Dommed by a Young Blonde Ch. 02


Disclaimer: These are real stories. Everything that happened here is, to the best of my knowledge, what actually happened. The experiences are several years old, but I captured them all to the best of my ability.


So, that girl from a year ago was no longer a femdom in training. She was her own femdom, her own boss, and had her own services. This definitely changed things. A girl I was once put off by now suddenly had me wrapped around her finger, or more literally, her finger wrapped around my prostate. We started hanging out after that first session, but we weren’t friends. I was practically a live-in sub, doing her chores and what not. It was a week in, when one day I came over. She seemed a little angry, so I offered to smoke.

“A client cancelled on me today,” she said.

“Oh? His loss I guess,” I said. I lit the bowl, took a few puffs, and then handed it to her.

“Guess so.” She took a few puffs herself. “What about you? Looking for a session today?”

“I wasn’t really planning on it. I was just thinking of hanging out.”

“Yeah, I guess we can do that. We could play some video games or something.”

“That could work.” I thought for a few moments…maybe I could work this out in my favor. “What is the tribute for a night instead of a regular session?”

“Why? Are you interested?” She perked up.

“Yeah. I mean, may as well not make the day a total loss right?”

“Well, we could do the usual tribute since you’re a regular. I have nothing else planned for tonight anyways.”

“Really? Alright then, let’s do it.” I packed up my stuff and we left for my place. The ride over was mostly silent in conversation. I’m a fan of listening to music and just getting lost in the drive. She asked the usual questions. How far are we going? Where do I live exactly? Etc. Keeping it safe, it was understandable. When we got to my place, I showed her my room and my liquor cabinet. “Feel free to make yourself a drink.”

“I think I will.” She smiled and grabbed a bottle of rum.

“I’ll get you something to mix it with. I’m a fan of rum and coke.”

“I’ll just have a few shots for now,” she said. She poured some rum into a glass and knocked it back.

“Suit yourself,” I said. I grabbed a soda from the fridge and mixed myself a drink. I figured one of us should be mostly sober. We settled into my room and put a movie on. It was ‘My Awkward Sexual Adventure,’ a good choice for what was to come, I thought. Halfway into the movie, I started my prepping routine. I took out my duffle bag of toys and grabbed the douche I had bought myself. I ran some warm water, filled it up, stripped down, and then went into my shower.

It was a little embarrassing knowing she was in the room next to me, while I cleaned myself out. It’s hard to keep things silent went you have a rectum full of water. I figured she was used to it, and didn’t mind. When I was finished, I cleaned up and walked back out into my bedroom. She was lying down towards my TV. I put on some boxers. “Tired?”

“Just a little tipsy.”

“Oh…” I was a little bummed. The point was to have a night of domming, not for her to get plastered and fall asleep. I wanted to salvage something. “Did I ever tell you I learned massages from a masseuse?”

She looked at me. “You did?”

“Well, a friend of a friend who’s a masseuse. But basically, yeah.”

She stretched. “I love massages.”

I climbed up onto the bed. “Do you mind? A good slave should take care of his Mistress.”

“Go ahead.” At the time, she was wearing gym shorts, a pair of undies, a tank top and a bra. I climbed on top of her, straddling my legs around her hips.

“Do you mind removing the bra? Straps just get in the way,” I said.

“Sure.” Without hesitation, she unclasped her bra and removed it. I then started to rub around her neck and shoulders. She didn’t give me much of a response, but I could see some tension loosening up.

“You know, I can do more than your shoulders. I can work your back, your arms, and move my way down,” I said. I started to rub her upper back.

“Whatever çapa escort is fine,” she said.

“Alright.” I moved to her arms, guiding each one to her side, extending it, and placing pressure on the muscles. I firmly grabbed her biceps, triceps, and the muscles in her forearms, working the tension down and out through her fingers. I repeated the process on each arm, and then moved inward toward her back. I rubbed her upper back with gentle, but firm movements, and worked my way down between her shoulder blades, along her spine, and beneath her breast cage.

As I went lower, I decided to test my luck. I grabbed her shirt. “Do you mind?” I started to lift it. “It will make tracing your back easier.”

“Go ahead,” she said.

I smiled to myself and continued to lift her shirt. I watched as the sides of her small breasts were exposed. Pressed against the bed beneath her, they looked soft. I started to rub her back again, and soon traced my hands up and down the length of her back. This time, not applying pressure, simply tracing her muscles and the small of her back with my hands. I worked my way up and started to apply pressure to her sides. I slid my hands upwards and lightly felt her breasts.

“Watch it,” she sharply said.

“Sorry,” I quickly responded. I traced my hands back down and rubbed around her waist. I began to work pressure onto her hips, when I decided to push my luck even further. “There are pressure points on the top and beneath the buttocks too. And some on the inner thighs. Would you mind if I work on these areas too?”

