Making Up For Lost Time


Master had not seen me in some time. I was worried that he had forgotten me…was I not good enough? Had I displeased him? Worse still, my biggest fear; had he found someone else…someone more able to meet his needs? The fear played on my mind for almost all of the three months that Master had disappeared from my life. The hollow I felt was indescribable. My very identity was diminished.

Little had I known that this was part of Master’s plan.

He arrived one day. I stood in shock as I opened the door to see his face. He had sent no email, as he said he always would. Had the rules changed?

Master stood with a broad smile, then reached over to me, kissing me deeply, mouth to mouth. This was not Master’s style. What had changed?

“You were missed, but don’t for one moment think that you are that important, understand?”

“Yes Sir!”

I was relieved beyond words as Master finally resumed his usual forceful tone.

My cock shot to attention. It was the first time in a long time that I was able to get erect.

Master held my hand and led me into the living room.

“I had to go for awhile..I had to make certain that you didn’t get too comfortable. I trust you have adjusted to my absence.”

“Yes Sir.”

I was lost for words, but overjoyed.

“No more “Sir” you understand? You will call me Daddy from now on.”

“Thank you Daddy. I understand”

“Your birth family has no relevance now. I am your only priority!”

He barked. I nodded, in compliance, head lowered to the floor.

Daddy grew a sly smirk as he gripped my chin tightly:

“Good little slut boy!”

My cock felt as though it would burst through my jeans. Daddy noticed the aching bulge as well.

“I knew I was coming today, and good for you, you were here to greet me.

Daddy has saved a big load for you as a welcome back gift. Do you want Daddy’s load?”

“Yes, Daddy, I want all of your load!”

“Beg for it boy!”

Daddy pushed down kağıthane escort on my head with both hands until I was on my knees, facing his proud erection. He had undone his dress pants and let them fall to the floor.

“Please Daddy, give me your load!”

Daddy teased me, repeatedly bringing his thick cock towards my mouth, then suddenly pulling back.

He circled the head of his cock around my lips, and occasionally slapped my cheeks with it.

Finally he relented:

“Mouth open, son.”

I did as told, like a baby bird waiting for the parent’s food offering.

Finally Daddy plunged his meat into me. He wasted no time, grabbing my head tightly and pumping aggressively in and out. I gagged slightly as he forced all eight inches into me.

“You like Daddy’s cock, don’t you, little bitch?”

I pulled away my head briefly to speak, drool streaming from the corner of my mouth:

“I love your cock Daddy. It tastes so good.”

“Look me in the eyes while you’re sucking me!”

I did as told, and Daddy continued his rough mouth fucking, occasionally running a delicate finger over my forehead or cheek.

Finally, Daddy pulled out; reaching down and lifting my beige T-shirt over my head, tossing it from my body.

He gripped my hips and spun me around. He pushed me to the floor face-first and yanked my jeans off of me.

“Now up on your knees, slut boy! Time for Daddy to fuck you!”

Panic overtook me. I had never been broken by a man. Daddy’s cock was well above average and he didn’t mind playing rough. I could only let it happen and hope it happened quickly. That said, the excitement surrender allowed me to allow him…ALL of him.

Daddy quickly lubed his cock with a small bottle of massage oil. He had a thick and beautiful head. I could hear him working the oil up and down his shaft. His massive hands finally gripped my thighs as he tore into my ass with amazing and painful force. I felt hot fire as my flesh was stretched to its limit and beyond. Daddy groaned, taking in the pleasure.

“Oh, good boy! You make Daddy’s cock feel so good! That tight ass belongs to Daddy!”

“Yes, Daddy, it does.”

“Say it louder bitch!”

“My ass belongs to you Daddy! It’s only for you!”

I was buckling in pain, wanting to get his massive cock out of me, but Daddy held me firmly in place, ensuring that I couldn’t resist his pounding as my body convulsed and tried to absorb the ruthless assault by moving away from his cock with every plunge.

The fucking session seemed to have no end. Relief finally came however; my inner skin finally stretched to accept Daddy’s cock.

Suddenly I could feel a warm and welcome sensation. My asshole seemed to suddenly be pulling Daddy’s cock in, the new pleasure igniting my nerves. I was almost brought to orgasm as his pounding awoke a magical place inside of me.

“Here comes Daddy’s load! “

Daddy let out a loud, deep groan.

I felt the massive cum stream shooting deep inside of me.

“Shit! Shit! Oh, son, you make Daddy so-o-o- pro-u-d! Uuughhh!”

There was silence as Daddy’s erection recoiled slightly, spent.

“You want to taste Daddy’s load?”

Of course I did! I was lost in ecstasy.

“Please Daddy! Let me have every drop!

I did not know how he had planned to do this; his cum deep inside of my asshole, but I knew he’d find a way.

Daddy rolled me onto my back and lifted my ass high in the air, a broad smile on his face.

He forced my legs over my head, holding my ankles tightly. My skinny frame flexed easily to Daddy’s demands.

“Lift your head boy, towards your chest.”

I strained my neck. My cock was still throbbing.

“Push it out. Push that cum out. Drink it!”

The stream of hot goo poured freely from its place inside of me, running between my legs, some trickling down my shaft; much of it over my face. With one hand he held both of my ankles close to my forehead while he ran his fingers around my lips as the cum streamed down. He pushed the spent sperm between my lips.

“You like that you little whore?”

“It tastes so good Daddy!”

“Now you will taste yourself”

Daddy gripped my thick rod, jacking me furiously. His large hand circled my cock well and with all of the authority of an expert of male orgasm.

“Keep your mouth ready, whore-dog!”

My neck was cramping under the pressure, but I did as told.

Soon enough, my own massive load shot out. I held my mouth towards it and drank what I could.

Daddy smeared the load into my face, occasionally slapping me. I was a sticky mess.

When he was done toying with me, Daddy eased me onto my back.

“Now go clean up you dirty bitch”

I stood up to walk towards the bathroom.

“I never said to stand up. Crawl, boy! And crawl slowly!”

I did as told and made my way on my knees.

Daddy followed behind me, occasionally slapping my ass. He spit on me and threw out insults.

“You’re a fucking pig…just a skinny little cum-dumpster. You better get real clean bitch-boy!”

Daddy’s brutal words aroused me into near erection.

I entered the bathroom. Daddy stood at the doorway.

“You may stand now and run the water. You may take as long as you wish to clean up. When you are done, you will leave your clothes off and return to the living room. I will be back.”

Daddy closed the door.

I stood for several minutes, allowing the hot water to simply run over my weakened frame. I ran my middle finger deep into my ass. The initial pain of being so forcefully fucked was reduced now to a dull throbbing. My asshole felt much looser as I scoured it clean. I worried for a moment that should I ever become too loose, Daddy may leave me for someone new, but I refused the thought too much entry into my mind. Daddy was my world. Without him, I had zero identity; zero purpose.

I finally finished and dried myself off. Upon re-entering the living room, what awaited me was something I could never have imagined; not even from Daddy.

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