How I see a sub – From her prespective

How I see a sub – From her prespectiveThis story is the a representation of how sub should be like – looking for the next Gina :)I was on my way to his office in Chicago. The plane ride had made me listless and being cooped up in an area that confined usually makes me horny. There’s nothing else to think about! So here I was walking in a very tight sexy, somewhat office appropriate outfit, very wet and ready to be taken to bed. I could feel my stockings clinging to my thighs trying to stay warm, the garter getting stuck in the creases of my lower body. Other parts of my body told me I was very cold.Gene and I had known each other for years. He lived for a short time in mine and my girlfriends’ apartment when I was in between boyfriends. I used to let him fondle and caress my breasts, or rub my body when I was lonely or just aroused. I had only been 19 at the time. He never crossed a line, for that reason we are still friends. I pretend to like to be assertive and controlling, but secretly I love to be dominated. Thinking about when a man shoves his cock down my throat shouting vulgarities at me like “take it all down your throat slut”, makes me tingle. I can be a very, very bad girl.I remember cuddling up to his body at night playing innocent. He tried his best to pretend he wasn’t aroused by the short little outfits I wore to bed and I pretended I didn’t wear them to tease him. Anyway, we were just friends and he had called me to accept what he called an “executive position” in his office.Gene had become a powerfully rich man, pioneering some new kind of software for the internet. His office was in an ominous looking building. I got in the elevator and I could feel eyes on me. Had they never seen a pretty dirty blonde girl of 21 in their building before? My body shivered under the cold and embarrassment I felt when I saw how my rock hard nipples were protruding in my white blouse. Fuck, I felt like such a horny slut.His office was crowded, but he told me to just come in when I got there. I opened his office door, intruding onto what looked like a very important meeting. I could feel a flush come over my face as several pairs of eyes darted to my face first, than my blouse. Fuck.“That’s all gentlemen.” Men in expensive suites dutifully picked up their portfolios and briefcases filing past me. Several of the younger executives looked me up and down openly. One of the older business men stopped by the door obviously intending to be the last one out. He was handsome in that Harrison Ford kind of way and smiled at me looking lustily in my eyes as he closed the door. Weird.“How are you cat.” My nickname. I giggled along with him.“Wow. Does everyone just obey you like that?” I teased.“Ha, you always did.” I didn’t like that, it was a strange confidence I hadn’t really seen him assert. Not sure what he meant I sat down uneasily in a large leather chair.“So about this position…” I began.“Gina, how is your boyfriend.” Strange subject change I thought.“Uh, he’s fine. Doesn’t really want me to move out to Chicago, but hell for 80k a year he can suck himself.” The vulgarity left him unmoved and he didn’t laugh.“You always did like money.” And power I added in my head. He stood walking over to the window exposing a very well tailored expensive suit. “It’s more of an executive assistant position…. that is until you’ve proven yourself.”“Oh I don’t mind that,” I chimed in excitedly, “I can start from the bottom”. He smirked. “What will I be doing though, you’ve been very secretive”.“Well I need someone to manage that crowd out there….”“Oh, no problem” I interjected again excitedly.“And someone to help entertain executives coming into town,”“Of course” I said charmingly.“And she would have to come in very early…”“Ok well I hate mornings but duh….”“And she would have to be naked”. He paused smiling at me.“What?” I said a bit stunned, thinking I had heard wrong.He laughed loudly. “I’m just k**ding”. I looked relieved. “Just mostly naked and in anything I tell her to wear”. I waited for a punch line but his serious expression did not diminish.“Gina, I wonder if you could really do the job I want you too, you look scared”. This wasn’t the man I remembered. “You have no reason to be. I know your desires, we’ve been dancing around this for years.”“Ok, I think I understand why you brought me here, the paid flight, and the 80k for secretarial work. Check it out I’m not a slut and I won’t do anything your dirty mind has intended.” My assertive nature was rearing its ugly head as I walked to a wood paneled door. I made sure to sway my hips in that sexy “I’m nobody’s bitch” attitude.