Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

by BrettJ ©2012

Jessa looked at the man she adored and smiled. “I happily accept your proposal of marriage if you can meet my terms and conditions,” she said with that naughty twinkle in her eyes her now knew all-too well. Terry Carter rolled his eyes. There were always complications with Jessa; to describe her as “colorful” would be an understatement. Jessa didn’t just march to the beat of her own drum; the 28-year old had her own brass band, horns and all. It didn’t matter to Terry because that was one of the things he loved about her. There was a lot to love about Jessa.

Of course, with Jessa, there was a lot OF Jessa to love. In heels, Jessa was actually a few inches taller than he was. Her height was the first thing he had noticed when she walked into the shoe store he co-owned. When he got a good look at her, he was struck by something else.

It was her face. The entirety of Jessa’s face demanded your attention. Her long blonde hair, her dazzling blue eyes and beautiful, wide smile all combined to make a dazzling package. She knew it too. Jessa had a body that was utterly magnificent and she dressed it well. That day she had worn a black and white striped top with a black camisole underneath and the skirt matched the top. She was wearing a very expensive pair of heels and walked very well in them with a gentle sway that added to her allure. She approached Terry and sat down in a chair across from him.

“I love these shoes and they look gorgeous but they’re a nightmare to wear,” she said to Terry. Her voice was soft and alluring and it was like she was trying to seduce you with her voice. “Do you have anything similar that won’t kill my feet?”

“At the risk of losing a sale, those shoes could easily be stretched a bit and they’d likely be more comfortable,” Terry answered. “There’s no need to throw your money away on a new pair.”

“That’s okay, I have more than enough money and I do so love sexy, expensive shoes,” Jessa answered. “My sister owns the Art Gallery down the street and I own my own gym. Money isn’t an issue and I do love buying new shoes, although I’ll take your suggestion,” she smiled. “Show me something really decadent and expensive, I wouldn’t want your boss angry at you for not making a sale.”

“I only have a brother …” Terry said indicating his brother, Ray “… and he only thinks he’s my boss. We’re partners, we own this store.”

That was the first time he saw that dazzling face smile. “Find me something sexy anyway. I’ll wear them when you take me to dinner tonight.”

He chuckled at her impudence. “And you think that I’ll be taking you to dinner tonight?”

“Unless you’re blind, gay or married, yes,” Jessa replied with confidence. “You haven’t taken your eyes off me since I walked in the place. I know what I have to offer a man and you’re gorgeous too. Why waste time playing silly games when we can both have what we want? I have to eat and I assume you do as well.”

“I do, yes.” Terry went to fetch a couple of his nicer pairs of shoes, some expensive stilettos that rarely sold due to their high price tag. To his surprise, Jessa didn’t even flinch at the price. In fact, she bought two pairs. She handed him a piece of paper with her number on it.

“Call me if you can’t make it,” Jessa had told him. “Although most men move heaven and earth to get a date with me, so I’m sure you’ll be coming. I like French or Italian or even a good steak, you choose,” Jessa told him. Then she laughed as she realized something. “I haven’t even introduced myself, I’m Jessa Carter.”

He blinked as if hit by a lightning bolt. “You’ve got to be kidding.”

“No, why do you think I’m kidding?”

“Because I’m Terry Carter,” he laughed. “Oh, that’s wild.”

“It is funny, just imagine – if I married you I wouldn’t have to change my stationary,” Jessa laughed.

Terry laughed with her. He later learned that Jessa actually had thought along those lines. When she saw something or someone she wanted, she went after it / them. She could be almost doggedly determined in her goals.

He went through the rest of the day in a daze. “Man, that blonde really got to you, didn’t she?” Ray nudged his brother. “Can’t say as I blame you, she’s a looker. Women like that don’t walk in here every day”

Their first date was emblazoned in Terry’s mind. He met her at the gallery and she had obviously gone home and changed. Jessa stunned in a slinky black dress and her new shoes. Expensive gold earrings dangled from her ears and a matching gold necklace was around her neck. Her lips were soft and inviting and the urge to take her in his arms and kiss her was overwhelming. She solved that by approaching him and kissing him first. She was playful and let the kiss linger. “That is a preview, handsome,” Jessa smiled as they made their way to his car. “We’ll just have to see how the rest of the evening goes to see if you get the full show.”

