Island Reunion


Note: This first submission is the result of a collaboration with another Literotica user, JonMH. The wonderful plot is his creation and he enticed me to write into the story and add some sound effects. We would love to hear from readers so please do leave a comment and let us know if we should continue this partnership.


Stepping out of the taxi and onto the verdant grounds of the Beach View hotel in Payne’s Bay on the beautiful west coast of Barbados, all of Jon’s senses seemed to sit up and take notice. The sounds of early George Benson music danced in the background, the bright flower in the concierge’s hair demanded his attention, and the familiar scent of the sea brought back a thousand memories of her.

It had been six months since he’d been there last. Six long months during which she had co-starred in his every masturbatory fantasy. Six months of his cock throbbing to be properly introduced to that sexy, voluptuous, black vixen. He grinned as he recalled their first (and only) meeting.

He’d been sitting at the cozy guest bar overlooking the sea, savoring his final Mount Gay Eclipse rum and coke mix, when she’d walked in with a small group that seemed to be returning from a tour. He’d admired the way the wind flirted with her sundress, causing it to blow against her body, outlining her curves and seeming to caress her bare legs. Their eyes met as she approached and Jon felt as if chemistry was created immediately, like elements in the very fiber of their beings had combined to form an undeniable force that would always exist. She gave him a big smile as she asked if the seat beside him was free and proceeded to sit, placing her sling bag on the arm, and adjusting herself to sit on the high stool, crossing her legs as she made herself comfortable. Jon immediately felt a stirring in his groin as his eyes wandered to her bared thighs and he licked his lips as he restrained himself from reaching out and placing his hand on her smooth, shiny skin.

They started to chat as she sipped on a fruit punch and she mentioned that the group had just returned from a catamaran cruise. Everyone seemed in high spirits and they chatted easily for some minutes during which Jon learnt her name and that she was actually a local. Whilst only a few other facts were gleaned then, the sound of her voice, her easy laugh, the brightness of her eyes and the way she carried herself told him all that he needed to know. Were it not for his late evening flight back to Missouri, Jon would’ve made every effort to get to know the Caribbean beauty better. He cursed his luck as he excused himself when a porter approached with the message that his taxi to the airport had arrived.

Marissa, meaning “of the sea”, now occupied his every thought as he returned to this island paradise. Would he see her again? The odds of that happening seemed impossible, yet the chemistry still pulsing through his veins led to complete optimism. He knew she was a local, knew she loved to be on the water, and that she would spoil herself with a long weekend at Beach View every year for her birthday. Jon would have to seek her out, and knew that he had the skill and persistence to find her if she were anywhere on the island. He had only just planted his feet on the ground when a flood of memories poured over him. He walked towards the check-in desk, knowing that his quest to find her had officially begun.

Within fifteen minutes, Jon was standing on the balcony of his room looking out at the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea and clear skies. He felt a powerful surge entering his veins as he breathed in deeply, filling his lungs with the fresh sea air and scents of the tropical garden, and felt the island atmosphere taking over his body. He sipped an ice-cold Banks Beer as his mind formulated the semblance of a plan.

Jon recalled that Marissa was divorced, a mother of two grown children, and had the articulate voice of a well traveled woman. She was of average height with a full figured body shape that perfectly matched the glow on her face. It was as if her image was comprised of a hundred parts, each imperfect, but together equating to natural beauty in its purest form. She radiated a gorgeous vibe that was magnetic to Jon. Would that same pull lead him to her now?

For months, just getting back to the island seemed to be the only step necessary. Now that he was here, it was time to make the most of it, and it would require some delicate maneuvering. Knowing that Barbados, like many of the smaller island communities, was very tight knit with few secrets, Jon was certain that someone at the hotel might know his mystery lady. He would need to be careful and not attract suspicion as he conducted his search. But first, he needed to eat.

He ordered a salad topped with shrimp, crab and spicy local fish, and a four-pack of Banks beer. As the hotel attendant brought the cart into his room, Jon looked at the woman’s name tag and had an idea.

“Hi, Lateisha, thank you for bringing the food, it smells delicious.”

“You’re Antalya Escort most welcome, sir. Welcome to our beautiful island where dreams become reality. I hope that you enjoy your meal, and your stay. If there is anything we can do to make your experience more enjoyable, don’t hesitate to ask.”

