The Slow Burn


This is not a quick fuck, so if you’re looking for a quickie, this story ain’t for you. If you indeed want a slow burn, with a side of romance, hopefully this helps with your ache. All characters are over 18. Thanks in advance for any feedback!


He was looking at me with dark eyes that blazed hotter than even he was. He had promised that when we’d touch, it would be like fire. I was of a mind to believe him, just his eyes touching me – on the pulse of my neck, my breasts, the area between my thighs where I was sure he could see the wetness that made my panties damp – electrified me. He was older than me, and it showed in his self assurance and the stored power in his forearms. He had beautiful forearms, teaming with veins and tanned to a dusky shade. His hands were ideally clasped in his lap. I began to realize that I had been staring this whole time at his arms, as he sat there on a leather chair in the corner of his bedroom. I was sitting awkwardly on his bed, at the very edge, periodically wondering why he didn’t advance towards me.

My thoughts were broken at the sound of his deep voice asking me if I knew what exactly I was asking him to do – he knew I was a virgin. His steady quiet confidence made my belly want to turn inside out. Perhaps it too just wanted to be exposed to the sound if his voice? I focused when he made a noise from the back of his throat, almost like clearing it but much more graceful. When I grasped what he said, I began to wonder how obtuse he must believe me to be; to assume that even I didn’t know what was happening. I grew up curious of sex yet hesitant to talk of it or express it; he knew this of course though, we had talked over the internet for a year now. He had been my first in this; I had told him of all my desires, had told him of my body. I guess he thought that the reality would scare me.

I nodded vaguely, finally looking up at him. He was curiously taking in my facial expressions and every nuance of my movements with a small smile touching his firm lips. His lips were what I had fallen for, those lips that were perpetually kinked to form some smirk or another in all his pictures. He was a psychology major; I assumed he got some kick out of just watching me react to my unknown settings.

My thoughts were everywhere, touching everything. My eyes had fallen from his to gaze at my dress on the soft carpet. I had tossed it haphazardly on the floor before; it now looked ridiculous, like a gauntlet between us. I had indeed issued a challenge, telling him that he would be my first physically as he had been mentally. I wanted him to be. At least I had, I wasn’t so certain I wanted anything anymore after he sat down and surveyed all I had to offer him. I decided to nod again, raising my face to his. I wasn’t scared, I decided.

His beautiful lips broke apart to bear a smile. He addressed my challenge with one of his one then, asking me politely to remove my bra. ‘Sweetheart’ he had said. I still remember it. So I did, awkwardly unclasping the back of my lacy bra that I had thought would provoke him to touch me. I should have known better, he was always so in control. I slowly edged the shoulder straps off and followed their path with my fingers lightly. I maintained eye contact this time; I couldn’t look anywhere but. He was looking at my eyes too before darting his to caress my breasts. My bare small breasts, with their coral nipples peaked. I wondered what I looked like to him as I raised my hands up my own waist, prompting goosebumps across my pale flesh. I cupped my breasts then, watching his reaction. His tongue touched the left side of his upper lip, and his eyes flashed.

I tugged at my own nipples and let out a small moan, observing him as he had me. He sat cool and composed, except for his hands, which now gripped the arm chair fiercely. I let out another mewling noise when the beauty of his flexed forearms struck me anew. My eyes dipped to his crotch briefly, where a thick bulge in his dress pants greeted me. He had caught the direction of my gaze and his lips formed yet another easy smirk. I was in love I realized, right then. I arched my head back as I realized that the feeling from my nipples couldn’t be ignored any longer. I didn’t hear him get up.

The bed weighed down on either side of me, I presume he had pressed his hands there. His breathe was hot and slightly moist again the fragile skin on my décolletage. I shivered upon the first contact, even thought it was hardly anything. He whispered that he could feel my body heat and smell the citrusy perfume I used. He finished with a curious, slow lick up the column of my throat. I had dreamt of this; his voice, his passion, the heat that did indeed ignite in my veins. He nipped at my throat, biting down ever so softly. Those lips, those beautiful lips, were finally on me. I let go of my nipples to rest my hands on his shoulders. He felt solid and real, not just some screen name and pixels from the internet. He was so beautiful.

