The Fallen Ch. 03

Big Tits

Author’s note: I hope you readers are enjoying the story so far. I’m sorry about the language in the the previous part but that’s how Russel is. It is a yaoi story so things will start to pick up. I try to write as much as I can for each chapter, I promise to add more to to my writings or write more frequently. Thank you so much for reading and please enjoy!

All characters are 18 or older.


When they arrived home, Saki was red with anger. “Your teacher called and said you got in a fight.” “Seiji was only trying to protect me, Saki.” Tenshi spoke up. Saki’s expression changed when she saw the red mark on his face. She told them to sit at the table and they would have an early dinner. Saki made some chicken soup for them and sent them to bed afterwards.

Seiji couldn’t sleep he laid in bed thinking. Thinking about Tenshi, why would someone beat him up like that, maybe it was Akira’s doing. He sighed heavily, staring at the ceiling his thoughts wondered. He wondered if Tenshi liked him, loved how cute he looked when he blushed. Seiji knew he should make Tenshi his. His inner wolf growled in agreement, and again he thought of Tenshi’s body and how his soft skin would feel against his own. He looked down and saw a tent was forming in his boxers. He frowned, it wasn’t the first time its happened since he found the pale teen.

A soft knock came from the door, Seiji quickly rolled onto his side facing the door. “C-come in.” He tried to calm his voice and his hard on.

The door opens slowing, and Seiji could see that it was his boy dressed in blue pajamas with stars on the pants. “Can I lay with you? I couldn’t sleep.” Seiji smiled, this could only be a dream he thought but scooted back to make room for Tenshi. The white haired teen slid under the covers and laid on his back. Seiji was almost overwhelmed by his sweet scent, he prayed that Tenshi didn’t feel his erection that was very close to him. “Thank you for saving me from Russel.” Tenshi said softly.

Seiji looked up at the boy’s face, “Its alright I couldn’t let him do that to you.”

Tenshi nodded, slight blush crept across his face. “I was thinking… About the kiss…” He hesitated a bit. Seiji watched the boy, his wolf ears straining to hear what Tenshi had to say. “I-I liked it. I like you Seiji.”

His inner wolf howled in joy over Tenshi’s confession. Seiji smiled, pushing himself on his arm he looked down at Tenshi. He bent down and looked into those bright blue eyes through the darkness and whispered. “I love you Tenshi.” He leaned down and captured his boy’s lips with his own. He could hear Tenshi’s heart beat quicken.

Tenshi blushed surprised that, Seiji loved him back and was now kissing him. He put his arm on the bigger teen’s shoulder and kissed him back. The kiss felt good Tenshi thought, a small moan escaped his lips. He pulled away from Seiji, blushing brightly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make that noise.” He saw that Seiji only smiled and softly stroked his face.

“Don’t be. It was cute and sexy.” Seiji growled and leaned in and slid his tongue in his mouth. Tenshi tried to copy what Seiji was doing. He could feel something hard poking his leg, and Seiji’s hands pulling his light blue shirt up.

Seiji moved his lips down Tenshi’s neck and softly nipped at the skin between his neck and shoulder. His wolf wanted to mark the boy as his but Seiji ignored him, this was about making Tenshi feel good. His moved his mouth to Tenshi’s chest and licked and nipped at the skin there. He could hear Tenshi’s little moans of pleasure.

Tenshi loved what Seiji was doing but he felt things were moving too fast. He petted Seiji’s thick black hair and rubbed his pointed ears. “Seiji.. I don’t think I’m ready for this..” Tenshi could see his disappointment in his eyes but he went back and kissed his lips once more.

“I’m sorry pup. I’d never hurt you, you know that.” He hugged him. “When ever you’re ready…”

Tenshi smiled, “Ok.” and kissed Seiji’s cheek. He snuggled against the sex hikayeleri bigger teen’s chest and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning was a weekend, so no school but there was work to be done on the farm, Seiji thought as he awoke. He smiled happy to see the smaller teen still asleep beside him. Seiji noticed that his hard on was straining against his boxers. He groaned quietly and rolled away from Tenshi. Maybe it was because of the close contact or Tenshi himself, he did smell amazing Seiji thought to himself. His cock twitched and he groaned softly. Hearing that Tenshi was still sound asleep, Seiji grabbed his dick and stroke it.

Tenshi slowly woke up to see Seiji’s back to him. He carefully sat up and looked over Seiji. “What you doing?” He asked curious to why Seiji was stroking himself like that.

The wolf boy froze and looked at him, his cheeks flushed red. He mumbled, “Sorry. I had to. It wouldn’t go away…” He looked ashamed. Tenshi felt his cheeks go red too as he saw Seiji’s member. It was much bigger than his own, and it looked more like a wolf’s but that was understandable.

