Squeezed Together with Mom


It wasn’t anything planned. It just happened.

My mother is a well-known freelance journalist. She’s won countless awards and her articles have been published by dozens of major news outlets around the world. Simply put, she was great at her job and she’d do anything for a major scoop. She was constantly on the search for the next big story.

That ‘next big story’ didn’t come until our safari vacation in Africa. I was on summer break from college and my mother needed the rest. But even under the hot sun and the beautiful surroundings of the African safari, mom was still focused on work, only she didn’t know that her “next big story” would lead us towards an exploration of our deepest taboo desires.


That morning I was getting ready in our hotel room, while mom was in the lobby making final planning decisions with our tour guides.

She came into the room with that motivated look she often had when she’s excited about something. After all, you can’t be successful in her line of work unless you love what you do. She shut the door. She was dressed in cargo shorts and a polo t-shirt, her hair tied in a ponytail, looking like an average American tourist in Africa.

“Big news,” she said with a sense of excitement and slight hesitation.

“What is it?”

“I’ve just heard from our guides that a local tribe will be holding an extremely rare ceremony. Apparently, it only happens once every 50 years.”

There was a gleam in her eye as she said this. Knowing her, she was also looking for a big scoop and the next big news item which would be trending. It was clear what this meant to her and she wanted to rearrange our travel plans so she could see this.

“So you want to go?” I asked, knowing the answer.

She gave an awkward smile, “You’re damn right.”

“Hmmm… why do you sound… you know… weird?” I asked humorously.

“Well, it’s going to be a weird day. For both of us, that is.”

“Sounds cool. I love weird stuff.”

She tensed her body. “Not this weird. Believe me.”


She took a deep breath. “First of all, it will only be us and a tour guide on this trip. None of the other travelers want to go. We’ll have to sit in the back of a cargo truck for an hour long ride.”

“Okay, cool, that sounds doable.”

“Secondly,” she tensed again, “this is a very primitive tribe. By that, I mean they aren’t used to foreigners like us. But I’ve been assured that this will be very safe. Safety is not a problem whatsoever.”

“There’s obviously something that’s bothering you. Just say it.”

Mom gulped. “That brings me to the third point I want to make. This tribe will only trust us if we blend in. You know what that means.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the brain of my mother. I wasn’t a worldly person like she was and I didn’t have all the knowledge from around the globe that she had.

“No clue,” I admitted.

“This tribe is essentially a nudist colony of indigenous people. They have little concept of wearing clothes. We would look like aliens the way we’re currently dressed.”

It was a shock all right. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that my mother was implying that she’d have to be nude as well. But there’s no way that would ever happen. Or so I thought…

“What does that mean?” I asked. “You’ll have to wear leaves to cover your body parts?”

She shook her head. “Full nudity.”

“Really? You mean…”

“I’ll have to be completely naked for the rest of the day.”

It was the ultimate shock. My first thought was how painfully awkward this would be for us. But by the look on her face and the excitement in her voice, it didn’t seem like a big deal to her, mainly because this would be for the advancement of her career and her own personal curiosity.

My second thought was that I would finally be able to see her naked. Like most boys with beautiful mothers, I’d wanted to see her nude at several points in my life. I had lusted after her before. Of course it was nothing obscene or overly perverted, I was certain that most boys had similar feelings. Now that I was a college student, those fantasies had passed. Long forgotten. I hadn’t had those thoughts in a while. But now suddenly, it seemed like those dirty fantasies were back in a powerful way.

“Are you going to do it?” I gulped.

This time, I was the one who was tense and awkward.

“I’ve already told the tour guide that we’re going. I’ll have to pay extra since this will be a private ride. I’m sorry, but I’ll need you to come with me. Recording devices aren’t allowed and I won’t be allowed to write anything down, either. So I’ll need you to help remember these things.”

I gulped again. “Do I have to get naked too?”

“Sort of. You’re allowed to cover your penis with a small cloth. That’s it. I’m the one who has to be fully nude at all times. I’m sorry. This is very last minute. And I know how difficult this must be for you.”

If only she knew…

“Actually, I can do it, since it’s that important to your güvenilir bahis career.”

She flashed a big smile, “Thank you so much. I promise I’ll make it up to you somehow.”

