Swinging Party Ch. 04


I drove on the way home, Tammi laying against my side.

“I hope I didn’t push you too far out of your comfort zone,” she looks at me questioningly.

“I will let you know, if we ever reach any boundaries for me,” I assured her.

We walked into the quiet house, holding hands, smiling at one another. Closing the guest room door for our time together.


As the door closed, Tammi embraces me. We hug each other, while passionately kissing.

“I need a shower before we do anything,” Tammi states.

“Me too,” I replied.

The guest room shared a half bath with shower, with the room adjoining.

I reach for Tammi in the bathroom, kissing her lightly under her ear, my mouth grazing her neck. I elicit a moan and she backs away slightly. I pull up the hem of her sundress, sliding it up her body. Depositing it on the floor, I gaze in awe over her naked body. Her breasts are sporting some red areas where someone has been playing with them.

I quickly undress, while she warms up the shower. Reaching for my hand, she pulls me into the warm water. We turn sideways to the spray, while I wrap my arms around her. She also embraces me with her soft body against mine, as our tongues start a passionate duel.

I reach beside us, grabbing the soap to lather up her back. When I am finished cleaning her back, she takes the soap from me and lathers my back. My hard cock poking up between us, she rubs her mons against it. I break from our embrace, to finish lathering up her front. Tweaking her pert nipples with my soapy hands. Running my hand down between us, I slip a finger into her wetness.

It feels a little different, while sliding my finger in and out. She grabs my cock and the soap from me. Soaping up my cock, she strokes it slowly, almost like she is trying to get it hard. I don’t see how it can get much harder, but I enjoy the sensations.

“I really want to finish in your pussy. Let me clean the areas left on your hot body, I want to finish ravaging you in the bed,” I said excitedly.

“I am all for that big boy,” she smiled at me.

We hurried to dry each other off, then I helped her into the center of the bed. I pause for just a second to admire her.

“Beautiful,” I stated taking in her naked beauty.

“Love me Bob, I have been waiting all night for this.”

I straddle her hips, while laying my chest against her hard nipples. We resuming kissing, my mouth making a trail from under each ear, to her chest. I kiss around her perky breasts, running my tongue in circles around her areola. Her nipple is hard, I blow across her nipple. I lap at her nipple with the tip of my tongue. Taking the hard nub into my mouth, I suck on it.

She moans pulling my head against her breast, trying to increase her pleasure. I tease the other nipple, pulling outward as I release suction on it. I lightly kiss my way down her body. I circle her belly button with my tongue, causing her hips to buck up a little toward me.

I continue my journey down her body, lightly kissing, feather touches of my tongue.

I slide my tongue just beside her outer vulva, kissing her left thigh, teasing her moist pussy. Working my way back up her right thigh, I again slide my tongue against the outer vulva.

I can feel the heat from her pussy and the smell of her wetness permeates the room. I wrap my arm around each leg and spread her open. Her wetness is starting to coat her labia. I reach my tongue out and swipe it up through her pussy, collecting her juices.

“Oh Bob, suck my hot pussy, make me cum,” she moaned.

I stick my tongue as far as I can reach inside her. She is starting to get more animated, the longer I tongue fuck her pussy. Leaning back, I insert a finger into her, searching for her g-spot. When I rub across it, her hips jerk.

“Oh right there, don’t stop.”

I insert a second finger and start sliding them in and out, pulling her wetness with them. I lick my fingers, and continue to finger fuck my sweet vixen. Leaning back over, I use my tongue to circle her clit. Her clit is peeking out of it’s hood. Her hips start to tremble while I increase my assault on her love button.

Her legs come closer together, keeping my tongue against her pussy, trapping my head. I continue swiping my tongue across her clit, causing her to moan, her body trembling. I can hear her muffled cries, while she increases the pressure on my head.

I start stroking my fingers faster, sucking on her clit. I feel her getting close, her pussy gripping my fingers even tighter. I hope I can hold out long enough to make her cum before I loose consciousness.

“I am close,” she breathily said.

This only increases my resolve to bring her pleasure. I am stroking her pussy as fast as I can, taking her clit into my mouth. She arches her back as her orgasm overtakes her. I can feel the tight muscles contracting on my fingers, while her hips are animated, just off the bed.

She cries out as her orgasm overloads her senses. She collapses on the canlı bahis bed. Sweating, she looks up at me and smiles.

