A Stunning Secret


5 am, Saturday. Ann woke to her alarm clock blaring out Black Sabbath. Ann always had a taste for hard rock, something that always made her friends and family cringe when the heard her listening to it. She lived in a small fishing community on the Atlantic Coast. A town more in tune with folk and crappy easterner tunes that she hated.

Looking in the mirror she saw the forty year old body, to wide in the hips, a kid did that to a women, tits with a little sag, a few wrinkles starting around the eyes. she never thought she was very attractive, but she was very critical of herself . She did have nice blonde hair, that she only had to dye occasionally now, a few gray strands had started, but she still kept it long instead of being the typical mom and cutting it back.

She had a shower enjoying a long soak, she had time, it was her time now. Saturday a day off with nobody bugging her till evening. She took her Saturdays for herself and her one time a week to enjoy and release her pent up dreams and desires. Sunday was with her daughter…all day. She loved her daughter but Kelly would spend the entire day with her, then back to a ten hour day on Monday, slogging at the nearby base as a kitchen worker. Cooking, cleaning, drab clothes and drab people. Young men and women who didn’t even notice the forty year old woman picking up their trays and stocking the steam line.

Her daughter on the other hand, worked there as well and everyone noticed. Gorgeous and 19. drop dead gorgeous, she gained attention like a bright bulb surrounded by sex crazed moths. Kelly had started seeing a young soldier a year earlier, he had been posted away but was back for a few weeks now, and Ann had found a tingle again she had almost forgotten about.

She had dated a bit, mostly fat overweight fishermen and the occasional Senior NCO on the base. A quick fling but nothing serious. She was never happy with them, or they her.

Ann new she would grow old alone now. Her first husband beat her, moving away when they split. she was a great person, she knew that, kind, honest, not stupid with conversation and could hold her own with world affairs and interesting talks. She loved sex and experimenting. She just saw no point in continuing a relationship she viewed as more of the same. It was a Damn fishing town for fucks sake. Another man who smelled like fish, or one who would get posted and really didn’t want a drab 40 year old. even when she showed them her fantasy favorites they were more, bam bam let’s go to the pub and talk fishing.

No, she would enjoy her Saturdays and be content. After doing her makeup and hair like a woman going out on the most important date of her life she sat on her bed she began to pull on the clothes she had set out the night before. this morning was going to be her absolute favorite fantasy and she meant to enjoy it.

The white merry widow was lace and silk, she pulled it on and did the sold laces up tight, thrusting her tits up like an eighteen year old. The white silk stockings she pulled on slowly, enjoying the luxurious feeling as she encased her legs, which she always thought were her truly great asset. The heels she had picked out, nothing anyone in this town would ever wear. white 5 inch heels she had bought with a dozen others on a trip to new York a decade ago. Beautiful with toe cleavage and intricate work on the sides, with a silver spike heel, right out of the porno movies she had enjoyed in the eighties.

Admiring herself in the mirror, she felt her nipples harden, and a tingle in her pussy, as she made her way to the couch. pillows and soft blankets thrown all over the couch made her feel like a queen as she hit the remote and began to gently caress her body.

Ann closed her eyes and began to fantasize. his name was Caleb. 19, tall and thin, beautiful and she new him so well. her daughters …maybe …boyfriend. Kelly had never allowed herself to call him that even though she dated him for months. Ann had introduced them to each other, and Ann adored him, she so wanted her daughter to fall in love with him and get married. Not only was he a great fit for her daughter but Ann loved being around him. They had great conversations and got along so well, she wished he was forty or fifty and she would have screwed his dick off.

Over time though Ann had developed a massive crush over this boy, impossible but heck that what fantasies are for. A young sexy man wouldn’t be in her cards. Her daughter seemed happy but flighty and wouldn’t commit. Ann really wanted him as a son in law and someone to give her grand babies, a continuing reminder for her fantasy masterbation Saturday mornings didn’t hurt either.

As she dreamed of his hands on her, the movie played away, a favorite scene of a mature porn star and a young man. Helga was her name, dressed all in white as well she was making passionate love to a man half her age. Ann’s pussy was on fire as she reached out and found the small silver vibrator and began to tease herself. poker oyna She began to rub her tits with one hand and slowly moved the vibrator in and out of her vagina, with the other. Her stockinged legs spread with one high heel digging into the couch as she began to climb to what was going to be an earth shattering orgasm.