Jon motioned for her to set the meal up at the table on his patio, where he laid out 100 Barbados dollars.

“Well, there is one thing. I was here several months ago, and there was a guest staying here. I believe she lives on the island. She did me a great favor back then and I’d really like to make contact with her to say thank you properly. Her name is Marissa. Can you advise me on how I might go about finding her?” Jon kept his face open and hopeful as he made this spiel.

Lateisha looked away awkwardly, obviously caught off guard by the request.

“Sir, I don’t know, we don’t share information on our guests. However, I can ask my friend at the front desk. What does the woman look like?”

“She was about 5 feet 5 inches tall, full figured, with a beautiful smile and bright, gorgeous eyes. She mentioned that she lives in St Philip and treats herself to a weekend here at the Beach View every year around her birthday. She would have been here last October. Her name is Marissa and she loves to be on the water, and always takes the catamaran cruise through the hotel.”

Lateisha’s eyes widened, and a smile emerged. Jon glanced down at the generous tip, and she knew that he was open-handedly asking for her help.

“Thank you, sir. I’ll let you know what I find out.”

She then pushed the food cart out the door and Jon leaned back, staring at the feast before him with a big smile. It felt like he was one step closer to feeling her presence again.

The next morning, Jon awoke invigorated after a night of sweet release as he jerked himself off to images of Marissa down on her knees, thick lips wrapped around his cock as he watched her huge, tight ass bobbing in the air, hands wrapped in her hair as he groaned his pleasure into her mouth and watched his spunk dripping down onto her juicy tits. He jumped into his running gear and went for a 40-minute run before the morning sun made it too warm and uncomfortable. Ending at the beach, he stretched and allowed his heart rate to return to normal. He removed his shirt, shoes and socks, and walked into the ocean, letting the cool water caress him, before taking a lazy swim out and then floating on his back. Jon felt like a Greek deity, powerful, indulged, and owner of all he surveyed.. Damn, it felt so fucking GOOD to be back in Barbados!

Jon easily whiled away the better part of an hour enjoying the calm sea before crossing the road back to his hotel. After eating a breakfast of fresh fruit, he returned to his room where he showered and sprawled on the king-sized bed, naked, hypnotized by the whir of the overhead fan. He was drifting into the sweetest daydream where Marissa was leaning over admiring his prone body as she trailed a bright red flower down his chest, circling his nipples, lightly brushing against his stomach as he held his breath, slowly teasing around his hardening genitals; when the phone rang, jolting him upright. He fisted his pulsing cock as he answered.

“Hello Sir, this is Lateisha, from food service. I think I know who the woman is that you are seeking. I can’t give you her address; I could get fired for that. But I can give you her phone number. It’s xxx-xxxx. Please don’t mention where you received the number, Sir.”

Jon hung up the phone, lay back, and felt his heart rate quicken. Could it really be this easy? Would he recognize her voice over the phone? Would he adequately be able to describe their one and only meeting? Would she even remember him? Would this turn out to be a big mistake? There was only one way to find out, so he picked up the hotel phone and dialed the number.

The phone rang four times, and Jon was beginning to feel that the disappointing sensation of a voice mail introduction was imminent; when suddenly, a voice answered. It was a woman’s voice, hesitant, as if she wasn’t sure if she should have picked up or let the call go to voice mail.

“Hello,” she said tentatively.

“Hello. Hi, am, I’m trying to locate … is this Marissa?”

“Yes this is Marissa, who is this please?”

“Hi Marissa. My name is Jon Holl, from Kansas. I was here in Barbados last October, and we met at the Beach View hotel. We spoke briefly. You had just returned from a catamaran cruise. I’m sure you probably don’t remember …” Jon’s voice trailed off, he felt like such an idiot. What the hell, she’d probably think he was some sort of psycho.

People often speak of a minute passing as if it’s not long at all. In fact, sixty seconds could feel like an eternity when waiting for a response. Thirty seconds felt like a millennium had passed. That’s almost how long it took for the voice at the other end to respond. Jon could hear the same music playing in the Antalya Escort Bayan background so he knew she was still on the line.