Tenshi reached over hesitantly and rubbed the tapered head of his crush’s dick. Seiji let out a low moan and moved onto his back. He continued to stroke the bigger teen’s hard member with both hands. Drops of white liquid formed at the tip and he licked it, he remembered hearing that it was called come. It tasted bittersweet. He felt Seiji’s hand on the back of head, holding his white hair tightly in his fist and pushing his head down. Tenshi opened his mouth to say something but was muffled with the wolf boy’s cock down his slender throat. Tenshi pulled his mouth up and down on the cock in his mouth and throat, he started to like this and the taste of his lover.

Seiji growled softly, he never felt this good before. Tenshi seemed to naturally take to him. Before he could warn Tenshi he came in his mouth. Seiji was embarrassed but surprised that the angel swallowed his load. He pulled his boxers back up and gave the boy a smile. “I’m sorry about that. Are you ok?”

Tenshi smiled and shook his head, “I’m ok. I just wanted you to feel better.” He blushed running his slender fingers through his white hair.

Seiji smiled and kissed his head, “Thank you.”

As the week passed by quickly, Seiji and Tenshi were happy together and after another late night session, Seiji was feeling great. Not even the students could mess up his good mood. He walked through out the school with Tenshi around his arm. Now that they were dating it felt like a great burden was off his shoulders.

In homeroom with Mrs. Inoue announced that The Full Moon festival would be in two days and there would be no classes today. Tenshi was confused by this he looked to Seiji, “What kind of festival is it?” He blushed embarrassed that he still didn’t know a lot.

Seiji gave him a smile. “Well its a holiday here in Hell’s Keep. Where we all celebrate together under the full moon. There’s all kinds of games, food and a fireworks show, every race contributes. Saki always makes something great to serve at the festival.” His wolf tail wagged happily. “And because of the full moon we can show who we really are. Like I’m part werewolf so I might look more-“

“Like a wolf?” Seiji gave Tenshi a smile. “So I can show my wings that night?”

“Yes, but stay close to me, I don’t want some demon to snatch you up.” There was a ton of seriousness in Seiji’s voice but he gave a reassuring smile. “Want to go into town tomorrow with Alex and me? We were gonna check out somethings at the mall.” Tenshi smiled and nodded his head. “That’s my pup.” Seiji gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

Tenshi blushed, “Why do you call me “pup”?

Seiji shrugged his shoulders, “Just a nickname. Do you not like it?” He made a pouty face.

He shook his head, “No, I like it. Don’t be sad Seiji.”

“Good.” Seiji gave a big smile, his canines showing. He leaned over to Tenshi and kissed his soft white hair, whispering, porno hikayeleri “I love you, pup.”

On Saturday, Tenshi dressed casually. Today Seiji’s friend Alex and his girlfriend were coming to pick them up to go to a place called the mall. Seiji had explained it was a big shopping center the center of Hell’s Keep. Tenshi didn’t care much for the name of the town but shopping sounded pretty neat.

Giving himself a last look in the mirror he fixed the curled ends of his snowy hair and straightened his collar on his white polo shirt. He hoped Seiji would like how he looked. He left the house and found Seiji at the edge of the property. Without saying anything Tenshi rubbed his boyfriend’s wolfy ears, which made his growl happily and wag his tail. Tenshi giggled as Seiji wrapped his arms around his slender waist. He blushed feeling Seiji’s excitement against his belly. “You smell great pup” there was hint of a growl in his voice.

Before he could respond, a big black truck drove up by them. Alex came out of the drivers side and a girl came from the passenger’s. She had a slender body with curves in the right places and a golden tan. Straight brownish blonde hair covered her head. Interesting enough her nose was pink and cat like, with rounded cat ears on her head and a long golden and spotted tail. She smiled and gave Seiji a hug and then one to Tenshi.”I’m Kat a serval. And you must be Tenshi.” She smiled to him.

“How have you been, Kat?” Seiji asked, with his hands in his jean pockets.

Tenshi watched her smile and walk back to Alex and rubbed against him with her body and tail. “Sorry but this full moon coming is driving me crazy, you know?” Tenshi looked at Seiji confused as to what she meant.

Seiji sighed. “The full moon affects everyone differently. In most cases whether you want to or not” he paused “it messes with your hormones.”

Alex wrapped a large arm around Kat and she nuzzled his chest. “I’m sure you’ll find out soon enough Tenshi.” He smiled. “Come on let’s go.” They all climbed into the truck and sped off to the mall.

The town of Hell’s Keep has its own system. in the center stood a castle-like building where the town’s lord and other officials lived and conducted business. Around there other important buildings and businesses. Further out were the shops and the schools. On the outer edges of town was where the farmers and smaller shops stayed. Hell’s Keep is surrounded by a dark heavily wooded forest, the lord and officials said that beyond the forest is dangerous and for their safety stay out of the forest at all times.