“Yes you are Gina, and your gonna love it.”“Excuse me?”“Does your boyfriend know you cheat on him?” My face went white. How could he know that.“You may not realize that we know a lot of the same people Gina. Your boyfriend plays for the Raiders and my partner’s best friend’s father owns them. I hear your quite a screamer when your being fucked by two large black men on the offensive line, and I hear your also quite the bargainer. Apparently you’ll do ANYTHING to keep up your locker room privileges. I also heard this wouldn’t be your first position where you expected to be an obedient slut, you also worked at another job where you were passed around to whoever your boss wanted you to please.”“That’s not true.” He dropped his head and smiled. I felt embarrassment for what he knew about the locker room incident and wondered who else knew.“Really, it’s not?” He knew already when I was lying. “Let’s call him and find out if he knows about all these rumors” He said coldly almost laughing as he picked up his phone.“Ok Gene.” I stopped him. “My boyfriend is buying me a house in Hawaii for Christmas and I really don’t want to have to give back my hot little Mercedes so, what do you want me to do” I looked at him begging him to make it easy and just let me go. I don’t think I really minded though. We were both undressing each other with our eyes. I didn’t need the job, I could work anywhere I wanted for at least 60k. I just loved being spoiled and my boyfriend had a huge dick.“Tomorrow you will wear something a little sluttier than what you are now although I am enjoying the free show.” He motioned to the light white blouse that was mostly transparent where you could visibly see my tits hanging out of my bra. “Show me what color panties your wearing.” I hesitantly played the role he had forced me into and walked over to the desk. I slowly slid the tight skirt over my thighs revealing my stockings stuck tight to my moist thighs, the hot little black garter belt and my lacy pink underwear. He grabbed my hips and pulled me forward.“Your wet.” I felt ashamed he had caught me wet. I had been horny all afternoon and couldn’t wait to get back to my hotel room and masturbate. The scenario in his office wasn’t niğde escort helping. My scent wafted through the office. He slid my panties to the side and probed my lips. I jumped back slightly feeling my face flush.“Very wet.” He looked up at me devilishly. “Sign the papers out on the desk and be here at 8 am. Wear no stockings, something obscenely short and a thong.” As he barked his orders to me I pulled down my tight skirt and started for the door. Just as I thought he really has no proof I fucked those two linebackers he said, “Oh and one more thing”. He clicked on a television in his office of a tape of me loudly begging for more of that “big black dick”, I didn’t even need to look to see what it was of.Chapter 2: I don’t know what I’m getting myself into.The next day was freezing cold. I ran from the cab in my short skirt with no stockings on as I had been ordered to wear. I clung to my coat feeling my breasts bouncing in the low cut silky material of my blouse. I was angry he was making me do this, but aroused at feeling I didn’t have a choice. I scrambled into the elevator almost tripping in ridiculously high heels. They were the sluttiest shoes I owned and I thought that would please him, willing to do anything to keep it all a secret.I gasped a bit when I felt a hand on my ass cheek. I turned abruptly to see that same executive from the other day lustily looking at me.“How are you Miss Martin?”“I’m fine thank you.” I glared clenching my teeth while trying to brush his hand away, but it was already traveling up my thigh. When my floor came I pushed out of the elevator hearing a soft chuckle from some of the men in the oversized space. Great way to start the morning, I could only imagine the humiliating things that Gene had planned for me today.He was already in a meeting and I was intruding again. He asked everyone to leave and stared at me.“Why are you still wearing your coat?” I looked surprised. It was freezing in his office. He was in a full suit and I was barley wearing anything.“I’m cold Gene.”“Sir” He growled as he glared at my coat. “And it really doesn’t matter if your cold. Strip.”“Strip? Please Gene, uh, Sir don’t make me, I’ll freeze.”