Justin’s Secret Ch. 04


“Thank you for doing this.” Justin spoke, sounding quite embarrassed, stuffing the condoms that ranged from ribbed to flavored into his bag. “God, how many did they have to give me?” He complained quietly as he exited the building, keeping his head down.

“It’s no problem at all — I know it’d be awkward with Becca.” Brent offered, slinging his arm around his friend’s shoulders.

“It was awkward anyway.” Justin mumbled, trying to get away from the place as quickly as possible. “The worst part was saying ‘I don’t know’ to the amount of guys I’ve had — talking about oral sex with an old woman really isn’t my idea of fun.”

Brent cracked up laughing, still not fully mature in his sense of humor. Not that he’d ever be, Justin thought. “It was bad enough just sitting there — we looked like a couple. Imagine if someone we knew came in?” He laughed again, walking towards the shop that Becca said she would be in.

“Oh well, at least the condoms are free.” Justin reasoned. “Won’t it be stupid though? Who uses condoms for head?”

“I don’t know — all I know is you need to!” Brent teased with a chuckle, getting a moody scoff from his smaller friend. “Did you take any tests then?”

“Uh yeah, they took a swab from my mouth. They’ll call in a few days.”

Brent squeezed his shoulder in support. “Nervous?”

“Not really — I doubt anyone from school has anything serious, I never picked the slutty boys, I knew they were clean.” Justin pushed open the door to the shop Becca was in. “The worst I’m expecting is chlamydia really.”

They found her quickly, as she was at the front of the shop. “Well, no boys until then.” Brent ordered jokingly, getting a scowl from Justin.

“What is it? Do you have an STD?” Becca fretted upon hearing Brent’s comment.

“No! He meant not until I get my results.” Justin huffed.

“Look.” Brent snickered, opening Justin’s bag to pull out the condoms.

“Brent!” Justin scolded, feeling embarrassed as they were in public.

He groaned, covering his hand with his face as Brent showed Becca the amount of condom’s he’d received. The red on his cheeks worsened as the pair laughed, looking at the variation of them all.

“Ooooh, dibs on the ribbed ones — you don’t need them, do you?” Brent asked, holding the ones he wanted in a separate hand to the others.

“No — go wild.” Justin muttered, more embarrassed than ever, snatching them out of his friends’ hands and stuffing them back into his back where the public eye couldn’t see.

“Oh calm down babe, we’re only kidding — I am happy you went!” Becca praised, helping her friend zip up his bag he seemed to be having trouble with.

“Thanks.” He mumbled, exasperated. “Anyway — shopping, yes?” Justin perked up at that, happy to get off topic from his sex life (plus, he always loved a good shop). It appeared that’s all anyone was interested in anymore — making sure he wasn’t whoring himself out and making sure he was being safe, and annoyingly reminding him of his reputation — it never seemed to him people cared about what he wanted anymore.


“STD free.” Justin smiled warmly, coming in from his last class. It was a Friday so he could relax, almost melting into Brent’s warm bed as he climbed in to join his friend (not before sliding off the uncomfortable denim of his jeans, though). A tired Justin always meant a moody one, but most of the time, a cuddly one.

Brent recognized this, straight away as he always does, moving over so his small friend could fit.

“Good.” Brent returned the warm smile, putting his phone onto his chest. “Still be careful though.”

“Yeah, yeah…” Justin waved him off. “Busy tonight?”

“I think so.” Brent mumbled. “I was meant to go see Ana — she wants to get back together.”

Justin rolled his eyes. “Again?” Ana was his ex-girlfriend, or girlfriend, Justin was never really sure — all he knew was they had amazing chemistry and he was forever jealous of the love they had for each other, minus the constant arguing. He wanted a relationship but he could definitely do without the constant make-up break-up drama.

“Yep, again.” Brent groaned, feeling a headache coming on. “I suppose I should, shouldn’t I?”

“Yeah, wouldn’t want to lose her, would you? She is great.” Justin reasoned, even though he really didn’t feel like being alone.

“I know — I just don’t want to argue so much.” He sighed again, his phone buzzing. He picked it up from his chest, clicking on the message. “Great.” He mumbled, putting his phone back down without replying. “I have two hours to chill before she wants me over.”

Justin sighed too. “You know you’ll make up.” He muttered, trying to hide his jealousy — he wanted a relationship so badly. Or to be more specific, wanted a relationship like that with Jason so badly (again, minus the arguments). He knew he could rely on Brent, but he didn’t want to so much anymore.

