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Amy cursed again as she tripped on an errant tree root for the tenth time. She was making her way along a woodland path, following the clear instructions written on the note in her hand. She had found the letter by her bed when she woke this morning. It was written by her husband and detailed her task for the day. Amy always loved to play the submissive and the leaving of ‘orders’ for her was one of her favourite games. However, this note in particular was unusually vague. It simply told her to be at a certain location at three o’clock, and what to wear. It was this attire that explained her unstable progress. She was clothed in a tight white dress which clung to her curvaceous body. The hem line was very high, revealing her pale thighs and almost exposing her pert bottom, especially as she wore no underwear. The top half was low cut and designed to push up her large breasts until they were almost bursting out of her dress. On her feet she wore sky high white stiletto heeled shoes which pushed her onto her toes and made walking on this terrain almost impossible. All in all, her outfit would be considered revealing in a seedy nightclub; out here in the woods it looked plain ridiculous.

Amy tried to pick up speed, slipping and stumbling on a path that had obviously not been trod for a while. Eventually she reached the spot, a secluded hollow with what, in winter, must have been a large pond in it’s centre. Now, in the middle of summer, all that remained was a large area of thick dark mud. Her whole body tingled, partly from exertion but mainly from excitement tinged with fear. She knew he was somewhere watching her, and she also knew how much she would have been punished if she were just a few seconds late.

On the ground in front of her was a silk handkerchief. She knew it would be there and what to do with it. With one final nervous look around she picked up the scarf and tied it over her eyes, blocking her sight. She then spread her legs wide and bent at the waist, grasping her ankles with her hands. Once in position she waited stationary. However, her mind was a flurry of activity. What did he have planned for her? What would happen if someone accidentally stumbled on this spot now? If they were to find her here, they would be treated to a wonderful sight. Her dress had ridden up, exposing her naked bottom. With her legs spread her pussy was on display, moist and glistening as she tried to imagine what was to come. Her chest heaved with exertion, breasts only just restrained by the top, nipples hard with arousal. Her long blonde hair hung enticingly, almost touching to rough ground.

Amy could not say how long she held that position, but jumped with surprise as she heard a twig snap behind her. ‘Oh God, please let it be him!’ she begged to herself.

The footsteps came closer and then stopped. She could almost feel a presence next to her but still didn’t flinch from her position.

‘You were almost late,’ came the unmistakable voice of her husband and master.

‘However, you do look exceedingly beautiful, and have not moved the whole time I have been watching you. Well done.’

Amy sighed with relief at the kind words, then realised that this was only the beginning of her ‘ordeal’. She heard him walk all the way around her, admiring her perfect form. She gasped in surprise as she felt his rough touch on the inside of her leg. He ran his hand up, over her thigh and almost Ümraniye Sınırsız Escort over her crotch before stopping teasingly and returning to the other leg. His teasing continued and she longed to be touched properly, ached for him to plunge his fingers into her waiting cunt. She moaned with pleasure as he lifted her dress up over her buttocks leaving her exposed, expecting his warm fingers. Instead she felt the touch of a plastic phallus between her pussy lips. He played it teasingly over her cunt, slipping it between her wet lips and toying with her clit. She tried to push backwards towards it, begging to have her pussy filled but not daring to release the grip on her ankles. Once he had finished teasing her and the toy was covered in her cum, he moved it up to her other hole. She twitched slightly at this unexpected change as he ran the dildo around her rim. Knowing exactly what he had in mind, she tried to relax as he plunged to phallus slowly but firmly between the cheeks of her ass. Despite producing her own lubricant her breathing became laboured as she took the widest part of the toy into her hole. Eventually the plug was in position, filling her deliciously and completely. However, her fun wasn’t over. Amy then felt a larger toy being pushed between the lips of her pussy. It was larger than she had taken before and even in her aroused state stretched her cunt almost painfully. Once her husband was happy with the second toy he slipped an intricate belt that connected both toys around her waist and between her legs, securing it with a silver padlock. He then stepped back to admire the view.

With both her holes filled and on display Amy felt very uncomfortable but this only added to her arousal. He left her for a couple of minutes, watching her laboured breathing as her pussy clamped around the dildo filling it. Once satisfied he pulled her dress back over her bottom and ordered her to stand with her legs together. She did this with some difficulty, the movement forcing both toys further inside her. Eventually her legs were together and he immediately slipped a pair of padlocked cuffs around her ankles, holding them firmly together. With that she felt his strong grip around her waist as she was lifted into the air and flung unceremoniously over his shoulder. Blindfolded, upside down and disorientated she felt him begin to move then heard the distinctive sound as his boots stepped into the thick mud of the dried out pond. With no idea what was going on all she could do was remain still and silent until, after a good few steps, she was put down.

‘You are to remain perfectly still for five minutes. Do you understand?’ he commanded.

She nodded her head meekly, keeping it bowed.

‘After that, well, it’s up to you!’ he chuckled.

She pondered what he could mean as she felt his hands push between her bound legs to the toys in her pussy and ass. With a simply twist, vibrations began to coarse through her cunt and she gasped at the delicious feeling, her arousal building instantly.

She stood perfectly still for five minutes, eyes closed as she focused on the vibrations pulsing through her entire body. Her filled pussy burned with desire and she longed to take control of the dildo and thrust it in and out of her cunt, fucking herself with it until she came. However, the straps held it firm, preventing her from moving it to a position that would Ümraniye Suriyeli Escort bring on an orgasm. Moreover, she had been ordered to remain still, he could still be watching her.