“Now” He delighted in ordering. I slowly pulled the coat off of my shoulders. I pulled down the zipper of a very form fitting dress revealing my curvy figure. My long hair brushed my cheeks as I pulled down the tight, dark green tweed dress that was obscenely short. I stood with my hands on my small waist daring him to order me again. My nipples started to feel the effects of losing the dress.“God, you’re a stupid bitch. Why did you wear a bra? And why are you staring at me like a senseless whore, I said strip. Take it all off.” I was a little taken back by him calling me names, but I obeyed. I slid the straps of my tight black bra off my shoulders one at a time. My tits that had been bulging out of the small cups were happy to be released bouncing forward freely when I unclasped the back. I slid my fingers down my stomach to the string of my black transparent thong and pulled it slowly down my thighs. I stood naked before him shivering slightly. I started to remove my heels but he told me to keep them on because he liked it.“You know I almost called your boyfriend to tell him how easily you agreed to my price.” He laughed mockingly as my mouth dropped. “Relax, I didn’t. I always knew you had gorgeous tits but you’re a really well proportioned woman. Turn around let me see that big ass.” I moved my mouth in reproach but decided to just to do what he asked dutifully.“Come here”.I walked slowly over to his desk swaying my hips. “Bend over the desk”. He picked up his phone on the desk and dialed an extension while I found myself vulnerably exposed over a desk. “Come to my office Frank.” I looked up at him. I didn’t know he planned on inviting anybody else to participate in his sick domination. He smirked when he saw the fear on my face. I decided not to ask I was starting to fear my new master.Frank was the same dirty old man from the elevator. Fuck. I looked back at Gene begging him with my eyes to stop while trying to hide my face in shame from Frank. He was obviously enjoying seeing what his boss had asked me to do I noticed an immediate bulge start to appear in his trousers. Maybe he takes Viagra.“Sir….. please?” I pleaded out loud imploringly but I just sounded pathetic.“Frank, I caught Miss Martin being a very naughty girl in the office. You have three daughters, what do you do to them when they were behaving badly?”My eyes grew wide as he asked this dirty old man to give the verdict on my “punishment”. Why was he so bent on humiliating me, I thought. I hated Frank.“Why, I would spank them of course.”“Well go on Frank teach this little slut a lesson”. I looked back at Gene shocked. I could feel my bottom lip quivering feeling like I was about to cry. I love sex and I love being dominated but this was so embarrassing. I had never been treated like this by anyone. I had never been made into anyone’s slave! I felt Frank’s presence behind me. His hand pulled far away from my ass and landed hard on my right cheek. I let out a shriek. He hit me hard. I could feel the sting as he continued slowly to beat me. If I was his daughter I would never displease him ever again. Maybe that’s why Gene asked him to do it, or maybe he knew that because it was an older man it would be that much more embarrassing for me. I was fast becoming what he wanted me to be; his submissive office slut.That dirty old man kept this up for several minutes enjoying every cry he got me to let out. I could feel my ass turning bright red as it bounced back with every slap. The sound was so loud and I looked back to see Gene smiling at my torture. Frank rubbed my butt a bit to cool the blush of my cheek. Gene reached out and grabbed a handful of my hair yanking my head back. I cried out with the sudden surge of pain. Frank probed my asshole a bit with his finger. I jumped feeling him touch me in between my cheeks. He slid his finger down to my lips where I heard him let out a low chuckle. I was soaking wet. He started slowly pushing his finger into my dripping cunt and rubbed my bruised bottom with his other hand. He continued to lightly smack my butt. I wriggled a little as he continued to push is finger in and out of me. I felt nauseous even though my body was responding sexually. I looked forward expressionless feeling my body involuntarily push back on his hand dripping in my juices. He took the juices from my pussy and rubbed them in between my cheeks. He seemed intent on wetting my anus and watching me writhe in anticipation. I hoped Gene wouldn’t let him fuck me. I shuddered in disgust.“Thank you Frank. I think she’s very, very sorry for what she did.” Frank didn’t stop. “Thank you Frank, I’ll see you later escort niğde in our meeting.” Frank reluctantly pulled his hands off my body. He walked to the door but turned to grin at me before he opened the door and left. He nodded to Gene.