The group arrived at a large brick building they exited the truck and went inside. Tenshi was in awe, there were so many shops and people inside. Kat grabbed his hand, “Let’s go and find some stuff to buy!” She winked to Seiji and Alex and dragged him away. H felt a little panicked that Seiji wasn’t coming with but Kat seemed nice.

She brought him to a clothing store full of colorful items and accessories. Kat immediately started handing him things to try on and buy. He noticed that she was taller but had an eye for fashion. “So is this for us to wear to the festival tomorrow?”

She laughed, “No, these are just clothes for you. You know, to develop your wardrobe.” She grinned and dragged him to a different store. “By tradition, we buy are stuff from here.”

The shop was small and dark on the outside, a sign had gold runes written on it that Tenshi couldn’t decipher. Under the runes on the window was silvery picture of two thin moons facing away from a full moon in between them. Inside the store was huge, it was very different from the other shops, Tenshi thought. It was full of swords, jewelry, and all kinds of strange items.

An old woman sat behind the counter, her aged face was framed with white hair and the rest pulled back into a tight bun. She wore a black cloak with ragged edges and held a ancient-looking walking stick in her right hand.

She looked up at them and smiled with her seks hikayeleri eyes closed, “Welcome. Let get you what you need.” And with that she lead them further into the store. She stopped in front of rack of clothes and pulled out a short gold sleeveless dress decorated with light spots like Kat’s, the woman gave the dress to Kat.

Kat purred, “Thank you! Now we need something for Tenshi here.” Tenshi felt nervous, this woman was a witch of some sort. The witch took them to a different part of the store humming something to herself. “I haven’t seen many angels here.” The witch said, looking through her stock. “A pretty boy like you is rare indeed. Where are you from?”

Tenshi hesitated a bit, “I don’t know ma’am. I can’t remember anything besides the past month…”

She nodded. “Here we go!” She exclaimed. She laid out a light blue kimono with a feather and bird design on it, in his arms. The witch looked into Tenshi’s blue eyes with her grey ones, “The past is behind you, look to the future but never forget the present.” Tenshi was surprised to hear this and that the old woman was blind. He only nodded and paid her for the clothes. Kat and him said their goodbyes to her and went back to find Seiji and Alex, with arms full of their purchases.

Mean while, Seiji and Alex went to their usual hangout at the arcade. At one of the game machines, Seiji put in a coin and started to move his yellow character through a maze gathering smaller yellow dots and dodging the colorful ghosts.

Alex rested his arm on top of the machine. “So you and Tenshi haven’t done anything yet have you?” He said bluntly, looking down at Seiji who still was playing the game.

“We’ve messed around. But that’s none of your business.” Seiji sounded harsher than he meant, but what he did with his Tenshi was none of Alex’s business.

“Don’t growl at me wolf. You know what I meant, he doesn’t have your scent on him. Other demons will think he’s fair game.” He looked his best friend. “I’m just looking out for you.”

Seiji sighed turning his back to the game and crossed his arms. “Have thought about marking him as my mate. But what if…”

“He doesn’t survive the process.” Alex finished Seiji’s sentence for him.

“Yeah..” Seiji nodded, his tail twitched nervously. “It will be hard but I’d like to wait until he’s ready for that. But sex, I don’t know what should I do?”

Alex smiled, “Just do what feels natural. Our girl and angel are here.”

Seiji turned to see Kat and Tenshi standing outside the arcade entrance with a lot of bags. Seiji jogged up took the bags from them. “Got everything you needed?”

Tenshi grinned, “Yes. Kat helped a lot.” Seiji bent down and gave him a kiss above his blue eyes, which caused Tenshi to blush but he kissed Seiji’s cheek in return.

“Come on boys let’s go eat something, shopping always works up an apatite.” Kat said dramatically fanning herself.

“Sounds good, there’s a cafe not far from here.” Alex said, wrapping his muscular arm around Kat and led the way.

Tenshi had fun with his new friends at the cafe. They laughed and told stories and ate great food. He smiled happily as they left to go back to the truck. He saw a tall dark haired man in a black suit walk out of a building ahead of them and walk towards them. Seiji grabbed and pulled Tenshi against his side, his ears and tail in a hostile position and a growl rumbled in his chest. Tenshi tried to push away from Seiji’s tight grip but it did nothing, he could only watch as the man stood in front of them. He had short dark hair with black rimmed glasses and cold silver eyes, he looked familiar, Tenshi thought.

“Hello, brother.” The man said unemotionally, looking at Seiji.

Seiji’s body tensed up with his eyes narrowed, “Hi Isaac.”

Isaac look over the small group. “How’s Saki?”

“She’s doing well as always, without you.” Seiji snapped.

“I see.” he turned his cold eyes on Tenshi. He felt fearful of this man. “An angel among us demons.” Seiji growled holding Tenshi tighter against him. I’ll be seeing all of you at the festival.” Isaac walked away toward the castle.

Seiji growled and pulled Tenshi back to the truck. Tenshi guessed that there was still some unfinished business with Isaac.

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