The Dungeon of the Twins


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


The Dungeon of the Twins

“I think it’s high time you were introduced to ‘Dungeon Night’, my little goat…”

Kyle smirked as he led Grayscale down the steps into the basement that he had not even known was there, the wooden boards ringing out hollowly with each and every fall of his cloven hooves. It may have been less intimidating if they hadn’t made such a noise, but he tugged anxiously at his mesh vest all the same, the light blue material stretched luxuriously taut over his nipples and light muscle, leaving absolutely nothing at all to the imagination. A floating skirt and long, mesh thigh-highs completed the ensemble, his bare hooves devoid of any covering at all.

Grayscale shivered. He was just as he was and that was all he had to be. He didn’t have to be anything else with the twins and that was the beauty and real enjoyment of his fun with them. It was a rare pleasure in life to have for his own, after all, and one that he would have been exceptionally loathe to give up if the time ever came. He sincerely hoped it would never come to that and, if the twins were anything to go by, the kinky pair were going to keep him around for a good, long time.

The basement at the bottom of the stairs held no lighting, only a single, white spotlight in which Kylie knelt, her eyelids lowered seductively in such a way that his heart leapt and pound and turned over, desperate for her attention after all else.


She grinned, casting him a particularly sly look. It wasn’t often that he was that dumbstruck that he couldn’t get out more than the breathiest of moans, suited to his fine, delicate body.

“So, Grayscale… Do you think you’re up for something a little kinkier?”

Fluttering her eyelashes, Kylie blew him a kiss, the very tip of her pure white tail flicking back and forth. But he was not at all put at ease by the look she’d given him a hundred times or more, one experiencing blurring into the blissful next one, shivering as he slunk back, only to find the door already closed on the heels of his hooves.

Trapped… But pleasantly so. His heart leapt into his mouth and he made a judder with his head that was neither a nod nor a shake but something in-between that meant nothing at all.

“I… Um…”

Words! Why didn’t any words come to his lips when he so very much needed them the most? He didn’t know what they could have planned but, oh, how he wanted to see just what they had in mind for him. He wasn’t sure just how far he’d allow himself to be pushed but anything and everything was up for debate.

They didn’t allow him to see just what was in the dungeon, a blindfold slapped over his eyes and tightened to the point it tucked beneath his horns, secured in place in such a way demetevler escort that he, most likely, wouldn’t even be able to rub it off if he tried.

But he could not even be frightened as he was hauled and manacled to a table, ears pricking to the musical tinkle of chains as Kyle used his bodyweight to hold him down – not that the goat was struggling at all – while Kylie had the honour of locking the manacles and tightening the chains. His arms and legs were pulled out until he was spread-eagled, the skirt easily flipped up to expose his periwinkle blue underwear, a strange cross of briefs that could have been taken for either male or female depending on one’s interpretation. It was good to be just a little bit mysterious like that but he mostly wore them because they accentuated his backside and balls in just the right way and for no reason more than that.

Above him, the twins moved, lights flicking on as a warm glow cast over his skin and fur.

“Isn’t he cute?”

“He’s here just for us?”

“How far can we…?”

“Let us see…”

The goat whimpered and twisted from one side to the other yet only came up short against the chains and manacles as they tightened further, keeping him spread out for their attention. His underwear was tugged down beneath his balls, pushing them up like little furry orbs to be pleased and, if he was luckily unlucky, abused.

Gulping, Grayscale moaned and shook his head, cock hardening as it tried to flush full with blood – but it was halted by a hard, masculine paw closing around his balls, digging into the neck of his sack as he gasped and whimpered. There was no pain but the message was clear, submission battling with arousal as he tried, desperately, to obey at all costs.

The twins would look after him…wouldn’t they?

“Ah-ah,” Kylie murmured. “Don’t want this getting too hard now, do we?”

No? Grayscale’s heart hammered. Why not? Why was that? Had he done something wrong?

But it was not something he’d done wrong at all but something he had, in fact, done very, very right. For the next clink of metal that he heard was in the joints slipping over his half-hard cock, although it would not be able to grow any harder than it was already. The goat shuddered and tried to recoil (although it was more than a bodily reaction than anything else in his own mind) but it was too late to say anything as something solid and cold slipped up to the base of his cock. Pre-cum drooled and slickened the tip further, cold metal icy against his shaft, the goat trembling beneath them even as it locked into place, another ring around the neck of his sack to separate his balls neatly without cutting them off from stimulation.

“There now,” Kylie murmured. “That’s much better.”

“Something you won’t ever see on me, Goatie… That’s for little submissive goats like you.”

And he didn’t even have to ask what was on his shaft, having played with similar before, even if in a less kinky environment. His heart hammered, sweat dampening patches beneath escort demetevler his arms and down the lines of his sides, but everything that needed to be exposed was already exposed, though in a far more vulnerable, sensual yet still carnal way than he could have ever known was possible.

