Family Garden Ch. 47


Chapter 47 – The End; of a Nightmare

Charlene sat up in bed and looked around apprehensively. Her heart was racing, her skin was flushed, and sweat covered her from her forehead to her feet. She couldn’t remember where she was or why she was here.

Sitting up, a clean white sheet fell down her dark taupe-brown body revealing large milk engorged breasts. Her once taut, flat belly now looked like a deflated beach ball, and a hazy memory flashed through her mind of going into labor, but her dream, her nightmare felt so much more vivid, and this, this was the dream!

Moving hands that didn’t feel like they were hers, she touched her nose and felt…nothing! There was no chain around her neck, and no piercings in her nipples!

Looking up, she scanned the hospital room. In a bassinet next to her bed lay a dark taupe-brown babe, and beside it another bassinet with another pale mocha babe. On her other side, with his head resting on the bed, Jason slept with his fingers interlaced with hers.

A smile came to her unbidden, and she gently pulled her hand away from him and ran her fingers through his strawberry blonde hair. Slowly he woke up. When their eyes met, aqua green and dark chocolate brown, she asked in a hoarse whisper, “What happened? Where are we?”

He sat up, his eyes wide open in surprise and relief. Tears budded at their corners as he lurched forward and hugged her tight, “Oh thank god!” He gasped, “You’ve been asleep for days! You almost died giving birth to Heather and Hayden!”

He pulled away but he wouldn’t let go of her. His hands kept fidgeting, touching and rubbing her. Whatever happened to her, it must have been more serious than she thought.

“Heather? Hayden?” She asked, “I thought it was just Heather?”

Jason laughed and rubbed her face as he sniffled, “I know right? Even the doctor was surprised. You passed out after Heather, so I knew Hayden was your alternate girl’s name, but I thought, it’s a unisex name, and well, I knew you liked it…”

“We have twins,” Was all she could think to say.

“Twins,” He laughed before suddenly lurching forward and giving her a hug.

As he was squeezing her, she remembered something important.

“How is your sister? How is Hannah?” She asked, remembering that their due dates were nearly identical.

“She had a beautiful little girl, and named her Theresa,” He answered.

“That’s good,” She sighed before looking back at Heather and Hayden, and asking, “Will you pick them up and give them to me?”

“Of course,” He replied quickly before jumping to his feet and walking around the hospital bed.

She watched Jason’s strong hands nimbly pick the tiny infants up with such tenderness it amazed her. When he set Heather in her arms she couldn’t believe how tiny and light she was. And, when she opened her eyes she could already see that her eyes were a vibrant hazel green and brown. Hayden was next. His coloring was lighter, but his hair was still a dark chocolate brown, and he had his father’s eyes.

“Jason,” Charlene whispered as reality finally began to feel real.

“Yes my love,” He answered expectantly.

“I had a terrifying dream,” She whispered as she looked down at Heather and Hayden suckling her breasts.

“Really? Tell me about it,” He answered as he moved back around the bed and sat next to her.

“First,” She started in a trembling whisper as tears coursed down her cheeks, “I want to tell you, I…am…so…sorry!”

Jason looked truly troubled now, and worried as he asked, “Why? Whatever for?”

“I…think my dream was a premonition of how my life, our lives, would be if I don’t fix things now,” She answered as tears fell down to sprinkle on the babies, “First I lied to you…”

“When?”He asked in confusion.

“When I first confessed to you in the garden,” Charlene cried, “I told you that Gabby didn’t like you, but that I did. I lied. She loves you! She loves you even more than I do! Ever since the first day we moved here…”

Jason looked like a deer caught in headlights so she went on, “That day, she sent me to tell you that she was interested in you, and if you were interested in return, that you could call on her…”

“But you said that Gabby and Porsche were intimate,” Jason finally managed to say.

“They are,” She wailed, “But they both were willing to share you between them if you are interested…”

Silence filled the room as Charlene continued her confession, “Second, me, Larissa, and Sable are also intimate. We have been since, well, since we started growing pubic hair and boobies. Third, my sisters are interested in you as much as I am, and have wanted me to share you with them like Gabby and Porsche were going to.”

Jason’s mouth fell open in surprise at the prospect of fucking triplets, but she just kept on from fear that if she stopped she may never get through her confession, “Fourth, I know about you and your mother and sisters. I know that Danielle, Sonnette, and Eleanor are yours. I know about the legacy tipobet365 güvenilirmi of the ‘Family Garden’ because we have our own as well!”

