Dr. Slut’s Office

Ava Addams

Author’s Note:

Mistress Pepper and Sophie are “anonymized” versions of me and my slave-girl. The real me. All of my stories are (or should I say will be) my memories of a session with a sub. Thus, they are true stories. Only in this version details have been changed to protect the sub. I do live in Mobile about 10 months of the year (the remaining two I spend in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, where my father is from and lives), and almost all of my subs live in Mobile or a bordering county. I’m originally from Baldwin County, next door to Mobile. I moved across the bay to attend USA. As is/did Mistress Pepper. But I’m not a blond. And you’ll most definitely have to guess at my bra size!

And remember, the names and such have been changed in this version to protect the slutty. Only Princess Lilly appears as herself. But she truly has no concept of shame.

Session Date:

01 July, 2020

This Story Released:

02 January, 2021

Dr. Slut’s Office


In case this is the first of my stories you’ve read, there are a few things I’ve skipped over in this story since there are several other stories I’ve written about this same sub. I tend to write a story after almost all of my sessions with my toys. But I publish very few of them online.

My name is Pepper Rodgers. I’m a 19-year-old Domme, living downtown Mobile, Alabama. I have a decently well-stocked playroom in the second bedroom of my fourth-floor apartment (most of my neighbors are corporate types who aren’t always around, giving me a lot of privacy, even in the halls and elevators). I also have a decently stocked toybox. I prefer my toys to be older than I am, around 30-42 years old. I prefer men for myself, however not for my toybox. When it comes to toys, I find women and couples to be far more amusing. Single men tend to be needier, and often too clingy. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a few of them in my toybox. I do. They just don’t have the same chances of getting there as couples and single women do.

I’m petite. Actually more “tiny” that petite. I’m 5′ 1.75″ and 91 pounds. I’m not bony, though, I’ve curvy, like a small-sized woman. I have blond hair down to my shoulders and blue eyes. Oh, and my chest is the only place I’m not small. I’m a 32-D, and I’m very pert. Which makes me popular with the boys.

I’m also slightly bisexual. I’m attracted to men, not women. I would never choose a female partner for even a date, let alone for sex. But I’m not opposed to masturbating with a female toy. Sophie happens to be my favorite sex toy to pleasure myself with. Her tongue has two big advantages over my vibrator: one, it’s very delicate and tender. Two, no matter how much I use it, its batteries never die at the worst possible moment! It’s better than fresh bunny batteries, it just keeps going until I want it to stop. And I don’t even have to hold it in place!

When I want sex I never use one of my toys. I never allow a toy touch, or even see, all of me. And I never bring a toy to my bedroom. Nor do I chose a woman. I pick a man, usually one I find in a club or cafe, or wherever. I flirt, dance dirty a little and if he meets my standards, I ask if he’s interested in a one-time-only, no-names-exchanged, hook-up. I’ve never been turned down.

I have a few standards for my hook-ups. I never pick a guy I know or even just see around. And I insist on a cock between 7 and 9″ long and 1.5″ across, plus or minus a small bit. I won’t touch a guy who isn’t circumcised, either. I hate the way the foreskin feels inside me. I want to feel that fat head. The dirty dancing gives me plenty of time to tease a guy hard and feel for myself what he’s got. It’s the only way not to be disappointed. Guys always lie about their equipment!

Sophie is my 19-year-old live-in slave-girl. She’s slightly petite at 5’4″ and 119 pounds. She’s pretty, too, with long honey-blond hair, green eyes, and a 34-B chest. Sophie is extremely devoted to me. So devoted, and so happy as my slave, that despite not being attracted to women, she’s a virgin with men. She serves and pleasures only me, and those I give her to. And while I use her, even with my male toys, I won’t allow any man to touch her pussy or penetrate her bottom. Those are mine. Only mine. I’ve owned her since she graduated high school, but I’ve known her longer. Since about two months after her 18th birthday, which was also about two months before she finished high school.

I have three BFFs, (Isabelle, Reagan, and Ellie) none of whom are into my little games. But all of whom occasionally creep into my stories. After all, they are my BFFs so they tend to be around. Luckily they’re not offended by anything they happen to see. They’re just not eager for me to put on a show on their account.

