The Garage Door


I heard the garage door open and thought, “Shit, she wasn’t supposed to be home for at least another hour.”

During the pandemic, my wife and I (both in our early 60’s) had moved in with her parents to help care for her ailing father. We had made an apartment out of the basement. On this day, my wife was out shopping so I knew she would be gone a while. My 80-year-old mother-in-law played cards with a group of women several mornings each week, usually for 2-3 hours so I was surprised she was back early. Father-in-law was upstairs sleeping or watching TV and he could ring a bell if he needed my assistance.

I had anticipated some quiet alone time with the house empty. In fact, I had just dropped my shorts around my ankles, gotten comfy on the sofa and was watching my list of porn favorites when I heard that grumble of the garage door. Her parents were good about respecting our privacy and rarely came downstairs, and never without an announcement. So, while I heard the garage door, I remained comfortably exposed and continued with my self-pleasure in solitude.

The young brunette on screen was administering what appeared to be a hell of a blow job. She worked that cock head with her lips, slurping and then swirling her tongue around the rim before plunging the cock deep into her throat. I groaned at the sight and continued to stroke my now throbbing cock.

“Jay! Oh. Gosh! I’m sorry. I thought you were out shopping with Shelly (my wife).” The voice was Lisa, my sister-in-law, standing at the bottom of the stairs staring at me.

“Holy shit, Lisa!” I stammered and scrambled to cover my throbbing cock with a pillow. I fumbled around trying to somehow recover from my embarrassment.

She laughed awkwardly. “I’m so sorry to interrupt. I came by to pick up dad’s prescription which he usually keeps down here. I had no intention of… interrupting you.”

Lisa is one of those women who is always sexy. I had fantasized about her often. She’s 55 and a well-paid accountant and partner with a big firm in town. Escort Şişli She always dresses sharp for work. But away from work she’s fond of sun dresses… low cut sundresses, which always accentuate her 34b breasts and her sexy tanned legs. On more than one occasion, during drinks on the patio, she’d become a bit too casual, and I had a nice upskirt peek at her panties while she was engrossed in the conversation.

Blushing, fumbling and not knowing what to do, I started to stand and face away from her reaching down to pull up my shorts.

“No need to stop on my account,” she chuckled, still staring. “Remember I’ve got a teenage son. I’m pretty used to this. Nothing I haven’t seen before.” She paused briefly, then added, “Besides we all need a little alone time now and then.”

I stammered, trying to say something like, “I’m so sorry, Lisa.”

Her eyes seemed to twinkle as she flashed a big grin… “I’m serious, Jay. There’s really no need to cover up. I’ve already had a good look. Pretty nice actually.”

I was still stunned and embarrassed and my cock had shriveled to a nub. I sat back down, still naked except for the pillow resting in my lap. “I wouldn’t be opposed if you wanted to continue,” she said with a flirtatious grin.

I felt a tingle in my cock as it once again began to stir. I slipped a hand under the pillow and began to fondle my growing cock.

“Give me the pillow” she said, her voice suddenly sounding more demanding. As I followed her command and reluctantly handed her the pillow, she smiled, her eyes fixed on my cock. “Much better” she said. Her usually playful face transforming into the look of a lust-filled woman, desire burning in her eyes. She leaned forward on her arms on the end of the sofa. In that position I had a nice view down her dress of her glorious petite breasts.

There I sat, naked, in full view of my sister-in-law whose eyes were riveted on my cock, her breasts partially exposed as she continued to lean forward.

“I’d like to watch Sultangazi escort you stroke it,” she said. Then in a lower raspier voice, “I’d really like to watch you cum.”

Her commanding tone and this unbelievable and unexpected scenario made my cock throb to full attention. I wrapped my hand around the shaft, the head still exposed. Slowly I began to stroke. I started with long lazy strokes along the length of my shaft. The room was quiet except for the rubbing of my cock and both of us now breathing heavy.

In a raspy whisper, she uttered, “God, that’s so fucking hot!”

Her look, her voice, her eyes all focused on me. My cock was now hard and aching. Precum was flowing, making my cock head glisten.

“Shelly once told me that you’re a very generous lover, but I never thought I’d see for myself.” As she spoke her hand slipped under the hem of her dress and it appeared that see she was touching herself through her panties.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. I didn’t want this to end and I kept stroking my cock. The head was now purple and angry looking as it appeared, then disappeared, in the tight grip of my hand.

She closed her eyes for a moment as her fingers worked with more intensity under her dress. Her breath a bit more ragged and her breasts jiggling in her dress to the rhythm of her fingers. Together we touched ourselves in silence except for the sounds of two people intensely engaged in shared self-pleasure.

I groaned as my stroking intensified, letting her know I was getting close. She stepped around the edge of the sofa and dropped to her knees, her fingers never stopping. She looked into my eyes as if to say, “May I?” I had no idea how far this was going to go but if it all stopped right now, I would still have a memory to last my lifetime. I released my cock. It stood at full attention, glistening and beckoning for her touch.

Her small hand reached for my cock. Her fingers wrapped around it. Her lust-filled eyes were fixed on it. Taksim escort bayan And she began to stroke me. Her touch was incredible. Firm yet tender.

She started slowly at first and then more vigorously and I knew I wouldn’t last long. I reached my hands towards her other hand, still buried beneath her dress, offering to help. She just shook her head, “This is all about you.” I pulled my hand away and leaned back, enjoying the unbelievable sensations of her touch.

She looked like a dream. One hand was now slick with my aroused ooze, making slippery sounds as she expertly worked her hand up and down my throbbing, shining cock meat. She was breathing hard as her other hand was now furiously rubbing her own sex.

“I can’t hold back much longer,” I growled. She only moaned as if to encourage me. The intensity of her strokes increased. And I could feel it building. Deep in my belly. That intense urge and need for release was so incredibly powerful.

She looked into my eyes… staring for a moment. Her eyes filled with lust and desire. Finally, she spoke. “Cum for me, Jay. I want to watch you CUM!”

“Ohhhhh fuck!” I growled. My eyes closed. My entire being was centered around my cock and her touch. The sexual intensity of this unlikely scenario. It was more than I could take. And I came!

My cock started to twitch and pulse. Ropes of jizz fired across my chest. Again, and again, I erupted as her hand kept pumping through my glorious orgasm. Waves of pleasure rippled through my body. I finally had to grab her hand and stop the stroking as the post-orgasm stimulation was just too much.

She put her head down, face first. She was breathing hard, trying to collect herself. It appeared she had cum, too. We sat there, two exhausted in-laws. Her fingers were still on my cock, playing with the final drops of cum on my cock head. Both of us trying to regain our composure after such an intense encounter.

I stroked her hair and said, “I never expected this to happen. Not in a million years. But, damn, this was all so hot!”

She smiled at me. Stood up and arranged her dress and her hair. “Probably a one-time experience for both of us,” she said with a hint of a blush. “Enjoy your day.”

She turned, walked over to the desk, picked up the prescription and headed up the stairs.

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