She dreamed of Caleb pounding his cock into her, but she was not acting like a porn star, she was gazing lovingly into his eyes as he told her that he loved her. as she imagined that moment, her pleasure climbed to new heights and she could feel her heel cut thru the fabric of the cheap couch she was arching over.

“Fuck, shit..the doorbell. goddammit”, she huffed and took a moment to calm down…”so close. and who the fuck would be here at this time of the day. it was just after six!”

The bell rang again and she cursed some more as she slid the dido under the couch, stopped the movie..after noting where she was and how far she would rewind it when she got rid of whomever it was. Grabbed a bathrobe and tied it up. As she reached for the doorknob and turned it her heel caught on the carpet making her realize she had left them on…”shit.” a quick thought raced that whomever was going to wonder why she was wearing a pair of sexy heels at 6 in the morning. The stockings that were visible wouldn’t be a big concern if it wasn’t for the heels, oh and the makeup and hair…fuck. all if the passed through her mind in the time it took to turn the knob. .and she realized it too late.

“Caleb..what are you doing here?”

“Sorry to drop by so early, but something happened…and I need to see you..before I left.” he looked concerned upset and anxious.

Forgetting everything else, Ann ushered Caleb in and went to make coffee. He sat down on the couch, not even realizing she had glided past him in 5 inch heels. He sat quietly as Ann busied herself pouring coffee. she was concerned, This man, regardless of her fantasies, she really card for and she had never seen him this way.

As she brought in the coffee, she asked, almost terrified, “is kelly ok? “

Caleb laughed, “yes she is fine, sorry if a worried you. everyone is fine.” she sat down next to him. Crossed her legs, and her eyes went wide as the sexy heel clad foot bounced in front of him…and he sat staring into his coffee…whew, she really didn’t want to have to explain things. She needed to get a minute to get out of this gear.

“Caleb could you excuse me for…”

“I caught kelly with another guy this morning”… Deadpan delivery..staring into his cup.

“Shit, really, I’m so sorry Caleb” she reached out and put her hand on his arm..”so sorry, I thought you two were good.”

Caleb stood up..pacing back and forth and not even looking at her.

“I am so fucked up”..Caleb was trying to find his words. “I am kinda messed up…no not with kelly, she has done this before and I knew it wasn’t going to work.” He sat down starred it his cup, he still hadn’t take a sip…and Caleb loved coffee. They had spent many hours chatting over coffee and both her and Caleb would be wired on java long after kelly fell asleep tired of the conversation. it was one of the reasons ann enjoyed being with him was his conversation and that he could match her caffeine addiction pot for pot.

“I told you my mom was a cunt. .”

“Yes”..Ann didn’t know where this was going?

“Well when I was younger I never knew what a great women or mother was like, then I got older and met my friends mom’s. ..and they were awesome. They talked were interested with who i was, they actually cared .I found them beautiful..and something got fucked up with me.”

“The reason I’m telling you this is because after what just happened with Kelly, I decided I was heading home.” Caleb was still staring into his cup. He only had a week left of his leave, and after catching his sometime girlfriend like that I wouldn’t blame him. it was a long drive, across the country, but Ann didn’t understand what he was so upset if he knew this wasn’t working anyways.

“I had to come and see you and tell you…well I didn’t want to go through life without being honest with you.”

He finally looked up at me about to say something and he noticed the heels, the hair, the makeup, and oh shit. ..the bathrobe had parted up top showing an inch of a lace covered bust. and perhaps worse for Ann’s embarrassment the slit of the robe was clearly showing a stocking top with a garter..he stuttered

Mumbling he stuttered…”no not fair.”

Closing his eyes he gathered himself. “I wanted to tell you that I was wrong and when I started dating your daughter I was wrong. I did because it was what I should be doing, I did it because it was normal, I came back because it was the only way.. To see you.”

“Pardon”.Ann didn’t get it. Kelly was a 10 of course, Caleb was a good looking guy but Shelly was out of everyone’s league. Any 19 year old would give his left nut to have the chance at her.

“No”..he canlı poker oyna had his thoughts now. “I am leaving but I am not going to leave without telling you that …sigh…it was you I wanted to date not your daughter. ..”

Ann’s pussy tingled and her nipple hardened she gasped, and realized the shock of what he just said was almost an orgasmic sentence.

