The Lonely Wife 16 The Final Chapter

The Lonely Wife 16 The Final ChapterChapter 16 We all agreed the next morning that the sleepover was the most fun any of us had ever had. The next month flew by. Jack introduced me to Kesha his black girlfriend who he seemed to truly enjoy having sex with. Jessica came by one day and she and I enjoyed a lesbian love making session. She shared with me that she was very bisexual and had been since she was young. She also told me that she was having some really hot sex with a young stud from her office. Jeff and Beth were getting to know each other in a whole new way. Beth was also dating a college boy who lived on her street. Jenny had developed a taste for older men who wanted to have sex with a hottie teen. She spent considerable time on line chatting with frustrated men having mid-life crises. Yes indeed we were all busy and sex was the thing we all loved.One night we all home together for a change and were chatting about things. I started thinking about how fun our lives had become and how happy we all were. Then an idea started to form in my head.“I’m thinking that we need to have a party.” I said“Ok, what kind of a party do you want have?” Jack asked“A sex party; of course! I’m thinking an orgy.” I said“That would be cool!” Jenny said with excitement in her voice“I think we ought to have some contests for our guest as well.” I said“What kind of contests?” Jenny asked“How about a sexiest outfit show? Each of the women will dress like their favorite fantasy slut. We could also have the best cocksucker competition. I would think those two things will get the party going.”“I think the guys should do a strip show for us!” Jenny added“Sounds like a hell of party! Who all should we invite?” Jack asked“We should invite Jessica, Beth, Kesha and Sandy. Along with Jenny and me there would be six very sexy sluts read for fun. Of course we will have our guys there as well. Donovan, Jeff, Shawn, Anthony, Dwayne and what is that boy’s name that is dating Beth now?”“That would be Chase. He will be cool to have there too.” Jenny added “I know a couple of the guys I have been meeting would love to be there too. Can I ask them?” “Sure baby girl but make sure they going to be cool with who all is going to be having sex. Some people may not approve of some of the things we do together.” Jack“They know already, Daddy. They have daughter issues too! That’s why I date them.” She giggled“So it sounds like we will have plenty of cock to go around! Jack, I do have a special project for you that we will have to put in the garage and then Jenny and I will see if Jessica and Beth want to go shopping. We need some new clothes.” I said and winked at JackThe next couple of weeks were busy as we got ready for the party. All of our guests were just as excited as we were. Jack and Donovan worked on my special project in the garage and they both loved the idea and were anxious to enjoy the outcome canlı bahis siteleri of their effort. Finally the night of party arrived. As each of the female guests arrived they were directed upstairs to prepare for the slutty fashion show. The guys were invited to the bar and given a drink. In all there were six women and twenty different men. Included in the men was one Bernie Wiseman who we were told was not allowed to have sex unless Sandy gave permission. Apparently, she had not let him have an orgasm in over a year. She said it was his own fault since he only had a tiny pencil dick.We signaled to Jack that we were ready for the show to begin. As hostess I was allowed to go first. Each of was to go down stairs to show our sexy costume and introduce ourselves by saying what our favorite sex act was and what kind of partner made our pussies wet.I walked down the stairs in a robe which I removed as I entered the room. I stood there in a sexy red corset with white stockings, see through lace panties and high heels.“Hi there, I’m a slutty MILF. I love to meet young men to suck their cocks and get fucked by them. I then come home and show my husband all that lovely cum in my pussy.” They all applauded as I joined them in the room.Kesha was next. The young black woman walked into the room in a midriff cheerleader outfit that showed off her flat stomach, big tits and fine firm ass. She carried pompoms. She then did a cheer for the men: “Give me a “C”, Give me an “O”, Give me a “C”, Give me a “K”! What does that spell? That’s right give a COCK!” The guys were all licking there lips.“Hi there studs! I’m Kesha and while I like all cocks I really like getting fucked by white guys!”Sandy was next and she came down stairs in a short tight skirt that showed her ass. She was wearing stiletto high heels. Her blouse was open showing cleavage. “Hi I’m Sandy and I am the slutty teacher that every boy wants! I love to get gangbanged by black guys while my husband with a little dick watches.”Next was Beth and the men all started drooling as soon as she started walking down the stairs. She was wearing daisy duke shorts that let her firm ass stick out. She had on cowgirl boots; cowboy hat and her tank top did not hide her hardened nipples. I had to admit she was a walking wet dream!“I’m Beth!” she smiled as she realized that she was the center of attention. “I’m still learning all the sexy things that I like but I will do anything with anyone! So I am a real slut!”Jessica followed her daughter and she was wearing a sexy maid outfit which had corset that pushed her large tits up, a garter belt holding her black stockings followed by stiletto heels.“I’m Jessica! I like men and women and I would love to eat cum from another woman’s pussy while being fucked in my ass!”Jenny was the last to come down stairs and she also silenced the room as she came in. She was in bahis firmaları a sexy school girl outfit that included an extremely short plaid skirt that you could see her thong underwear. She had knee high white stockings with high heels. Her top was body tight white shirt that the button strained to hold closed and no bra underneath. Her red hair was in a ponytail held by a ribbon that matched the tie around her neck.