“You’re moody today.” Brent snickered lazily, running his hand through his best friend’s hair.

“I Pendik Fetiş Escort just want my turn.” Justin smiled small up at Brent. “Suppose it’s a little more difficult for me though, isn’t it?”

“You’ll find someone, I promise.” Brent mumbled tiredly, giving a kiss to Justin’s temple, making him smile at the affection. “Jason was talking about you in Math today.” He started, sounding exhausted. Justin was half tempted to tell him to go to sleep, but he wanted to hear what he had to say first.

“Oh yeah?” He smiled.

Brent nodded against him. “Yeah — first about how the clinic went–“

“And you said?” Justin interrupted eagerly.

Brent sniggered. “Calm it! I just said fine and the shit load of condoms you got.”

“Oh God, Brent…” Justin whined, covering his face with a pillow.

“Well it got us onto the conversation of how he’d fuck you.” Justin shot up, looking straight into Brent’s eyes, searching for any hint of dishonesty. When he couldn’t find any, his eyes widened with almost shock. “Dead serious — and I quote, ‘that ass’.” He excerpted, chuckling.

“Are you joking?” Justin asked in disbelief.

“I’m being honest — I’m not sure if he’ll do anything about it, but he wants to.”

Justin swooned, sighing in delight, happy he was under the covers so that Brent couldn’t see the wet patch that was forming on the crotch of his underwear. He was thinking about all the things he wanted Jason to do to him, not being able to help it now it’d been said.

“He needs to.” Justin mumbled, sounding frustrated.

“Calm down, I’m not going out yet.” Brent teased, earning himself a playful hit while he laughed.

Justin was about to reply, but he heard his phone vibrating from his pocket in his pants that were on the floor. He groaned, not wanting to get up and risk Brent seeing the state he was in, but he wanted it to so badly be Jason it hurt.

“Get it for me?” Justin pouted, climbing over him so that Brent was closer.

Rolling his eyes and smirking, Brent got up from the bed and over to Justin’s phone, commenting how lazy he was on the short journey back.

“Thank you.” Justin mumbled with a small smile, opening the text as Brent crawled back into bed.

‘Free tonight? Sorry about last time, I’ll make it up to u? x’

Brent started rambling on about whatever Ana had been texting him while Justin looked over the text repeatedly, along with the name. He wasn’t sure if he should reply, and if so, what to reply with.

It was Mark — a gorgeous guy who Justin had pleasured with his lips many times before.

Though, the last time, after repeatedly being told no, the drunk stud still took advantage and went ahead anyway due to the alcohol in his system. It was way too rough for the smaller male to handle and afterwards Justin was left alone and bruised, sobbing, having to go to the hospital. He’d suffered a concussion from repeatedly banging his head against the wall with the force of the relentless face fucking and had needed stitches. Justin made up a sob story about how he fell down the stairs to his parents and friends. Brent didn’t believe it at first because of how shook up his little friend was about it, but Justin refused to tell.

‘No, stop texting me.’ Justin replied slowly, hardly believing he still had his number saved after the countless times that name had popped up apologizing, even daring to ask for more favors.

‘That Mark guy asked me where your dorm is. He’s cute! Use your condoms! Xx’ A text from Becca made Justin’s face go pale, making him want to throw up.

“Are you definitely going tonight?” Justin asked, trying to hide the shakiness in his tone.

“I think so, yeah.” Brent answered, distracted by his phone.

‘Haha yeah, did you tell him?xx’ Justin replied uneasily to Becca.

‘Don’t worry of course I did! He’s hot! Xx’

“Please don’t go out Brent.” Justin nearly begged, trying to hide that he was almost crying.

It caught the distracted boy’s attention, and immediately snapped his attention to his best friend.

“You look sick — are you sick?” Brent fretted, feeling his friend’s forehead, checking his temperature.

“No.” Justin whined, snuggling into his large, warm, comforting friend.

Brent kissed his hair, rubbing a comforting hand on his side. “Hey, it’ll only be an hour or two. What’s wrong?” He asked in a sympathetic, worried tone.

Justin just shook his head, looking down at his phone, trying to sort this out.

‘Come on…’ Mark’s text begged. ‘Please? I’ll even pay u, broke up w my girlfriend and I need it. I was just drunk last time.’

Justin ignored the text, clinging onto Brent like it was a life or death situation, and was met with cooed words and gentle touches. His phone kept chiming but he refused to read any of it, even if his temptations were strong and Brent was asking who it was. He gave up in the end.



‘Please. Hello??’