“This isn’t going to come off in a hurry, little goat,” Kylie giggled, her paw clearly over her lips for how muffled her words came out. “A nice, heavy weight around them, pulling your nuts down… You’ll always remember it’s there.”

It was impossible not to think about how heavy it was, the cage far more restrictive than anything plastic that he had played with in the past – but those cock cages had always come off at the end of a session for a tumultuous climax. They’d never stayed on longer than that! He opened and closed his mouth in a soundless cry, blinking rapidly as the blindfold was whipped off without any notice whatsoever, allowing him to see their kinky dungeon (for it could no longer sensibly be called a basement) in all its glory.

Black and icy blue. They’d gone for a non-traditional colour that set off the white of their fur, grins matching each one another perfectly. And everything anyone could have ever wanted, seemingly, was in that dungeon, sex toys lining the walls in illuminated cabinets and all manner of bondage equipment, including a spanking bench in black leather and many lengths of silken rope, that he could have ever dreamed of trying out. But what was most noticeable, as he craned his head down to see past his own body and the slightly puffy skirt, was the cock cage locked onto him, his shaft so close and yet so hopelessly out of reach of the orgasm that was already clawing anxiously at the back of his mind.

Groaning, he rolled his head from one shoulder to the other, although there was nothing luxurious about the motion as he panted heavily, struggling for breath that would not come easily. Kylie unlocked his manacles and helped him off the table – perhaps they had thought he would run if they didn’t bind him first? – the goat shaking even as Kyle stepped up with his cock already hard and wanton. Swallowing hard, Grayscale shuddered, although he could not take a step back with Kylie right there with her paws on his shoulders, bearing him down and down and down to the floor.

“Start sucking, locked up goat,” she giggled mockingly, the scent of her arousal hanging heavily around them. “It’s about time you proved your worth to us.”

And it shouldn’t have turned him on so but the goat could not have denied it, groaning and nodding as that cock loomed before him. It was just a cage, wasn’t it? And that wasn’t going to cause him any trouble as long as he… Oh…

As soon as Kyle’s cock brushed his lips, all became obvious, his own cock straining and pulsing against the cage as his own arousal grew. For he could not deny just how much he enjoyed pleasing the twins however they wished it of him, his heart tightening somewhere in the region of his throat as blood pounded through demetevler escort bayan his body. The driving, searing pulse of it was impossible to ignore as he moaned around Kyle’s cock, shoving his head down lustfully to take the entire length of fox-cock into his hungry, desperate little mouth.

“See… Now that’s what we’re looking for from you. So needy and desperate…”

Kyle smirked, pink tongue lashing out to flick against the side of his muzzle in a wet slap.

“You just needed to be pushed in the right direction, didn’t you, Grayscale? Although we shan’t be calling you much more of that.”

Gulping and swallowing around the fat cock straining his lips apart, Grayscale didn’t have much to say on that, although his little tail bobbed and wagged as if he was agreeing that that would be just fine by him. It was hard to think of anything else with his need rising – destined to go, of course, unfulfilled with such a device testing his limits, holding him back – and he suckled harder and harder, only to be yanked away without due ceremony. The goat yelped but was swiftly presented with the fox’s dripping pussy instead, her brother allowing his submissive twin to take control, if but for a short while.

“Yes…” Kylie groaned, head falling back as he buried his head between her legs. “That’s what I want… You all locked up and unable to get release while I get mine off you!”

Slowly, they slunk down to the floor, the vixen falling prey to her own lusts even as her brother buckled a collar around her neck, whimpering and grinding her hips up to their new pet’s muzzle as he brought her closer and closer to the edge of an electrifying climax. Kylie had no need to hold back and seemed to relish in her screams and moans as her juices soaked his muzzle, one climax seeming to roll into a swift second as the vixen twisted and tormented him, each squeeze of her legs making him want to thrust between them all the more.

And yet he could not. Not with the cage and most certainly not with Kyle, their dominant, looming over him, cutting the ever-imposing figure.

When she finally released his head from her thighs, he found Kyle grinning down at him, reaching for the goat as if to caress but only taking a firm, commanding grip on his head instead. Against himself, Grayscale shuddered and leaned into his touch, pre-cum dripping through the cock cage: as if he would have ever been able to deny his need and lust and sheer enjoyment of it anyway!

“I’ll be keeping this,” Kyle said, pocketing the key from the table, his other paw still on the back of the goat’s neck. “Now… Lick.”

A command did not need to be shouted to carry power and he cowered softly, nose turning obediently back to the femfur’s dripping pussy before his lips. Kylie’s folds welcomed him in and he moaned like the submissive slut he was as she wrapped her legs around him again, leaning back for his attention and his attention alone.

The Arctic fox behind him growled, cock pressing up under his tail. And, to his own surprise above everyone else’s, Grayscale shuddered and arched back into its touch, trying to get it inside him even as his cock pulsed and throbbed against the viciously restrictive bars of that accursed cage, the device that would become his greatest pleasure and his greatest horror in the days and weeks and months to come.

“You’re ours now.”

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