A Small Test Ch. 03


After Sarah released Brian’s half-hard cock from her cum covered lips, we sat in her truck and caught our breath.

Lee knelt beside me, holding my cock in her hand. A sheen of perspiration glistened on her tits, evidence of the effort she’d put into masturbating me and Brian into Sarah’s slutty mouth. Brian was next to Sarah, squeezing the last drops his cum onto his girlfriend’s milky thigh. Sarah wiped her chin with the back of her hand and grinned at him.

Sexual tension, as thick as the scent of Sarah’s freshly fucked pussy, hung in the air.

Just as I wondered what would happen next, my wife broke the silence.

“So – when do I get to come?”

The tension broke and we laughed, but I saw in Lee’s eyes that she was serious.

“Hot and bothered, my love?” I asked innocently.

“Hell yeah!” she pouted, sitting down with her legs crossed.

“Well, we should do something about it,” Sarah said sympathetically, laying her hand on my wife’s knee. “Shouldn’t we, Michael?”

Sarah’s dark brown eyes penetrated mine and I hesitated, unsure how much further I should go. After all, I’d secretly arranged this meeting with Sarah and Brian only to see if my wife would really stroke another man’s cock. Her jerking me off until Sarah swallowed my cum – and then giving Brian a second handjob – wasn’t part of the plan.

“Well, I’m open to getting her off,” I said. “What do you want to do, Lee?” I asked, deciding once again that she should choose our path.

“Babe, I really want to come,” my wife groaned.

She grabbed my hand and placed it between her legs. Her sex radiated heat and my palm slid easily across her moist mound and pussy lips. I slipped two fingers inside her receptive cunt.

“Michael, we can’t leave her like this,” Sarah said earnestly. Brian nodded. Sarah caressed Lee’s velvet thighs and she rocked her hips on my fingers.

Lee remained quiet. Clearly, this was a chance for us to experience a new level of sexual play. How would it end? Would I have regrets?

I had no idea, but I decided to risk it anyway.

“Honey, I want you to come,” I said, probing her pussy. “Is it okay if they help me?”

“Yes,” Lee answered, closing her eyes and tightening her cunt around my fingers.

“Sarah, how do you feel about going down on a woman?” I asked.

“As good as going down on a man,” Sarah answered, her hand roving sensuously over Lee’s slowly parting legs. “I enjoy pussy as much as cock.”

“Are you cool with that, Brian?”

“Oh yeah,” he affirmed, joining Sarah in touching Lee’s spreading legs with wandering hands.

As Lee surrendered to our attention, I withdrew my fingers and lifted her black and white satin dress above her curvy hips. Sarah gently coaxed Lee’s legs open to fully reveal her smooth shaven pussy. Lee leaned back on her elbows and sighed.

“Sarah, mind giving her some attention while Brian and I kiss her?” I suggested.

“I’d love to…” Sarah cooed as she moved closer to my wife.

My cock got harder at the sight of Sarah’s red fingernails inching up Lee’s high black boots, over her knees, and down her inner thighs. Brian and I sat in wonder as Sarah puckered her lips and sensuously kissed Lee’s pussy from top to bottom. Lee entangled her fingers in Sarah’s raven hair and pulled, urging Sarah to go deeper into her cunt.

Another Massive Attack song began to play as Lee quietly moaned.

“Feel good?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Lee answered with a sigh. “Her tongue is so hot….”

“You look hot,” I told her.

“I adore you,” she whispered.

Her hand encircled my cock.

“You’re hard,” Lee observed with satisfaction.

“Who wouldn’t be?” I replied.

“Not 18 yaş porno me,” Brian muttered. Sure enough, his uncircumcised cock stood between his legs as he gently kissed Lee’s neck, arm and shoulder. Lee spotted his tool and reached for it, but stopped herself.

“It’s all right,” I assured her. “Stroke it – stroke us both.”

Brian groaned as she gripped his meaty shaft and pulled the foreskin away from the head. With a grin she fondled Brian’s balls, his body now familiar after jerking him off twice.

“She likes cock, doesn’t she?” Sarah teased.

“God, she’s good,” Brian proclaimed.

“It turns Michael on,” Lee said dreamily. She arched her back like a cat stretching in the sun, sliding her hands in synch up and down our rock hard dicks.

Proud of my sexy wife, I told them I could imagine her jacking off a whole room full of cocks.

“That would be so hot,” Sarah sighed, rubbing her thumb in circles over Lee’s clit. “I’d love to watch her do it and lick all the cum off her body.”

Lee’s mouth opened in ecstasy as Sarah’s thumb found the perfect spot, groaning and stroking our pre-cum slickened shafts a little faster.

“Would you suck the cocks?” I asked Sarah as she pleasured my wife.

“Fuck yeah – I’d suck them and spit on ’em so they’re all gooey for Lee to jack off,” Sarah replied huskily.

