Emma 5

Emma 5It was another week before he came to me again and I was going frantic hoping each night he’d come and looking back I’m sure he was doing it deliberately so I’d be desperate enough to let him do whatever he wanted. I was awake the night he came and had been fingering myself dreaming of him coming to me. There was no pretence now, h stood by my bed and stripped off, his cock semi hard, just hanging there. “Sit up and suck it Emma” he said, just like that, no kisses or foreplay, just suck his cock. What could I do, I wanted it but so much more I wanted him sucking my pussy again and even fucking me. So I did as he said, I held it and brought it to my lips, licking the tip and then slowly taking it into my mouth. I could feel it hardening and growing in my mouth. And then he started fucking my mouth, in and out slowly at first and then speeding up.Now he was holding konya escort my head and really fucking my mouth, hitting the back of throat and pulling almost out and there was nothing I could do. Suddenly with one hand holding my head tight he grasped his cock with his other hand and rubbed it and shot his load in my mouth. It was so big I had to swallow and it seemed to cum forever as he held me tight. Then he let me go and it flopped out of my mouth “that wasn’t bad Emma, you’re going to make one hell of a cock sucker when you get older, now lay down again, it’s your turn”.I’d hated it and wanted him to go but my body betrayed me as I lay down and opened my legs as he told me to tell him what I wanted. Both he and I knew, but I had to say it, “suck my cunt Bill, please make me cum”. That’s what he wanted and he did as I asked and went down on me, licking and sucking escort konya me and then fingering, it was bliss and I was soon moaning until he finally brought me off. As I relaxed he moved up, kissing all the way until he reached my lips and then started there with his tongue searching my mouth. I could feel his cock was hard again and laying on my belly as he moved it about. “Let’s fuck again Emma, you want to feel my cock inside your tight little pussy again?” I didn’t, but I did, I needed more, I was such a slut but I couldn’t help it. “Tell me Emma tell me you want me to fuck you”. He was so wicked making me say it but I did and then he made me turn on my side and said he’d do it that way. I wasn’t sure, I didn’t know you could do it any other way but he got behind me and with a hand on each arse cheek he spread them and started nudging at my slit.Slowly I could konya escort bayan feel it inching in, it felt even bigger this way and still it kept entering me until I thought I would burst. And then holding my hips he began fucking me, long slow strokes and then it happened, my door opened and mum was standing there. “What’s going on, what are you doing in Emma’s bed?” I nearly died but Bill was so cool, with his cock buried in my pussy he simply told my mum I’d had a nightmare and he’d just come in to comfort me. I was petrified, Bill’s cock was still right up my cunt and my mum was coming to me. She sat on the bed and stroked my forehead which was damp with sweat from all the fucking. She thought it was the nightmare and I somehow stammered that it was but that I felt better now. “That’s good, OK Bill you can leave her now I’m sure she’ll be OK now” and she turned to go on to the bathroom. Bill slipped his rampant cock from my cunt and apologised for not being able to finish it and left me.That really is the end of this almost true story, but should I carry it on in some way? Let me know readers.

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