Slave again

Big Tits

Slave againSLAVE AGAINI Heard from William again. He called,said he needed me for the night and be outside my apartment in 15 minutes and he would pick me up. He also said to be nude with my cock ring and collar on. Great, like no one would see me. Not only that but I was still covered with marks and some welts from last week when I saw him last.I stood out in front waiting for him, of course he was late. People stared, honked horns, took pictures, and whatever could be done tro embarrase me.He showed up, I got in with a raging hard on, beylikdüzü escort he took my head and stuffed his 10 inch dick into my mouth as he drove. I sucked and sucked, licked his huge swollen balls and moaned.He pushed me away, and I noticed another naked guy in the back seat. 9 inch dick, real swollen and rock hard, pre cum dripping from his tip. I was told to suck his asshole, so I climbed into the back seat and sucked and licked away. His asshole was soaked in cum and William said he had been fucked by 20 guys in last 3 hours so avcılar escort keep sucking. lots of cum in there!Goo dripping all over my face & lips, my cock rock hard, he groaned and moaned as I licked his hole and rubbed his dick.William told him to lick my asshole, he did and then stuck his cock up my ass!Been 3 days since I had been fucked in my ass, I was missing it-I was now a male whore/slut, would do anything I was told to do.He came in my ass, a HUGE load, I could feel it splashing on my prostrate, and he came and came. He fuck me some esenyurt escort more, I was starting to really lose it, and he came again, cum dripping down my legs, all over my balls, I was a mess. He pulled out, grabbed my face and stuck his cum covered, ass juiced covered dick in my mouth and I cleaned him off.William said “we are here” and parked the car. He took us out of the car, and we both stumbled and fell up to the house, my cock ridiculosly hard, my balls very swollen.We went in, 30-40 people inside, lots of guys, some women and we were tied by our wrists to chains hadnging from the ceiling. Over to the side two women were hanging by their wrists. They had been badly beaten, welts and scratchesall over their tits, stomachs, legs, ass & backs.

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