“Fill me with your fat cock, I need you now,” she pleads.

Tammi is wet with her desire. I move my body up and position my cock at the entrance to her sex. I have had enough frantic sex tonight, I want to make love to Tammi now. I ease my cock into her. Her pussy welcomes me. Slowly slipping deeper inside her, I reach down and kiss her passionately.

“I am all in,” I said when our crotches meet.

She smiles, I feel her moving her hips upward. As she pushes up, I push back deep as I can into her moist love tunnel. Her legs wrap around my thighs, trying to pull me deeper. I start with long strokes, slowly bottoming out, then pulling back. Leaving the head barely in, and driving it home with increasing speed, she moans.

Our bodies are pushing at each other, trying to make each other cum. After her first orgasm, she is primed and ready to cum right away.

“Oh, Bob, I am almost there,” she says breathily.

I increase my pumping into her as she cries out with her second orgasm. I continue steady stroking until she winds down. I reach down and guide her onto her hands and knees.

With one quick thrust, I bury my cock to the hilt. She cries out. Grabbing a hold of her hips, I proceed to rush towards my own orgasm. Pumping quickly in and out, I feel the familiar stirrings in my loins. I won’t last much longer now.

“Ahhh fuck, oh shit,” I cry out filling her with my seed.

Still mated together, we slump down to the bed and roll to the side. I lean in and kiss her softly on her neck. She wiggles her butt towards me, trying to get as close as she can to me.

Turning her head back towards me, we smile at each other. Kissing deeply, our lips part. She smiles at me and turns her head back onto the bed. We drift off to sleep, worn out from the days events.

The next morning we are startled by Tammi’s phone going off. It is Jill texting, they will be ready to be picked up in about an hour and a half. Jumping into the shower together, we continue our loving of each other. Hands sudsing up, washing each other. Not enough time to do what we want, we reluctantly finish our shower together.

We picked up Jill and Brad and decided to stop and get a bite to eat. At brunch, we discuss the evenings activities.

“I had a good time but at the end, I was missing Tammi and wanted to spend some alone time with her.”

“I get that,” Jill sympathized. “Being married to Brad, we get to spend more time together than you and Tammi do. All though, you have been seeing a lot of each other lately.”

“And I am enjoying every minute with her,” I replied smiling at Tammi.

Tammi smiles back blowing me a kiss in return. Jill smiles at us both.

“So do you think you will want to do that again,” she looks at me questionably.

“I am not sure. It was such a large gathering, I know I felt more comfortable when I attended your first party,” replying with some reservation.

“Don’t feel pressured to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with,” Tammi chimed in.

“Besides, we will host again,” Brad replied. “Most of our gatherings are not that large, most hosts have smaller houses and therefore do not invite as many people.”

We finish our breakfast and head back towards Jill and Brad’s house.

“If you don’t have any plans, how about you coming over tonight and watching a movie Bob,” Tammi inquires?

“Sounds like a plan to me. I will come over around 6pm and we will order a pizza?”

“Reading my mind,” Tammi smiles.

“How about you two,” Tammi replies looking at Brad and Jill in the front seat?

“I think we will be up for it. Let us take a nap, we were up pretty late last night. I will call you afterwards,” Jill said while looking back at us.

“Sounds Good,” Tammi stated.


Close to 6, I pull in to Tammi’s apartment complex. Knocking on the door, Tammi opens it. I look in lust at how beautiful she looks tonight. She is wearing tight fitting jeans and a scoop neck t-shirt. No bra straps visible. She takes the whiskey I brought and puts it on the kitchen counter.

She shows me around her two bedroom apartment. The spare room has a full size bed in it, kind of neutral colors, tastefully decorated.

Her room has a queen size bed, pillow top mattress, with matching metal frame headboard and footboard. It is feminine in nature to the colors used, decorations, and with a slight hint of perfume in the air.

Returning to the living room, we sit next to each other on the couch.

“Jill called and they said they are on their way. Brad rounded up some dvd’s, so we won’t have to look for movies to watch,” Tammi said.

We sit around small talking, until we hear a knock on the door.

Tammi opens the door. In walk Brad and Jill. Her 36c tits are moving with every step she takes. No bra there. She is wearing a mid-thigh skirt and matching v-neck top. With enough cleavage bahis siteleri showing to get my attention. Brad sits in the recliner, while I am sandwiched between Jill and Tammi on the couch.

