Wicked Step-mother – part 4


Wicked Step-mother – part 4Things settled down for their unusual household. Mark whilst not exactly moving in was spending more and more time with them whilst happily sleeping with both Ella and Sal either separatelyor together. As for Chris the interesting development was that the two caterers Margaret and Nicola had moved in with him. Chris had a big house inherited from his grandparents. Being disabled it was a struggle for him but it had sentimental attraction from his healthier youth. The girls on the other hand had shared a poky little flat that was less convenient for their professional kitchen. Once these facts had become apparent to both sides it made perfect sense. The fact that the three of them were shagging like bunnies was a bonus. As for Alex he now habitually appeared as a girl to outsiders. Her breasts were still small but clearly feminine. Since when she had been a man she was small only 5’6′ and of slim build the little breasts seemed perfectly normal on a slightly built girl. The one male part of her that wasn’t going to change was her little cock as Alex was the proof that size doesn’t matter as not just Linda but the rest of the girls could attest. They had developed an agreement that anyone in their ménage was fair game and the wedding night was the first orgy not a one off.All eight of them were lounging around the large drawing room at Sal’s house. All the girls tits were openly on show much to the pleasure of anyone who liked that sort of things which pretty much meant all of them. It wasn’t as such an orgy just that the eight of them had got perfectly comfortable sexually with each other. Sal was playing with Linda’s breast whilst Linda was on Alex’s lap Margaret and Nicola were snuggled up to Chris half naked and Ella was happily bouncing up and down on Marks cock. For them this was a normal evening.“Sal how do you feel if I get a boob job I want to watch them bounce like yours.” asked Ella“What and hit you the eye. I warn you big boobs are literally are a pain.”“Are you planning to get them put back down again.”“Now you mention it, no.”“and very nice boobs they are. I hope mine become this nice” said Alex as he reached up and started caressing them with one hand whilst keeping Linda happy by fondling the boob that Sal wasn’t already playing with. Conversation got forgotten as they all got very randy and started seriousness naughtiness with their various partners.———————————–Sal had been instructed in her original role as a barrister on a complex fraud case where her knowledge of business and finance was particularly valuable a queens counsel was leading and she was acting as junior but her expertise was invaluable to James LeClerc QC and they had a close working relationship.“Sal dear girl I would like you to have a chat with an acquaintance of mine who has a proposal to put to you.”“What is it about?”“Fraid buca escort I don’t know its hush hush and I don’t need to know. But he’s a good chap is Quentin and my family has known his for centuries.” The last was quite possibly literally true for whilst Sal was an Essex girl despite she could manage to talk proper if she needed too James was from a family that she suspected could trace his family back to Normandy circa 1066 he had a French surname after all.Sal met Quentin Passel in a private dining room in Mayfair. The exclusive London location didn’t impress her that much after the years dealing with the upper echelons of the London business world but what did was how very discreet and private it was. The staff knocked on the door and waited for permission to come in and Sal quietly noticed a signal scrambler that would help prevent eavesdropping. Frankly she was intrigued. But had to wait a while as the conversation was apparently small talk. That it was designed to confirm answers already known didn’t pass her by. Sal was being very expertly assessed.After the main course was served Quentin got down to business. “My dear young lady you are I think fully aware this is not an ordinary business meeting so if I am overly discreet I am sure you will forgive me. You came to our attention with your rather brilliant recovering of the proceeds of an international fraud. I won;t speculate how you and your computer expert achieved the fund appearing in a bank account where it was legally accessible but the discretion with which it was achieved was admirable. My colleagues and I would like to make use of those skills for the benefit of Western democracy.”“I note you don;t say our country?”“No I work for one of the more low key areas of NATO that deals with threats that are rather less obvious. I am sure you are aware that the security services of our Eastern neighbours are carrying out some reasonably subtle operations to undermine our collective body politic.” Sal indicated her agreement without commenting in detail.“The thing is that they have to fund these activities and we would like to cut off the sources and we believe that you and your friend have the skills to do this. Now unlike some national governments we believe in rewarding service but if will have to be in rather indirect fashion. We are aware of your somewhat unusual family arrangements and your attempts to assist your young friends. Would it be acceptable if some of the recompense is aimed at them.”Sal had resisting spluttering at Quentin’s indication that she was involved in some very special sexual relationships but was surprised at how subtle this man was.“Yes I am not sure as to how you will do it but rewarding my friends would be a quite satisfactory quid pro quo. The disparity in our income is source of stress shall we say. I can’t just hand them money but escort buca I would like them more prosperous.”