“Ummmm, yes, Jon, of course, ahh . . . “

Again, a long pause, but he could hear her breathing.

“I didn’t think I’d ever speak with you again,” she said, emitting a slight laugh.

That one statement meant so much to Jon. She did remember him. Maybe she felt the same pull. And she had wanted to speak with him again. He breathed a deep sigh of relief. They talked for several minutes, about their last meeting, his work, travels, and beautiful Barbados. Eventually they both could feel that they’d arrived at that awkward place, where someone had to answer the question “what now?” Jon coughed, and taking a deep breath, reminded himself of the old adage ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained.’

“Umm, listen. I’m only here for a few days and I’ve been dreaming of taking a catamaran cruise since our meeting and your glowing recommendation. I checked and there is a sunset cruise today from 3:30 – 7:00pm. I sincerely hope I am not being too forward, and I don’t know your schedule, but you did say last time that you were sorry you could not show me your island. Would you consider being my guest? My treat … and no strings attached. In fact, please bring along a friend if it would make you feel more comfortable.”

“Wow, Jon, this is unexpected. I don’t know … I’m not sure if I . . . ,” the words seemed to struggle out of Marissa. She paused again, and then said: “You know what, ‘carpe diem’. I would like that very much, and I’m not worried, you don’t scare me so a buffer won’t be necessary. Plus, what could you possibly do on a catamaran full of people,” she ended on a laugh.

“Well that’s great. I look forward to seeing you later. Should I arrange a taxi for you?

“Thanks, but that won’t be necessary. I can drive down to the hotel and and meet you. Is that ok?”

“Yes, of course. See you soon”, said Jon. He put down the phone with a big smile on his face. Yess!! He laughed aloud as he fisted the air, this was so on!

The time from then until they would meet was a blur. Jon tried to read, tried to find some sight-seeing trips that looked interesting, logged on and tried to answer some work emails, thought about booking a driving tour, tried to walk off his anxiety, but nothing would hold back his aching for Marissa. He vaguely remembered dialing housekeeping at some point to ask for Lateisha and thank her. He wondered how he’d get through the hours until their meeting.

At 1 o’clock Jon was in his room getting ready for one of the biggest moments of his life. He showered, shaved, and stood in front of the mirror, sizing himself up for the meeting he’d longed for over the past six months. He was fit, lean, and looked to be at the top of his game for someone in his late forties. He sprayed a bit of Mont Blanc Legend Spirit cologne across his chest, then pulled on some khaki shorts and a light blue, soft cotton button up shirt, the long sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His brown Oakley sunglasses were perched on his head. He triple checked his bag to ensure that he had a change of clothes, towel and adequate sunscreen. Nerves were quivering inside his tummy but he gave himself a pep talk in the mirror as he vowed to be on his A game.

Jon idly looked at paintings in the lobby as he waited for Marissa to arrive. He tried to play it cool but his palms were cold. He kept peeking at the car park and his heart lurched as he saw her get out of her car and go into the back to remove her tote bag. He strode towards her confidently, calling her name.

“Hi Marissa, it is so nice to see you again, you look very nice.”

He leaned forward to give her a polite kiss on her cheek. Her scent wafted over him when he was up close, just enough for him to want another whiff before he pulled away. It would forever be attached to his memories and thoughts of her. Something soft, with hints of vanilla, yet sweet and sugary at the same time, making him want to draw her close and lick her. He straightened and took a step back, trying to control the impulse.

If anything, she was even more beautiful than he remembered. He felt himself flushing as he gestured for her to walk ahead of him, and they took a seat in the lobby to await the tour bus. Conversation flowed easily and too soon the driver was announcing that the bus was ready. It was just a 15 minute ride to the dock and Jon relished the feeling of his leg pressed against Marissa’s thighs and the way their complexions complemented each other, like ebony and ivory.

They joined the line to board, removing their shoes as requested before stepping onto the catamaran and finding a seat together. Jon sat close to Marissa feeling like a million bucks as the crew went through the safety routine and then a collective scream from the large, almost all white crowd rent the air as the catamaran maneuvered out of the Shallow Draught and the captain invited them to toss their cares Escort Antalya overboard, strip down to their skivvies, oil up, raid the free bar and get ready to party, island style.