He moved his face up and Manavgat escort touched his lips to mine. A peck, a soft peck. His facial hair provided some contrast to his soft lips as it rubbed harshly against my pale skin. I was sure the affected area was turning a delicate shade of red but I didn’t care. I wanted him to mark me more, touch me everywhere. He readjusted his angle, claiming my bottom lip between his and sucking. I sighed, my hands gripping his rigid shoulder muscle. He licked the seam of my lips then and pushed his tongue into my mouth. He swirled his around mine, massaging it, taming it. His tongue tasted like the coffee we had drunk before. This comforted me, even though his actions were making me squirm against the comforter. His hands were on my hips, gripping them firmly. He kissed me and kissed me until I was breathless from trying to chase his tongue. He then lifted me to toss me down further on his bed.

I lay there, supporting myself on my elbows. I remember feeling my swollen lips with my tongue and the coolness of the comforter against my body. My panties were even wetter than before but hopefully not damp enough to mark his bedding – I felt embarrassed all of the sudden without him or my thoughts distracting me. My bravado faded as his hot gaze touched my most private region, as he pulled his shirt out of his pants. It went up and over his head, revealing a torso that was perfectly sculpted with only a trail of hair disappearing into his pants. His hands grasped his belt and tried to yank it off. I loosened up and giggled as the fabric got stuck a couple times before the belt finally disengaged. He stepped out of his shoes and toed his socks off. At least I assumed so since he gripped the bed with his tanned hands for balance. Beautiful, beautiful man.

He was left with his pants, which he promptly pushed down his hips. His hips were muscular and formed a beautiful V shape which bracketed his line of dark hair. I reveled in the perfection of his form, forgetting all about my discomfort. I looked up from his magnificent dusky flesh to his all knowing eyes, which at this point felt like they could see through me. I knew he was checking if I was backing out; his psychology major made him able to decipher everything about me. I took one look at his tight underwear and the hard cock waiting underneath and I couldn’t stop myself. I placed my fingers carefully inside my soaked underwear unabashedly and scraped my clitoris. My nerve endings came alive and rejoiced at the contact. My mind of course was waiting for him.

He murmured something in Spanish, his native language. It resonated with in me. His English was so flawless and his Spanish was wild in comparison. He was losing control finally! I eyed him as he slowly circled the bed, tracing his fingers along the comforter. I wanted his fingers on me so badly. I had at this point begun to mewl incoherently as I rubbed and rubbed my clitoris, coaxing it from its hood. It felt so good having his eyes bore into me, but I wished his cock, his tongue, his fingers would as well.

My eyes had closed as my body began to grow slick with sweat. The comforter grew sticky to my skin, its initial coolness a sad loss. He watched me from the side of the bed before he decided to join me; his weight pressing down near me made my body taut with expectations. He grazed my stomach with one rough knuckle and softly took my hand away from my panties. I watched him kiss my finger tips, my palm, and placed it against his chest. His heartbeat was steady; mine at this point resembled more of a staccato. Yes, I was in love.

He pulled my face towards him and bit on my bottom lip, scraping it with his teeth. He stroked my hair and lightly massaged my scalp. I tried to get the upper hand at the beginning but eventually I just surrendered to the bold thrusts of his tongue. I gyrated against the comforter, rubbing my bare ass checks against the soft fabric. He placed a hand firmly on my hip and steadied me, preventing me from focusing on anything other than him inside of my mouth. He was inside of my mind too; he was all knowing it seemed. All too patient, determined to go slowly. I wanted to rip the black fabric off his hips and hump his penis until the ache went away. He had more finesse than this.

He let go out my lips, and trailed his mouth down my collarbone, leaving hot open mouthed kisses wherever he went. When his breath finally teased my nipple, I shuddered beneath him. He chuckled, ringing a circle around it with his nail, before pinching softly. My back tried to come off the bed but his hand on my hip left me immobile. He however rewarded my enthusiasm with his mouth on the coral peak as he had begun to suck it between his lips. His facial hair was a either delicious graze or unbearably rough. He finally moved his hand from my hip to lazily tickle my rib, teasing the curve of my other breast but never it. He bit on my nipple and soothed the pleasant sting with his tongue. His hand finally grasped my other one and tugged Manavgat escort bayan lightly. I groaned and felt the sweat beading my hairline. He had only just begun.

