Manhattan, Two Cherries


“Another Manhattan, Miss?” the bartender asked from behind the posh bar.

“No, that’s ok,” I replied. Best to pace myself on an empty stomach. I took the last sip of the sweet drink and felt the warmth trickle down my throat. Toying with the cherry stem between my fingers, I glanced again at my watch. Twenty minutes late. This can’t bode well.

* * * * *

“You’ve been single too long, Hannah,” my oldest friend Olivia said. “You need to forget about that dreadful Dale and move on with your life.”

As much as I hated to hear it, this had become a familiar and frequent topic of conversation between us for the last six months. Olivia was happily married and couldn’t fathom the idea that anyone could be single and happy. Honestly, when I saw how happy she and Michael were, my heart ached to find someone as well suited. But this was something I barely admitted to myself and would never admit to Olivia.

“I’m dating, Olivia. I’m playing the field, you know…taking a look at all the fishes in the sea.” I tried to sound confident but Olivia knew me too well.

“Listen, there’s a man who works with Michael. He works at his office.” I rolled my eyes. God, not another blind date. Sensing my reluctance she added, “He’s a real go-getter. He’s responsible for turning the whole division around. I’m sure you’ll like him.” After some amount of coaxing, I agreed to allow Olivia to set it up. Honestly, I hadn’t been dating much. Was it low tide in the dating pool? Or had I become too picky?

As much as I hated to admit it, I was actually pretty excited about the date. He had called me Tuesday and we talked for ten minutes or so and agreed on next Friday night. We only talked long enough to set up the time and place for the date, since he couldn’t talk long. He needed to get back to work. In retrospect I should have seen this as a red flag for his workaholic nature. Well, he certainly had good taste in restaurants, I thought. Charlie’s is one of the nicest steak houses in town.

I got ready for the big night with a long, relaxing bath. No sense in being tense for a first meeting and it was a good excuse to be leisurely. I hummed along to the Ella Fitzgerald playing in the background as I trailed a soapy loofah over my body. The steamy bathroom smelled of the jasmine bath gel I used. I carefully shaved over my legs, then pulled myself up to the edge of the bath to shave my pussy. I just love how my pussy feels when it’s freshly shaved, I thought, as I ran my soapy fingers over the smooth, slippery lips.

After toweling off, I stood naked at the entrance of my walk-in closet surveying the choices. Most of my clothes were business-casual but this restaurant warranted a little more than that. I settled on a black skirt with a cream colored silk blouse. The blouse showed only a little cleavage and in low lighting it gave the illusion of being slightly translucent. Indecently decent, I liked to call it.

I fished around in my lingerie drawer and found a nice set of cream-colored lace bra and panties. Over that I put on a garter belt, since wearing stockings felt so much sexier than pantyhose. Wearing stockings is like a sexy secret underneath your skirt. Although often no one but you sees them, they give a sexual confidence that men seem to notice.

The restaurant was downtown, and popular with business executive types. I stepped inside and peered around the corner, looking for a man with blond hair, glasses, a black suit and a red tie as we’d discussed. It was relatively early in the evening for a weekend and the bar was practically empty. At the far end of the bar was a couple sipping wine and in the back of the room was a group of men in suits, laughing loudly and smoking cigars. No sign of the red tie.

As I made my way to the bar, I could feel eyes on me from across the room. I looked over to the table of businessmen and their stares continued. Smiling to myself, I walked confidently. I look really good tonight, I thought. Let’s just hope the red tie agrees. Perching up onto the tall barstool, I leaned back and crossed my legs.

The bartender had watched my approach and leaned over to ask, “What’ll you have?” as he glanced nonchalantly at my blouse and lacy bra peeking beneath.

“Manhattan, please. Two cherries.” He smiled and set about to make the drink. As he shook the drink I peered around the room. Several more men and women walked in and sat – but no red tie. Without a word the bartender set the beautiful amber beverage in front of me and I took a sip. Perfection. The martini glass was chilled precisely and its contents sweet, exactly as I like it. I looked back to the entrance. Where’s the red tie? He was very specific about the time. I hope nothing bad happened.