“Honey, I,” Jason started, with eyes fearful and apologetic, “I am so sorry! I didn’t know until the day you confessed to me!”

Charlene smiled and patted his hand before shushing him, “I know, and I understand. This dream I had, it brought everything into spectacular perspective. I know you love me, but I also know you love your mother and sisters too. I know that you feel responsible, and, that you feel immense guilt for not being truthful with me. That’s why I told you my lies first.”

“Charlene, I,” He gasped apologetically.

“Please,” She begged, “Let me finish! Fifth and last, my love, my dearest Jason,” she paused as fear clamped down on her throat until she was forced swallow and take a deep breath, “For a long time now, unbeknownst to me, Calvin has been coming into our room, while you were still out and I was asleep or nearly so, or waiting on you, and we…,” She paused again to swallow and catch her breath, “He…raped me Jason! He pretended that he was you, under the cover of darkness, and we had sex!”

Jason was shocked. His expression was horrified, but as she cried right there in front of him, she watched as his expression turned stony and then angry.

“I promise, with all my heart, I didn’t know. Not until the other weekend when we went to visit your family. I went to bed while you put Eleanor, Sonnette, and Danielle to bed. He came in,” She sobbed so hard that Hayden popped off her nipple and began to whimper from Charlene’s being upset, “I thought it was you! He fucked me, and then he kissed me and I knew it wasn’t you! I…confronted him, and he laughed at me and admitted to fucking me for years…”

“I’m sorry…”

“I am so so sorry…” She whimpered as Jason stared at her in horror.

Finally, after several minutes, he growled, “I’m gonna kill him!”

“No!” She wailed and grabbed his hand as he stood up to leave. She latched on to his hand and even as he gave a tug so that she would let go, she squeezed all the harder.

“Why not,” He hissed, his voice so hurt it made her heart ache, “Why shouldn’t I go home right now and kill that bastard? Do you love him? Is this what you want? Him and not me?”

“No!” She cried pitifully while shaking her head vehemently, “No, I don’t want you to go to prison for murder. I don’t want to be left alone, without my husband. I don’t want you to miss out on raising your children, all of them!” She wailed as she nodded to the two on her breasts.

“But, you said that they aren’t mine,” He cried now, “There Calvin’s…”

“Fuck Calvin!” She hissed menacingly, “He may have raped me, and he may have gotten me pregnant, but that doesn’t make him their father! If you love me Jason, and you love them, that makes you their father! That’s all they need, and that’s all I want! Your love…”

Jason stood there mad, and hurt, and crying while trying not to for several more minutes before he fixed her with an angry glare and asked, “You said you had a dream, a nightmare, that brought all of this into perspective for you. What happened in your dream?”

She tugged him closer and motioned for him to sit down. Once he was, she began, “I dreamed that I kept all of this from you. Then eventually I made you decide on me and Heather or your family, and then we moved to Seattle. Once there, we got jobs and we were happy for a long time, until you lost your job, and then I…took a position at my job…that…wasn’t good. Lots of stuff happened, and I wound up cheating on you, you cheated on me, with Heather first, and then with others. Then, I got hurt, but you didn’t know because I deceived you by having my sisters pretend to be me. And then, I woke up…”

She looked up from her crying to find Jason staring at her. She couldn’t tell what he was thinking so she went on, “As I see it, this was the moment that everything went wrong. I wasn’t honest with you. You weren’t honest with me, and the secrets we kept, they ruined our marriage and lives!”

“So you had this dream,” Jason finally said, “and what, you thought that if we just confess our sins, our secrets, all would be fine?”

“No,” She replied with a shake of her head, “No I didn’t think everything would be fine. Jason, I… I can’t stay in the same house with Calvin anymore.”

“So,” He asked, his tone defeated, “You’re leaving me. Or, are you wanting me to choose between my family and you all over again?”

“No,” She answered in a whisper, “I don’t want to leave you, and no I don’t want to make you choose between your family and me again. This isn’t your fault, and it isn’t theirs either. It’s Calvin’s fault. So, if you’re willing, I would like us to move in with my sisters and brothers…”

“Wait? What,” He gasped in shock.

