Allison, the Sister


Allison, the SisterPart 1 of 2 in a non fictional true story. Allison was the younger and better looking of the two sisters. Ill describe her,she is about 5′ 5″, 120lbs, blue eyes, blond hair, she had very small breasts but her ass was nice wide, and firm.she had that pretty blond trailer trash look to her, that natural slutty whore look. I was sleeping with her older sister who was the complete opposite than Allison in every way .I’ve always thought of fucking Allison, doing dirty things to her. When I jack off I think of her sucking my cock and licking my ass to get me off. I think she knew that I wanted her ass. Sometimes when she turned to look at me I would keep my eyes fixed on her ass. One night Allison her sister and myself were talking about fetishes and what our turn ons were . Mel bahis firmaları her sister started and told us that she liked to be fucked hard in her pussy. Allison explained that she liked it when a guy licks her ass she said she loved to have a tongue up her ass while she jacked off. we all laughed and made jokes but I did not tell my fetish and what I liked to do,some how we just dropped the topic and did not talk about it. later that night Mel asked if I could take Allison home in the am because she wanted a little more sleep. In side I got excited,finally! a chance to talk with Al. Allison took a shower and I was next in line for one,then Mel. After Allison got out of the restroom,I went in. It was steamy and muggy and it smelled like cheap musk perfume or body spray. I turned on the shower kaçak iddaa and noticed Allison’s back pack sitting next to the toilet. OMG! I said to myself, what if?, maybe, I got excited! I sat down on the toilet and looked into her pack. Shit yes! she did leave her dirty panties. I though about it and said, fuck it! I pulled her blu and white g string panties out and and with anticipation I turned them inside out and my dick got a surge of blood I had a boner. Her panties were soiled, her pussy had been leaking her juices and stained the shape of her pussy onto her crotch. I was hoping for… Yes! the thong part of her panties was soiled and stained with her asshole and crack sweat. I put some lotion on my hard cock and began stroking it up and down I put her panties up to my nose and inhaled kaçak bahis her smell,I licked her dry pussy juice and tasted her dirty pussy, then I smelled her thong ,mmmmmm oh fuck it smelled so good, her sweaty ass her faint shit smell covered by the sweet pungent smell of her ass crack.I jacked my dick faster as I cleaned and sucked on her soiled panties. I could taste Allison,I am tasting what Allison’s asshole tastes like. I smelled her butt odor and licked every ass soil out of her panties. I then shot my cum into the thong part of her panties.Not on the pussy side but on the part that rides right on her shit hole.maybe I could send her a secret message . It could go two ways,she could come out and go off on me , tell her sister what I had done or she would be turned on by knowing I sucked her dirty panties clean while inside the shower. She would see my fresh nut on her thong, possibly do a little perversion of her own.Part 2 comming soon.. Below is Allison , She loved me eating her shit hole clean.

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