He let go of both my nipples and let his hands mold my breasts. He stared up at me as he squeezed my flesh, barely large enough to fill his hands. I felt a jolt of awareness all the way down to my core and forced myself stare back. He approved of this, murmuring to me that I was lovely and that he had dreamed of this too. I nodded, smiling. Then he told me he could smell my arousal after the sound of his deep inhale rested in the air. He gazed at me with a wicked smile on his face. He told me he was eager to taste it, to know that about me. He returned his attention to my flushed breasts, pinching both my nipples. I moaned harshly into the silence from his words; I felt this spiral in me coiling faster with every little tug he delivered to my aching flesh.

He proceeded to tell me that he had dreamed of the texture of my skin and whether it would flush if I was aroused and needy. He reassured me that he approved that it did indeed. He returned his mouth to my nipple, my hand now clasped in the rough silk that was his hair. I pushed him against me, and his laughter sent vibrations across my skin. He sucked harder, bit rougher, squeezed my other breast to a quicker rhythm. I closed my eyes and tried to focus.

His hand left my breast to trail down to the edge of my panties. He skimmed them and began to tickle my thighs. He drew figure eights along my tender skin, finally paying my other nipple some attention with his tongue. I pulled his hair painfully, trying to push my pussy closer to his fingers with my hips. He didn’t allow this and softly reprimanded me with a soft slap to my pussy. His first touch on my privates lit me on fire, his beautiful lips now tugging at my nipple. No other man had touched me there this way. He was so very beautiful.

I felt the sweat keenly on my sticky back as he moved his fingers over my pussy finally. My back arched up and he began to take gentle bites of my breasts. I was his instrument at this point; I moaned and mewled when he hit a certain sensation. He stroked my pussy slowly through my panties. My soaking wet panties which clung softly to the curves of my labia. He outlined them with the tip of his large finger, careful to avoid my clitoris. He bit and sucked the underside of my left breast obsessively, leaving hickeys on the flesh. I didn’t care what he did; the pain mixed with the pleasure of his hands to form a potent combination.

I realized I was going to come if he touched my clitoris. I finally opened my mouth to do something other than make noises; I formed words together to beg. Please touch me, I had said in breathless anticipation. I’m touching you everywhere already, he replied with a chuckle. His body did indeed lie mostly on top of me, but his dick remained at my side and his fingers remained away from my clit. Please, there.. I couldn’t contain myself anymore. He ignored me. He moved his finger over my vagina and slowly pushed my panties into the hollow. The lace on them abraded me; my vaginal opening was so sensitive. I was going to come soon, the spiral coiled within me harshly now. He pressed his pelvis against my hip and the feeling of his hard cock was driving me wild. I needed a firmer touch and no matter how I twisted my hips, he didn’t care. He inserted his finger slowing in and out of my vagina, as he reached up and claimed my mouth again. He pushed his tongue into my mouth with the rhythm of his fingers.

I hit a peak, trembling on it as my whole body did as well. I couldn’t stop uttering please breathlessly when he had pulled his tongue off of mine. Everything wasn’t enough; the smell of his cologne and raw sweat, the feeling of his leg hair upon my skin. Every little detail was in sharp focus but still not enough. He growled that he wanted me to scream his name when I came. I acquiesced, telling him I’d do anything.

He finally stopped the rhythm of his fingers and pressed them firmly on my swollen clitoris. He only abraded me once, twice over the lace of my panties until I felt myself come apart. He had promised fire and it felt like I had indeed been consumed by flames. First he listened silently to me shrieking his name. He covered my screams eventually with his mouth and continued rubbing. Baby I love the way my name tastes on your lips, he rasped out. His dick was so hard against my hip as he had pressed it against me. I wanted it, I wanted it so badly.

I came down from my high, determined to have him. I pressed all my weight against him and he flipped onto his back, a languid smile playing with his lips again. His eyes sparkled, burned, embers of fire indeed. They gazed at my lips, my reddened nipples and finally my panties. He told me in no uncertain terms to take them off. I told him I would in due time and reached for his underwear. He seems amused by my reluctance. His hands came up to play with my breasts again, squeezing, Escort manavgat rolling them in his large hands. I was on a mission however; I didn’t care anymore how good it felt. I suppressed my moans and tugged his briefs down his hard hips. His dick popped out, engorged, with a large purple head and veins running along the sides. My mouth went dry and I realize what exactly it is I wanted.