I am glad that Brad and Jill came over, since we really did not see each other at the party at the Hensons.

Tammi takes drink orders, then heads to the kitchen. She brings drinks out for everyone, then grabs the menu from the local pizza shop. 45 minutes and pizza will be here.

I put one hand on Jill’s thigh and one on Tammi’s. I am gently stroking their inner thighs, slowly working my hands closer to their sweet honey.

“Wait a minute,” Brad replies. “You can not hog the women Bob. Tammi, come over and sit with me.”

Tammi leans over and plants a big kiss on me.

“Catch you later lover,” she whispers.

Brad holds out his arms in welcome. Tammi lays sideways on his lap. She leans in for a kiss. Jill leans towards me, and we kiss with a ferocity like two new lovers for the first time. Before we know it, there is a knock on the door.

“I will get it,” Jill said getting up swiftly. “You bought last time Tammi, this time it is our turn.”

As she opens the door, their is a handsome delivery man (this guy looks our age or older) waiting with our pizza. She smiles. He opens the box for inspection, Jill satisfied, he closes the box and hands it to her. She sets the pizza down on the closest end table. As she is handing him the money, she lets a $5 slip out of her hand and it hits the floor in front of her.

“Oh I am sorry,” Jill feigns. She bends at the waist and the delivery drivers eyes bug out. Her large breasts are pushing against each other, trying to escape from the confines of her top. They are obviously not in a bra, with all the movement of her picking up the money, it has produced ripples in the fabric of her top.

“Put this apartment on your favorites list sweetie, maybe you can deliver to us again when you might have more time,” Jill flirts with him.

Jill leans towards him and plants a kiss on his cheek before closing the door. Tammi busts out laughing, her insatiable friend had to have gave that driver something to think about on the way back to the pizza shop.

Jill just smiles, setting the pizza on the coffee table. While Tammi gets some plates, Brad looks through his collection of movies. He picks one out and loads it into the dvd player. We all grab a slice of pizza and settle back to watch the movie.

“So what are we watching,” Tammi asks?

Brad just smiles and hits the play button. After a couple commercial trailers, the movie loads up. The movie has the homeowner and his wife welcoming their new neighbors over for a swim. As the movie progresses, the homeowners wife and the guy next door start making out. The homeowner caresses the new neighbor’s wife and they relax on a recliner near the pool.

By the time we finish the pizza, both couples are going at it hot and heavy on the screen.

Tammi climbs back into Brad’s lap and they start loving all over each other. Jill scoots as close as she can to me, kissing me softly. After watching just the first 15 minutes of the movie, my cock is like a bar of steel.

Jill turns toward me on the couch. Leaning in, Jill covers my mouth with hers. Her tongue is seeking mine. Our tongues are sparring, in my mouth, then in hers. She slides her hand down my chest and up under my shirt. Caressing my chest, her fingers find my nipples. Lightly she brushes her fingertips against my hardening nipples.

“Oh Jill, for what little time we have been intimate together, you certainly can get my motor running,” I said breathily.

“We are just getting started,” she smiles at me. “Lay back on the couch.”

She moves enough so I can lay on the couch flat. Jill pulls on my jogging pants. I help her get them over my feet as she tosses them to the floor. She grabs my cock at the base, holding it straight up in the air like a trophy.

Kissing up my left leg, she circles around my cock and kisses down my right leg. Light kisses to my ball sack makes me squirm. I apparently am unusual, because my balls are really sensitive and it almost makes it uncomfortable for them to be sucked.

Jill doesn’t linger long there. Her hand is stroking my shaft while kissing my spongy head. Licking my precum off, she smiles up at me. Licking my shaft with short tiny strokes, I moan. She makes her way up the shaft and circles her tongue around the crown.

It is hard to keep my hips in one place, with all the nerve endings in my cock on overload. Taking my crown in her mouth, her head bobs up and down with short strokes.

Pulling lightly on her shoulders, I motion for her to sit up.

I raise my back off the couch, to sit next to her. Reaching under her top, I raise it over her head. Her magnificent breasts come into view. Leaning a little closer, I suck one nipple in my mouth, circling the other nipple with my index finger. She moans.

She turns so I can unzip her skirt. The skirt bahis şirketleri falls to the floor and she steps out of it. The little vixen has went commando tonight. A landing strip leads to to her well shaven pussy. Droplets of her cream dangle on her lips. Her moistness permeates the air.

