The Joys Of Crossing Over

Black Stockings

It all began back in my teen years in the mid-west when I was just a young, confused lad of eighteen. I was a relatively good looking boy, long blonde hair about 4 inches below my shoulders, 5 feet 11 inches tall, 170 pounds, green eyes with a VERY well endowed girl friend whose body of 38DD-25-36 I enjoyed, admired and envied —- envied because I’m a closet crossdresser and hers was the body I wished and still wish I had. I’d go home at night and dress up in clothes I had stolen from her ( she was a clothes freak and had MANY things from panties and bras to dresses, skirts and blouses that she wore ONCE then forgot about so she never missed anything I confiscated )and being careful not to wake any of my sleeping family members, I’d sneak out and drive around as a woman, the excitement of looking and feeling like a big breasted bitch enveloping my being like a soft, warm sexual blanket.

On a cold, snowy January night, I chose an outfit from my hidden stash consisting of her hot pink satin bra ( with water balloons for big, bouncing tits ) and bikini panties, black thigh high stockings, a black mini-skirt ( I wear only thigh length or higher dresses and skirts—- they make me feel SOOOOOOOOOOO slutty!!!! ), a pink, lacy blouse and a pair of 3 inch high heeled black pumps in my foot size that I had bought under the pretense they were for my mother then packing up the make-up and earrings from my lady into my mom’s old purse, I put on some jeans to hide my nylons and my parka to keep me warm then slipped out and drove two towns down river to enjoy myself for awhile. I drove around a bit before pulling into a fast food joint where as I pull into a parking spot, I looked at the car next to me and there was my ex-brother in law in the passenger seat. He recognized me and rolled down his window and I in turn rolled mine down.

” Hey man, what’s up?” Danni asked.

” Not much, just out cruising, what about you guys? ” I replied taking notice of his young male companion.

” We’re going to our place and party, you wanna come along?? I’ve got some killer smoke and we’ve got tons of booze, we can get really fucked tonight so what ya say? ” Danni replied with a huge grin.

” Well……. okay, I can party for a while, I’ll follow you so don’t lose me. ” I said figuring that as long as I keep my coat on no one would have a clue what I was wearing.

Not wasting any time, Dan and his buddy headed home with me right behind hoping I could pull this off. It excited me to think that I could play bitch AND get buzzed with someone without my secret being discovered. We drove for about 10 minutes until they stopped in front of a dimly lit, large, expensive looking apartment complex where we got out of our cars ( I placed the purse in a shopping bag and brought it along since my car didn’t lock and I didn’t want it stolen and since my bellbottoms covered my pumps, I didn’t worry about them being seen ) and walked quickly up to their apartment. Dan and I sat on the couch and fired up a bowl of his buds while his pal made some mixed drinks of unknown ingredients that were STRONG as fuck.

” Hi, I’m Josh, Danni’s room-mate. Try this…” Dan’s friend said handing me gaziantep escort my first of SEVERAL wickedly strong drinks.

” Thanks…………. I’m Dale, Dan’s ex- brother in law.” I replied taking a very large gulp from my glass.

” Josh makes some ass kicking drinks, huh.” Dan said inching slowly towards me which at this point I oblivious to.

” You ain’t just shittin”!!! ” I exclaimed after draining mine on the second guzzle, ” I don’t know what it is, but it sure is good…. is there more? “

” Sure, let me get you another. ” Josh said smiling wickedly.

We sat there talking, drinking, toking and watching some movie on their vcr for about an hour with Josh making sure that my glass never stayed empty for more than a couple seconds, sitting on the arm of the couch right next to me when he wasn’t refilling my drink when Dan got up and chose a different tape and replaced the one we were sorta watching.

“Let’s check this one out, it’s a porno….is that okay? ” Danni asked as he sat down next to me on the right with his leg touching mine.

” Shhhhit, I don’t mind…” I managed to slur in my rapidly increasing drunken state…” I ain’t ne’er seen one before so let’s go for the gusto!!”

I sat there watching the tv intently as the images of well endowed babes and very well endowed men kissing, groping, sucking and fucking flashed in front of my eyes. As I was gawking at the sight of two hugely hung studs pumping their rods into some nice titted blonde’s mouth and twat while another large meated man knelt behind the dude on top her horny, hot body and rammed his huge sword deep up the dude’s ass and began fucking the guy just as hard as he screwed the bitch beneath him when the two men I sat between figured I was ready to start my role in this little party. Danni turned towards me, began to rub my left thigh and engaged me in one hot, open mouth kiss while Josh slid down the arm of the couch until he was in a mirror image position of Dan’s and began to massage my crotch, my cock hard as hell already from watching the movie throbbing under his touch in my panties. I totally spaced out the fact that I was dressed as a woman due to being royally buzzed and being surprised by their fast attack, I tried to go along outta curiosity as well as the fact the although I never had anything like this happen before, I was strangely enjoying what was happening.

For several minutes they caressed and kissed me, each kissing me for a few then allowing the other to enjoy making it impossible to speak even if I had wanted to when Josh unzipped my parka and out popped my secret, my huge water tits standing out proud inside my blouse.

” Hey now, what have we got here…..” he said as he undid my pants…” you’re in drag!!! OOOOOOOOOO HOT!!! Check this out Dan! “

” Nice, Dale! Let’s see the whole deal.” Dan exclaimed

” Yeah, take off those jeans and coat and let’s see how you look…we’ll never tell anyone! ” Josh chimed helping me to my feet.