Terry didn’t think he had ever tried so hard on a first date in all of his life. He tuzla escort made sure to consult her on the wine. He pulled the chair out for her. He was almost overly attentive when she talked about her gym and the rest of her life. That was the hardest part because she was so damned sexy in that dress and in her new heels that he couldn’t concentrate on the conversation in the way he would have liked.

“Relax handsome, I want to go out with you on another date,” Tessa smiled and kissed him again. “In fact, if you don’t have anything better planned, I wouldn’t mind our not ending the first date just yet,” she smiled and leaned close. Her dress dipped low enough in front so that he could see the ample cleavage. She couldn’t mean what he thought she meant, he couldn’t be THAT lucky.

He was that lucky. The statuesque blonde gave him a kiss that far outshone the earlier one. She nearly sucked the air from his lungs. “I hope you’re up for an all-nighter,” Jessa grinned as they made their way back to his car. “I own the business so I can come in when I want and you …”

“Ray usually opens up, I am not a morning person,” Terry told her.

“Good, because you likely won’t be seeing very much of the morning,” Jessa told him. “You’re going to be far too busy.” Her condominium wasn’t far and it was almost as spectacular as the woman herself. Or so he thought, he really didn’t get to see much of it. Jessa knew what she was after and tugged him into the bedroom. With movements that matched any exotic dancer, she got out of her dress. This beautiful woman was a goddess and Terry wasn’t sure that he was worthy of her, but fuck that! He was glad now that he walked to work most days and played squash with Ray twice a week. Jessa was going to settle for nothing less than his best, he knew it. He was determined to see that she got just that.

Terry hoped that Jessa was the kind of woman that liked to be pampered in bed and enjoy the preliminaries. He began to touch and caress her body, with motions that were not overly gentle and not too rough. Jessa was a strong, magnificent woman and he sensed she wouldn’t want to be treated as a little China doll. The sighs he was hearing were a nice confirmation of that opinion. Her breasts were round, magnificent orbs and he touched each of them with erotic admiration. She held his hands on her tits, so he manipulated them a little bit more before kissing down the smooth, muscular body. The perfection that lay in front of him truly did take his breath away.

He took a deep breath to make sure he had the energy to please her. Then he moved his face down her body and slid his tongue deep into the silky, warm crevice of her pussy. Using his most consummate skills, he licked the salty-sweetness from her box, all the while listening for verbal clues that would let him know he was on the right track. From her guttural moans, he guessed that he was. Her nails dug into his scalp and he stayed put until her plaintive wail indicated that she had reached orgasm.

“You wonderful, MAGNIFICENT fucker,” Jessa gasped. “I have never had a man eat pussy that well. Oh baby, we’re going to do more of that, but I’m not going to be selfish. I want to taste your cock and then we’re going to screw until the sun comes up.”

There weren’t the proper words to describe the kind of oral loving that Jessa gave him that night / morning. She was masterful and all at once, gentle and demanding. He fought the overwhelming, ball-tightening urge to cum because he didn’t know if she swallowed and he wanted to be able to fuck her. Luckily, endurance was his forte. Jessa was looking at him with an incredulous look on her face. Evidently, she hadn’t expected him to have this kind of stamina. He was oddly amused by her reaction a he wasn’t quite ten years her senior and he had enjoyed his own sexual forays. Terry thought they were rather well matched.

They stayed that way. Jessa got on all fours and presented herself to him. He fucked her strong and deep, he wasn’t afraid to really pour it on. Whatever he gave to her, she could take. The sleek muscles of her body rippled erotically as they fucked. Her body tightened around his cock and more than anything, he wanted to cum. He wasn’t going to, not yet. He wanted his first fuck with Jessa to be a memory they would both have when they were old and gray.

Jessa seemed determined to outfuck him, he was equally determined that she would not. After 30 minutes, they called it a draw and let themselves cum. His earlier question was answered as she licked the mushroom tip of his shaft and swallowed his cum.

“Can we have our second date tonight?” Jessa asked with her hands lightly stroking his chest. “Because I want to come back here and do this all over again. Damn lover, I’ve never had a man who could fuck me like that!”

Their sexual foray lasted until nearly 8 AM. Terry managed to drag his sorry ass into the store by 3 PM. Ray looked at his brother and Terry’s bedraggled face told the entire story.

He saw that face a number of times over the tuzla escort bayan following two weeks. Jessa and his brother were inseparable and Terry had never been so happy. He took one afternoon off, he and Jessa had an afternoon date. She asked him to meet her at her sister’s gallery.

