Dinner and a Show


Copyright 2010 Del Edwards

It had started as a friendly invitation for a Saturday night dinner where she would introduce her friend Patti to him. Over time she had offered to fix him up with one or another of her girlfriends several times. She liked to call herself a ‘social engineer.’ He had always declined until now and wasn’t exactly sure why he had changed his mind

Barbara thought to herself that in a couple of hours she wouldn’t be wearing much…just heels and thigh-high stockings as well as handcuffs, open-mouth gag, collar and a pussy hook partially held in her by her black thong. She had she greeted him with a big smile and a long, firm hug, her body moving sensuously in his arms. “That’s just a little warm up squirm to get you in the mood to meet Patti,” she laughed. After their embrace he followed her to the kitchen admiring her fine legs encased in dark stockings nicely finished in three-inch heels with straps that encircled her ankles. She was dressed in a three-quarter length sleeved white satin blouse and black pencil skirt so as to not compete with her friend Patti who she would introduce to him for his inspection.

She made him a drink and motioned toward the breakfast bar. Barbara had to hike her skirt up a bit to perch on the stool next to his after she collected her half finished drink. He didn’t resist the temptation to gaze at her crossed thighs. He was guessing that Patti would be wearing something a bit more abbreviated and maybe even provocative

Patti was a tall, slim woman with auburn hair and a scattering of freckles on her fair skin. She was dressed in a sleeveless tan sheath with brown and tan bone buttons from bodice to hem. All three of them were standing during the introduction in the kitchen. It became apparent the last two buttons at the hem of her dress were unbuttoned as she mounted one of the stools at the breakfast bar. “Um…that’s a good sign,” Barbara Ümraniye Ukraynalı Escort laughed. “She’s flashing a little thigh…she must like what she sees so far.” Patti’s freckles almost disappeared as a blush spread over her.

“Did Barbara tell you she’s the entertainment as well as the hostess and cook?’ Patti asked, moving the conversation in a different direction. He responded no and turned to Barbara. She knew she had to say something.

“Well,” she began, “You might be shocked. I know I will…be.” Her gaze shifted from him to Patti and a slight smile pulled at the corners of her mouth.

“I guess I’ll just have to wait and see,” he commented.

“I’m quite sure you’ve never seen anything quite like it,” Patti chimed.

Dinner was simple; red wine, Caesar salad and lasagna. The ambiance at the table was quite different than the brightly lit kitchen. With the shutters closed most of the light in the room came from two three-armed candelabras on the empty long side of the dining table. Barbara had arranged the light to favor Patti who was a bit closer to the flickering candles. By the time dinner was over he had decided that Patti was an attractive and worldly woman that he wanted to get to know a lot better.

There was a sly smile on Patti’s face when she announced she was getting some equipment to begin the entertainment. When she returned he watched her buckle a black leather collar with spikes around Barbara’s neck, making sure the Dee ring was in the front. Barbara was sitting at the head of the table opposite him when she commented to him that with the collar in place she must do whatever Patti instructed her to do. Patti followed with her first command, “Strip to the waist.”

Several minutes later Barbara was still in her chair but naked to the waist. Two white rectangular stickypad electrodes were attached to each breast just beyond her nipples Ümraniye Üniversiteli Escort so the current would flow between them. Patti manipulated the power box controls and Barbara screeched at him as though he had done something to her. For the next twenty minutes Barbara would vocalize her pleasure and infrequent excursions to the edge of pain announcing the lightning strikes that repeated struck one nipple and then the other as her friend operated the power box. Sometimes it struck both simultaneously making Barbara shriek and bow her shoulders trying to avoid the intensity burning her breasts. Before the session was done Patti used a tube gag to stifle Barbara’s screams and directed her to leave her skirt on her chair as they all moved to the next station of sensation in the middle of the living room. Barbara was quickly handcuffed behind her back after the brief trip.

Nodding her head rapidly, gasping into her gag she announced the start of her third orgasm. Her eyes glassed over as the gooseflesh grew on her thighs and her knees flexed to get every last bit of pleasure into the middle of her being. Her breath came in gasps as the wave of pleasure washed over her. Her cuffed hands were clenched and her legs splayed wide. Anchored in the center of a four-foot square piece of varnished plywood equipped with eye bolts, chains and French snaps closed around the ankle straps of her high heels she was barely able to move. The pussy hook tensioned five inches inside her was pulled upward by the surgical rubber tubing tied to the ring of the spiked dog collar around her neck. Patti had installed the stainless steel J-shaped implement and then repositioned Barbara’s black thong around her hips to hold the foot-long shaft of the hook close to her body. Patti obviously enjoyed tormenting her willing captive as the electric pussy hook buzzed deep inside her friend.

Barbara’s belly and Ümraniye Vip Escort thighs quivered uncontrollably as her fourth orgasm grasp her, the electric pussy hook silently hissing in her most tender parts. Gasping for breath she nearly vomited the ecstasy that gripped her body. Patti reduced the power and left her position at the control console while Barbara continued to moan and growl.

She advanced toward him and asked, “Think we should make her watch while we screw, or would you rather I chain you down and shock your cock until you erupt!” Patti’s right hand was on his left shoulder while her left hand searched for the hot, hard rod between his legs. She smiled and kissed him when she found it.

He was dumbfounded at the pace and intensity of the evening so far. “What’s your preference?” he heard himself ask. She answered by unbuckling his belt and opening the fly of his pants. While he shucked his pants and shorts down past his knees she unbuttoned her dress up to the waist. She was on him like a cat, kneeling astride him. He slid down the leather couch a bit so she could fit herself onto his throbbing, purple-veined cock.

When he started to thrust up into her, she brought most of her weight to bear on his hips effectively shortening his strokes. “Be still, I will fuck you. This is my party so I get to have it my way,” she commanded. Reaching back and down she found his balls and grasped his sack. While pulling firmly she used her other hand to masturbate until she came. Fifteen seconds later she began to hump him, still holding him back from climax. She was shaved and the elastic suspenders of her hunter green garter belt were slightly slack as she alternated long slow strokes with short, fast wiggles to the sides. She was indeed fucking him and he liked it, even the uncomfortable tugs on his nuts to prolong his hardness. “Gives new meaning to the word “bittersweet” he thought to himself. She had been pantyless all evening and chose to reveal that only after working her friend over with electric pleasuring and becoming a pleasure seeker herself. Twelve minutes and five orgasms later she announced, “You’ve been a good sport about this. Do you want me to fuck you, suck you or shock your cock till you come?”

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