Training of Women


Training of WomenI was on the subway and I saw this beautiful woman that I had to have. I stayed on the train until she got off and I followed her until a convenient time I could introduce myself. I told her that I was a movie mogul and that I saw her on the train and wanted to give her an audition. She was quite flatted, but said she was not interested. I asked her to go to lunch and discuss what I had offered. She was hesitant but finally said OK. I told her I had a place in the upper New York condos. As we ate she was becoming more interested. I found out she had no relatives and boyfriend. I gave her the address and she said she would be there the following day at 1. At 1 sharp she arrived and I invited her in and showed her the movie room where the camera was set up. I could see she was nervous, so I offered her a drink. She took it and immediately fell asleep. When she was asleep I took her to my dungeon in the basement and put her in chains after I took all her cloths off. The room is soundproof so she could scream all she wanted to, but no one would hear her. When she awoke she was crying and wanted to know what I was going to do to her. I told her I was going to make her my slave and she would become a nympho and wanted sex all the time. She laughed at me and I immediately went and got a whip and gave her a few lashes and told her that was the last time that was going to happen. She was now scared, which is the way I wanted her.I lowered the board and made it level as she was laying on her back with her legs apart and completely nude. She had a beautiful bush which I shaved off. She was crying and I gave her a slap across the face and told her to stop or else it would be worse. After I shaved it off I rubbed cream on it and played with her clit. She was trying to get away from me. I grabbed the clit and told her to be still. I got a vibrator and put it directly on the clit and she started to moan. I then fingered her vagina and made sure she was not a virgin. I put a medium size dildo in her and it went in with no problem. I then got a bigger one and it only went in a little bit. I took the dildo put it on the end of a arm of a rotating machine that would have the dildo go in a little bit at a time to stretch the vagina. I then put electric patches on her tits that were, as I measured them 38D. I used low voltage to start and she really went into high and intense orgasms. I kept this up until she passed out with all the orgasms.I then transferred her to a water bed and kept the restraints on. She slept like a baby.Chapter 2 – The TruthShe awoke in the morning feeling very refreshed. I asked her what she wanted for breakfast and she said toast and coffee. I then took one arm off restraint so she could eat. She said to me “What are you going to do to me. “ I answered very honestly, I want you to be a nymph that will fuck anybody to get what you want. I will have a lot of men fuck you because you will want to have orgasm after orgasm. Perhaps not today, but in the future you will live for orgasms, from whomever. You will fuck anybody I tell you to and even some you will want to. You will obey all my commands and if you don’t I have a whip that you would not like. I do not want to mar your beautiful skin, but if necessary, I will. She said that it won’t happen, I will fight you all the way. I said, did you enjoy last night with all the orgasms. She responded I had no choice. I said, that is just the beginning of your training. One of the items you will have to get used to is pain. I will be whipping and paddeling you periodically. You will get your ass so that you want cocks in it. You will live as I said before for orgasms. You will be restrained until I am assured that you will not try anything anadolu yakası escort funny. If you do, the first time will be twenty lashes with the whip and it goes up each time you try. Who knows if you are that good, I may sell you at auction to the highest bidder that may or may not treat you better than I do. You are a crazy man. No, I know a good thing when I see it. You are a beautiful woman that would drive a man crazy, but you must be trained in the art of sex.Chapter 3 The learning process.Time to begin your training. I have put your restraints on so you cannot do anything but enjoy what I do to you. I am going to put electrodes on your tits and clit and have the rotating machine have the large dildo attached to widen your vagina. Are you ready to begin. No I want you to release me. That my dear is not going to happen. You will one day thank me. So I hitched her up to the machine and put the electronds on her tits and clit and started the process. She started screaming and crying. I gave her 3 lashes to the stomach and told her if she didn’t sop screaming she would get 3 for every scream. She stopped as the effect of everything on her was taking her to never never land. I left her there and went and got my breakfast. When I returned she was a mass of sweat and moaning with pleasure. I gave her a kiss