The Harrington School for Boys Ch. 02


After Aidan delivered his file to the smirking headmaster, he quickly made his way to his room, still blushing in embarrassment. His roommate Graham looked up from the bed where he was reading a book. Aidan suddenly noticed something – the bed. There was only one.

“Th-there’s only one bed?”

Graham smiled slightly as he sat up. “Yeah. It’s meant to teach us self-control. Sex between roommates is forbidden, but sharing a bed is supposed to be a temptation or something.” He shrugged.

Aidan frowned. “Even at the orphanage I had a bed to myself. Guess I’ll have to get used to it.”

Graham smiled again. “If it helps, I don’t think I kick or anything. All done with the doctor? I imagine you know what sort of place this is now.”

Aidan nodded, blushing again just at the mention of it. “Who do they make us have sex with? The teachers?”

“The teachers, the staff, other students… once a week there’s a party and people come in from the outside. They’re members of a special club. That’s the worst. One night I got fucked six times.”

Aidan winced. “And I thought I was going to a university…”

“Me too. If nothing else, we do learn some things here. I don’t know why they bother, exactly, unless maybe they feel like they owe us something for everything we have to put up with. But I’ve heard some people have been able to go on to real universities when they leave here.”

“When are we allowed to leave?”

“I think it’s when you turn twenty-five. There are no students older than that here, anyway.”

Aidan sighed heavily. “Seven years…”

Graham patted Aidan on the back casually. “It takes a while to get used to. But it’s not all bad… for one thing, the food’s pretty good. It’s almost time for dinner. Come with me, I’ll show you where the dining hall is.”

Graham led Aidan into the hallway, and they went downstairs. They passed through a large, mostly empty hall on the way to the dining room. Aidan noticed one side was lined with a row of wooden barrels, turned onto their sides. The other side was lined with a row of strange pieces of furniture that looked something like chairs, but with very high backs. Aidan gestured to them. “What’s all this?”

Graham went over to one of the chair-like things. “These are mostly for punishment… or sometimes they put us in them for the parties. You sit on it facing backwards with your arms up…” he demonstrated and Aidan noticed wrist shackles near the top of the chair back. Graham then stood up. “And see this hole here?” He pointed to a round hole in the seat. It looked like something was meant to be screwed into it. “They screw plugs in here – you know, like the ones the doctor put in you. So basically you’re sitting here with a plug in your ass and your arms and ankles restrained…” Aidan saw the ankle restraints at the base of the chair now. “… and they can whip you or paddle you or whatever. It’s pretty unpleasant.” Aidan grimaced. “What about those barrels over there?” Graham wandered over to one. “I hate these things. I was strapped over one for a party the first week I was here. Basically they just bend you over it and strap your wrists and ankles down so people can do what they want with you. It’s really embarrassing because your legs are so far apart your arsehole is showing and your junk’s hanging there and… it’s just the worst. But forget about that. Let’s go eat.”

The food was good, and his new roommate’s friendly ankara escort chatter was enough to put Aidan a little more at ease. They went back to their room together after dinner and Aidan started putting away his clothes in the wardrobe. Though there was only one bed, the room was otherwise spacious, with a desk and wardrobe for each boy. Graham laid face down on the bed, yawning. “Well, I’m glad at least I got a cute roommate.”

Aidan didn’t know how to respond, so he just laughed nervously.

“Of course, most of the guys here are pretty good-looking. But a lot of them have mean streaks. You seem… sweet.”

Aidan turned to look at Graham with a faint smile. “I could still be mean.” The other boy laughed. I don’t believe it. Not a mean bone in your body. Suddenly there was a sharp rap on the door. Graham sighed. “Speaking of mean…” Aidan looked on curiously as his roommate opened the door. A boy he’d seen from a distance at dinner walked in. He was tall, with tan skin and reddish-blonde hair. He looked at Graham, then Aidan, with a smirk. “Hello, boys. Well, looks like I’m finally a proper prefect with two charges. You must be Aidan.” Aidan swallowed and nodded faintly. “Graham, did you tell him what to expect tonight?” Aidan looked at Graham, who blushed and swallowed hard before answering. “Uh, no, I hadn’t gotten to that yet.”

