Sunrise Sunset Ch. 03

Cheating Wife

So who the hell likes January? What does it have going for it other than cold and snow? Ok, that’s great if you happen to be a skier. At least December has Christmas and February has Valentine’s Day. All I can say about January is that Jenny and I had one great day early in it, and nothing since. Snow became an issue because it closed schools on a couple of occasions making it impossible for Jenny and I to get together. Keith postponed and reshuffled travel on other days which that kept us guessing. Since that Tuesday during the second week, we had not been able to meet at her house. E-mail, a few phone conversations, and one platonic lunch were the extent of our contact for nearly three weeks. Our e-mails were often pretty graphic, describing the sexy plans we had for “the next time”, but that was a poor substitute for the warmth of her body. Jenny did her best to keep the heat turned on, and even sent one of her famous spread-legged naked pictures to me. This one, done in the mirror again, had her with a big sombrero over her face, and carried a caption, “maybe we could head south where it’s warmer……you can guess what south means. xoxo J.”

February was just about to be upon us, and Jenny and I were finally planning to meet at her house tomorrow. My phone rang at about 11:00. At first I was concerned that it might be her telling me that something had sprung up again to make us postpone. However, it was Ellen’s voice saying, “I’m over at the mall finishing up some shopping. Want to meet me for a quick lunch? Nothing fancy, just something in the food court.” I told her I was on my way.

Despite the usual lunchtime chaos, I spied her sitting at a table, and we took turns going to various vendors and returning with trays of sustenance, not what one would ever call a great meal. We were almost done when Ellen jumped up waving her arm, “I don’t believe it. Jennifer! Jennifer! Over here!”

I turned to see Jenny walking toward the table. I don’t think she initially knew I was there, and did a little stutter step when she saw me. I pulled out a chair for her as Ellen was gushing, “What are you doing on this side of town? What a great surprise.”

Sitting down, Jenny told us that she had come over to shop because of one particular store where she was hoping to find a certain Valentine’s present.

“That is so sweet,” Ellen said. “Something special for Keith I assume.”

Ellen chit chatted with Jenny for a few more minutes, and then picking up her tray to take to the trash, indicated that she couldn’t stay because she had to get to a meeting with some of the other women who volunteered at the hospital. “You make sure that Uncle Mike buys you some lunch.” With that, I found myself alone with Jennifer.

“Well, this is indeed a pleasant surprise,” I said, “although a bit awkward. I’m sure my only hope for today is limited to buying you some sort of junk food.”

“Hey, Aunt Ellen gave her orders, so you owe me a lunch,” she said taking off her coat. I slipped her ten bucks, and she headed off through the crowded tables. “I shall return.”

When she returned I asked if we were still a “go” for tomorrow. Taking my hand, she smiled and said, “Good to go and ready to launch.”

As she ate, we talked about general things. She was almost finished when I looked across the room and blurted out, “Oh shit. I don’t believe this. What the hell are the odds? What other little visitors are lurking here today?”

“What?” she said, turning her head before I could stop her, “What is it?”

“Damn!” I said again. “I know he’s seen us. He’s looking right at me.”

“Who?” she said turning around again.

“Paul, a friend of mine.”

“Paul? Kathy’s guy?” she asked turning around once more.

By now, Paul had taken all of this attention as an invitation, and he was making his way to the table.

“Hey Mike,” he said pulling out a chair. “I didn’t think you usually ate here. I didn’t think the ‘grease-burger a la screaming kid ambiance’ was your style.”

He put out his hand to Jenny. “Hi, I’m Paul Pompino”

“Jennifer Leccami,” she responded.

Paul spoke again. “I believe we have a mutual friend. I’m a little surprised to meet you again. The last time I saw you, you were double-timing to the door of ‘La Buona Pasta’.”

Jennifer laughed. “Yeah, I suppose I must have seemed pretty crazy.”

After a few more innocuous pleasantries, Paul stood saying, “I really don’t want to horn in on your lunch. It was just a little surprising when I saw you guys here. It was nice to actually meet you, Jennifer. Mike, I’ll call you a little later.”

“I just bet he will,” I said a little disgusted as Paul made his way back toward the main shopping area of the mall. “Damn! I wish that hadn’t have happened.”

“What are you worried about? He doesn’t know who I am other than an old friend of a woman he’s having a secret thing with. Who’s he going to tell? He’s in a glass house with a handful of stones that he can’t throw.”