And last of all, the one that made him shiver: Pendik Gecelik Escort ‘I know where ur dorm is.’


“An hour or two — are you going to be okay?”

“Fine.” Justin choked, not being able to get over the scary message. Not wanting Brent to get involved, and reasoning that no one could get in without a key, he somehow let himself let Brent leave. He knew it was selfish to keep him at the dorm when his own life was calling — Justin knew he couldn’t have Brent there to fight all of his battles his whole life, and had more important things to tend to sometimes.

Justin received a kiss on his hair and a quick yet tight hug as a goodbye, before Brent had left to sort things out with Ana.

He flopped down onto Brent’s bed, finding the smell of his cologne comforting as he let the still warm covers engulf him.

‘Are you busy?xx’ He asked Becca, sighing in distress when he got a yes and an apology in reply. He didn’t know anyone well at the college, not well enough to ask them to hang out, and was left frightened in the little dorm bed. He was scared that Mark would come knocking, even though if he did come to the college he’d have a hard time getting in. Still, Justin was small and not very strong, so it wasn’t surprising that it frightened him even though the possibility of Mark coming was tiny.

‘Outside ur college. Come meet me? Or I can just come up.’

Justin started to cry hysterically, despite the fact it was probably a bluff. He needed to get out of his dorm to somewhere else, but he had no idea where to. Brent was out and Becca was busy. He was beyond frightened, despite the fact in the back of his mind, he knew Mark probably couldn’t get in without purpose.

Before he could process it, he’d scrolled through his few contacts, clicking call on one of them.

He calmed down his crying, reducing it to sniffling as the call had started to forward, the chimes of the ringing almost calming.

“Uh, hello?” A confused voice on the other side answered.

Justin felt incredibly silly and embarrassed all of a sudden. “I’m sorry Jason.” He started to almost cry again.

“What — what’s wrong?” Jason asked, still confused but his tone had adapted a more comforting, sympathetic sound upon hearing Justin’s fretting, scared voice.

“I’m being-” He sniffled. “Threatened, he knows my dorm number — my friend’s are busy and I-” He cleared his throat, trying to hold back his tears. “I’m so sorry, I don’t know anyone else I could call — can I… I’m sorry.”

Before he could even ask, he hung up the call out of pure shame and embarrassment. Jason was probably doing something important, even nothing was more important, Justin thought. He started to cry hysterically again, seeing he’d got another text, but he couldn’t bring himself to read it. He was beyond frightened, and when his phone started actually ringing, the crying got worse as he thought it was Mark.

But when he saw it was Jason, he stopped for a moment, pending before picking up.

“My roommates out — I’m just alone studying.” Jason’s comforting voice seeped through the receiver.

“Sorry for interrupting, I’ll go.” Justin made out shakily through his tears, but when he got a laugh and a dorm number in return, the tears stopped. “Huh?”

“You’re scared and I could use some company that isn’t awkward here for once.” Jason laughed lightly again, and Justin found it incredibly comforting. “I’ll come to yours first, if you want?”

“You don’t have to, I was just…” Justin sniffled, feeling stupider than ever.

Jason snickered again. “I’ll see you soon. I like your company anyway.”

That was all the handsome boy had said before Justin heard the beep that indicated he’d been hung up on. He was so sure that it was a joke, that Jason wasn’t coming, and started to softly cry again as Mark kept texting him.

Jason called again a few moments later. Justin was sure it was to tell him he was kidding.

“I’m outside — I didn’t want to knock.” Justin jumped up, hearing his voice on the other side of the door as well as through the phone.

“Um, one moment, I look a mess.” Justin laughed, his mood lifting from incredibly frightened to almost excited.

He put the phone down, wiped his face dry (after putting on his pants), and then smothering it in foundation and rubbing it in to make the redness from his crying disappear. It worked for the most part a part from his puffy eyes, but he didn’t want to keep Jason waiting long. He decided it had to be enough, hoping he appeared cute, and opened the door shyly (after throwing some gum into his mouth and spraying himself with his favorite cologne).

He was engulfed in a warm hug immediately, and he relaxed, his nerves disappearing as the strong arms and chest had him feeling protected. He hadn’t meant to, but he whimpered at the comfort and pulled the stud closer.

“Okay?” Jason asked gently, pulling away.

Justin nodded. “Sorry — you probably think I’m such a mess…” Pendik Genç Escort He mumbled, sounding more ashamed than ever. Justin let himself take in Jason’s appearance, finding his lazy approach to dressing in gray sweats and a plain shirt incredibly hot on him.