Anne, took a deep breath and gained some sensibility. “Caleb I know seeing kelly with…”

“No”…he was intense with his one word, and it shut her up. “I new it after the first weekend we met. I watched you walk across the hall in a pair of jeans and I was amazed at how you looked, then we talked and you were all those things I mentioned. You listened to me, you were interested, you cared. Then we talked more and spent time, I realized what I felt, I knew it was silly and you would think it’s puppy love. I knew that… But I felt that way, I still feel that way, it only got stronger every time I saw you. I knew it would never work with your daughter, ……in the dark when I made love to her”..he whispered now…”I imaged ed it was you.”

Anne, was shocked and regardless of how it might hurt him, she had to say, “there isn’t much chance you could confuse her body with this old one…motioning at herself.”

He looked at her confused and then..shook his head. “I think you are far more beautiful than her…inside and out.” Anne melted..and thought. ..”shit…a few minutes ago I was plunging a vibrater into my cut thinking of this young man. ..and here he is telling me he is…in love with me…wow..my daughter will hate me forever if…”

He stood up. “I’m packed and jumping the ferry on its first run at eight. I feel better that I at least told you. I’m sorry if I upset you but I wanted to get it off my chest. Goodbye Anne, I will miss you.” He turned and headed for the door..

Anne sprung up, bathrobe falling open as she sprinted in her heels after him…and he was moving fast. He had the door half open by the time she caught him. She grabbed his arm and turned him around…Caleb eyes grew wide as he saw the outfit she was wearing in all her splendor..”why are you dressed that way?”

“Oh it kinda my glam time…I do it on Saturday. ..oh never mind,” and she threw everything she knew out the window and kissed him. He withdrew for a moment, then he kissed her back. His arms moving around her inside the robe. She fumbled for his belt and pulled him closed to her with a stockinged leg.


“Caleb, shhh” and his jeans fell. Anne slid down and grabbed his fully erect manhood with one hand…and slammed the door shut behind them with the other. then she parted her painted lips and took him fully into her mouth. He was large but not huge..bigger than her ex, but so harder and throbbing young man meat. he thrust towards her as she began to love his pulsing cock with her lips and mouth.

Caleb was reeling, he dreamed if this, jerked off constantly dreaming of this moment, and didn’t believe it…he had loved this woman from afar with no thought that it was possible. Here the woman he thought was so amazingly beautiful was suckling his cock…then it stopped.

Anne stood the bathrobe falling to the floor she took him by the hand to the couch..

She sat, spreading her stocking legs…digging the heel into the hole she had made a short time ago dreaming of Fucking this 19 year old…her breasts up thrusting in her sexual splendor the merry widow lingerie adding a degree to her own excitement.

“Caleb are you sure”… OMG. .”his cock just jumped” she thought.

He bent down to kiss her and her one hand caressed his face while the other sought out his cock. “No more foreplay” she screamed inwardly, “I have dreamed of this, I want it now before he changes his mind and remembers I’m forty and not built like my daughter.”

She guided him inside her hot pussy, she wasn’t that active and it was tighter than she would give herself credit, but she swore his cock grew again..and it throbbed and twitched all the way in.

Anne orgasmed at that moment..it came on her in a crashing wave, her toes curled in her heels, the heel in the hole punched through the stuffing of the couch, her nails dug into his back and made a fist in his hair with the other hand..and it throbbed again..”dear god I want this.” he was thrusting into her with the strength of the ten men she had been in two decades…his abs flexed and he moaned in pleasure. She unhooked her heel from the couch and lifted her legs up. He took a leg in each hand and brought the heels up to his face. With her legs together the tightness increased as he slowed and teased her with his cock. Anne whimpered and moaned, it was beautiful, she never imagined she could ever feel this way again.

He let one leg fall and continued thrusting harder into her…and still his dick twitched and it was driving her to…another orgasm. this one slow and intense with its rolling pleasure internet casino until she shattered and moaned out loud…sanity briefly returning…”Caleb. “.

“Yes Ann”..she opened her eyes, he was looking down at her…his chest pressed to hers. ..She could see the sweat glistening on his chest, and on her own beasts practically bursting from the merry widow. She lifted her legs and put them around his back and ass…as he slowly fucked her..she was building again…she panted, and thought “three oh wow…but the”. ..she gasped. “Caleb. .slow…I haven’t done this in a long time…I’m not on the pill.” .OMG his cock just Fucking jumped.