In a hurry to explain she continued, “My mother doesn’t live at home anymore. She lives in Seattle and runs her club, the Volton, so tipobet365 yeni giriş the only ones living in my house are my sisters and brothers, and all of my sisters love you! In my dream I wound up sharing you with them, and it was the only good decision I made. So, since you are already fulfilling your responsibilities as the family gardener of your family, why not mine as well?”

“I don’t understand,” Jason said as he shook his head in confusion, “You want me to move in with you and your sisters, and have sex with them?”

“Yes,” She answered with a solemn nod, “and no. I want you to take them as your wives just like me, and I want us to be a big happy family.”

“But,” He stammered now, “What if? What if they don’t want me?”

“They do,” She retorted firmly, “They always have. Each one for their own personal reasons, but all five of us, we love you Jason and that will never change.”

“I,” He sighed as she sat back and threw his head back so that he was looking at the ceiling before continuing, “I don’t know what to say…”

“Say yes my love,” She chuckled now for the first time in a long time, “Say yes, and then we will have made a completely different choice than the one in my dream, and this time we will live happily ever after!”

“Okay! Fine! Yes,” He said as he sat up and took her hand, “We will move in with your sisters, and I will be you and your sisters’ husband, if they will have me.”


2 days later –

“Please, Jason,” Chastity begged as she followed him around the house, “Why are you packing? Where are you going? Why are you leaving us?”

“I thought you loved us,” Clair growled sullenly, while Janice was sitting on the couch in the living room crying.

Jason’s heart ached so badly, but he had to do this. Stomping past a smirking Calvin and a gaping Benjamin, it took everything he had in him to not jump Calvin and strangle him. However, it reinforced his determination.

“Please, Jason,” Janice finally asked as she came up sniffling and hugged him fiercely, “Please just talk to me! Please explain it to me…”

“Fine,” He growled in her ear, “Let’s go to your room and I will explain.”

She nodded her head into his neck and gave him a quick peck before standing up and motioned to Clair and Chastity. He watched them pass by and then followed. Once they were all piled into Janice’s room, Janice and Clair sat on the bed while Chastity stood in front of Jason and took his hands in her’s.

“So, what’s going on,” Chastity asked between sniffles.

“Charlene finally woke up,” He answered as he gazed into Chastity’s eyes before switching to Janice and then Clair, “and she confided in me that she lied about Gabby not being interested in me four years ago.”

“What does that have to do with this?” Janice asked.

“She also told me she knows that I have been incestuous with all three of you and Hannah. She knows that Sonnette, Danielle, Eleanor, and Theresa are mine,” He continued, and this quieted them, “The reason she told me all this was so that I would believe her when she told me that Calvin’s been raping her, disquised as me once she was close to sleep and or waiting for me to come to bed. It was always in the dark, so she never saw his face and just assumed it was me. That is, until he kissed her the other night while forcing her to have sex with him. When she confronted him he gloated and confessed that he had been fucking her for years.”

“Oh my god,” Janice gasped.

“Yeah,” Jason sighed as he finally cried and let himself be pulled into Chastity’s arms.

He cried for several seconds and then gathered himself and stepped back, “Needless to say, he needs no instruction on having relations with women. So, I don’t want any of you to have sex with him. He is a predator!”

“So, Charlene doesn’t want to stay here anymore does she,” Janice announced.

“Yeah,” He agreed.

“Then where are you going to move,” She asked.

“We are going to move out of our apartment, and move in with Charlene’s family,” He answered, “She will need help with the twins, and she is scared of Calvin. As for me, if I stay here I will kill him. So, we are going to keep our distance until he moves out, but we don’t want to be too far away and leave you all with him either.”

“I understand,” Janice answered with a nod, and Chastity and Clair agreed.

“Thank you,” He sighed, feeling a weight had just been lifted from his shoulders.


September 29, 1989

2 more days later –

Almost two weeks after going into labor Charlene was released from the hospital, and now drew a shaky breath before knocking on the door in front of her. It took several seconds of waiting, but finally a grim-faced Gabriella came to the door. It was Friday morning so all of the kids were at school except for the babies. That left Gabriella and Porsche, and Sable and Larissa at home. It was the per facet time to make things right.

“Hey Gabby,” Charlene greeted with a wave of one tipobet365 güvenilirmi hand while holding Hayden in the crook of her other arm.