“I’m sure he’ll tell Kathy, and she’ll call you. The more people gaziantep ateşli escort that know anything the more likely others will find out. I just wish he didn’t know because now, he’ll strut around like he’s the king matchmaker or something. I should probably just tell him we’re just seeing each other for lunch.”

“Do you seriously think he’ll buy that? Look, what’s done is done. It’s no big deal. I can handle Kathy. Don’t worry about it. I’d better get going. I have a few other things to get today.”

She stood and put on her coat. “I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. I have really been looking forward to another visit from my Uncle Mike. Who knows what surprises it might bring?” With that, she gave me a wink, an innocent peck on the cheek, a little wave, and then walked back toward the exit I put on my own jacket, picked up the trays to empty them, and headed back to the office.

It was only about an hour later when I picked up the ringing phone to hear Paul’s voice. “You sneaky little bastard; how the hell long has this been going on? How did you ever hook up with her? You’d better tell your dear old buddy all about it.”

“There’s not all that much to tell that you haven’t already figured out, or at least THINK you’ve figured out.”

“Come on, Mike” I need details. “How long have you guys been seeing each other? I assume you’ve been playing pillow pong. How is she? I mean is she really hot? Does she offer the full menu? Where do you guys get together? Give!”

“Ok, number one, we happened to meet outside the restaurant that day (I lied). I think she might have had second thoughts and was on her way back. If I told you that we were just platonic you wouldn’t believe me anyway, so I’ll just say that yes, we’ve been seeing each other.”

“Oh bullshit with the ‘seeing each other’ stuff,” he mocked. “This isn’t Oprah. Is she hot? Does she do it all? Where do you guys get it on?”

“She’s not a virgin in case that’s what you mean. She’s got a couple of kids so I didn’t have to teach her anything if that’s what you want to know. Anything more than that is left to your imagination. We’ve met at her house when her husband is on one of his many overnight trips and the kids are in school.”

“Whoa, momma! Her own house? You lucky fuckin’ bastard. We have to pay for a motel. Isn’t it a little risky leaving your car parked outside while you do the nasty?”

“We have it worked out so that it’s not that risky. You know I’ve never been what you’d call a risk taker. It’s the way I have to do my job, and it’s the way I try to do everything else.” I answered. “But I’m beginning to wonder about myself anymore.”

“So, how has all this new action affected your view of life? Are you shedding some of that middle age funk now that you’ve been waxing your wick in this chick?”

“Ok, look.” I said a bit angrily, “I know you have a bit of an attitude about this sort of thing, but I really don’t appreciate this stuff about ‘doing the nasty’, and ‘waxing my wick’, and shit like that. Jenny isn’t some ‘chick’. She’s a mature educated woman who has two kids to consider despite the fact that here lately she’s trying to find some way to feel less lonely and abandoned. Please, stop with the lounge lizard lingo.”

“Hold on, buddy,” no offense taken, but you have to remember something. Let your old buddy Paul tell you some facts of life. You can’t let yourself get all hung up and emotionally involved here. I will only bite you in the ass. You need to keep reminding yourself that this is a casual thing, just friends with benefits. If you start making this too romantic and emotional, you’re going to end up in a bad place. Take my word for it.”

“Alright,” I said. “Maybe I’m a little touchy here, but just do me a favor and show a little respect. Don’t be asking me all sorts of detailed questions and messing in my relationship with Jenny, whatever that happens to be. I don’t quiz you about Kathy or ask you for picture postcards. Let’s just agree to let each other deal with our respective situations as we wish. Ok?”

“You got it. I can take a hint, “Paul responded. “Just remember what I told you. This can be a good thing for you, Mike, but if you let it take over your life, you could end up regretting it.”

“I suppose it’s futile to ask you not to tell Kathy?” I asked.

“Sorry, bud. I know you know me better than that after all these years. That was a done deal before I left the mall. My cell phone was out of my pocket 30 seconds after I got up from the table. Besides, what’s it going to hurt? Kathy and Jennifer are old friends. I’m sure Jennifer wouldn’t be all bent out of shape about it. She’ll be happy for her. Frankly, I’m surprised she didn’t tell Kathy herself. Then again, maybe she’s like you and afraid that people walking down the street can see her scarlet letter glowing through her sweater. Relax. You aren’t alone out there.”

We both hung up and I sat there hoping that I didn’t end up regretting it. So far, he was right. This had bakımlı gaziantep escort gotten me out of my funk and the fact that I would be hitting fifty in a few of months didn’t bother me that much anymore. I felt like a horny damned college kid again.