He looked around the gallery, enjoying several of the sculptures while looking for his – he allowed himself to think it – his girlfriend. He saw an attractive, auburn-haired woman talking to customers and went over to see if she might have seen Jessa. She turned around and it was Jessa! She smiled at him and he wondered why she had changed her hair color. He was about to ask that question when he heard someone say “Ah, I see you’ve met my sister.”

The auburn-haired beauty smiled. “Not yet he hasn’t, I think he was about to introduce himself. Hi, I’m Tessa, Jessa’s twin sister. You must be Terry, nice to meet you.”

Terry’s face told the story. Tessa had her hands on her hips and glared at her sister. “You didn’t tell him you had an identical twin?”

“It never came up,” Jessa grinned sheepishly. Before Terry could comment on Tessa’s darker hair, she piped up “I got tired of the blonde. It’s also nice that people can tell us apart for a change.”

“Wow, an identical twin,” Terry chuckled. “Well, Jessa knows how gorgeous I think she is and her twin has her own style,” he told her. “Jessa and Tessa.”

“Our parents weren’t very imaginative,” Jessa told her boyfriend as she gave him a hug.

“We have a younger sister named Vanessa,” Tessa laughed. “When we go out, it’s Jessa, Tessa and Nessa.”

“Speaking of going out, I hope you don’t mind darling, but Tessa’s going to join us tonight,” Jessa told him. “Her date canceled on her and we’re both famished.”

After hearing Jessa call him “darling” he wouldn’t have minded much of anything. He had hoped for another evening of passion with his gorgeous blonde, but he knew skipping a night wouldn’t kill either of them. They went for steak and he enjoyed having the two ravishing beauties on either side of him. They all got along great. Jessa was very physical and spiritual, her sister was a humorous, artistic intellectual. He found both of them sexy as hell and several men walked by their table. He knew they all envied his being with the sexily-dressed beauties.

“It’s a good thing I didn’t meet this one first,” Tessa smiled as they lingered over coffee. “You’d be the third wheel on our date. You’re a nice guy Terry, she picked a winner.”

“Thank my too-tight Louis Vuttons,” Jessa laughed. “He is a great guy, feel free to borrow him, if you like.”

Terry laughed, he liked the casual way the sisters joked with each other.

“Sure thing, can I borrow him tonight?” Tessa shot back. “I’d love to see if he measures up to all the stories you’ve been telling me.”

“Oh, he does,” Jessa replied. “Sure, take him home and find out what he’s like in bed. Just make sure you bring him back in the condition you found him.” She turned to her boyfriend and asked “What do you say darling, want to show my sister a good time tonight?”

Terry nearly choked on his mouthful of coffee. He had assumed they were kidding. Now it was starting to look like they weren’t kidding at all! Leave it to Jessa to pull a lunatic rabbit out of her hat. “Babe, it’s not that I don’t find Tessa attractive – for obvious reasons, we know that isn’t true – but she is your sister and we’re involved with each other. You just can’t go around doing things like that!”

“Why not?”

Terry looked over at a bemused Tessa who had the largest grin on her face.

“Yeah, why not?” Jessa countered. “If I’m cool with it and Tessa’s okay with it, why shouldn’t you go for it? Isn’t this what a lot of men fantasize about, fucking twins?”

“Yeah, but the fantasy usually involves fucking the twins at the same time,” Terry told her. He saw the look in her eyes as she turned to face Tessa.

“Hey, why not?” Jessa said to Tessa. “We’ve never done that sis, let me tell you, he’s good – REALLY good. He can handle the both of us. What do you say? Do you want to go for it?”

“You know it!” Tessa laughed. “What do you say sport, are you up for it?”

Terry looked at both of them as if expecting Tessa or Jessa to yell out “gotcha”. They didn’t. They were drop-dead serious. He let out a loud sigh. “I probably won’t be able to walk in the morning and Ray will want to kill me, but damn, there is not a chance in hell I’m passing this up. Lead on, ladies.”

This time, the trio took Tessa’s Maserati and went to her condo. It had a lovely terrace and art and sculpture abounded. Once again, Terry would have to wait to be given a tour. The ladies knew what they wanted and led him to the bedroom.

