the smooth velvet glove enveloping my cock until our pubic hairs were intertwined. Our mutual moans should woken-up the whole house. He just stayed there for a minute while we savored the feeling. Thankfully I had already come or I wouldn’t have been able to hold out. She was moaning as she worked my cock slowly in and out of her pleasure hole. I pulled her down to take her luscious tits into my mouth taking turns left then right. This drove her wild as she moaned and speeded up her pumping going all the way up until the head of my cock was just inside her pussy lips then dropping down with a moan until our pubic hairs touched.

What a ride I slipped a hand between us to play with her clit, which was rock hard again. She went even faster I could feel my balls tightening telling me it wasn’t going to be long until I blew again. By her moans I could tell it wasn’t going to be long for her either. I stroked her clit faster. She dropped herself down on me I could feel the walls of her pussy pulsating on my cock and she let out with an, oh my I’m cuuuuuuummmmmmiiiiing this sent me over the edge. Then head of my cock felt like it was going to explode as I came gallons again. She collapsed on top of in a deep passionate kiss and we fell asleep. I awoke in the morning to her riding my already hard cock again. We didn’t get up for much all weekend until it was time for her to go. She said she’d be back soon I can’t wait but after that weekend I need some time to recover. I didn’t know I could come that much. I will have to save it up for next time.

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