and left.When I returned 3 hours later she had passed out and was still moaning. I shut everything off and turned her on her stomach. When she awoke it would be ass time. I put a small dildo on the machine and gave it good lubrication. When she awoke I started the machine. She had never had anything in her ass before and pleaded not to do it. I told her that was part of the sexualness that she had to learn. We will use larger and larger dildos both for her ass and pussy until finally she will be able to take any size. She said it hurt. It will for a little bit but it will stop when you are big enough. While that was happening I whipped her back 10 times so that she would start getting used to the pain. I left her for about an hour and found her have orgasms from the ass. She was loving it. I let her relax for a while. Then I turned her over and put tight clips on her nipples and paddled her pussy. She was crying as it hurt. I told her at the beginning of every training everything hurt. But sooner or later she would love me to do that.I then put rings through her nipples and on her clit. I put rings on the vulva on both sides. That is for leading her both from the tits to the cunt. When I put them in, she whimpered but didn’t cry. I put weights on both the cunt rings and nipple rings so they would get bigger. I then put breast pumps on both nipples so that she would some day lactate. I then put a choke coller on so that I could lead her when she would not try anything funny. This training went on for day after day for a month. She was getting used to the orgasms and started to like them a lot. I asked her if she would try anything funny if I took the restraints off and she replied she would not. I hooked up the leash to the collar and undid the restraints. She was very passive.I said to her that she is to kneel before me and call me master. Take my penis in her mouth and suck it.She said, I would rather that in my pussy, which told me she was getting to be horny all the time. Chapter 4 The testI said to her I have invited 3 guys over tonight. I want you to take good care of them. I will be watching from another room. We will see if everything I taught you will take place. She said I look forward to meeting your friends and I will take good care of them.That night three black men came. I told her that they were sizes 9 inch, 10 inch and 11 ataşehir escort inches. They went into the room and she started on them. She took the 10 incher in her pussy and told the 9 inch to put it in her ass. She then started sucking the 11 incher. She was deep throating him and moaning because of the other two. The one in her ass was ready to cum and she took him in her mouth and he shot his load. She loved it and then took the other one and got his load as well. Now the 11 incher went into her pussy and she was in heaven. He fucked her hard and she gave as much as he did if not more. That went on for about 10 minutes and he then put his cock in her ass and went in all the way. She kept having. orgasms after orgasms. He then took it out and came in her mouth. She wanted more so the 9 incher went into her pussy and really gave her a hard fucking. She loved every minute. The 11 incher decided he wanted to go in her pussy as well and slid it in. Two cocks in her pussy. The 10 incher went into her ass and she almost passed out with all of the excitement. Again she took two of the guys into her mouth and they came together. She was schooled to not lose a drop and she didn’t. The other was deep throated and came in her throat. She was in seventh heaven. They all dressed and said to me she was one hot babe and probably the best fuck they have ever had. I know then that she was ready to explore the world. I told her that she really was good and I reminded her of what I said at the beginning that she would want more and more orgasms. She agreed and said she could not wait until she had a gangbang with more people.Chapter 5 The ClubI am in good health and have a lot of stamina, but she is starting to wear me out. I thought that perhaps I could take her to my club and see what happens. This will be the first time she has been out of my house since she came several months ago.I asked her if I took her out what would she do. She said I would do whatever my master wanted me to. Do you want me to put the lease on your collar indicating you are mine. She answered yes as she was my sub and would do whatever my master said. So that night we started out for the club. She was on my leash and in the car she started to play with me and sucking me. She was really horny. We got to the club and went inside, there were about 30 couples there just talking as well as drinking, and enjoying the ambiance of the club. I sat on the side and she sat on the floor in front of me. Several of my friends came over to me and asked where I got the beautiful woman sitting at my feet. I just said around. Then a woman came over to my sub and kissed her on the lips. My sub had not experienced this type of sex, but to her credit she