A Bit O’ Lace


I no longer find wanking off to porn thrilling. I have discovered women’s underwear much more enticing…. Here’s how it started:

A few years ago I was house sitting for Sue, a friend who was away on holiday. It was a rainy Sunday morning and I was a bit restless, and as house sitters are wont to do, I began perusing her cupboards and drawers. Sue was a single woman with meticulous tastes in everything from cooking pots to books and the various knick-knacks that adorned the mantle piece and shelves around the house – most of them acquired from her many travels to exotic places all over the world.

Inevitably I reached her underwear drawers – one for bras and another for panties. They were crammed full of her delicates. Most of them were of the sensible sort – cotton varieties, some satin pieces and a few thongs, g-strings and lace knickers. I buried my hands in the panties and they felt soft, crumpled and very, very sensuous. I was slowly becoming aroused at the guilty pleasure I was eliciting from this activity. My cock twitched every now and then as I ran my fingers over the little bits of fabric. Then I felt something hard in the drawer. It was her vibrator. Mmmmhmmm I thought. I switched it on and it came to life. The humming sensation in my hand gave me a lovely woozy kind of feeling. ” Why not?” I thought. Nobody would ever know. I selected a red pair of satin panties and went over to the bed. I removed my shorts and t-shirt and lay down. By now my cock had become harder. I took Sue’s panties and caressed my cock ever so gently. The fabric felt cool and oh so slippery as I ran it along the length of my now eager and fully erect cock. Mmmmm…I could cum just by the feel of this lovely red panty. Thoughts of Sue wearing this while topless also flitted through my mind. I switched the vibrator on again and ran it around already erect my nipples. I brought down to my balls and held them there for a while. Ooooooooh that felt heavenly. I could see Sue’s lovely strawberry pink nipples in my mind’s eye. My right hand, still entangled in the delicate red panty, began rhythmically pumping my cock. The vibrator found it’s way to my butt hole entrance. Gosh, that felt good.

The rustling of the panty fabric on my cock told me that it would not be long now. I began to pump faster. And faster. My buttocks clenched themselves as if trying to suck in the vibrator. I lost interest in the vibrator as I bucked my hips and kept raised of the bed as I güvenilir bahis pumped my cock. I didn’t know it then but I had stopped breathing. I was pumping faster and faster and then whoosh. I came in a lovely stick gush of cockjuice. My fist holding tight the panty as it sopped up the cum. My body convulsed a few times and then I lay still of what may have been five or six minutes, my eyes closed, my breathing a and thudding heart slowly returning to a regular pace. ”Boy,” I thought, ” that, was the most powerful wank I had had in a very long time.

And thus began my panty fetish – or ”perversion” if you will. Every now and then, I would sneak into some female’s drawer and select a pair of panties, wrap it around my cock and jerk off into it. I would clean it up afterwards as best I could and return it to the drawer. This usually happened if I was house sitting, or just happened to be in some hot woman’s room – usually a friend or someone I fancied. The interesting was that I never wanked off in someone’s panties if I had or were shagging them.

And then JB became my flatmate. She was 30, single and had her own life. She was the perfect flatmate. We see each other in the mornings, maybe have a cup of coffee together and even a meal every now and then. She had a boyfriend who she never brought to the flat. In fact, she really conducted any personal or social stuff at the flat, apart from sleeping and doing her laundry. A few months went by and we were living quite comfortably. JB would sometimes make a casserole dish and we’d eat it together or watch some TV. She was funny and kept a tidy flat.

And then I began to notice her underwear. You know, the odd panty forgotten in the washing machine, or lying forgotten in the laundry basket. One day I went into the room and did the usual. I sought out her knickers drawer. What a sensual world laid there! There were G-strings and tangas and boxer types and high and low riders and lace and cotton and satin and even silk!! MMMMMMm!

I selected a lovely purple satin pair with tiny embroidered pink and white flowers. I lay on her bed and rubbed it over my chest. My little nipples jumped to attention. I moved down to my crotch and stroked my cock with the panties. I can never get enough of the smooth satin feel and rustling. My hand slowly pumped my cock and I came almost instantly. Nice!

I repeated this act every now and then when JB was out. I knew I’d die of shame if she found out. türkçe bahis After all, I did have a fairly active sex life outside my fantasies.