I also have a circle of five other women friends, all of whom are Dommes as well. Andrea (26), Janelle (35), Colette (39), Diane (43), and Olive (44). we usually get together every couple of weeks beşiktaş escort for coffee and a little chat about who’s doing what to whom lately. We sometimes share, or loan, our toys to each other, but not that often. Sometimes we do a favor for each other, such as providing something different for a toy. Mostly we do what girls do: we gossip.

I get all of my toys through networking. It’s almost always either one of the women in our circle who has a toy she doesn’t want and offers to point it at another who is interested. Or sometimes one of my toys tells someone, who tells someone, and so on until someone asks my toy to introduce someone to me. Rarely it’s someone I don’t play with, but who knows what I’m into, who asks me to meet someone. I get plenty of emails inquiring about meeting me, and while I will email and maybe chat with a sub online, I haven’t yet met any. I won’t rule it out, but meeting online is risky enough that someone would have to convince me before I’d think about it. A girl’s gotta be careful!

Chapter 01: Misbehavior

Usually, I shy away from toys in the health care field. That’s because I’m a student nurse. Whether I make it into medical school next or not, I’m going to be working in health care. I’m afraid it would be rather awkward for a toy, where it to have to work with me. And more so, I don’t want to separate my life. I don’t want to be “Nurse Pepper” to the toy during the day, and “Miss Rodgers” to it later. So it seems easier just to avoid those toys I might end up working with.

But like every rule, that one has exceptions. And one of those exceptions is Jill. She’s a 38-year-old pediatrician with a thriving practice in Milton, Florida. That’s one of the reasons I made an exception for her. Milton is two counties, and one state, away from my home in Mobile, Alabama. On I-10, it’s about an hour’s drive. And it’s on the other side of Pensacola, a rather large city. Thus, there’s almost zero crossover between the affluent suburb of Milton and the rather poor city of Mobile. So it’s unlikely that I’d ever run into Jill professionally. She’s not even licensed in Alabama. And I have no plans to move to Florida — there are far too many Seminoles fans there — the insanity of it might be contagious!

Jill first came to me several months ago through the usual chain of friends. My friend Nikolai, a fellow Dom in Pensacola sent her to me. He, I hear, learned of her through his friend Diane, a woman I know slightly. Diane heard of her through her friend Jessie, a “bedroom Domme” and friend of Jill’s. That seems to be the usual way I meet new toys. They have a friend who is into D/s. Obviously, they don’t want to play with their friend, so they end up asking if she knows someone. Jessie isn’t exactly active in the BDSM community around Pensacola, but she does a little networking, mostly just for ideas of things she can do with her “slave-husband” behind closed doors. So she mentioned Jill to Diane, wondering if Diane, a Domme who is active in the community, might know of someone who was interested. Someone far from Milton so that Jill could ensure that her private and professional lives never came close to crossing paths. Both Diane and Nikolai immediately thought of me. I’m sure distance was a part of it. As was the idea of the nurse lording over the doctor.

I have no desire to “out” Jill. Doing so, in the conservative community she practices in would destroy her practice. She’d end up having to move. Not that Jill’s sexual tastes have any impact on her professionally, but in that small city, no parent would take their child to a doctor who wasn’t seen as “straight-laced.” That’s just the way things are. It’s also the reason Jill wanted to meet a Domme from some distance away. To keep her lives separate. Very separate.

The first time I met Jill I laid out all of my rules to her. And she agreed to them. If she hadn’t, I would have sent her packing. One of those rules is that I own her. 24/7. I have never been interested in being a “bedroom Domme,” a woman who is only a Domme once the bedroom doors are shut and locked behind her. I am dominant, period. To me, it’s who I am. I made it clear to Jill that I might invite myself to pop up anywhere, at any time, and she would be expected to “behave” if I did. No matter what. She agreed to it.

Jill tried to ask me to agree never to “invade” her professional life. I spanked her for asking. Then I told her that I don’t allow my subs to set limits. Any limits. My subs just have to put all of their trust in me to think about them and their needs. Jill would just have to trust that I would not damage her professional reputation. She accepted that. Then she begged me to avoid invading her professional life. I spanked her for that, too. I think she got the message.