Mom approached me and threw her arms around me, giving me a big, suffocating hug. As she squeezed her chest onto mine, I couldn’t help but think that I’d soon be able to see those luscious tits of hers.

She broke off the hug and looked me straight in the eyes.

“You know,” she said. “You seem so open about this. I can hardly believe it. I figured you would be screaming at me for making you come along.”

This surprised me. I had to think of something quick, otherwise she’d think I was some sort of incestuous pervert for wanting this.

“The truth is, I’m struggling inside,” I bullshitted. “But it’s for the good of humanity. You know, citizens of the world have a duty to learn about each other. It’s such an honor for me to be a part of a thing like this, no matter the sacrifice. It’s for the greater good, isn’t it?”

Mom squinted at me. “Oh, really?”


“Do you really feel that way about the work I do?”

“Of course.”

“Then how come I’ve never heard you speak this passionately before?” she asked inquisitively. “You’re usually so passive when I announce my latest project.”

“Well, I guess you never asked the right way.”

“Or, this is my first job where my tits and everything else would be showing.”

“Jeez, mom,” I said with genuine discomfort.

She shrugged, “It’s the truth. Everything will be showing. That’s why you’re so open about this.”

“Really, mom? I’m doing you a big favor here. I have to walk practically naked in a tribal area in the middle of nowhere. Even worse, I’ll have to see my own mom naked. And now you’re accusing me of being a pervert? Really?”

Mom gave me a long hard stare. She had that particular stare whenever she wanted to know if I was lying or not. I stood my ground and did my best to deflect. It was like a battle to see who had the stronger will. After a long moment, mom gave up, relaxing her gaze. She couldn’t tell if I was lying or not.

“You’re right, I’m sorry,” she said skeptically. “I shouldn’t have accused you like that. You’re doing me a massive favor and I deeply appreciate it.”


“I’d like to be sure about something, though. Are you positive you want to come along? If this makes you uncomfortable at all, then I could just go alone. You could go with the tour group.”

I smiled and nodded. “I absolutely want to… ummm… I mean, yes, I want to help you.”

She squinted her eyes again, knowing she’d caught me. She knew that I would be enjoying seeing her naked body for the entire day.

“Fine,” she said with a slight smile. “It’s official. We’re both going on this trip to the village. And we’ll both be nude. Now, our tour guide is expecting us in about ten minutes. Start stripping.”

“Me?” I asked, utterly dumbfounded.

“Yes, you. Our guide wants to make sure we can handle the nudity, so he wants us naked right away. Otherwise he won’t take us.”

“But this was your idea. Shouldn’t you go first?”

“I don’t want to get naked first,” she said. “You might change your mind after seeing me naked.”

“Why would I do that?”

“I’m saying you might get cold feet after seeing me fully nude. Then you might back out, and I just don’t have time for that. It’s better that you go first.”

I gulped. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, it’s the only way to see if you’re capable of following through on this.”

“What about you, how do you know you can follow through?” I shot back.

“I’ve been to the Amazon before, remember? I’ve been naked around film crews and tribal people before. I’m used to it – you aren’t. So start stripping mister.”

She gave a stalwart look and crossed her arms firmly. Deep down, I knew she was enjoying this. She enjoyed the torment and stress this put me under, in a particular way that parents like to patronize their children. I wondered if this sexually excited her at all.

It was an uncomfortable moment, but I had to take charge. I had to find a way to make this happen- I was so close. I had to show some courage.

In a fast frenzy, I stripped all of my clothes away, tossing them onto the bed and standing completely naked in front of my mother. Naturally, I was worried that my exposed cock might get hard for my mother, adding to the embarrassment, but I was so nervous that the erection never came.

Her eyebrow rose, “Not bad.”

“Jeez, mom,” I sighed.

“I’m only teasing. Now it’s my turn.”

My heart felt like it stopped as my mother began to undress. It didn’t seem real. It didn’t feel like I was supposed to be there. Yet it was actually happening, and it was her plan to be naked in front of me.

She showed off her experience with this type of nudity as she casually removed her clothes and folded them neatly. She didn’t seem nervous at all. Even when she was in nothing but her bra and panties, barefoot türkçe bahis in our hotel room, her face still appeared to be calm.

