Converting Cassandra Ch. 7


I let her sleep until she awoke on her own. That was my reward to her – and to me as well. Naturally, I had gotten very little sustained sleep throughout this retraining process. I had placed a cot beside her bed, trusting that any noises she made would wake me up as well. Because she had been so physically and emotionally exhausted, she wound up sleeping for nearly nine hours. I therefore had a bit of time to go and shower and shave, eat a microwaved meal and drink some coffee, and still have thirty minutes to just sit there and enjoy looking at her before she woke up.

In spite of her advancing years, in spite of the familiarity with her helplessly naked body, Cassandra’s beauty still amazed me. It was more than just the sculptured face, the large, perfect breasts, the long, lean body, the exquisitely toned, tapering legs. It was the incredible strength of mind and soul that I had desired – no, needed – to have her agree to bend to my will. It was the completely womanly quality she emanated, like a queen exuding royalty, that I wanted her to submit to my maleness. It was the pride, the indomitable spirit that shone from her like light from the full moon, that I wanted her to offer, on bended knee, to my loving domination.

After she awoke, I kept totally still as she quested about for me with her senses of sound, smell, and womanly intuition. Finally she said: “Are you there?”

For another ten minutes, she kept trying to sense me, as well as asking if I were there. She was not in the least demanding, just wondering. I waited a full fifteen minutes until she gave it up. I finally rose and went to the left side of her bed to sit down beside her. Only then did she actually relax back into the bed, without saying another word.

I reached over to her right breast and took the nipple firmly between my forefinger and thumb. I started squeezing, not gently. She did not try to pull away. I squeezed harder.

“Ow! Ow!” she breathed, little mewling sounds of pain that were certainly not happy, but also not exactly a protest. I leaned over and started playing with her left ear with my mouth, tiny bites, Pendik Sınırsız Escort soft kisses, licks in and around with my tongue. All the while I continued to squeeze her nipple, increasing the pressure very gradually until I knew she must be in quite a bit of pain. Her sounds of distress increased somewhat, but she did not try to avoid either my pinching or my playing with her ear.

I sat up, ceasing both activities. After several minutes, when she seemed calm again, I leaned over so that my left armpit was above her head, which allowed me to reach around to her left nipple with my hand. Again I started with a firm but not intense squeeze. This time I brought my mouth down upon her throat, which I licked, bit and kissed all around as I gradually increased the pressure on her nipple. I was squeezing harder than I had her right nipple, but was lavishing much more attention on her entire throat area, as well as back up to her ear, and she seemed to be responding as I wished. Although she made sounds of pain and discomfort because of my torture of her breast, she was obviously also enjoying my attentions to her neck and ear.

At last I had increased the pressure on her nipple to the point where she said something. “Oh, please! Oh, God! Oh, please!” I could not tell if she wanted me to increase the pain or stop entirely.

Needless to say, I had no intention of stopping. As she had finally reacted, I simply reached down with my right hand to her naked pussy, placing my top two fingers firmly above her mound. Perhaps involuntarily, she jerked herself up to meet those invading fingers. I bent the fingers squeezing her nipple so that the fingernails bit into her tender flesh, and squeezed even harder. Simultaneously, I started rubbing the top of her mound with my right hand.

“OH! OH!” she gasped, and I redoubled my assault upon her throat and ear with my mouth. Her head was now arching back, rocking from side to side, and her hips started gently bucking upwards to meet the hand that was rubbing her pussy quite vigorously now.

Suddenly, I grabbed her entire left breast with my hand, Pendik Suriyeli Escort squeezing it quite hard, digging my fingernails into her soft, pliant flesh. As she screamed, I brought my mouth fully against hers, forcing my tongue inwards. Without hesitation she thrust her mouth upwards to meet mine, dueling shamelessly tongue to tongue.

Instantly, I inserted my middle finger into her sopping cunt to find her clit. As soon as I touched it she began writhing shamelessly, forcing my finger deeper into her sweet opening with strong thrusts of her hips, moving up and down as much as she could to accentuate the rubbing of my finger over her engorged clit.

“Mmumph! Aww mmm!” The sounds of pleasure sounded deep in her throat, unable to escape from her captured mouth. Her body was now undulating recklessly, humping my right hand, her head trying to keep as still as possible to maintain our fierce lip lock. I knew she was getting very close to an orgasm.

Without warning, I pulled away completely from her body. It took several seconds for her to realize what had happened.

“Oh, shit! Oh, Christ no!” she protested, her entire body seeming to search for all of the sources of pleasure I had just been giving her. Then she groaned pitifully.

“Oh, you are a beast! You torment me! How can you be so cruel?”

I said nothing, of course. I did not move.

Her head snapped back against the pillow in frustration. Her mouth opened, gasping for breath as well as in the effort to regain some control over her body. Then, for a moment, her breathing stopped entirely, her body grew taut, and abruptly her entire body sagged limply into the bed. Instantly, I worried that some terrible heart failure or seizure had afflicted my beautiful Cassandra.

“Please,” she said softly, sweetly, pleadingly. “I beg of you. Yes, I am begging! Please continue. Please let me cum. I am begging you!”

My heart leapt with joy!

I leaned over her perspiring body once again. Instantly squeezing her left breast mercilessly, I dropped my mouth down onto her right breast and bit the protruding Pendik İranlı Escort nipple hard. Simultaneously, my right hand dove back into that hot, wet cavern of endless mysteries and ecstasies, the middle finger unerringly plunging against that still distended clitoris like Cupid’s arrow finding the heart of its target.

Cassandra’s entire being seemed to lift from the bed as though having received a powerful electrical jolt. It pressed itself firmly against the hand mauling her left breast and the mouth savaging her right breast. Most especially, her body pressed itself upwards against the hand that covered the essence of her feminine center, that invaded her most private opening like a conquering warrior, and gave her overwhelming waves of heretofore unknown sexual bliss.

What had been lost in the brief interruption of our contact seemed to have been more than compensated for in her surrender. She had desired. She had pleaded. She had reacted immediately and intensely to my resumption of sexually stimulating her now more than willing body. She had submitted!

I gave her everything I could. Pleasure. Pain. Caresses. Kisses. Prodding and stroking. Teasing and squeezing. I assaulted her body as she rocked with endless sensations. At last, I jammed my thumb deeply into her pussy and my middle finger into her ass.

And she came! She flooded the bed with her sweet nectars. She filled the air with her amazed cries of relief and release. She filled my heart that I had been able to give her this, which I knew she had never before experienced in her life.

It went on for minutes. Wave after wave of shudders, of squirting fluids, of incoherent sounds that spoke of wonder and rapture. All the while, I kept my face and hands in constant contact with her body, as gently and soothingly as I had been rough and forceful before. I stayed with her as she came down, letting her feel my love as she had felt my desire. I did not want to let her go – in any way.

Finally she lay quiescent on the bed, totally spent. Reluctantly, I withdrew, although the tips of my fingers still rested against her nearest hip. I have no idea how long we remained like that, the tip of my finger just brushing softly, slowly, soothingly across one inch of her velvet skin.

Then it happened again.

“Thank you,” she whispered. “Thank you so much.”

I knew she had fallen asleep. Naturally, I could not.

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