I ran my hand up and down his shaft, his hands cupping my breasts as if weighing their slightness. My hand’s movements caused my breasts to bounce against his fingers. He groaned at the sight and pushed his dick towards my hand, upward in response. I began to press harder and move my hand faster just to hear his strained breathing. This wasn’t enough for either of us. I suddenly pushed myself off of him to face his side; my eyes only inches away as I watched my hand squeeze his turgid flesh and the other play with his ball sac. I wanted this indeed. I lowered my mouth to the head and quickly ran my tongue along the slit of his bulbous head. It tasted salty, not unpleasant and thoroughly of him.

He broke out into his sweet Spanish again as he placed his larger hand over mine at the base of his cock and pushed it into my mouth. He fed it to me, as his other hand caressed my hair and neck. I swirled my tongue around the head of the cock and sucked on it, careful my teeth only grazed it gently. The noises he was making were exciting me so much that I felt my wetness go down my thigh. He must have seen it as he suddenly hauled me by the hips so my crotch was above his face. I had seen this done in the porn flicks I watched, but never did I think I would. In retrospect, I was glad I didn’t accidently knee him in the face.

I tried to work him deeper into my mouth – he was so big – as he ran his tongue up my thigh, licking the residue there away. It was so hot, I moaned around his cock. I sucked at it furiously, trying to massage it with my tongue as I moved my hand up and down the remainder of his dick. His hands were on my ass, pushing my pussy down to his mouth. He was annoyed with my panties; he suddenly had gripped the back and torn them off. I pictured the muscles in his forearms, his beautiful forearms, flexing. I groaned and let the vibrations in my throat wrap around his cock. He savagely began to lick my pussy between my labia, holding it apart with one hand and using the other to firmly plant his fingers inside me. First one finger as if testing the grounds, than 2. He pulled his mouth away and said how wet and tight and hot I was, how perfect. He then used the tip of his tongue to place long, general strokes across my pulsing labia, before focusing his efforts on my aching clit.

His facial hair triggered the nerve endings everywhere to delight in their oversensitivity. He fingered me to some elusive rhythm I could never master myself. Fire snaked up my skin. I sucked harder and harder, trying to assuage my need of his cock somehow. The spiral has picked up the pieces from before and was now demanding justice again. I sucked for all I was worth, groaning and moaning around his cock as his tongue thrust it’s self into my vagina, his fingers clenching my ass cheeks. I smelt my arousal in the air and it took me higher as well. I felt his ball sac tighten against my hand when he gently inserted a finger into my mouth and pulled it off his cock. The finger tasted of my arousal. He was panting, his finger returning to join the rest in kneading my ass. I tried to move my head back to his dick but he spanked me hard when my lips touched his cock.

I turned my head to gaze at him and he told me to stay how I was, as he shifted his body from under mine. I didn’t want to disobey as I was in love with him and his cock now; I needed both desperately. I needed to come and he would be the one to give it to me – I knew he would. I didn’t fear losing my virginity, I yearned for it as I watched him get a condom and tear the packaging off. He rolled it down his thick penis, squeezing himself briefly. I groaned, needing it now. He felt similarly I assumed as he had a wild expression in his eyes. His control was slipping away, it was beautiful to witness.

I stayed there with my ass in the air, the cool air touching my pussy where his hot tongue had once been. It felt so good, yet so bad that he was no longer there. My vagina clenched upon itself, searching for his cock. He wouldn’t make me wait much longer. He passed me by to get behind me. Doggy style, I realized from the porn he had sent me himself. His favourite. I didn’t care anymore about the logistics, I cared about his cock. My nipples were so hard as they pressed against his comforter.

I rubbed them against it, hoping that would be enough to fulfill the ache. Nope, how wrong I was; it inflamed me more. He firmly gripped my hips and bent his head down to my shoulder. Is this what you want baby? I remember his voice, hoarse as he rubbed the smooth condom covered head of his dick against my quivering labia. He continued until I was screaming his name. He bit my shoulder and slowly pushed his dick in. I was so wet from his saliva and my own fluid that it slipped it well enough. It produced a feeling of fullness that my fingers never managed to achieve. Finally my vagina clenched and there was something substantial there.

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