I lay back down, motioning her to move her hips over my head. She straddles me on the couch, her knees keeping her treasure just inches from my mouth. I feel her stroke my cock a few times, then she engulfs my cock with one swift movement.

“Oh shit,” I cry out.

Her warm mouth starts bobbing up and down on my shaft. I pull her hips down as my tongue runs from her perineum across her lips, brushing lightly across her clit. She moans her satisfaction.

Parting her labia, I push my tongue as far as I can inside her. Short jabs of my tongue seem to animate her hips. I use a finger to lightly caress her clit. Her back arches slightly, her hips lightly quiver under my oral ministrations.

It is hard to concentrate on what I am doing, with her warm lips surrounding my cock. Her up and down motions on my stiff cock cause me to push back, trying to bury as much of my man meat in her mouth as I can.

She moves her clit closer to my tongue. I tease her love button, circling around it with light touches. I graze the side of her hood, the head of her clit peeking out. I brush my tongue across the head. She involuntarily pushes toward my mouth, trying to increase her pleasure.

I push up on her hips enough that I can moisten my finger with her wetness. Pulling her back down, I start sucking and licking her clit. She is beside herself, her body quivering. My tongue keeps assaulting her clit. As she raises her hips up slightly, I try to follow with my tongue. I reach up with my moistened finger, pulling her hips down.

When I get her hips back down, I engulf her clit with my mouth. I starting humming on her clit. When I can tell she is close, I shove my finger in her ass.

“Oh fuck,” Jill cries out.

I feel a warm feeling engulfing my mouth and running down my cheeks. She has squirted on my face! I will never tire of getting a woman so excited she squirts her cream.

Jill rolls off me and up against the back couch cushion trying to catch her breath. I quickly get off the couch, helping her take my place on the couch. With Jill on her back, I raise her legs in the air.

Scooting up to her ass on my knees, I bury my cock inside her. Stretching my hands out, I placed them by her head. I have trapped her legs on my shoulders. In this position I can literally pile drive my man meat into her steamy pussy.

I start fucking her with abandon, our hips slapping together. I look up at Brad and Tammi. Brad is sitting on the edge of the recliner. Tammi is riding him reverse cowboy. She is bouncing up and down on his cock furiously. She looks over at me and winks. I smile.

Jill is still in the afterglow of orgasm when she starts ramping up for her next big orgasm. I cannot last much longer. With her tight pussy pulling and squeezing my cock, I am about to explode.

I reach for one of her breasts, my other hand strums her clit. Her moans tell me she is about ready to go over the edge.

“Fuck me Bob with your hard cock. Cum in my tight pussy. Make me squirt again stud,” she cries out.

I cannot hold back any longer.

“Oh shit, fuck, take my cream. Let me fill your pussy. Feel me shoot my hot cream into your warm pussy.”

That set Jill off, I feel her muscles contract around my cock. The familiar warm feeling between my legs indicating she has cum again, her cream running down our legs. I continued pumping her through my orgasm. I let her legs down gently as we kissed.

I hear Tammi cry out as her orgasm overtakes her senses. Brad announces he is cumming too as his last stroke is buried inside Tammi. I see Tammi quivering as her orgasm slowly subsides.

My cock has softened and slips out. I sit up as Jill lay there with her legs propped up on mine, containing our mixed juices from flowing all over.

“I have to say, you all throw a mean movie night,” I told Brad smiling.

“So much better with you here to help me with these two wild women. I have been out-numbered for a few years now,” Brad laughed.

Tammi asked Brad and Jill if they wanted to stay the night, then we could all have a nice breakfast tomorrow. They accepted. Tammi told them they could use the guest room while we retired to her room.

After a quick shower, we lay in bed and held each other. We kissed tenderly, softly while talking.

“Are you ok with everything tonight,” Tammi asked?

“Sure. I am very comfortable with Brad and Jill. When we play, I know you will always be there for me when we are done,” I replied honestly.

“Bob, I know you haven’t been around swingers too much in your life. I just want to make sure we are ok. I really like you and want to spend more time with you.”

“Surprisingly, I am ok with everything so far. I am not as at ease with larger parties yet, as I am with the one Brad and Jill hosted. But I think over time it will be better for me.”

“Tammi, I feel something special between us, and I would like to see where it leads us if that is ok?”

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