” Okay but you can’t EVER tell ANYONE about this…” I replied very nervously…” do you want the full outfit, make-up and all? “

escort gaziantep Damn straight we do now go on, show us what you got. “

I went into the bathroom with my bag, did my face up like a high dollar whore and went back out to the guys, scared as hell they would laugh at me. Upon entering the living room again, I noticed that the tape had been rewound to the bi-sexual fuck scene, my drink refilled and both men were naked, well hung ( I saw why my sister married Dan… he had a cock a horse would be proud of ) and very hard. Feeling really strange, I returned to my spot on the couch where the boys wasted no time in going for what they had planned when we met. They caressed my feminine appearing body as I watched the action on the tube for several minutes then unable to wait any longer, Dan lifts my skirt, frees my rigid cock from my pink panties, takes it into his hot mouth and slowly sucks my shaft. After a few minutes I lean my head back and as my mouth opens to allow a sexually heated moan to escape, Josh swiftly stands on the couch, straddling over his partner’s bobbing head, gently holds my head and pushes his large, fat prick several inches deep into my face, stretching my lips wide with his musky smelling schlong. The facial invasion was a total surprise but it felt and tasted SOOOOOOO good that there was no way I was gonna resist. All I think of as Josh fucked about half of his tool in and out of my no longer virgin mouth and Danni continued to suck my dick was how strangely GREAT it felt to be not only dressed like Carol but sucking cock like her too ( except that I’m only 6 and a half inches and both of these men were at least 2 inches longer and much thicker than mine ). Danni decided that after many long minutes of slurping my rod that he wanted some of what Josh was getting.

” Hey Josh, let me try out those luscious lips awhile. “

“No problem, just lay back and I’ll bring “her” to ya. ” Josh responded then he pushed his dick in, held my head so that the several inches of meat he had buried couldn’t escape and lead me into a kneeling position in front of the couch where he pulled his cock from my face then moved out of the way as my former brother in law grabbed my head, pulled it down to his crotch and crammed his cock between my lips until it rubbed the back of my throat where he began to fuck about half of his nine inch prick roughly in and out of my face. Josh seemed to disappear for a while as Dan kept attempting to force feed me more of his tool, again and again withdrawing all but the huge knob only to slam it back in while pushing hard on the back of my head, forcing it little by little deeper into my throat on every thrust.

” Damn Dan, You’re gonna choke ‘im! ” Josh said.

” Gonna hell, I’ve already made it past his gag point and with these virgin lips as good as they are “she’s” gonna take it all real soon…” he replied as he urgently pounded his shaft deep into my throat.

” Don’t hump too hard or you’ll blow wad too soon….” Josh said but just then Dan reared back, then pushed my head down hard as he lunged up as hard as he could, forcing his entire shaft gaziantep escort bayan deep into my face, my nose fully buried in his pubic hair and began pumping glob after glob after sticky, bittersweet glob of hot sperm into my throat, saving the last couple shots for my face as he pulled his delicious dick from my lips.


“Aw man, ya shoulda waited, I wanted to give ‘im the sandwich treatment!…” Josh complained as Dan cream filled my throat…” Well hell, how’s about this then Dale or should I say Darla.”

” MMMMMMMMMM that’s tasty, Darla… I like that…..OW!!….OH SHIT!!… FUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKK, YOU’RE SPLITTING ME IN HALF!!!!!!!!!! OHHHHHHHHH SSSSSSSHHHHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!! ” I exclaimed as Josh spread my legs, knelt between them, lifted my skirt over my hips, pushed the crotch of my panties to the side and drove the entire length of his KY slickened prick into my never-before-entered asshole.

” AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH Damn ……. that’s fucking tight!!!! ” Josh moaned as he power fucked my aching backside like some animal in heat.

” AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…………. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…. oohhhhhhh that hurts but …………….. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it feels so FUCKING GOOD …………… oh shit……………. so this is how Carol feels………….damn …….” I moaned as the pain became pleasure, Josh fucking me silly from behind.

” Damn , he’s loving it!!! And he gives better head than his sister…… fuck ‘er hard Josh…….” Dan said as he watched his buddy fuck me.

” OH FUCK….. FUCK…. FUCK ME HARDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD……YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ….” I moaned as he continued to savagely assault my anus.

I enjoyed the hell outta him drilling me deep for almost a half hour before his cock swelled and with one last hard and forceful lunge, Josh blasts his load deep into my backside.

I thought that was it, but Danni had other ideas, so when I laid down on my back to rest with Josh’s spunk oozing from my ass and Dan’s drying on my lips, he quickly laid between my open thighs, pushed aside my cum stained panties and plunged his once again rock hard monster cock into my cum-lubed asshole, his big balls slapping my ass cheeks with every thrust of his hips. I moaned with delight as he fucked me savagely for a very long time, tossing my nylon covered legs over his shoulders for deeper penetration, with me gyrating my hips on his cock in an effort to give us both more pleasure as well as an attempt to get every last bit of his shaft inside my now cock-hungry body.

” Damn!!! He ‘s a much better fuck than his sister EVER thought of being…….Grind my cock you hot little bitch!!! Dan exclaimed a few minutes before he slammed into my VERY WELL FUCKED asshole one final, vicious time and spewed his second load of hot cum into my feminine appearing form. But it had to end because daylight wasn’t far off and I had to get home before someone else could see me, so I drove my cum-dripping ass home and went to bed surprised as hell that not only did I let someone see me as a woman but also sucked, got ROYALLY fucked and cum-filled and LOVED EVERY LAST SECOND, EVERY FANTASTIC LUNGE OF COCK AND EVERY DELICIOUS DROP OF SPERM BLASTED INTO MY NOW COCK CRAVING BODY!!!!! This was my first but far from my last time of being a cock and cum-loving, nympho-slut whore-bitch!!!

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