“No really, do you have a condom..”

“No”..he panted…”didn’t really plan…or imagine this”..as he thrusted into her. Annes body arched up in pleasure as he hit another good spot. ..panting “Caleb. .really!” she laughed ..”absolutely kinda at a time where I would get pregnant..and you don’t want that”..OMG his cock pulsed and it felt like it got bigger..or was that me clenching him, she thought…he looked right into her eyes as he continued to pound her. .

“ok” he panted..”I’ll pull”…”Caleb,” she interrupted. .”does that turn you on.”..Ann felt another throb…he closed his eyes…and Ann felt another twitch. ..”oh god”..she moaned

“Caleb, does it turn you on thinking of Cumming inside of me” ..wham, pulse twitch… “oh yes…boy you don’t need to answer me…something did for you.”

“Why”..Ann’s legs tightened around him..and her heel scraped across his ass…he was oblivious to it..he thrust harder…and harder…”oh god I am going to cum again”…Anne moaned as it began to climb again.

“Why.”., she moaned

“I told you, in a way. I love you, been in love with you, getting you pregnant would be incredible, it would in a weird…his pace slowed…macho way, claim you..I want you to be mine…”

“Oh shit, and he slowed but Ann’s orgasm kept building. ..”oh wow..my his boy…man can sweet talk me to orgasm,” she thought in her waves of pleasure.

“Really Caleb. .serious now..pregnant thoughts are one thing, but this is real.. I am ovulating..I may”..shit his cock jumped again and, Caleb started Fucking her harder…”be forty” she panted, “but I’m still able”…twitch throb…harder thrusts.. “It’s a forever changing thing…Caleb!!!” she moaned.

“Then say yes”…Caleb whispered…looking straight into her eyes.

“Yes to …what” she panted….harder he pounded as her orgasm neared as she bucked into him..

“Marry me.”

Anne orgasmed right then and there…her body trusted towards him as she craved all of him inside her…

He kissed her…hard as her legs wrapped tighter around him…one stocking snapping off the garter.. and he thrust harder. .”be my wife”, he whispered..

“Yes” she moaned…it wasn’t just the sex, it was him, she had rubbed her clit a hundred times thinking of this moment, she wore a white lingerie outfit dreaming of this man she would become his…become his wife. she wanted it all…it would ruin her relationship with her family, ruin her in this town…she didn’t care…

“Yes..yes…yes” Ann repeated it over and over. Looking into his eyes she whispered to him, “cum inside me, give me your child, make me yours…take me as your wife…because I am taking you as my husband” …and with that she rolled him over on his back, sitting up on the couch…and my she began to ride him..his cock driving even deeper into her cut.

She mashed her chest against him..kissed him fiercely. Her spike heels resting against his legs…her ass moving up and down on that 19 year old dick, he was going to impregnate her forty year old body…a nineteen year old hunk that wanted to marry a plain jane..”cum in me!” she urgently panted

Caleb smiled and Anne could tell he was getting near…”I love you Ann”..he yelled as his thrusting became urgent…”dear god he is going to actually do it,” Annes mind screamed at her sensibilities…somewhere inside her brain she thought it was just a sex game, “he would never”… briefly she thought of stopping, she didn’t want to ruin his life… but he grabbed her ass…looked her in the eyes..”I am yours forever, mother of my children…love of my life”…his cock pulsed..she wrapped her legs around him, her pussy clenched and both Ann and Caleb exploded in a shattering orgasm.

“Yes!” .Caleb yelled..Anne thought, “well I guess he meant it”..she laughed inwardly…

She waited on top of him patently…milking every drop of cum from him…her muscles clenching and she knew biology..her insides we’re working that cum deeper inside her, ..her body wanted to fertilize the egg she knew was waiting..she also waited for Caleb glow to wear off..

Then would come the regrets..the apologies and the hasty exist she dreaded…she did love this young man and wanted all he offered, but she knew it wasn’t true…how could it..he was 19, handsome, his whole life ahead of him.

His young cock still hard…she smiled..”oh the young”..it will go down slower.

Caleb reached around, removed the heels..

“Don’t like the heels Caleb<" she purred... “I love them…I’ll buy you dozens more”…

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