Jill, like most private-practice doctors, is a workaholic. She’s usually in the hospital by 6:00, then in her office by 8:00 to see patients. After which, she’s back at the hospital istanbul escort for another couple of hours. Her social life is somewhat limited. But she does have a long-term boyfriend, a guy she kind of lives with, although he keeps his own place as well. They’ve been together for around ten years now but never married. Smart woman. He knows about her playtime with me. I would have taken her if he didn’t. I don’t like to spank behind the back of a significant other. I’m not going to be the “other woman.” I’ve met him. He seems to enjoy watching but doesn’t want to join in. I can live with that. As can Jill.

One, and maybe the only, good thing about COVID is that it has moved a lot of classes online. Especially now. The summer semester is always a light one anyway. I only have classes on Mondays and Thursdays. Those are all “lab classes.” Nursing classes where we actually do things to people. Classes that can’t be online. On Tuesdays, I work a shift in the student health center. There, students get free health care. The price of the free care is that they get it mostly from student nurses and doctors, not real ones. They get free care, and we get practice dummies. Nothing is ever really free, is it? The rest of my classes are online, and I can do those from anywhere. Mostly anytime. For some reason, the professors have taken to posting videos of their lectures instead of interactive classes. At least most of them still have office hours in case you get stuck. Most.

Today is Wednesday. I have nothing firm on the agenda for Wednesdays this semester. My live-in slave-girl, Sophie does, though. She’s a sophomore at bishop state college. It’s a state-run two-year college in Mobile. She didn’t have the grades to get into USA with me, so I sent her there. Too bad I didn’t know her sooner, or she would have had the grades for USA. I would have seen to it. Unfortunately, they seem to run that school more like a high school than a college. She has classes four days a week, and she has to be in her classes. As does my slave-whore Paige. Paige is a year behind Sophie. Paige is only 18! She’s just starting her freshman year at Bishop. Since I’m sending Sophie to classes this summer, I decided there was no reason Paige could get a jump on her freshman year. So Paige has classes today as well.

I had planned to just hang out with my BFFs, all of whom attend four-year colleges like me. While BFF

is away, both Izzy and Ellie are at USA with me. And neither has plans for the day. But that was before I got the email from Jill’s boyfriend last night.

He sort of, unofficially, watches Jill for me. Jill, of course, knows all about it. All I’ve asked him to do is to email me if he catches Jill breaking any of the rules I insist that she follows 24/7. They’re all pretty basic rules. None of them is anything that anyone else would pick up on. Just “dumb” rules like not wearing pantyhose. Only stockings and a garter. That one is on the list because I hate pantyhose. And a sub never knows when her Mistress might wish to strip her.

According to his email, he caught her breaking one of the more serious rules last night. For my married (or cohabitating) subs, a group I’ve put Jill in because she mostly is living with her boyfriend, I have a rule that she is always to be available to him. She may never deny, or even discourage, him from sex. She is to have sex with him, in any position he fancies, whenever he wishes it. The same applies to oral. If he wants it, she is to give it, then and there. So far, that’s never been a problem for her. And definitely not for him. Anal is a different story. She is not allowed to do that without my telling her to. He doesn’t mind that restriction, since before me she refused to do it. I guess he figures anything is better than nothing.

The other half of that rule is that she is not to “ask” for sex. She’s to just wait until he desires her. Given the average male libido, that’s never been a problem either. He seems to desire her often enough that she doesn’t go horny. Nor is Jill allowed to masturbate, unless he wishes to watch her or I tell her to. I’m not naive. I know that Jill has countless little ways to show it when she’s horny. She can’t ask for it, but there is any number of things she can do to let him know she wants it.

That’s what she did last night. She might have gotten home late, but that didn’t stop her from changing into a sexy nightie and parading around in front of him. In high heels, too. Tell me that’s not a giant billboard saying “fuck me.” But before he did (and I’m sure he only took so long because he was enjoying the show she was putting on), Jill took matters into her own hand. Literally. She sat beside him and cuddled up. A couple of minutes later he saw her hand slipping between her thighs. He stopped her, but he still “ratted her out” to me. Good boyfriend.