The following day, I once more found myself driving down Jenny’s street as I watched the garage door open. Pulling in, I saw her waiting in the kitchen door. This time, she was fully clothed including shoes. I think the colder weather had ended the bare feet and bottomless meetings for a while. I waited till the garage door was down before getting out of the car. She gave me a warm hug and a kiss as I entered. I held onto her for a long time. I loved the way she felt in my arms. Once inside, she poured me the usual glass of wine while I removed my coat and draped it over the back of one of the chairs.

I took a sip from my glass and sat down at the kitchen table as usual. “You know Paul told Kathy about us,” I said.

“Yeah, when I walked in yesterday, there was a message from her on the machine asking me to call her. She was giggling all over herself about my ‘new boyfriend’ and asking what you were like. Asking if you have a big one and like ‘going south with the mouth’. I just told her that all systems were up and running, but it wasn’t any of her business.”

“I got the same third degree from Paul, and told him pretty much the same thing. Frankly, a lot about his attitude pissed me off. I told him his business was his business, and I felt the same about mine. “

I went over to my coat and took out a small box, “Before I forget, Happy Valentine’s Day, even if it is almost two weeks away. Who knows, we may not be seeing each other again before then.”

She opened it. When she saw the gold bangle bracelet, she reached up, put her arms around my neck and gave me a sweet warm kiss. “Thank you Uncle Mike. Once again, you really didn’t have to get me anything, but I love it. I have something for you, but it’s upstairs. I’ll give it to you a little later.”

“Oh wow,” I said with mock enthusiasm, “I wonder what it could be. Are you perhaps carrying it in your panties?”

“Don’t be a wise guy. You might be surprised, and I hope you won’t be upset with me. “

I pulled her to me and began rubbing her back, and backside, squeezing each cheek. I had noticed no bra while rubbing her back. Then I kissed her, lifted her sweater and she graciously accepted my hands on her right-sized breasts. I never was a guy who liked big, floppy, overflowing breasts. We kissed hard and deep while her hand unzipped my pants, reached into my fly, and started caressing my balls and growing cock without yet sliding into jockeys. My hands in turn unbuttoned her jeans and pulled down her fly. My hands slid down to find the damp crotch of her panties. I pulled them aside enough to let my finger slide between her wet pussy lips. We hugged and swayed together, nearly dancing to silent music as her hand and my finger continued their exploration.

“Come upstairs with me,” she whispered into my ear. “I have something for us.”

Taking my hand in hers, she led me up the stairs to her now-familiar bedroom. She knelt to pull a gift wrapped box from under the bed. She set it on the bed, and sat next to it. I took a seat on the other side. “Happy Valentine’s Day to you; or maybe, I should say to us.”

I pulled the ribbon and paper off of the box and lifted the lid. Inside were leather D-ring cuffs for wrists and ankles along with a leather dog collar. There were nylon straps, a blindfold, a cat-o-nine tails whip, and a wooden paddle. I just stared at them for a few moments not knowing exactly what to say. I wasn’t sure if she expected me to wear them, or if they were for her. I didn’t want to appear stupid, and make the wrong assumption.

Jenny spoke before I did. “Put them on me. Today I want to be completely yours; to belong to you; to serve you; to have you use me as you wish. That’s my present to you. I am myself my present to you.”

I said nothing. Obviously, she had put thought into what would make this day something different for us. I didn’t know if this was the special present she was looking for that day at the mall or not. I remembered that there was a store in the small strip mall across the street that sold all sorts of sex toys. I wasn’t sure if this is something she had done often with Keith or had never done before. I knew that I didn’t want to destroy the darker, more intimate mood that was beginning to settle over the room. I wasn’t going to laugh or make light of it. I sensed that this wasn’t a joke, but something she wanted us to share. I put the dog collar around her neck and fastened it, giving it an extra little tug with my hand from behind to choke her just enough for her to notice. I watched as she closed her eyes and breathed more deeply. I think she was adopting the role, and I told myself that I must also. “If you feel uncomfortable at any time,” I said quietly, “just say ‘pizza’. Otherwise, escort gaziantep you shall do what I tell you to without question.

Silently, I placed each of the wrist and ankle cuffs on her. Again, I gave each a little tug and rotated them to let her feel them against her skin. Then I placed the blindfold over her eyes, and commanded, “Stand up!”

“What do you wish of me?” she asked.

“Shut up!” I commanded. “Don’t address me unless I ask you to. Understood?”