“Sure,” she said.

I first started to rub her legs and thighs. I wasn’t in a rush to end things quickly. I applied pressure to the inside and outside of her thighs, then to her calves, and worked my way down to her feet. I changed my seating position, and sat atop her ass as I bent each leg and brought her feet towards my body. I would rub her soles, the arches of her feet, and each toe, working out the tension. When her feet were done, I decided to work up the courage for the final step. I turned back around, and returned to my straddling position.

Well, it was now or never. I slipped my fingers into her waistband. Slowly, nervously, cautiously, I slipped her shorts and undies down, revealing her shapely ass and her lower pair of lips. She didn’t react. Not wanting to enter illegal territory, I spoke up. “Is this alright?”

“Yes,” she said.

“Okay. I’m just going to work on the pressure points. I’ll let you know which ones as I move along. Right now, just the ones around the buttocks.” I took my fingers, and worked them into the muscle at the top of each buttock. After a few moments, I would trace my fingers down to the bottom, and work pressure into the flesh just beneath her buttocks. After alleviating what pressure I could, I gently grabbed each cheek, mimicking the same movements.

“Now, there are some points on the inner thighs,” I said. “However, they’re a little close to your pussy. If you don’t want me to do this, just say so.”

“Just watch yourself,” she said.

“Yes, Mistress.” I slowly spread her legs, and placed my fingers against the innermost part of her thighs, an inch or two away from the lips encasing her womanhood. I gently applied pressure to these points, and exhaled slowly. I could see her letting out a long exhale as well. Moments later, I retracted my fingers and gazed at that set of lips between her legs. “May I…May I feel you, Mistress?”

“Okay, that’s enough for now,” she said. She pulled her shorts back up and bucked me off as she rolled over. “Thanks for the massage. I’m tired, how about we get some sleep? I’ll dom you tomorrow.”

I nodded. “Okay…” I cleaned up for nothing, but I dug my own grave at this point. “Do you want to take a shower?”

“Tomorrow.” She got into the covers of my bed as I went to brush my teeth. Once ready for bed, I crawled in next to her and turned off the lights.


The next morning, my Mistress woke up to me spooning her in my sleep. Put off by this, I felt her move as istanbul escort bayan she went into the next room. I continued to sleep, but woke up shortly after. I then went into the other room and woke her up. “Good morning.”

“Yeah, whatever,” she said. She sat up.

“Everything alright?”

“Yeah. I’m going to shower.”

“Oh, alright…can I…may I, bathe with you?”

“Are you serious?” She looked at me. “Last night you get handsy, and now you want to get naked with me in the shower? I’m doing you a favor with this deal I’m giving you. Be thankful.” She walked into the bathroom and shut the door. I took this as a chance to get back on her good side. I went into the kitchen and turned on the stove. I grabbed a couple of eggs, some cheese, and bacon.

I started to cook us some breakfast. Every so often, I’d knock on the bathroom door and open it slightly to ask her how she liked her eggs, if she wanted cheese, and how many strips of bacon. Once breakfast was ready, I kept it warm while I waited for her. Soon, she came out into the kitchen, fully dressed. “Smells good,” she said. “Thanks for making breakfast.”

“You’re welcome, Mistress. Sorry about earlier.”

“Don’t worry about it. You just gotta think, ya know? You’re trying to be a top from the bottom, and I don’t do that shit.” She started to eat her eggs.

“Understood.” We ate breakfast in mostly silence. Afterwards, I cleaned the dishes, and she went back to my room. When I found her, she was packing another bowl of my weed. “Getting ready?”

“Yeah. Get things set up.”

“Okay.” I took my duffle bag out and grabbed a few toys. I took out my bondage gear as well, and put the straps and cuffs on each side of the bed. I took off my clothes, stripping to my boxers, and laid a towel down on the bed. She looked at me, and finished her bowl.

“Alright, let’s do this.” She came up behind me and bent me over the bed.

“Wait, I was hoping we could do something a little different.”

“What do you mean? You’re ready, aren’t you?”

“Yes, but I was hoping you could tie me up a bit? Maybe…take off your top this time?”

“Oh, so you want to see my tits,” she said.

“Well…they do look nice,” I said. “And, I have some painter’s tape in my desk. You can put some on your nipples, if you wish.” She allowed me to get up, and I retrieved the tape from my desk.

“I guess this could work,” she said. She took the tape from me, and went into the bathroom. When she returned, she was topless with little blue “x’s” of tape covering her nipples. All she had on was a pair of black undies. “Ready now?”

“Yeah, I set up some bondage.” I took off my boxers and laid down on the bed. I strapped one hand in. “I need you to do the other one.