“Gene….How could you…” I protested loudly.“Sshhhh. If you didn’t like it than why are you so wet?” He said seductively. “And if I have to tell you one more time to call me sir I’ll fuck you in the ass myself. Go type this.” He threw some file folder at me. I reached for my clothes. He looked up at me and snatched my clothes from my hands. He opened a closet along the paneled wall and threw the clothes behind the door. I couldn’t believe when he actually pulled out a key and locked it. I turned and started to mumble about how ridiculous he was being.“What? What did you say Gina?” The anger in his voice made me nervous. I couldn’t believe this old friend had me so powerless and frightened.“What are you bitching about? Just remember you brought this on yourself by being such a slut.” It was than that I noticed how aroused he was.“Come here….on your knees.” He undid his belt and I thought for sure he was going to unleash that bulge from his pants. “On all fours like a dog” he berated. “Now turn around.” I was unsure what he was going to do I thought he was going to make me suck his cock.He started to beat my ass with his belt. I had already taken so much but this completely broke my spirit. I whimpered as he cemented the pain I felt. When he ordered me to turn around he saw the tears in my eyes. “Oh baby, come here.” He showed some pity taking me into his strong warm arms and stroking my hair. “You understand don’t you? I’ve wanted you for so long and I know you wanted me to. This is your punishment for teasing me all those years. Now you know what it feels like. You’re an incredibly sexual woman that has enjoyed being a slut. Now your going to learn how to serve one man and your going to do anything I tell you. Understand?” I nodded sadly. “Now suck my cock”. I could feel his penis poking my tits as he held me. I slid down to my knees and unzipped his trousers revealing his prick. I felt myself squirt a little knowing how much I really loved sucking dick and being ordered actually made me crazy.He wrapped his hand around his cock and with the other grabbed me by my hair. “Open your mouth baby, and put your pretty little lips around my prick.” I opened and let him slide his member down into my throat. I heard myself moan softly as he guided his shaft in and out. I tried to stroke his head with my tongue and flick the head. It proved very difficult as he was so far down my throat. I looked up at him to see if I was pleasing him. I wanted to look at him while sucking him but he roughly handled my head, forcing back down on his cock. He groaned plunging deeper into me. He pulled out of my mouth, his pre-cum and my saliva all over him. I realized I still had my mouth open begging for more slightly drooling at the sight of the stream of fluid from my mouth to his throbbing cock. He had stopped to look at the chair on the other side of the desk.My phone started to ring. He had left my coat on the chair when he ripped my clothes from me. We both looked up at my coat illuminating and vibrating. It stopped ringing. I remembered suddenly how I had called my boyfriend last night leaving him a very, stressed message. He stared at the jacket while making a single motion to push my head back down on him. As he surveyed the situation I continued to do the job I was hired to do. I tightened my grasp on him, sucking in my cheeks to create a tremendous pressure around his prick. His reaction was the one I desired and I felt him grow larger as he pushed deeper and deeper into the taught muscles of my throat. I let his head rest on my tongue, stroking his shaft while working up a rhythm.Suddenly the phone rang again. Fuck, I thought. My boyfriend was worried about me. As I kept hearing Rihanna tell me she was in Disturbia, my ring tone, Gene railed my mouth. I coughed pulling suddenly off of him. He reached out grabbing my hair and plunged back into the warm wetness knowing I was choking on his length. He smiled loving how I struggled to look up into his eyes and take the pain of being suffocated by his dick. Again the phone rang.“Somebody wants you besides me Miss Martin.” I glared up at him as he mocked my subservient position. “Aren’t you going to answer it? Aren’t you the secretary?” He continued to make fun of me while holding me hard by my hair to his crotch. He forced me all the way down and held it there until I’m sure I was turning blue. He finally released me as I doubled over choking trying to catch my breath. The phone kept going. “Answer it baby.” I stood and stretched the length of my body over the desk with what little strength I had regained and tore through the jacket.