One day I was in her drawer again and I was playing with a scrumptious pair of black lace panties…my own shorts were off and I was just twirling it gently around my cock. I wondered what it felt like to wear these all day. Without thinking, I put them on. They were a bit tight and I feared I might snap them, Thankfully they didn’t. They pulled in my buttocks and pressed against my cock and balls. It felt sooooo sexy! I slipped on my jeans and went downstairs and bought the paper. I had a silly smirk on my face. I wanted to whisper to passers by that I was wearing women’s knickers. But I had better sense than that. I went back to the flat, removed my jeans and lay on JB’s bed. I rubbed my cock through the lace fabric and brought myself to orgasm. God that felt good. I removed the panties, wiped off my cockjuice and replaced them in the drawer. I liked the idea that she would one day wear the same pair with my dried cum on them.

Another day…..and I was wearing a white pair of lace panties. They were cut like boxers, but shorter. I was shirtless and on JB’s bed. My eyes were closed and I was thinking of what she looked like wearing them. I had no sense of her body. She always dressed modestly around the house – baggy tees and track pants. But my mind’s eye had no trouble picturing voluptuous breasts and size 10 hips and a silky mound of black pubic hair that could get all sticky and shiny if I slipped my fingers below and gently stroked her slit. She would moan and arch her back and stick her lovely tongue out between those sensuous bee-stung lips.

My cock was hard and straining against the delicate fabric of the panties, with my other hand I pinched my nipples hard. My cock twitched……..and then suddenly I heard JB’s voice… “What the fuck are you doing in my bed!? Are those my panties you’re wearing?” she hollered.

The game was up. I sat up on the bed and tried to calm her down. But she was calm. She just glared at me. I could see her breasts rise and fall against her office shirt. Was she wearing a red bra? I couldn’t help thinking. I decided to come clean. I told her what I had been up to. ”Shit” I thought, I’m going to have to look for another flat mate. She sat on the bed beside me. She looked at me evenly. ”So you like wearing women’s underwear huh?”

“No, not really,” güvenilir bahis siteleri I said. “Only when I’m horny and want to feel sexy and your underwear makes me do that.”

“I see,” she said and began unbuttoning her shirt. She WAS wearing a red bra. It was the deepest red and trimmed with, whaddyou know, lace. Her nipples looked erect. I looked at her quizzically. What is going on? I thought.

“You like my bra?” she asked. “Vvvery much, ” I mumbled. I could feel my cock stirring again. She stood up and undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor. “How about this?” She was wearing a matching thong, the front of which was a diaphanous – almost see-through crotch piece.

“Wha…are…” I stammered. “Sshh,” she said. “Lie back down”

I did as she said. She sat astride me. I could feel the heat of her groin. She put her hands on my shoulders. “Take of my bra,” she said. I did so obediently. Her breasts were perfect. Firm and round and dusky brown nipples. “Now lick them.”

I ran my tongue around the right nipple my left hand pinched the left. She moaned and pressed her breast hard against my mouth. I sucked greedily. “Mmmmmmmmmmm,” she moaned. “Now take off my panty,” she commanded. She straightened her legs along the length of me and I slid off her thong. She took it off my hand and laid them on my face. “Take a deep breath,” she said. “You don’t smell that from fresh my knickers in the drawer do you?”

The warm musky scent made me dizzy. Thank goodness, I was already lying down! I moved to take off the lace panties I was wearing. “Uh Uh!” she said. “Keep those on. I know you like the feel of the lace” She began to move her hips along the length of my hard, desperate cock. I could feel that my lace-covered cock was between her wet slit. Her pubis ground hard against my cock. God that felt good.

“I could cum like this,” I said. “So could I,” she moaned. I put my hands on her delectably firm buttocks and helped her ride along my cock. “Oooooooooh that feels yummmmmm,” she groaned. Her fingers found my nipples and pinched them hard. I liked that very much. Faster and faster, we moved like this. The lace texture rubbing on my cock and her wetness combined to make the already engorged head of my cock feel like it was about to explode to smithereens. “AAAaaaaaaaaaah” I heard her scream through the haze of my own consciousness. ”Mmmmmmmm I’m gonna cummm,” she whimpered. “Haaaaaaaaaagggghhhhh, I grunted. And then it happened: We both came together – Hhhhhhooo Hah.

“You came in my panties!” she whispered as she fall down against my chest. “mmmmThank you,” I breathed back.

“Get your breath back,” she said, “Because now I want you to fuck me”………

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