“Sure,” she said. She cuffed my other hand to the bed, and I was strapped down. “Now, let’s see what you have…Ooh, I think the butt plug will be good for this.” She retrieved my thick, orange butt plug from my bag and climbed up onto the bed. She took some lube, a small amount, and rubbed it onto the plug. She then worked a finger into my ass, and I moaned lightly. “Still ready from last night, I see. That’s good.” She lifted my legs, and placed the plug inside me. I let out a sharp exhale, and she twisted the plug, teasing me. She then lowered my legs. “Enjoy that,” she said.

Before I knew it, she sat on top of my naked body and started to grind me, teasing me. I lightly moaned, trying to contain myself. She crawled towards me. “Open your mouth.” I thought she was going to cross a line and kiss me, or maybe sit on my face. But when she spit in my mouth, I immediately started to hack. No one had done that to me before, and I didn’t like it. “Okay, not into that. That’s fine.” She stood up on top of me and started to do a little dance.

I watched as she played with her tits and danced above me. She swayed her hips, and occasionally slid across my pelvis. She then took me by surprise and removed her undies. Here, in my bedroom, I had thing young, naked, blonde girl—and I was tied to my bed. She lowered güngören escort herself and grinded me some more. I moaned as I grinded back into her, praying to get hard and somehow enter her body. She crawled towards me again, and then turned around. She backed up into me. “Kiss my ass,” she said. She grabbed a cheek and pushed it towards me. I happily obliged and kissed her cheek, and then the other, hoping to lick her pussy.

She moved back down my bed and lifted my legs again. She pulled the plug out of my ass, and then put it in the bathroom sink. “So, I think the other day you said you can squirt?”

“Yes, I did, Mistress,” I said.

She went through my duffle bag, and retrieved my 12″, purple jelly dong. “With this?”


“Hmm…alright. Lift your legs,” she said.

“May I make a suggestion?”

“What is it?” She paused.

“I have some more bondage cuffs and straps in the drawer. Can you hog tie me? It really turns me on.”

She smiled. “Certainly.” She grabbed the rest of my bondage gear and unhooked my hands, only to tie my hands and feet together. She took one of the straps, and tied it around my wrists and ankles, securing my limbs, and leaving me completely helpless and vulnerable. My dick and ass were completely exposed, and were all hers to do with what she pleased. She grabbed my dick, and began to tease me. “So, you going to be a good slave?”

“Yes,” I said. I moaned as she grabbed my balls.

“Good. Let’s see what you can do.” She lubed up my 12″ jelly dong and pressed it up against my hole. As I laid there, hog tied, I whimpered as she teased me. Then, with a small thrust, she slid the dong into me. I loudly moaned as it filled me up. She started to thrust in and out of me, first slow, warming me up. I writhed in pleasure, unable to do anything but take the dong inside me. It was exhilarating. To be tied up like this and taken advantage of by a young girl was such a fantasy of mine, and now it was finally happening. I took in every moment of it, and loved each thrust.

I closed my eyes, and started to let go of myself. I had never entered sub space while relaxed, while getting fucked like this. I just wanted to let go, and let it happen. I let my mind wander as I felt the dong slide in and out of my ass. My moans were getting heavier, and my body was starting to shiver. It wasn’t long until my Mistress put more lube onto the dong, and then slid all 12″ into me. I moaned like a girl as she pumped it in and out of me.

The complete loss of control didn’t bug me. I wanted this. I wanted to be her dirty slut. I wanted to be taken over and abused by her. My ass was hers to take, and I gladly gave it up to her. My ass spasmed several times as the dong slid in and out of me. I was in ecstasy, lying there with my feet and hands tied before me. I salivated as the dong wrapped itself around my prostate, moving in and out of me. I was becoming so sensitive, I knew what was going to happen next.

My Mistress worked up the speed, pumped me long and deep, watched me helplessly try to work the dong into me as I rocked my hips forward. I was completely under her control, unable to do anything but enter sub space and take the dong deep inside me. She started to work up the speed, and without warning, started to pump the dong in and out of me, as deep and as fast as she could. My moans became higher in pitch, and I cried out with pleasure.

“Are you going to squirt for me, you little slut? You gonna squirt?”

“Yes! Yes, Mistress!”

“Let’s see it. Let’s see your squirt,” she said. She continued to pump into me as hard as she could. My hips began to shake, and my dick gushed with precum. In moments, a stream of ejaculate was squirting onto the towel, my legs, and onto my stomach. My Mistress laughed as she continued to pump me for a few more seconds, and more streams escaped from my dick. “Mmm…seemed you enjoyed that.” She slowly pulled the dong from my ass and put it in the bathroom sink. She looked at me. “Now whether I leave you here or untie you, that’s the question…but, you are my ride home.” She smiled and untied me from my position. “Have fun?”

“Yes Mistress, I did. Thank you.” As she untied my hands and feet, I let them fall limp to my sides. I laid there, trying to collect my thoughts, and the energy to move. Sub space was a long way from home.

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