“Help me out of these tight clothes,” Tessa said to her sister. Jessa nodded and helped her sister out of her low-cut silk blouse and leather mini. She didn’t seem at all uncomfortable being so close to Tessa and touching her so intimately. Terry decided not to read too escort tuzla much into it. They were sisters, after all. Tessa’s body mirrored her sister’s, save for her darker hair and totally shaved pussy. Her navel was also pierced. Terry’s eyes said how much he approved. Jessa turned with her back to her sister and got the same kind of assistance. Once again, their touches almost looked like fleeting caresses. His lover – lovers, rather – stood in front of him in gauzy black lingerie. He stood in front of the two lovelies as if in a total stupor.

“I honestly don’t know what to do next,” Terry said with total candor.

“Oh lord, save me,” Tessa groaned. She walked over to Terry and threw her arms around his neck. She kissed him long and hard, similar to the way her twin kissed. He began kissing back and his hands moved down her body to cup the cheeks of her delicious ass. She ground herself against him before pulling away.

“That’s much better,” Tessa grinned before she moved away to make room for Jessa.

“Hey, should I be jealous?” Jessa asked before she mimicked her twin.

“It was your idea, remember?” Terry said to his girlfriend. She laughed.

“I know darling, I’m only teasing you,” she smiled. “You have your clothes on and we’re almost naked. No fair! Get undressed and join us in bed when you’re ready.” Jessa crawled into bed and was very close to her sister. It was such an erotic sight. Her hands moved along the smooth planes of Tessa’s back. They were obviously very comfortable being naked together, but that was just their sisterhood.

“He’s not moving fast enough,” Tessa mock-whispered to her sister. “Any ideas what we can do to make him haul his ass?”

“Oh, maybe one or two,” Jessa smiled. She leaned in close to her auburn-haired sibling and wrapped her arms around Tessa. The sisters kissed and this was no friendly, sisterly kiss. This was a hot lesbian kiss with tongues and desire. Their bodies pressed tightly together and the kiss got hotter. For a minute, it almost appeared as if they had forgotten Terry was in the room with them. They were really into each other, they weren’t just putting on a show for his arousal. Tessa reached out and unclasped Jessa’s bra, Jessa did likewise to her sister. Terry just gazed at the sight in front of him until his brain had the good sense to tell him to get out of his clothes.

“About damned time,” Jessa joked as he got into bed between them. “We had to start without you.”

He had to know, it was an overwhelming urge. “How long have you two been …?”

Jessa smiled. “For years, darling. You’re the first man we’ve ever told, the first man who has ever seen us acting this way. When we’ve been single, it’s helped pass those lonely nights. Now, are you going to ask questions or are you going to get out of your clothes and fuck?”

“What do YOU think?” Terry laughed. He kissed his girlfriend and felt the weight of her sister beside him. They both pushed him on his back on the bed and hovered over him. A lot of men would pay a lot of money for a view this good.

The sisters looked at each other and communicated silently. They each moved to one side of him and began licking and sucking his cock, their tongues touching as they did. Not for a second did the incestuous loving he witnessed bother Terry. It was just too hot for him to care about moral implications. They both sucked and licked his cock until it was as hard as steel. When he went to return the favor, the girls shook their heads. “We always get worked up when we play,” Tessa told him. “You’ll find we’re both sufficiently wet, so let’s fuck. Who goes first?”

“You can fuck him first,” Jessa told her sister. “Ride his cock, he’s hung like a horse. Despite what you’ve just said, I can never get enough tongue. I’m going to ride his face and we can play with each other’s tits while I do.”

“Damn, I wish I could see that,” Terry sighed as Tessa mounted his cock. She slithered down upon it, a difference from her twin who usually liked him from behind and liked to really slam back. Tessa’s body began to move against his own and then he saw his lover’s pussy coming towards his face. He decided that he had better take care of the girls and worry about himself later.

“You’ll see it a little later lover, I promise,” Jessa said as she reached out for her sister. No lover until Terry had excited her as much as Tessa did. Years of pleasuring each other had made them experts in the other’s erogenous zones. Jessa loved the way her sister moved during sex, she was so much more graceful than the athletic Jessa. Each of them had their skills and it was a thrill to see her sister fucking her boyfriend and demonstrating those skills. The two of them were going to blow Terry’s mind tonight, drain his balls dry and likely, surprise each other in the process.

Tessa was having the best time of her life! Jessa’s boyfriend had a great cock and he wasn’t just lying there and letting her do all of the work. Even while eating Jessa, he had the presence of mind to touch her and move so that his cock went in deeper. Jessa was such a lucky bitch, she had found a real stud. It was a good thing for Jessa that the twins weren’t competitive or she would have tried to steal Terry away.

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