Aidan started to look a bit panicky. “The doctor already shaved me, if that’s what this is about.”

The older boy laughed. “Good to know, but that’s not the only thing I’m here for.” He approached Aidan and extended his hand. “The name’s Reed Burgess, and as you’ve evidently gathered, I’m your prefect. We actually have several responsibilities.” Aidan shook the older boy’s hand, blushing as his dark blue eyes gazed steadily into his own. Reed then strolled over to a chair near the window and sat down. “Why don’t I just demonstrate with Graham first? Into your nightclothes, Gray.”

Aidan watched as Graham sighed and began taking off his shirt. He removed a curious one-piece garment from his wardrobe, then finished removing his clothes, including his underwear. Aidan found himself unable to look away. Graham was very slim, and his skin was ivory-white and soft-looking with hardly any body hair. He caught Aidan’s gaze while putting on his pajamas, and both boys blushed. The pajamas were unlike any adult garment Aidan had ever seen. They buttoned up the front, were short – barely halfway to the knees – and had a flap covering the backside which was held up with two buttons. Aidan had only ever seen such things for children. The prefect cleared his throat and patted his lap. “Come here, now.” Graham blushed deeper and approached the older boy, shyly lying over his knees. Aidan stared.

Reed reached down and unbuttoned the flap on the rear of Graham’s pajamas, folding it down to expose his smooth, pale backside. He rubbed Graham’s bottom with one hand as he casually addressed Aidan. “All junior boys in this institution receive maintenance spankings every night. It’s to keep you used to it – both to the sensation, and the humiliating aspect of it. You’ll receive a number of smacks equal to your age with my hand first, then with whatever implement I decide. I alternate between my belt, a hairbrush, a paddle, and a slipper. Tonight’s hairbrush night. Will you hand it to me, Aidan? It’s right there on Graham’s desk.”

Aidan picked up a ankara escort bayan heavy wood-backed hairbrush from the desk, handing it to Reed, still blushing intensely. To his dismay, he could feel his cock hardening slightly. He hoped it wouldn’t become so obvious that the others would notice.

“Thanks. Now you just sit on the bed and watch, okay?” Aidan sat, crossing his arms in his lap and leaning forward awkwardly. He watched as Reed reached down and pulled something from his pants pocket. He saw a metallic gleam and then realized it was one of the plugs like the doctor had put inside him. However, it was much larger than any Aidan had taken. Reed set it gently in the small of Graham’s back and next pulled out a handkerchief, which he waved at Aidan. “I need this because sometimes Graham gets a little excited and I don’t want him to mess up his pajamas.” Graham mumbled, embarrassed. “You don’t need to TELL him that.” The older boy laughed. “I’ll do the same thing to him just in case, so he may as well know why.” He reached down and tucked the handkerchief between Graham’s legs, under his penis. He then picked up the plug and sucked on it for a moment, then spit in his hand and rubbed his saliva around Graham’s anus before inserting the plug in one smooth motion. “Oh, that went in pretty easily this time. We’ll have you up to the largest size in no time.” Aidan couldn’t help exclaiming. “There’s one larger than THAT?!”

Reed laughed. “Sure! There are actually two more. You’ll just be wearing the plug for the length of the spanking, unless you’re being punished. Then sometimes you have to wear it all night. Makes you wake up so sore in the morning… anyway, let’s get started.” Abruptly, he started smacking Graham’s backside. The younger boy remained quiet, flinching only slightly but blushing hotly. Aidan watched silently, biting his lower lip. It was impossible to deny that watching his charming, pretty roommate getting spanked was turning him on. He just kept hoping no one else would notice. Reed delivered Graham’s eighteen spanks quickly and then picked up the hairbrush. He addressed Aidan before commencing. “With the hairbrush and paddle, it wouldn’t be too hard to leave bruises, but I won’t hit hard enough for that. Lasting marks are only for punishments, so don’t worry. I can’t promise it won’t hurt, though.” He smirked, then delivered a sharp crack to Graham’s now slightly pink left cheek. Almost immediately, he copied the blow on the right. He kept alternating sides, and halfway through Graham began to whimper quietly as he flinched. Reed put the hairbrush down after eighteen smacks and roughly groped Graham’s reddened backside, giving each cheek a firm squeeze. He then pulled out the plug quickly, which made the boy over his knee gasp. He withdrew the handkerchief from between his legs and rolled the plug up in it. Finally he buttoned the flap back up on Graham’s pajamas and gave his bottom a little pat. “Okay, get up.” Graham stood, quickly reaching up to wipe unshed tears from his eyes. His face was bright pink, and Aidan could tell he had a slight erection.