went with it and enjoyed it. That proved to me that she could go either way. She turned to me and said was that ok that I like other women. I said it was great. In the middle of the room was a blow up bed. I put her on it and unleashed her collar. I then told everybody that she was available first to women. The women came from every where and started with her. One would sit on her face while another would be licking her pussy. This went on for about an hour and I rescued her for them and had her sit down in front of me to rest. The best was yet to come. Looking around I saw most of the couples fucking and having a great time. I saw monster Jim, he was call monster because of his 14 inch size. The women just loved him. She looked up at me and said I am ready for the next fun. He called Monster Jim over and she sucked him hard and deep throated him. He came with such force in her throat that she almost lost some of the cum. He needed a rest after that so I took her to the bed in ümraniye escort the middle of the room and told all the me to help themselves. They were having a great time. She would have one in her ass, one in her pussy, one deep throated and one in each hand. The men were having a great time. The were cumming all over her. She looked funny with all the cum on her. All the guys at the club had a chance with her and came over to me and said she was quite a woman. Monster Jim said I am not through and he mounted her and put it in her pussy. He was surprised when she took it down to his balls. He fucked her hard and she was giving as much as she was taking. He then rolled her over and put it in her ass and again went in to his balls. When he was done he came over to me and asked if he could come to my house tomorrow and talk. I said of course. We then took a hose that had hot water in it and cleaned all the cum off of her. She came over to me and thanked me for a wonderful evening. Just sorry it couldn’t go on further. I told her that she exhausted all the men and women at the club. She laughed and said they couldn’t take it. I loved Monster Jim and would like to see more of him.Chapter 6 Time for negotiationsMonster Jim came over the next morning and before he went into the bedroom he came to my office. My sub was in the bedroom. He said to me, I loved that girl and had to have her for my own. May I buy her from you. I said I was not ready to sell her yet, but if he wanted to fuck her I would charge $1,000 per visit and you could stay for 3 hours and do to her what you wanted. No marks on her body. I will consider selling her in the future. Give me a figure you would buy her with. He said I will get back to you. I said it will be expensive and he understood that she would be worth every penny he spent to get her. He then headed to the bedroom where she was playing with a vibrator and having orgasms. When she saw him her eyes lit up and she said take your cloths off and come join me. Fuck me like you never fucked a woman before and I will make sure that you will cry uncle and not be able to go on. That was a challenge to Monster Jim. Three hours later he came out of the bedroom exhausted and said she was quite a woman. I told him he could have her for a million dollars. He said that sounded reasonable. I will come up with the money in a couple of weeks and then the sale would be consummated.I then started to prepare her for the sale. I told her Monster Jim wanted her and would she be offended if I said he could have you. She said, with a cock like that I could go with him. However since you trained me and made me like I am I would prefer staying here. I understood where she was coming from but said to her that she would be happier with Monster Jim. I didn’t tell her what Monster Jim was like with women. He used them for any and all things, including a****ls.In two weeks Monster Jim had transferred to my account one million dollars and came for my sub. He told her she was his and she would come with him. She cried when she left but was happy to have a 14 inch cock to play with. It was time to find another woman to train. I saw one walking down the street and stopped her. Told her I was in the movie industry and would like to have her do a promo. Asked her to lunch to explain what I was looking for in a woman. She readily agreed. She said her name was Diane and explained that I am doing a major film and looking for a beautiful woman to play in it. She seemed excited. IO asked her if she had any relatives that would miss her when she was on location. She said she just broke up with her boy friend and had no relatives. I said to her would you come to my studio for a test shoot and she replied I can’t do it now, but I would be available tonight. I gave her my address and she showed up that night. She was a beautiful woman with large bust and a great shape. She had long blond hair. She was nervous and I asked her if she wanted a drink to calm down, she said yes. The rest is history.TO BE CONTINED WITH MONSTER JIM

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