“I’m Jenny. I’m naughty because I want my daddy to pay attention to me. I love to suck cock!”We all voted on our favorite slut and we quickly counted the results. It was close but Beth beat Jenny out by one vote. So I awarded her the trophy for the sexiest slut which was a dildo on plaque. She also would get to choose which guy she would have sex with first.“Now is time for the cock sucking contest!” I saidWe all went out to the garage where there was a temporary wall erected. There were six holes at waist high in the wall.“This is the men’s side. The rest of the ladies will join me on the other side. Each guy will get to stick his cock through each hole. The ladies will give each guy a sample of their cock sucking abilities. After you have sampled our talents you will each vote by hole number which was the best. ” I said and then joined the women on the other side. I was between Jenny and Kesha. I knelt on the cushion and got ready to suck cock. My mouth started watering as I could hear Sandy who was at the first start to slurp on the first cock. Jack acted as time keeper and every sixty seconds he would tap on the wall to signal the guys to move to the next whole. I saw Jenny open her mouth and take huge black cock into her mouth and down her throat. That monster had to belong to Shawn. Another tap on the wall and the black cock was in front of me and I started sucking. Another tap and now I had a white cock that I had not seen before. I sucked like a woman possessed. I could hear all of the woman now sucking cock. Apparently it was too much for one guy as he blew his sperm all over Jenny’s face. That set off a chain reaction as another guy who was getting sucked by Beth who was the last in line emptied his nuts into her mouth. But with twenty cocks there was plenty to go around.It took almost an hour for the guys to all get enough head to make their votes. As we walked around the wall all of the guys were stroking there hard cocks and it was clear that we were going to busy fucking soon. Jack and I quickly counted the votes and determined that we were the proud parents of the best cock sucker. Jenny got her own dildo trophy and she would get second choice of cock.Beth chose Shawn to be the first cock to fuck her for the night. We watched as she laid back and the big black cock slid into her teen pussy. Jeff stood and watched as his little girl went black for the first time. Jessica knelt next to her and kissed her on the lips. Jenny bahis firmaları reached over and grabbed Jeff by his erection. She bent over and Jeff entered her pussy and started pumping. Jenny looked over her shoulder at him.“OH Fuck! Fuck my hot pussy!” Jenny moaned as Jeff started slamming into her as he watched Beth getting fucked.Sandy’s husband watched as she walked over and grabbed two black guys and headed into the bedroom. He followed behind. I could see his little cock sticking straight out. Another black guy got behind Jessica and slid his cock into her pussy. Chase grabbed Jenny’s head and started fucking her mouth. Kesha was straddling a white cock and Donovan was lubing her ass. Shawn was groaning and pumping little Beth full of sperm as he pulled out Jessica dove into the pussy and started licking the cum out. Jeff had shot his load in Jenny’s pussy and a nice looking black man took his place and shoved ten inches of cock into her teen pussy. Kesha was now being DP’ed and another white cock in her mouth.A nice looking guy came over to me holding his cock and I bent over and he started pumping.“Your Jenny’s mom, right?” he asked as fucked me“Yes, your cock is nice!”“I’m one of the guys that’s been fucking her at the hotel. She is a hot slut. I have been wanting her mom and now I have her!” he said as shot a load up my pussyJenny and Beth were walking around the room as it became a pit of people fucking and sucking. They walked over to me. “Mom, we want to do something but we thought we better ask you first.” “What’s that?” I replied“Sandy’s husband has set and watch all of this and his hardon must be painful. We think it is cruel making him sit there like that just because he has a little cock. We want to get him off. Do we really need to ask her first?”“It would be polite to do so. Let’s go ask her.” I saidWe walked into the room as Shawn was shoving his monster black dick into Sandy’s ass. Her husband was setting at the end of the bed watching and hearing the moans from his slut wife.“Sandy, the girls would like to make your husband cum. Would that be ok?” I asked“That little pencil dick doesn’t deserve anything but if they want to make him cum I guess they can do it.”The girls led him back into the main room. Most people were taking a break and watched as two girls knelt with his little dick between them. I watched as they both licked the sides of his cock. Their tongues would touch and they would French kiss each other. Bernie just moaned and looked at the two little nymphs tease his cock. Suddenly his eyes rolled back and his sperm shot halfway across the room. His dick might be small but he shot the largest load of cum I had ever seen. His knees went weak and he dropped to the floor moaning.“Thank you……Thank you…..oh god thank you!” he moaned while girls laughed.“Hell of a party baby! Are you having fun?” Jack asked“Yes! I will tell you one other thing I just thought of.” I said“What’s that?”“I’m never going to be lonely again!”The EndThank you all for reading this story. All of the events and people are fictional. Please continue to give your feedback and I will think of further sexy tales to tell.

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