Her hand moved behind her back, ready to unclasp her bra. “Remember, this is purely professional. Whatever you see is for work reasons only. This isn’t for your pleasure. Understood?”

“Got it.”

The bra was unclasped and neatly placed on the bed. And there it was. Mom’s breasts hung free. They were shaped like averaged sized round globes with large brown nipples, her tits hanging down a little from her mature age.

She reached down to remove her panties, revealing a slight growth of pubic hair that covered her pussy. There she was, my very own mother. Completely naked in front of me. She had the body of a middle aged woman who did her best to stay in shape and eat healthy.

The sight of her nude body made me aroused, but I was still too nervous to get an erection at that point. The moment was far too unusual, yet my mother seemed totally casual with exposing her body like this. That mature, sexy, older woman body of hers. I couldn’t peel my eyes away from her. She was simply a vision of middle-aged beauty.

What made her seem even sexier was that she was clearly proud of her nudity. It didn’t bother her at all. Maybe it was because she knew she was gorgeous. Or maybe it was because this was for professional reasons, and there was a good cause for it. I wondered if she was aroused at all, being naked in front of me like this.

“You know, I’m a little surprised,” she said.

“By what?”

“Your penis is still soft,” she noted. “The last time I got naked with a crew, all the men had to sneak off to masturbate before we could proceed. They were so embarrassed by their erections, but I assured them that it was perfectly natural.”

“Oh, well, I’m just a little nervous. That’s all. You look gorgeous, mom.”

“You’re not gay, are you?”

“No! I’m not.”

She lifted an eyebrow. “It’s okay if you are. I don’t have a problem with that. I won’t be mad at you.”

“Mom, I’m not gay. Like I said, I’m just nervous.”

“If you weren’t nervous, you’d have a full blown hard-on?”


Damn, she got me to admit it. There was a slight snicker on her face, like she held back laughter, and I think I blushed because of it.

“It’s time to go, Mr. Hard-On,” she said playfully. “A new adventure awaits us.”


To my mother’s surprise, and mine, the tourist group was still milling around in the hotel lobby and parking lot when we headed down there. They were supposed to have left five minutes ago but were delayed for some reason.

This meant that the tourist group of other Americans all saw my mother completely naked, which was something she hadn’t expected. Mom’s confidence suddenly evaporated when she walked naked down the hall to the lobby, as every head turned to look at her bare body.

It was especially shocking because many of those people knew who my mother was as a journalist. As fellow world travelers, many had a deep admiration for her, and now they had all seen her naked. It was too late for mom to grab something to cover herself, they had already seen everything anyway. Mom did her best to embrace her nudity and walked briskly to our ride without saying a word to anyone.

Walking behind her, I could only imagine how red mom’s face must have been. I saw that she kept her head down and her butt appeared to be clenched from her fast walking; her curvy butt cheeks swaying side to side from the movements.

As for me, I just walked casually to the parking area with my cock exposed. I tried my best to act natural, but it was tough.

Despite being mortified, we made it out of the hotel and into the blazing hot sun and African heat. The big truck would be coming to pick us up and for the moment, we were away from the other tourists and waited privately.

“Oh my god,” mom breathed quietly. “So embarrassing.”

“What’s wrong?” I teased. “Not confident in your appearance anymore?”

“Very funny.”

A big clunky cargo truck came from around the corner. It parked in front of us and the tour guide came out to open the back of the truck. It was a huge cargo truck, the kind used to transport large groups of people or crates.

Our tour guide was a local. He apologized and explained that the back of the truck was filled with supplies, which meant that the ride to the tribal area would be a little uncomfortable. Also, he assured us that he had done his best to accommodate us. When he opened the gate to the back of the truck, I saw exactly what he meant.

There were no seats available. The area was stacked with crates, pillows and cushions and was covered by a wide bed sheet, which mom and I would be laying on together closely.

There was no roof either, so we’d be fully exposed to the sun and the other travelers of the road during the hour-long road trip.

Next, our tour guide took out a few plant leaves from his pocket and handed them to us. He explained in broken güvenilir bahis siteleri English that the tribe used that rare plant for this special day. It was part of their culture and they chew on it.

