Hot Bath Ch. 05


Scott was still in a daze as he stood outside the door into the master bedroom where he had just spent the last thirty minutes being thoroughly fucked by his mother. Or had he just thoroughly fucked his mother? Either way, he was still a bit stunned when he noticed his sister peeking out of her bedroom door. She motioned to him.

“Scott,” she whispered, “come here.”

He walked over to her door where she grabbed his arm and pulled him into the bedroom. Once inside she swung him around so he practically fell onto her bed. Finally regaining some composure, he sat at the edge of her bed and asked, “What’s going on?”

“Did you talk to mom about yesterday?”

“Well, kind of.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, she called me into her room and started talking about it, about seeing you and then seeing me, but then she got kind of quiet.”


“Well yeah, she got quiet for a few seconds and then took off her robe and began pawing at my cock.”

“She what?”

Scott nodded, “She dropped her robe, grabbed my cock and pulled me onto the bed with her.”

“And you…”

“Yes, we fucked until she came a couple of times. After I came she kept telling me how lucky you were losing your virginity to me. Apparently back when she lost hers it was something very bad.”

“So this is how they are handling it all,” mersin escort Jeanie said.


“I got up early this morning and went downstairs to get a bottle of water. Dad was already in the kitchen. I saw him first and tried to sneak back upstairs but he spotted me and called me back,” Jeanie said, sitting down on the bed next to Scott.

“Oh damn, what happened then?”

“Well he said he wanted to talk to me about what you and I were doing in their room. He wasn’t acting angry or even disgusted by what he saw, it was more like he was nervous. Anyway, he talked about seeing me naked after just having sex, how my nipples were so firm, how my pussy was wet and open. He kept stuttering, stopping and starting while he talked.

“Apparently as I rushed past him and mom I brushed against him… one of my breasts brushed his arm and that was all he said he could think about. As he was talking to me he stepped out from behind the island in the kitchen. He was just in a tee shirt and boxer shorts, you know how he would wander the house like that in the morning.

“I didn’t think anything about it until I happened to glance down and saw he had an erection. Although it was still in his shorts, I could see through the slit in the front. He continued stuttering, starting and stopping as he talked kocaeli escort but I got the basic impression that he was telling me how I got him turned on yesterday.

“I could see he was trembling so I moved toward him and hugged him, noticing he turned his body to avoid poking me with his cock. While we hugged I whispered, “Oh daddy, it’s okay,” and I reached down and slipped my hand into the opening in his shorts. As my fingers wrapped around his cock I heard him gasp.

“There was a chair pulled away from the kitchen table and I kind of pushed him until he sat down in the chair. I then slid his cock out of his shorts and kneeled down between his legs. His cock was a lot smaller than yours so it was quite easy to simply take him into my mouth and begin sucking.

“It must have been a while since he had any sex, from mom, by himself or otherwise because I had barely slipped my mouth over him and sucked a few times and he was moaning and lifting his hips. My mouth wasn’t on him for more than thirty or forty-five seconds and he came.

“His come wasn’t as thick as yours or some of the other guys I had sucked off, it was more watery but also more bitter. Anyway, I swallowed his cum and he just kind of slumped in the chair visibly exhausted. I stood up in front of him and he asked if he could see samsun escort me.

“Not sure what he had in mind and a bit afraid you or mother might come downstairs, I quickly pulled off my top and stepped out of my panties. He reached up and touched my breast and then ran his hand down my stomach, through my pubic hair and over the top of my pussy.

“I was still a bit raw from yesterday so I was glad he didn’t try to push a finger or anything else inside me, he was just happy to run his hand over my slit. Then he pulled his hand away, said he needed to go meet with the insurance guy again and then headed upstairs. It was odd, I mean I felt good that I could do that… please him so quickly, but it bothered me that him and mom…”

“Yeah, she seemed so desperate with me too,” Scott replied.

“I tell you what, before we leave I think I will have a talk with mother,” Jeanie offered, “you know as hot and horny as they both sounded I think if we simply get them looking back at each other they might reinvigorate themselves.”

“I think they both can use it. How are you doing by the way?”

“Like I said, just a bit sore, maybe in a day or so.”

“Of course we go head back to school Sunday.”

“You’ll know we need to keep this a secret,” she said.

“That’s for damn sure, we go back to looking for girlfriends…”

“…and boyfriends to have sex with. But I have to admit Scott, it was fun while it lasted.”

“Who knows Jeanie, Thanksgiving is not too far off, if we are both unattached by then maybe…”

“Mmmm yeah, maybe.” Jeanie replied.

“Anyway, you’ll talk to mom?”

“Yeah, I’ll let you know how it turns out.”

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