When she was sure enough time had passed, Amy reached up, removed the blindfold and stood blinking as her eyes adjusted to the light. Then she looked around and took stock of her situation. She stood on a tiny grassed island in the centre of the dried out pond. Her legs were bound securely together. cuffed and padlocked ensuring she could not wriggle free. The belt around her waist and between her legs was also locked in place, holding both toys firmly inside her. As she tugged and pulled at them she squirmed with pleasure, her fingers becoming coated in her cum. In front of her, handing on a tree at the edge of the pond, she could just about make out a set of keys, obviously designed to fit the lock holding her ankles together. However, between herself and freedom, indeed all around her island, was around ten meters of deep, damp mud. She could just about make out the footprints of her husband’s boots as the mud oozed back to fill the indentations.

As for her husband, there was no sign. It was obvious that he would not be back to rescue her. If she wanted to get home she was going to have to do it herself. She hopped forward comically to the front of the island, wobbling on her high heels. Looking at the mud, she considered her options. If she stayed there who knows how long she would have to wait until she was rescued, and by whom? She didn’t relish the thought of being found in this predicament. What’s more, the incessant buzzing in her crotch lent a certain urgency. Her mind made up, she hopped forward once more and landed with a splat into the mud. Immediately she began to sink, the cold, slimy mud flowing between her toes and over her shoes. She tried to pull one leg or the other out, but her bindings prevented this, instead she just sank a little deeper as the mud reached the bottom of her calves. Realising that she could not pull her legs free she reached forward with her hands to push herself out. As her hands too began to be submerged she tried to pull them clear but, overbalanced, they continued to sink, the mud covering her wrists. The tips of her long blonde hair now trailed in the mud as well. With no way of pushing down with her hands she could not pull her bound legs out so instead sank to her knees in defeat.

There she was, on her hands and knees, half sunk in the thick black mud, with the hem of her white dress riding over her bottom pushed high into the air. Something about her predicament was so degrading that she found it very erotic. Suddenly the vibrations between her legs increased rapidly and she let out a cry, arching her back and tossing her messy hair as her body reacted. The orgasm came quickly, beginning in her cunt but spreading through her entire body. She let out another cry, louder and more animalistic now as she bucked with desire. The climax was long and hard, amplified by the restraining mud all around her and the utter humiliation of her position. As it passed and the vibrations decreased in intensity she was left gasping, her chest heaving and her frame covered in perspiration. Eventually her mind returned to thoughts of escape. On her knees she could pull her hands free but not her feet. The only way out was to crawl. Cringing at the thought, Ümraniye İranlı Escort she slowly edged her hands forwards, all the while her chest, clad in that beautiful white dress, came closer to the mud. With one final, defeated sigh, she lowered herself fully, gasping as her hard, erect nipples made contact with the cold wet ground. In the prone position she could just about make progress, pulling her feet clear with a loud squelch and then dragging herself forward. As she moved her dress was pulled down, exposing her breasts as the mud slipped over them, covering them completely. Occasionally, in a fruitless attempt to salvage some decency, she would pull her soaked and filthy dress up over her bosom.

Finally she had just about reached the edge. As her hand reached out to grab the grass at the side of the pond, the vibrations increased tempo again, at a higher and almost painful level. Almost instinctively she reached down to her pussy and in doing so rolled onto her side in the mud. Her whole body burned with desire, rolling and twisting on the ground as another orgasm ripped through her.

‘Oh my God!’ she cried out, ‘I’m cumming again!’

She twisted and turned, thrashing around in the mire as she climaxed, covering her entire body with mud. Her hands were alternately thrust between her legs then pushed through her hair as the orgasm consumed her and she almost fucked the earth beneath her. Spasm after spasm rocked through her until she was spent and left shaking on the ground. With a final ounce of strength she managed to pull herself free from the bog and then she collapsed on the harder soil, shaking uncontrollably as the orgasm subsided.

After a number of minutes she felt able to move again. She sat up slowly, her mud covered hair plastered to her almost naked body. Her dress was ruined, every stitch soaked in filth. Mud covered her face and chest from her wandering hands during the orgasm. Between her legs was a sticky mess, partly from the mud but mainly from her own cum. She rose shakily to her feet, hopped stiffly to the tree and, grabbing the key, unlocked her ankle restraints. Finally she was free, but she still had to make her way home. She tried her best to tidy up her appearance but to no avail. The dress was so ruined it hardly provided any decency, only just covering the toys in her pussy and ass, the belts still holding them in place. She had no choice but to walk back as she was.

The journey home, along busy streets, was a nightmare. Amy had never been so humiliated. Everyone stopped and stared at this bedraggled sight. She wasn’t sure who was worse. On one hand were those who were instantly disgusted by her attire, with her filthy hair and mud covered figure. However, worse were those who initially took pity on her. They would approach with faces full of care, arms outstretched in support. But when they came nearer they would catch sight of her blushing complexion and her nipples hard from arousal (the vibrations continued to coarse through her body from the toys buried inside her). These would-be Samaritans then caught the smell of her arousal until, between pants, Amy would manage to tell them that she was OK. The look on their faces as they turned away made her feel so small, but the feeling of humiliation only served to increase her arousal. Incredibly, by the time she reached her home she was on the edge of another orgasm. She fell into the arms of her waiting husband, who, of course, had witnessed the whole thing (How else could the vibrations have increased as she found herself in the most awkward of positions!). She looked forward to a long hot shared shower and the pleasure of re-living her day’s adventure as he took care of her third climax of the day.

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