“Good as you can imagine coming from a family as old as mine we have experience of providing help to our less affluent members without harming their pride. The young ladies I understand provide very good quality catering so putting some lucrative jobs there way is not exactly a problem. I would also like to place a server or two with them as it could serve my purposes later to use them as a cover to get certain people into places with solid cover. If they have been working perfectly genuinely as staff with no ulterior motive they are more likely to stand up to scrutiny.”“As long as my friends are not at risk I am sure that would be fine and I could use it to explain how they are suddenly getting such jobs.”“Yes they will need to have some awareness of the nature of what you are involved in without the details. Your step daughter I think would need to have more knowledge if you are agreeable.”“Why in particular.”“The two of you alone would be more exposed than if a third person was involved as a go between. Young Arabella would be introduced to some of my young friends and would fit in perfectly. Of course some of those friends would be my people. Again mostly innocent and above board until needed.”“Your a devious sod with a very long term view. This doesn’t sound like a one off job to cut off Russian funds to dodgy ops.”“Good girl you are as bright as James said. No I will admit that we view you and your friends as a valuable resource. You have already shown an aptitude for some of the kind of things we do and your estimable grandfather shows up in you.”“My grandfather was a dodgy Essex scrap mettle merchant.”“In the end a very rich one who was never caught as anything i*****l either he was a superb business man, very lucky or had brilliant judgement. Regardless of which useful skills that his grand-daughter has inherited. Are you agreeable.”“I am I presume more details will be forthcoming.”“They will talk to Ella who will shortly receive an invitation to a party. If she accepts then we will use some of her new young friends as a line of communication. Now Sal I could pretend that it is part of the cover which is to some extent true but would you like to spend the afternoon examining my etchings. Your are after all a very attractive and amiable young lady.”Sal nearly killed herself laughing at this euphemism for illicit sex and rather liked this open invitation. Quentin was a silver haired, well preserved man in his fifties and she decided this was a fun suggestion. When they had finished their leisurely meal they retired to a flat just off South Audley St. Then began a sophisticated seduction that utterly delighted Sal they sat on the sofa and Quentin slowly put his arm around her which in a less confident man would have been buca escort bayan diffident, his hand caressed her breast on the outside of her dress with a light touch that made her nipples between the dress and bra start to harden. The pressure was just enough to be felt and was exquisite. In responseSal undid his tie and he top two buttons of his short but then stopped. A smile came over both their faces and they kissed at first gently but soon with increasing firmness. The zip of Sal dress went down as if by magic and she undid the rest of the shirt buttons. Soon on just their underwear Quentin lead her to the bedroom. They kissed again during which the remaining clothes were dispensed with.“How would you like to do this my dear.”“In the hands of a connoisseur I rather like to leave it in your hands.” and she did, he was considerate and asked before trying anything However by her own admission Sal was a seriously naughty slut. The highlight of the afternoon was riding him with his cock up her arse whilst not spectacularly long or thick Quentin did know how to use it to good effect and clearly got pleasure from giving pleasure.They were lying recovering towards in post climax heaven. Sal had made sure that she used her skills to bring Quentin to a peek of ecstasy the same way he had done for her. “Thank you Sally, it’s not often that you have a lover who combines ability, enthusiasm, lack of inhibitions yet is considerate as well.”“I can say the same for you and most pleasant it was too. One thing I am curious about though are you not worried I could be blackmailed.”“Goodness no, its only people who hide behind a facade that are risk. If anyone tried that with you and your friends you would say do your worst and get straight on the phone to me. Now I regret but I have a do this evening so this will have to come to an end.”“That evening it was just Sal, Ella and Mark as Margaret and Nicola had a booking and the others were acting as waiting staff. This provided an ideal opportunity to explain what they had been asked to do.“So we have been asked to act as spies for NATO.” they were all naked in Sal’s huge half tester bed.“I am not sure that spying is exactly it but certainly part of a security agency. Interestingly enough they specifically want Ella as well. You are going to get invited to some posh parties so a trip to the West End is in order to ensure you have a suitable wardrobe. After all if you have all your clothes off someone might be able to read the labels.”“The expenditure doesn’t seem to bother you.”“Well I get to go on a spending spree in designer shops. Don’t think all of it will all be for you madam. As for Mark he will get to play with some seriously powerful computers.”“Where as by the sound of it you get to play with some seriously powerful people. I mean its likes James Bond, ‘The spy who fucked me.’ How old was he”“Ooh do I detect jealousy come on you in bed with two girls this evening. Anyway to answer old enough to have a lot of interesting experience but you have more stamina so I win both ways.”Ella giggled at this interchange. “Again stepmother dearest you are proving totally wicked.

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