The farmer down the road

The farmer down the roadSo when i was 16 and in the prime of my masturbating years :p i suddenly started watchin different types of porn than your usual male/female. I first watched tranny porn and loved watchin huge black cocks rampaging dudes. I was absolutely hooked on these for a few months and then after a while i found myself moving from tranny porn onto gay porn, i had literally no attraction to men and i would never look at a man and say “oh hes hot” but i was obsessed with dicks! So anyways i always fantasized about butt sex and pleasing cocks because i knew how to please my own cock so much that i knew id be able to handle any big dick that i could get, the only problem was that i wasnt gay or lookin for a boyfriend or anything, i just wanted sex with a man for fun and thats it. So anyways i then tried anal for the first time when i was in the shower, we used to have this plunger in the bathroom floor so i stuck it on the floor and tried sticking it up my ass. I thought this would be sore or not as pleasurable because it was my first time, and it was sore however after a few slow ins and outs i pulled it out of my ass then lubed the top of it with vaseline and slid it right back in and it just felt so natural and amazing! I rode it like a pro, up and down in and out and i loved it!So a few days after experiencing self anal i was in one of my horny moods and my sex drive was in top gear. So i look out güvenilir bahis my back window and see the farmer across the field in his tractor. He does be out there working everyday and i always wondered if he had a wife or someone at home. So in my deleriously-horny mood i get this crazy idea to literally just go over and throw myself at him and try convince him to let me suck his dick.I hop the wall and go over to him in his tractor, im pretty sure he was half thinking of telling me to get the hell off his land so i said to myself that id just go over to him and state loud and clear what i want before he has any chance to tell me to fuck off lol. I reach the tractor and immediately start talking nervously “Hi im sorry to intrude but im in a horny mood and before you say anything i just want to ask you can i suck your cock, you dont even have to look at me while i do it, you can just close your eyes and pretend im a woman”, i didnt give him a chance to speak, he didnt know what to say but i could see it in his eyes he was interested, i mean its basically a free blow job why would anyone turn it down? Without saying anything he jumped down out of the tractor, went around to the back of it which faced the trees so it would be private, unzipped his trousers and just nodded as if to tell me to go ahead, i put my hands on his soft cock, he looked away, i bent down and put my lips around it very amateurly mobilbahis güvenilir mi but then i felt his cock immediately go hard in my mouth, it was a fantastic sensation and the taste was just so juicy and like nothing id ever tasted before, my cock was hard as rock in my pants.As i started gagging on his dick he told me to get up, i thought i must be doing something wrong but he told me to follow him down to the barn, and without thinking i just walked behind him about 30 yards down to the barn. We got to the stacks of hay bales and he told me to put my two hands on the bale of hay, i did so and he then pulled down my tracksuit from behind and i felt a spine chilling sennsation run up my back. He spread my cheeks with both hands and spat right on my hole, the cold breeze mixed in with the fact that i was naked outside just felt amazin to me. He then told me to be calm that ” its only natural” and i wasnt sure what he was going to do but i just said ‘ok’. I felt a warm liquid run down from my lower back and drizzle down my thighs right down to my ankles, he was pissing on me which is something i never fantasized about but it felt so right! He then began to lick my ass, i felt his stubble tickle my cheeks as he licked and he then grabbed his cock and slowly slid it inside of me. I couldnt believe what happened, not even 20 minutes ago i was trying to build up the mobilbahis giriş courage to go ask this man to let me suck his dick and now hes fucking me! He pushed my head forward and told me to lean back as he started goin harder and harder, his pre cum and spit was all the lube we needed. He then started moaning louder almost simultaneously with me as we were both outdoors on a private property we could moan as loud as we want. So he put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me back up straight, with his cock still thrusting i felt his warm cum all gushing out of his dick right into my ass, this cum felt like it warmed through my whole body right from my ass. I started to shake with excitement as my rock hard cock helmet rubbed against the hay in front of us, with his cock still inside me he reached around and started pulling my dick softy. As he gently slid his semi hard cum stained cock inside me i just splashed out what felt like buckets of cum in front of me. I had never felt such a crazy orgasmic feeling in my life. My ass closed and gripped around his dick with every squirt i let out. Never before had i shared such a passionate amazing experience with someone who is basically a stranger! He pulled up his trousers and walked away back to his tractor. i stood there for a minute or two still with my legs spread and cum still dripping put from my ass and my cock, i shook it all off with my hand and then pulled up my trousers and walked home. My mind wasnt thinking properly i was just in a weird and wonderful place. I went home and got a shower and fingered myself to find some of his cum still dripping out of my ass, i put my finger in my mouth and tasted a warm sense of sexual heaven.

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