Jason stood just behind her with Heather in his arms. Porsche walked up beside Gabriella and put her arm around her sister’s waist as they both looked from Charlene to Jason before Porsche asked, “What brings you over here to visit Charlie?”

She had everything she wanted to say already prepared in her mind, however at that moment her mouth was suddenly dry and her throat clamped shut. Tears rimmed her eyes and started trickling down her cheeks, and suddenly she was thrusting Hayden into Jason’s other arm and turning to launch herself into Gabriella and Porsche’s arms, “I’m sorry! I’m so so sorry!” She cried.

Both Gabriella and Porsche were stunned, but it took only a few seconds before they wrapped Charlene in their arms and hugged her tight as they all cried. As they all sobbed and apologized through snot and tears, Jason started smiling as he bounced Heather and Hayden in his arms.

It took a while, but the three sisters finally pulled away and cleaned themselves up, and then Gabriella led everyone to the living room. Before they let Jason sit down both Porsche and Gabriella took Heather and Hayden and sat down as the coo’d and played with them.

“So,” Gabriella asked as she laid Heather down in her lap and played with her feet, “What prompted you to come by now and apologize?”

“I…almost died,” Charlene admitted, “The doctors told me that my cervix tore so badly that not only did I almost die, I might also never be able to carry a baby to full term again, but that isn’t why I’m here. While I was asleep I had a dream of what my life, what our lives would be like if I didn’t make things right. So, here we are, I told Jason everything.”

“Everything,” Porsche asked in confusion.

“That Gabby and you are in love with him,” Charlene answered with a confirming nod, “and that Sable and Larissa always wanted me to share him with them as well, but mostly, I confessed that I lied.”

“About,” Gabriella asked, not letting her off the hook at all.

“I lied when I told Jason that you were not interested in him, but rather was more interested in Porsche,” Charlene admired in a whisper while looking at her hands as she trailed off. Then she looked up with a fire in her eyes and continued more firmly, “That is why we are here, Gabby, to make it right!”

Gabriella’s mouth fell open but then she closed it as her brows furrowed and asked, “You won. You stole him. You fucked him. You lived with him. You married him, and now, only after you have given him children you want to make it right! How Charlie? How can you possibly ever make this right?”

“I know, and I am sorry,” Charlene cried, “I know I can never take back the last five years! But! I can make it right from on, for the rest of our lives!”

As she finished Sable and Larissa walked into the living room. Standing up quickly, Charlene took Hayden from Porsche and gave him to Sable, and then took Heather from Gabriella and gave her to Larissa. They gave her confused glances but took the babes.

Turning back to Gabriella and Porsche she pulled them up one by one and stood them in front of the fireplace together facing the living room. As they asked what she was doing, she turned to Jason and pulled him to his feet and led him to Gabriella and Porsche.

Kneeling down, she reached out and gathered Porsche and Gabriella’s left hand and placed Jason’s left hand in theirs. With her hands wrapped around theirs she said, “Today, I make this covenant with my sisters…”

“Oi, hold on a second,” Sable hollered, “We want in on this too!”

Larissa nodded and they both quickly shifted their infant charges and came over to place their left hands on top of Charlene’s.

With a confident smile that she was doing the right thing, Charlene continued, “In front of all present, I make this covenant with my four sisters, Gabriella, Porsche, Sable, and Larissa; to transfer and share my marriage vows with Jason Galdren with you. Just as he is my husband, so too is he yours if you will accept him and me as your sister-wife?”

Once she was done speaking the words that she had prepared she waited as she looked up at Gabriella expectantly. Their dark brown eyes locked for several seconds before Gabriella smiled and purred, “Before all those present here I, Gabriella Korrapati, accept my sister’s offer. I take this man, Jason Galdren as my husband. To love and share my life with alongside my precious sisters.”

One by one Porsche, then Sable, and lastly Larissa spoke the same vows. Once they were done they all stared at Jason who smiled before finally vowing, “With the blessing of my wife Charlene Korrapati, I happily accept her offer. Before all those present here today I make this vow that I take these four women, Gabriella, Porsche, Sable, and Larissa Korrapati as wives alongside their sister Charlene. I promise to protect and provide for you. I promise I will love you all to the very core of my being through good times and bad, until my dying breath.”

“Here here,” All of the wives cheered, and then Gabriella stepped in first and kissed Jason as soundly as he ever had been. Gabby was followed by Porsche, Sable, Larissa, and finally Charlene.

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