The ImpBot Affair: Part 1


National Cyber Security Director Mike Allen suppressed a smile at the image of the Defense Secretary receiving a handjob from the wife of the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. On the conference room monitor, a shirtless, arrogant, older man held the reins of a horse. In a Russian accent, he barked sexual orders to members and spouses of the President’s Cabinet. The scene was set in a titillating cheap movie torture dungeon.”Nasty stuff, Julie.” Mike restrained a chuckle. “Do you know who did this?”His cock swelled slightly as he watched the orgy play out on the screen. Perhaps Julie wouldn’t notice.FBI Director Julie Farrango leaned back in the soft leather chair and twirled a Seal-of-the-FBI pen between her fingers. She crossed her long legs and dangled a high heel on the end of her toes. Professionally dressed in the dark blue suit of the Bureau, Julie’s white silk blouse drew tight against her chest. She’d güvenilir bahis weaponized her full-breasted figure a long time ago. Her open jacket and posture were evidence.”We know this scene came from a low-budget pornographic movie made in 2013, Mike. This video’s super-imposed faces, bodies, and mannerisms of the President’s Cabinet is exceptional work. Whoever made this fake even knew about Mrs. Harrington’s tattoo on her left breast. The Bureau’s Fraud Detection team is one of two organizations in the world that detects fakes this sophisticated. Yours is the other. Neither the Russians nor the Chinese can do this. Did you do this, Mike?””Fuck no, Julie. This is too partisan. We steer clear of politics since the last two administrations abused our…capabilities.”Mike paused slightly. “But, I will say this is not the first image-manipulated pornography we’ve seen. “”You’ve seen this before, and you have a name güvenilir bahis siteleri for it?” Julie was taken by surprise. “Tell me what you know, Mike. I’ll need to brief the President before this gets picked up by the press.”She studied Mike’s face for signs of deception.”We call it Image-Manipulated Pornography, and we believe it’s an Artificial Intelligence Bot. We don’t know much, but the AI ImpBot is embedded in videos and photos on porno websites. When photos or videos are downloaded, the ImpBot goes with them. Once inside, the ImpBot accesses the available images and data, and social media. It develops a relationship matrix to the third degree of separation. Your contacts are the first degree, your contacts’ contacts become the second degree, and their contacts become the third degree.”The ImpBot is a porn content creator. It creates new images and videos by blending family and personal photos with iddaa siteleri pornographic content. It emails links to its newly created pornography to the contacts it uncovers. It’s most pernicious in the first-degree contact list. Incest porn, cuckolding, threesomes, orgies, and whatever else it might create are distributed to family members. You and I know the people in this video. It tells us that someone close to the President’s Cabinet is infected with the ImpBot. I’m actually surprised you and I aren’t in this.”Julie pursed her lips and cocked her head to the side as she considered this information.Mike and Julie together in a fake porn movie? A thin smile emerged. Better Mike than that Deputy Director in the CIA, she mused. Mike’s a looker.Julie often mused he was a lesser god in a godless government. Mike radiated energy. His light-red hair was cut short. The tips of each hair caught and reflected any ambient light in such a way that his head appeared to crackle with lightning as he moved. When he was angry, Mike thundered like Thor. Julie did not let his looks or the rumble in his voice distract her. She focused on any tells he might have if he lied.

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