Especially since I’m confident Jill knew exactly what she was doing. Oh, I’m sure she wanted that orgasm, bakırköy escort which he later gave her. But she also knew well that he would tell me. Not only did he promise me that he would, but he also promised her that he would. Thus, she knew that he would. And she knew that I wouldn’t “stand for it.” She knows that I will summon her and punish her for it. Since it’s been a few weeks since Jill’s last session, I suspect that’s why she made sure he caught her. So he’d tell me. And I punish her. She must be getting eager for another session. She’s not allowed to ask to see me, so like most subs, she “asks” by misbehaving knowing full well that I will punish her for it. It works well since that punishment is what she really wants anyway.

But she’s not suspecting what I thought up for her. I’m sure she will absolutely hate every second of it. Almost as much as her pussy loves every second of it. And she is definitely not going to be expecting it. I’d bet she’s expecting me to summon her some evening very soon to my apartment. Or maybe to pop in to her house so that her boyfriend can have the reward of watching. But she’s not expecting this.

A few minutes after 8:00 I pull into the parking lot of her office. As I get out of my car, I take out my phone and call Jill’s private cell number. I have all of her numbers, but calling her at the office would just make me go through her receptionist, and I don’t want to. But this number is for her closest friends, her boyfriend, and me. It’s the one number she’ll always answer since all of us know to avoid calling her during work hours when possible. And she does.

“Oh, hello my naughty, horny little slut!” I greet Jill when she answers her phone. “You are in so much trouble! How dare you masturbate without my permission! Don’t you remember that pussy between your legs belongs to me, slut?”

“Yes, Miss Rodgers. I’m sorry, Ma’am… I just couldn’t help myself! I didn’t even realize I was doing it until Hank caught me, Ma’am.” Jill babbles her apology. What I notice is that she’s using a normal voice, and she’s not guarding her words. Thus she must be alone. I’d bet she’s in her office at the back of the office. With the door shut. She doesn’t have a patient for another 20 minutes or so. Not until 8:30. And the doctor is never early! I think they take their licenses away if they are!

“Shut up, slut. Stop babbling. You already know you’ve been naughty. And you know what happens to naughty sluts. They get punished. You have one minute from… now to get your naughty bottom up to your waiting room, slut. Hurry up, those seconds are already ticking off.” I hang up without letting Jill answer.

Then I step into the waiting room. There’s already a patient here. A mother with a small almost-toddler boy. A very cute patient! I hope he’s not too sick! But otherwise, the waiting room is quiet, as I’d thought it would be. The receptionist is behind her desk, with that annoying glass window shut. At first, she doesn’t even look up to see who came in. She must have been doing this for a long time now. She’s got the attitude.

Today I’ve dressed as a nurse. I have my scrubs on. OK, mine are crimson and have “USA Health” embroidered on them along with “P. Rodgers,” but who cares? I have my long blond hair pulled back and clipped up out of the way. I even have my stethoscope in my pocket. I could be any nurse in any clinic anywhere. I’d bet the only difference here is the name of the facility on the scrubs. And maybe the color. Jill seems like the kind who would have nurses in clown-print scrubs for the kids. But mine will do. It screams “nurse” and thus, no one will guess that I’m anything more. Or here for some non-professional reason.

The receptionist is just turning to open the glass and greet me when the door opens and Jill hurries into the waiting room. Jill sees me standing there and freezes in place. I watch as a faint blush begins to blossom on Jill’s light cheeks. Then I save her. I turn to the receptionist and introduce myself as “Penny Rodgers.” I made up the first name. My name, Pepper, isn’t too common, and I don’t want her Googling me. “I’m a student nurse. Dr. Tanner has agreed to let me shadow her for a little bit. It’s part of my classwork that I have to shadow a doctor for a bit, and all the ones they had on the list were, like, surgeons -who are totally obnoxious, or like, oncologists, which is so depressing!” I smile. The receptionist believes every word of it. And she smiles right back at me. I had her when I said surgeons were obnoxious. Maybe she used to work for one. They can be such prima donnas! Whatever now the receptionist is on my side. She believes every word of it. So she doesn’t suspect there’s another reason I’m here.

I turn to Jill. “Thanks again. Where do we start? Your office?”

Jill, still blushing lightly, nods. It takes her a second to pull herself together. Then she turns and leads me back to her office. I’m sure her mind is racing. Wondering how long I plan to hang around. What I plan to do. If I can convince her nurses of that story. And especially, what I plan to do to her. She knows it’s going to be “bad.” She is up for a strict punishment. It’s the second time she was caught masturbating.

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