I asked Brian if she was really that nasty.

“Definitely,” he answered, reveling in Lee’s handling of his cock.

“I’d suck two at a time – after sucking yours, of course,” Sarah said teasingly.

“Then we’ll call if it happens!” I joked.

“Am I second in line?” Brian asked.

“Maybe,” Sarah replied with a smile.

Brian and Sarah exchanged mischievous looks as I sat up to view the scene better, rolling Lee’s nipples between my fingertips. Thankfully I’d recently come, because my wife was the most erotic vision I ever saw.

Her pelvis undulated beneath Sarah’s probing tongue. Her boot clad legs were on Sarah’s back, pinning her down. Her voluptuous tits moved like waves on the sea, and a trace of a smile graced her dark red lips. Lee’s arms arced outward to our throbbing cocks as her fingers deftly collected our pre-cum for more lubrication.

Sarah lay prone between Lee’s legs, her pale arms hugging my wife’s ass, her fresh-fucked mouth clamped over my wife’s cunt. Her Betty Paige haircut framed her flushed face. When Sarah caught me looking she winked knowingly, flicking her tongue rapidly on Lee’s clit till my wife gasped with pleasure.

Brian lifted Sarah’s red and white checkered dress and caressed her ass, while his tongue explored my wife’s thighs. Sarah spread her milky legs, raising her glossy red heels in the air as she pushed against the floor, grinding her pussy against the plush carpet as she lapped up Lee’s lusty pussy.

“More, Sarah,” Lee urged. “Fingers….”

Sarah moaned in acknowledgement and slid two pale fingers inside Lee’s wet slit.

“Fuck yeah,” my wife sighed. “Just like that….”

Sarah licked and sucked Lee’s steaming snatch as if it were her last meal. Lee tossed her head back, gasping, her lips perfectly parted for the nearest available cock.

I slid her hand from my prick and knelt beside her. I positioned my swollen head near Lee’s face, and without looking she took me inside her hungry mouth. She suckled my rod greedily, grunting and slobbering on my meat like a whore in heat.

“Oh shit,” I sighed.

I gripped Lee’s head in my hands and pressed deeper into her receptive mouth. I became an animal, thrusting my cock harder into her sweet face as her hand twisted faster along Brian’s fleshy tool.

Sarah twirled her tongue around Lee’s 3d porno clit and an escalating moan emerged from my wife’s throat. I gazed down at Lee. With her eyes shut tight she looked lost in another world, her only connection to reality the cock in her mouth and the other in her hand.

“That’s it, Lee – stroke it,” Brian hissed. “Make me come while you suck him….”

Brian straddled my wife’s chest as she wrapped two slippery hands around his throbbing length. Brian enthusiastically fucked her fists and Lee upped the tempo of her strokes. A few more moments and Lee would make him shoot another cum load, this time all over her plump tits.

“Brian, I can’t believe you’re coming again,” Sarah said with amusement.

“Me either!” exclaimed Brian.

“Don’t stop, Sarah,” Lee pleaded around my rigid cock. “Lick it….Lick me….”

“Should I suck on your pussy, honey?” Sarah taunted.

“Yes,” Lee begged, lifting her hips to get back inside Sarah’s mouth.

“I’ll suck you,” Sarah offered, “only if you suck Brian.”

My wife and I froze, looking into each other’s eyes. Brian continued thrusting his meaty pole through Lee’s grip as if he hadn’t heard Sarah’s announcement.

“Lee, you know it would excite Michael to see you suck another cock,” Sarah explained, sliding her palm up and down my wife’s slick pussy. “He wants you to be a slut – a submissive wife to be used and enjoyed.”

Sarah was right, damn her – but she was pushing toward a line I couldn’t cross.

Did I sometimes imagine my wife sucking another cock? Maybe at a gloryhole, or as I fucked her at a swinger’s club, until cum dribbled from her mouth as the two of us came together? Sure – but in real life I didn’t want to open a Pandora’s Box.

“Suck it just a little,” Sarah dared. “Take that cock in your mouth and feel it – enjoy that thick cock while you come….”

Sarah felt in control. From her position between Lee’s legs she knew how bad my wife needed to come.

She flicked her tongue over my wife’s clit and turned on the charm.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to suck them, one after the other?” she cooed, petting Lee’s pussy. “Two hot cocks….sliding on your lips and tongue….pulsing and pushing inside your mouth while I pleasure you….”

Lee silently pleaded with me. Her bright green eyes transmitted her longing for Sarah to finish the job more than any desire for Brian’s cock. However, the idea of her actually sucking someone else was more than I could handle.

“You’ll like it,” Sarah said with a smile. “Michael will, too.”

Lee resumed sucking my veiny cock. She searched my eyes for permission, desperate enough for release that she’d do more than consider Sarah’s idea.