Marissa jumped up clapping and laughing as she stood in front of Jon and began to slowly ease the buttons on her flowery shorts open, hips swaying to the music pulsing over the system as the ship picked up speed.

“Are you ready for this white boy?” She asked as those shorts dropped down her toned legs and she turned around and reached to pull off her loose white tee-shirt.

Jon took big gulps of his rum punch as he took in the bounty being revealed. His eyes roamed over the most perfectly formed, big, tight, round, black ass, encased in a bright yellow string bikini. He drank in that ass all the way up to an inverted waistline with a deep, deep arch and a smooth back decorated with a thin yellow string and bowtie. Jon quickly pressed the cold cup between his legs, begging his cock to behave.

Turning back around, Marissa reached beside him and drew a flowery scarf from her bag, wrapping it around her waist. Looking at Jon, she grabbed him by the hand, saying: “I hope you are wearing your shorts under there, you are the only one not getting ready for this party.”

Jon looked around. She was right. En masse most people seemed to have stripped down to swimwear and were either at the busy bar where three crew members were gyrating and singing as they took orders and whipped up the crowd, or were already sipping drinks, slathering on sun tan lotion and taking up various positions around the catamaran. Some were lying up front trying to catch the afternoon rays, whilst others joined in a dance party trying to copy the moves of the enthusiastic crew. Jon noticed that there were less than a handful of black women on board and that many of the men were surreptitiously checking out Marissa as she gyrated to the rhythms.

Quickly stripping down to his Speedos, he put his clothes and sunglasses into his bag and placed it in the designated hold. He thought he saw Marissa checking his butt out so he flexed a bit as he joined her, holding onto the same rope and copying her moves. He was in heaven as Marissa turned around and ground that perfect ass into him, singing along to the lyrics of local calypso diva Allison Hinds. “I want a man come and ride me rhythm, I want him to ride.” Jon could feel the blood and alcohol pulsing in him as his hands held onto her waist and they jammed to the hypnotic beats of calypso and soca. There was no way she could not feel how hard his cock was trapped against his tummy by his tight Speedo as they moved in sync. All around him everyone was dancing, waving and trying to sing the hook lines as the crew passed around trays of drinks and water, reminding them to stay hydrated, and stopping every so often to go into an impromptu dance with a grateful tourist.

Too soon they dropped anchor and the captain announced it was time to take a swim or just relax whilst the crew set up for lunch. Joining the others, Jon and Marissa grabbed life vests and snorkel gear and entered the water. He followed her as she swam towards the shore, and they removed their gear, placing it on the sand before stepping back into the shallow water, just relaxing and talking. Jon reached out for Marissa’s hand, and they stayed together by interlocking their fingers. The noise from the boat was muted as they kept their heads just above water. The peaceful silence together truly made the moment private for them. They could feel their chemistry growing stronger.

They learnt much more about each other, and Jon revealed that he had felt a spark on their first meeting and was hopeful that if Marissa was so inclined, they could spend more time together as he was only on the island for five days, and that she was a big part of his reason for returning. She admitted that she had also felt it and that she could make herself available for the next few days to spend some time with him. Laughing, they swam back to the boat and enjoyed a leisurely Bajan buffet lunch.

Now filled, Jon and Marissa stretched out beside each other as the crew pulled up anchor and they started their return voyage at a much slower clip, admiring the orange and red hues as the sun started to set. Jon noticed how Marissa would occasionally tilt her head back, embracing the feel of the wind against her body, the smell of the salty air, and the sensation of cool water whipping against her skin. There were moments when she and Jon would touch, innocent to the onlooker, but clearly meaning much more to the two of them.

The light strains of classic reggae filled the air as tourists gazed in awe and took pictures of the gorgeous Caribbean sunset. Jon took Marissa’s hand, and they joined a few other couples on deck swaying to a classic Ziggy Marley tune, ‘Tomorrow People’. It had a slow, melodic beat, and it allowed both of them to find their own groove. As if to give respect to the master, the DJ moved right into ‘Could You Be Loved’, by Bob Marley. Marissa turned her back to Jon, and with a wink, invited him with her eyes to snuggle even closer to her. He fit perfectly against her ass and with his hands wrapped around her, they moved in sync to a medley of reggae hits, having the time of their lives.

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