“No worries, seriously, what’s this guy been saying then?” Jason asked, closing the door and putting his hand on the small of Justin’s back as he walked.

Justin blushed. “Just… he…” He sighed. “He put me in hospital a month back and he’s text me saying he knows where my dorm is and stuff.” He passed Jason his phone after getting up the conversation while they walked, Jason leading the way. “I can’t tell Brent — he’s all protective.”

“Hospital?” Jason emphasized worriedly once he read the few texts.

“Nothing too serious. Concussion is all.” Justin didn’t want to seem like he was being too dramatic or exaggerating.

“It must’ve been serious if it had you scared like that.” Jason reasoned, unlocking the door to his dorm.

Justin hoped he didn’t come off as excited, but he definitely was, stepping into the bedroom. He by all odds wasn’t upset by the texts anymore, smelling the scent of pure male mixed with deodorant and cologne, making him throb erratically between his legs knowing it was Jason’s scent.

“Sorry for the mess, I’m a bit of a slob.” Jason snickered, closing the door behind them, throwing the clothes off of his bed and onto the floor to make room for them.

Justin was nervous yet excited at the same time, taking up the spot on the bed that Jason was patting next to him. Every time Justin moved he was reminded how wet Jason could make him, even by just sitting next to him on a bed.

“It’s fine — Brent is too.” Justin smiled. “I hope I’m not being too… weird?” Justin asked, uncertain of what he was even proposing.

“It’s nothing.” Jason understood, though. “I get it — and it’s not weird, two people hanging out is fine.”

Justin smiled as he’d avoided the word ‘friends’. “Okay… I’m not usually like this obviously.”

“It’s honestly okay — you’re not bugging me or anything.” Jason reassured.

Justin blushed a little. “So, when’s your roommate back?”

“About an hour.” Jason answered with a shrug. “So tell me about this guy, if you don’t mind? The hospital part?”

Nodding, Justin continued on with his story. “It’s Mark, if you remember him from high school.” Jason nodded, not looking particularly surprised. “He just like… made me do stuff even though I said no.” He blushed at that. “He was drunk and started slapping me in the face — in the end my head was literally bouncing off of the wall when he…” His face was crimson red, and he squeezed his eyes shut. “You know. It was relentless. I needed stitches.”

“And he didn’t go to jail?” Jason was in disbelief, wanting to hug the poor boy.

“I lied and said I fell down the stairs — you’re the first person I’ve told.” Justin went quiet with realization, and he opened his eyes to look up at Jason’s concerned face. “Don’t tell anyone.” He fretted, hating how easy it was to talk to Jason sometimes.

“I won’t, but you should.” Jason mumbled comfortingly. “He needs to do time Justin — threatening you isn’t okay at all, and if he isn’t careful I’ll do something about it.”

Even through the situation, Justin thought it was incredibly hot when Jason got all serious and bad ass. He still couldn’t believe he was in his dorm, getting wetter by the second. Justin sighed as his message tone continued to chime, not frightened to look at them now he was with Jason.

‘Why can’t u just meet me? It was ages ago.’

‘Get over it, come on.’


“Really?” Justin sighed, now laughing at how pathetic he was.

“Just tell him you’re with me and he’ll leave you alone.” Jason encouraged, peering over the phone to read the texts.

‘I’m with Jason Anderson, just leave me alone.’ Justin knew not many people would challenge Jason, given he played rugby on the side of basketball for fun. Justin felt the guy’s muscles were as big as his head, and it just made his lust increase every time they were on show, like they were now. He really wanted to watch him workout. Justin felt that he honestly couldn’t get anymore perfect.

“He won’t believe me.” Justin mumbled with a smile, loving that Jason wasn’t ashamed to be around him.

“Why not?”

“We’re so different.” The smaller boy shrugged.

The next message came quickly, as if he was waiting only on Justin to reply. ‘Lol prove it.’

“Picture?” Jason suggested.

Justin was surprised, getting flustered. “Oh, um, sure.”

Jason scooted over so he would be in the frame. Justin wasn’t really sure how to pose, but ended up doing a ‘I told you so’ sarcastic smile, while Jason just leaned his head against Justin’s in a protective manner, looking as if it was his job to defend the smaller male. Justin sent it excitedly, knowing he would sneakily save that one at some point. He loved how close and comfortable they both looked, and how much it looked like Jason cared.

“Hah.” Justin smiled, feeling he finally got justice somehow. Mark was a very jealous, selfish lover, and had yelled at Justin countless times for being so close with Brent despite the fact they were only friends with benefits.

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