Sarah made it sound so harmless, so easy! What would it hurt if my wife sucked a cock conveniently located just inches from her face?

But there was no way I could stand aside and watch Lee do it. I had to get things back on track.

“Sarah, that might happen,” I challenged, “if I can fuck you at the same time.”

“No way!” Lee choked. “If we’re respecting boundaries, no way.”

“I wouldn’t mind,” Sarah assured her. “Would you, Brian?”

“No, not at all,” he answered, massaging Lee’s sumptuous breasts.

My wife said nothing, staring at Brian’s dick as it slipped inside her soft hands.

“What if Michael fucked my ass?” Sarah asked nonchalantly, sliding a third finger inside Lee’s cunt.

“Huh-uh,” Lee said, reaching to stroke my cock again. “He – I couldn’t….”

Sarah kissed my wife’s pussy and nuzzled it with her nose.

“Imagine Michael’s cock filling me till it hurts – stretching me till I’m in tears as I lick you….”

My Porno 64 video wife closed her eyes, quietly digesting Sarah’s tenderly spoken words.

“I’ll submit to him, Lee,” Sarah whispered, gently fucking my wife with skilled fingers. “He’ll own me for you – punish me for making you suck another guy’s cock….”

Lee shook her head, resisting.

“Imagine some stranger’s cock in your mouth while his girlfriend satisfies you….” Sarah suggested. “Imagine Michael watching you suck it as you come in my mouth….”

Lee stroked our shafts spasmodically, wound up and frustrated.

“Don’t you wonder how a new cock feels?” Sarah hissed, rubbing Lee’s clit with her thumb as her fingers pushed against my wife’s G-spot. “Won’t it be exciting to feel the flesh of another man in your mouth?”

Lee closed her eyes and applied more exquisite pressure around our cocks. The three of us moaned, hypnotized by Sarah’s words, our hearts beating faster as our orgasms approached.

“All you have to do….” Sarah whispered, kissing my wife’s thigh.

“….to feel me on your pussy,” she continued, pinching Lee’s clitoris.

“….is let your husband fuck my ass….” a lingering pull on Lee’s pussy lips.

“….and take that cock in your mouth….”

And as Sarah nibbled my wife’s clit between her lips the damn broke.


Lee cried in agonized delight, her hips quaking and convulsing so hard the truck shook. Sarah held my wife’s legs tight and flicked her tongue ferociously over Lee’s pussy.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she cried, stroking me and Brian with blinding speed as Sarah mercilessly plunged her hand in and out of Lee’s spasming cunt.

“Yes, yes, yes….” Lee chanted. “Don’t stop, don’t stop….”

Sarah followed through and lapped at my wife’s frothing pussy, sending jolts of pleasure through Lee’s writhing body.

Then Brian grunted and came again.

“God yes….” Brian growled, arching his back. “Jerk it, Lee – jerk it….”

Lee obeyed, pumping his spurting cock like a porn star. Speckles of cum blasted from Brian’s cock and a wad hit my wife’s cheek, leaving a trail down her face as she jacked Brian off to another messy explosion. When his cock began to soften, Lee pulled his foreskin over the shiny red tip of his dick and milked the last syrupy drops of his jizz on to her tits.

“Goddam,” Sarah said in awe, slapping Brian’s ass as he relaxed.

Lee basked in the lingering glow of her orgasm and languidly squeezed Brian’s subsiding erection. As Sarah sighed and slipped her fingers out of Lee’s gooey pussy, my wife smiled up at me.

“Thank you for making this happen,” she whispered.

Caught off guard, I came hard and with a powerful shudder. Ropes of pearly white cum shot from my pulsing cock and splashed across my slut wife’s lips, chin and neck. She moaned in appreciation, twisting her fist lovingly around my glistening rod, stroking my cock until the final drop of cum leaked from the tip and seeped into Sarah’s upholstery.

Lee chuckled and soothingly swirled her fingers around my softening shaft, gathering up globs of my copious cum and sliding the warm juices over my smooth balls.

“Fuck honey,” I whispered, sitting back on my heels.

Sarah nudged Brian aside. He crawled off my wife’s chest and sat against the side of the truck, giving Sarah room to slither her way up Lee’s perspiring, cum covered body.

Then sweetly, delicately, she kissed Brian’s cum from my wife’s erect pink nipples.

“Such a good girl,” Lee murmured in compliment, helpfully lifting her freckled breasts to Sarah’s searching mouth. Sarah smiled, the spunk on her lips sparkling like lip gloss.

“Don’t forget my face,” Lee instructed, grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

Sarah giggled. “Michael’s cum again? Don’t mind if I do….”

And as Sarah diligently cleaned my seed from Lee’s chin, cheeks and lips, I felt like I’d gone down the rabbit hole to a strange, new Wonderland.

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