“Hello?” Pause, the inevitable came; the boyfriend.“ Oh hi baby, I’m fine”. I felt Gene position his body behind me. He leaned over and told me to keep talking no matter what my boyfriend heard. I wanted to pull away but he held my hips in place roughly with his controlling hands.“I know….ya, no really, I’m fine. Uh, so what are you doing right now?” I struggled to make conversation. Gene moved one hand to caress the skin of my back, my long soft hair, and down back down to my ass.“Baby it was nothing ok.” My boyfriend persisted telling me he knew me and my tone on the message told him something was really wrong. Fuck I thought, of all the times for you to show you care. I stood in such a venerable position with my ass hanging nude in the air waiting to be ****d.I continued poorly saying, “I just thought maybe of flying back last night……why?…..well….”. I looked back to see Gene rubbing his prick up and down my pussy lips. My breathing started to grow heavy as he started to feel my wetness with the head of his cock. I was craving dick.He pulled his delicious cock away and inserted two fingers into my dripping pussy. I could feel the cum squirt out onto my thighs as he teased me mercilessly.My boyfriend asked me why I was out of breath. My mind went blank as Gene used his other hand to reach in between my cheeks. “Um, I’m at the gym” I heard my boyfriend say I thought you were at the office this morning and I was acting weird. “I’m at the gym in the office….yes baby he has a gym in his office… can we talk later?” Gene lifted his hand from playing with my ass and smacked my pussy hard. I looked back surprised and dejected.“Keep him on the phone.” He commanded.“Ok!” I whispered. What? I heard my boyfriend say.“Actually tell me about your day….” My breathing grew rapid as he continued to finger me faster and inserted his thumb into my ass. I could feel my muscles tightening around his finger. Gene knew it too and pushed harder and faster. “mmmmm….”I niğde escort bayan betrayed myself. “Oh nothing baby I’m uh….uh….ohhh….uhh….eating a really, really, really, good nutrition bar….and I’m fucking starving.”“Starving for cock” Gene teased laughingly. I threw my head back abandoning my feelings of shame and hatred towards him. Softly moaning, holding the phone as far from my mouth as possible, I pushed back on his fingers helping him get me off. I reached back and rubbed my own asshole. My mouth was open and my eyes were closed feeling myself ready to go over the edge.I moaned into the phone trying to come up with something to say “mmm baby I miss you……ya….I really do……I know baby…….I do sound horny ….” I laughed devilishly realizing how Gene was satisfying me while my boyfriend listened. I was breathing really hard now feeling my body shake as I was about to cum on Gene’s fingers. He pulled out of my entry right when I felt I couldn’t hold on any longer. Almost without noticing, my body still in shock, I felt him enter my ridiculously wet twat. “ohhhhhh shiiiiit….uh….I mean….I ohhhhh wow…..I wish you here… baby I’m on a treadmill running my heart out…..I don’t think anybody heard me….yesssss uhhhhh …………you have to go? To practice? NO….Stay….uh….talk to me……I’m sorry baby I don’t mean to uh…..ohhhh…mmmmm….ya… weird …..”“Oh you like that don’t you, my little office slut….my fucking office whore….what a bad girl you are….” He wasn’t even trying to keep his voice down. I looked back with my mouth wide open about to cry out. I closed the phone.“FUCK ME! OH YES GENE, I mean Sir…..motherfucking ……fuck me.” He reached down pulling at my tits.“Ya, baby those are beautiful tits…..look at them bounce bitch…this is what you were made for….my fucking cock.” He wrapped his hand around my hair twice, tightly grasping, hair wrapped around his knuckles. I didn’t argue. I begged him over and over to ram himself deeper and deeper inside of me. I dared him to cum inside my cunt. I squeezed every muscle inside of me tightening around his cock trying to make him cum early and make him feel embarrassed as he had made me earlier. He didn’t cum. He fucked me like a champion.He grabbed my hips and rammed into me. I heard his cock and balls slapping hard against my skin and the wetness of my pussy splashing as it swallowed his rock hard dick. He buried his prick deep in my juices. I could feel our cum dripping down my thighs. I cried out obscenities as he beat up my pussy, knowing I would have bruises on my hips from him flanging me. “Look at that ass, that juicy fucking ass bounce back on my dick. You can pretend all you want Gina, I know you’re nothing but a cock whore and you would suck anything I put in front of you. But your mine. I own that cunt now. You understand? MINE” He was almost out of breath using his whole body to pound into my well fucked pussy.