“Okay, now you can sit down and watch me break in the new boy. Aidan, you’ll find your pajamas in the drawer at the bottom of your wardrobe. Put them on, please.” Aidan looked in the drawer and there they were, five sets of pajamas just like Graham’s. Aidan took one out and reluctantly undressed, blood rushing escort ankara to his face. He quickly pulled the pajamas on, buttoning them up. They had a sailor-style collar and were trimmed with lace – rather feminine, really. Aidan stood nervously in front of Reed, who smirked up at him and patted his lap. “Come on, then. You know what to do.” Aidan lay over Reed’s lap reluctantly, reaching down to the floor to steady himself. Reed quickly unbuttoned the back of his pajamas, and Aidan felt a hand rub his backside. “Oh, very nice. You both have such nice round, soft bottoms for skinny boys. Lucky me.” There was a rustling as Reed reached into his pocket again. He pulled out a plug, the same as the second one the doctor had used on him, and another handkerchief. Aidan whimpered in embarrassment as Reed reached down and tucked the folded handkerchief under his cock. A moment later he heard Reed spit into his hand again, and gasped as he felt the fluid being rubbed around his still-aching hole. “Doctor said you were a sensitive one, so I’m going easy on you. This is almost the smallest plug we have. Graham hasn’t had something this small for months.” As he spoke he thrust the plug firmly into Aidan’s backside, making him whimper again. Small or not, it made him feel achingly full, and he could feel the skin of his opening throb from being stretched.

“You’re eighteen, right? Okay, this won’t take long.” Aidan gritted his teeth as Reed began to firmly smack his bare backside, first one side, then the other. He struggled to stay still and remain silent, though the final two smacks – extra-hard ones to the lower curves of his bottom – made him flinch and whine just a bit. He bit his lip as Reed picked up the hairbrush, then gasped as the first blow landed. It stung so much more than the hand had, and more followed quickly. Aidan felt himself trembling, and Reed finished up with two very hard blows to each lower cheek, which finally made Aidan cry out in pain. He felt a tear roll down his cheek, and felt ashamed for crying more readily than his roommate had. Before he could wipe the tear away, he felt the sudden stretching pain as Reed pulled the plug out of him. The older boy then removed the handkerchief from under Aidan’s penis and buttoned up his pajamas. He gave Aidan’s burning bottom a little rub, then a light smack. “Okay, get up.” Aidan stood, blushing intensely and rubbing his eyes quickly. He let out a little cry of surprise as Reed stepped forward and embraced him tightly, kissing the top of his head. Before he could react further, Reed let go of him and went over to Graham, hugging and kissing him as well. “Goodnight, boys. Be good.” With nothing further, he left. Aidan looked over at Graham, still slightly stunned. “Does he always… hug and kiss you like that, afterwards?”

Graham smiled weakly. “Yeah. It’s supposed to show that there’s no hard feelings or something, but most of the time it just makes me want to punch him in the nose. He actually wasn’t too bad tonight, though. Sometimes he’s really mean.”

Aidan decided not to ask what said meanness might entail for the time being. He wasn’t sure he wanted to know – he was overwhelmed already. He just sighed and looked down. “These pajamas are ridiculous.”

Graham chuckled. “Yeah, they’re not my favourite. You look kind of cute in them, though.”

Aidan rolled his eyes. “You too.”

Graham grinned, then showed Aidan where the bathroom was before they went to bed. Aidan laid on his side and tried to drift off, but was still overwhelmed by the situation he found himself in. He was unable to stop himself from crying a little – silently, he thought. But Graham evidently noticed somehow, and Aidan suddenly felt the other boy’s arm wrap around his chest and pull him close. He didn’t pull away.

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