Mom grabbed one and put it in her mouth. I did the same and we both chewed on the plant, tasting its bitterness.

“Now we are ready to go,” the guide said.

Perfecting timing too, since the rest of our group was headed outside to leave for their own trip, with more of them seeing us naked, staring at us. This was making mom extremely uncomfortable. Being naked in front of a crowd of Westerners was not what she intended; we looked totally obscene standing around like that.

For that reason, mom couldn’t wait to get in the back of the cargo truck so we could leave. I followed behind and our tour guide closed the back door, got in to the driver seat, and off we went.


The truck was loud and the hot sun was beating down on us. The area was remote and safe for tourists. The view was gorgeous. The African plain surrounded us, and the road was empty.

Our primary focus at the moment was that we were having a difficult time finding the right seating during the ride. We were on the spread bed sheet, which covered different pillows and cushions. Unfortunately, the way everything was stacked forced us to be squeezed together.

“This is a little tricky,” mom said, still adjusting herself.

“I know.”

Even at this point, I couldn’t stop gazing at mom’s beautiful tits and curvaceous thighs. She was a gorgeous, mature woman. As she shifted around to get comfortable, her thighs had briefly parted and I saw her brown labia underneath her pubic hairs. She caught me looking and quickly closed her legs.

“You weren’t supposed to see that,” she asserted.


“Look, we’re stuck in this ride together and it’s very hard to sit properly. We’re both naked, it’s awkward, I know. So let’s just dive right in.”

“What do you mean?”

She patted the spot next to her. “Sit next to me and let’s lean on each other. It’s the only logical thing to do.”

“Are you sure?” I asked, feeling strangely aroused at the idea of being pressed against her nude body.

It did make sense, though. It was tough for me to sit and it was obviously tough for my mother to sit since she was still shuffling around on the soft surface with all the crates that surrounded us. Sitting together, we’d be able to get comfortable and not have to worry about losing balance.

“Believe me, I’ve been through worse situations,” she said. “Now get over here. We’ll lean against each other’s shoulder.”

I sat next to her and our shoulders pressed together, as well as the sides of our bodies. For a moment, I was able to get an up close look at her tits, but I tried not to stare at them.

“You’re right,” I said, snuggling in. “It’s more comfortable this way.”

There we were, in the back of a slow moving cargo truck, naked, and pressed tightly together. It was a hot day and the sun was beating down on us. It felt strange being naked in the outdoors like that, yet it felt so liberating. I’m sure mom felt the same way, since she ran her hand through her hair and leaned her head back for a moment. She looked so relaxed and I snuck another look at her tits, which were mere inches away from me.

“You’re staring,” she said without lifting her head.

“Oh, sorry.”

“Don’t be. Men are men. It’s normal.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

She looked me straight in the eyes. “It means I’ve done this before and every time men would always stare at me. It’s nothing new. I expect this to happen, even from my own son.”

“I’m not attracted to you or anything,” I lied.

“Oh please, give it a rest. I don’t mind if you are.”

I suddenly became defensive about it. “Seriously, it’s not like that. It’s just, you’re right in front of me. What did you expect? I’m not checking you out. I mean, that’s gross.”

“You still want to talk about this?” she sighed. “Fine. I’ve done plenty of research into human sexuality, and frankly, incest is one of the biggest kinks that people have. It’s a common fetish which gets little attention. I’ve interviewed plenty of family members who have regular sex. It never got published, though, since no respectable publication wants anything to do with that.”

“Sounds interesting, but I wasn’t checking you out. Honestly.”

“This doesn’t arouse you?” she asked, cupping her left breast.

Mom held her left breast in her hand and briefly massaged it before letting it go. She was trying to tease me and it was working.

“Jeez… ummm….”

“I thought so,” she smiled.

“Mom, that’s a breast. Of course I’m going to be enticed by it. But you’re my mom. I would never…”

“Please, just give it a rest already. I don’t care either way. You can fantasize about whatever you want. God knows I do.”

As soon as those words left her mouth, it was clear that mom realized she’d made a mistake. She was so relaxed from the nudity and the open-air ride that she let something personal slip.

“What does that mean?”

“Nothing,” she instantly corrected. “Let’s just try to rest. We’ve got a long day ahead of us and we need to be sharp.”

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