“I understand sir….I’m nothing more than your fucking cock whore…and I’ll do whatever you fucking tell me ….just don’t stop….ahhhh…..oh god…don’t…fucking ……STOP……OH SHIT!” I came like a little bitch all over his cock, exploding on his head as if it was my first time. His dick curved right into my g-spot. I kept using obscenities begging for more dick over and over again collapsing over the desk. He laughed at me.“Oh your not done yet.” He pulled me back by my hair throwing me on the floor and picking me back up by my arm. He lowered his balls into my mouth. I tried to get my balance and lick lustily at his sack. I felt the sperm stirring and pulling back his sack as I took him in my mouth. I bathed his cock and balls in my mouth, salivating with delight all over his throbbing member. I looked up in his eyes as I licked up and down his shaft and down his balls in a fury, still exhilarated from my rocking orgasm. He pushed his large throbbing dick back down my throat. I was determined to suck him clean. He began fucking my mouth with his stirring sack beating my chin. I moaned and grunted as he drove further and further, stretching my mouth to fit his cock as he did with my pussy.“Such a bad girl” I paused to take him out of my mouth and respond, “mmmm yes, tell me”“Such a dirty, cheating, whore”“mmmm say it”I beckoned him.“Ya Gina? You really are a prostitute aren’t you?” He giggled at his joke. “I pay you good, you fuck me good. But you are the best damn cocksucker I know. You love being on your knees. You love being my slave.”“Yes sir…I fucking love it.” I submitted entirely. With every inch he fed me I moaned louder into his crotch. Fuck yes, I thought to myself. Fucking use me. I pulled back hard on his cock creating a vacuum for him to cum in. I went down feverishly on him. Up and down, up and down, using my hand to massage the length of his shaft and telling him with my eyes to cum.“Such a bad girl…….mmmmm…….. but so good” He pulled hard on my hair and his legs went stiff as thrust one last time hard into my throat. I felt him streaming into my mouth. His hot sweet cum flooded my mouth. His eyes rolled back into his head as his mouth opened. I tongued his cock to tickle is erection. He shot violently again down my throat. It tasted so fucking good I could feel my cunt soaking myself and aching for another round of fucking. It was thick and delicious. As he fed his milkshake down me I gulped, making sure to let him see me swallow hard. He released me and I collapsed on the floor watching him stroke his cock to get that list little bit of giz. He reached out a coated finger and pushed it in between my lips. He held out his still firm cock to me.“Clean it.”He demanded. I did as I was told. I sucked it, licked it, and rubbed it all over my face and tits till he was dry.“Do you know that everyone out there heard you?” I turned my head fast to the slit of snowy glass next to the paneled door. My face turned bright red. Although I was proud of how I got him off I felt disappointed knowing he was teasing me again. He saw the hurt on my face as I realized all of his colleagues would know I was a hired office hooker. I would be lucky if I wasn’t just flat out ****d next time I got in that elevator.He threw the file folder at me. “Now…..” he said catching his breath, “type it”. I stared at him waiting for him to hand me my clothes. “Type it Gina.”“Are you serious?” I looked down at my naked cum covered body. He laughed mockingly again, right in my face.“Yes, get the fuck out of my office.”“But there’s…”His glare made me bite my tongue. I dropped my head shamefully unable to negotiate and walked to the door. Wait, I thought, the coat. He saw me look at it when I turned. He snatched it quickly from the chair as I started for it. “Stop fucking around Gina…..get out there and do your job.” I slowly opened the door not daring to look at the wide eyes of the three executives waiting for Gene. I covered my twat with the file folder and with my other hand I tried to shield my bouncing tits. There was even another fucking woman out there. The bastard. if you are Gina-like send me a message :)have a great day all!

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