“Yes,” she said.

“Yes what?” I demanded.

“Yes, Uncle Mike,” she responded.

“Raise your arms!” I commanded.

“Yes, Uncle Mike”

“Did I ask you to speak?” I demanded while grabbing her face between my thumb and forefinger. “Raise your arms!” She did so. I lifted her sweater over her head and arms. She lowered her arms.

“Damn it!” I demanded again squeezing her face in my hand, “did I say you could lower your arms? Raise them!” She did so. She stood with her breasts completely exposed and vulnerable to me. I caressed each gently, and then smacked each one hard enough to get her attention. She gave a start, but said nothing. I pinched each nipple between my thumb and forefinger just hard enough to make her squirm. Then I kissed and suckled each while kneading her breasts. I pulled her jeans down, and told her to step out of them. She wobbled a little, having a trouble balancing because of her raised arms and the blindfold. I steadied her enough to complete the task.

I told her, “I’m going to pull your panties down so that you will be completely naked before me. I want to see you totally and completely naked.” I had to steady her a bit as I pulled her panties down. I caressed her breasts again and ran my hands down her sides, over her hips and to her belly. Moving my right hand to her crotch, I put my finger into her wet pussy, pulled it out, and held it under her nose.

“What do you smell?” I asked.

“I smell my pussy, Uncle Mike,” she responded.

“Very astute,” I said as I put my finger into her mouth. “Now, what do you taste?”

“I taste my pussy, Uncle Mike,” was her answer.

“Do you like the way your pussy smells and tastes?” I asked.

“Yes, Uncle Mike,” she said.

“Put your arms down! Turn around and put your hands behind your back!”

“Yes. Uncle Mike.”

“Shut up! I didn’t ask you a question!” I commanded as I smacked her on her bare ass. She jumped a little. Then, after using one of the nylon straps to tie her hands together, I pushed her forward face down on the bed. “Do you know what they call girls who like the smell and taste of their own pussy?” I asked.

“No Uncle Mike,” she answered.

“They call them very bad girls,” I said as I gave her right and left ass cheek a good smack, each strike issuing a distinctive clap. She squealed a little. I put my mouth right next to her ear and whispered, “Don’t you dare make sounds like that again! If you make sounds, I’ll smack you harder.”

I smacked each ass cheek again, but this time she stifled her response behind clinched teeth and tight lips. I smacked them again. “Hmmmm,” I said. “It looks like little Jenny’s ass is getting all red and hot. Maybe I have a cure for that. I walked out of the room leaving her there alone and bent over naked while I went to the kitchen. After filling a glass with ice cubes from the freezer, I made my way back to the bedroom.

“I think I have something to help cool down Jenny’s hot little ass.” I rubbed ice cubes all over her ass, and then held them on her skin. She squirmed.

“How does that feel?” I demanded

“It feels so cold, Uncle Mike,” she answered continuing to squirm.

“Well then,” I said. “I suppose I’ll have to add a little warmth.” I used the paddle give her a good whack across both ass cheeks at once. She started to scream, but stifled it.

“Oh Jenny my bad girl, what other bad things do you do besides smell and taste your own pussy?” I opened the night stand drawer where I knew she kept B.O.B. and retrieved it along with a tube of KY she kept there.

“Jenny dear, you’ll never guess what Uncle Mike has found,” I said while smearing a good dollop of the lubricant on the vibrator. I spread her red ass cheeks and held the vibrator to her asshole.

“I’ll bet now you can guess.” I said as I slowly pushed in into her. I watched it penetrate as she squirmed and arched her back. For a moment, I was afraid that this might get her to cry “pizza”. I was happy that she didn’t so I continued to push it in further. She was moaning, but I turned it on to full vibrate. She began do moan louder. I smacked her ass. “Didn’t I tell you that there was to be no sounds?”

“Jenny is such a bad girl,” I said. “Look at her. Not only does she like smelling and tasting her own pussy, I think she even likes having cocks up her ass. How about your mouth, Jenny? Are you a bad girl who likes cocks in her mouth? Do you?”

“Yes Uncle Mike. I do. I like cocks in my mouth.”

“Well, let’s see what we can do about that.” I undressed making sure that I told her what clothing I was I was removing as I did so. The vibrator was still in her ass and running at max speed. I could tell that her squirming was an attempt to rub her clit on the bed. When I was fully undressed, I took the vibrator out of her ass, and lifted her back off the bed so that she was standing facing it. I moved in front of her and sat on the edge of the bed.

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