Just as I was imagining the worst, a voice next to me broke me out of my deep thought. “Another round, please.” It was one of the men from the group of businessmen in the back, and as he faced the bar I had the chance to look him over. He was young, about my age and probably a good 20 years younger than anyone güvenilir bahis else at the table. Tall, with dark hair and light skin, he was quite handsome. As my eyes trailed over his very well-fitting suit, I leaned a little further back to surreptitiously steal a glance at his backside. Very nice.

When I turned back toward the bar, I found the man looking over his shoulder at me and smiling. I felt a blush creeping up over my chest and face. Had he seen me looking him over? His smiling eyes suggested he was on to me but I smiled back without flinching.

“Hi, Hannah.” Holy cow, I knew him. It was Joel, a man I’d dated for a couple months three years ago. We dated and he was great. But when he got a big promotion to work in DC, we’d lost touch. I hadn’t even thought about him in ages and he was much cuter than I remembered.

“Wow, Joel, how are you?” I asked excitedly. Damn it, why couldn’t this one be the red tie. Never breaking eye contact, he leaned closer and said, “Nice to see someone other than a stuffy exec in here tonight.”

Without a pause, I flirted back. “Yes, I was just thinking the same thing.”

The bartender busied himself with getting another round of drinks ready for the group in the back as Joel and I continued to talk. He told me he was recently back in town and said he hoped we could catch up some time soon. He took my hand in his and I felt a warmth in his touch that nearly took my breath away.

With a sad resignation in his voice he said, “I sure wish I could stay and talk to you. I sort of got roped into going out with these clients. I just finished working on their settlement and they’re out celebrating my hard work.” He looked around the room and back at me, “Are you here with someone?”

Without thinking, I glanced at my watch again. Now he was 15 minutes late. I tried to cover with a story that seemed a little less tragic than being stood up. “Well, I was going to meet a friend here. I guess maybe he was held up.”

Joel’s eyes brushed over my body quickly, lingering over my chest briefly as I took another sip. “He doesn’t know what he’s missing.”

I smiled at him, not even sure how to respond to such a comment but simultaneously wishing this evening could be going in a different direction. Before I could respond, he added, “Listen, I have to get back to the group. Hope you have a nice night – and let’s get together for drinks sometime.”

“Thanks, I’d like that,” I replied. I watched him return to the table, sitting in the middle of the group as they toasted something I couldn’t quite hear. The drink was very good and I felt a giddy warmth spread over my body. I relaxed, watching the few people around me and occasionally glanced over to Joel at the table. Several times when I looked over I caught him looking at me too and he smiled so warmly at me, even though he appeared miserable sitting with the group. I nursed the drink and declined another one offered by the bartender, figuring it wouldn’t make a good impression to be tipsy at a first meeting.

My purse began to vibrate, and I reached in to answer the cell phone.

“Hi, Hannah, I’m sorry, I’m not going to be able to make it tonight. Something came up here at work. Can we meet another time?” How aggravating, looking this good and being stood up.

“Yeah, that’s okay, I guess,” I said as I noticed Joel was back at the bar next to me ordering more drinks. I continued on the phone in soft tones, no point in getting angry with a man I’d never even met. “OK, well, maybe another time,” I lied. He missed his chance. If work keeps him from meeting me, then how many dates in the future would he cancel without a second thought?

I clicked the phone shut, and started to pull out my wallet to pay for my drink. Joel turned to me and said, “Aww, leaving so soon? You’re the only thing in this bar that’s saved my evening from being a complete disaster.”

I giggled. I’d forgotten how much of a charmer he was. “Yeah, I guess he couldn’t make it. I should probably head home.”

Joel looked back to the group, and appeared to make some quick calculations in his head. “Listen, Hannah, I think this is the last round for us. All these guys need to get back to their wives. On the other hand, I don’t have any plans for the evening. Would you do me a big favor and join me for dinner?”

Sensing my hesitancy, he added, “Its just dinner, Hannah. I could really use a celebration and going home to my empty apartment with unpacked boxes isn’t the way I want to spend the evening.”

I thought, what the heck. Worst case I get a nice dinner, and anyway, it would be a real shame to feel this sexy and not try to somehow salvage the evening. I agreed. He leaned over the bar and ordered me another drink, then told me he’d be put our names in for a table and finish up with them in just a few minutes. Apparently this evening was looking up.

Sipping my new drink slowly, I felt happy and slightly tipsy as I contemplated the evening. My nipples, always hard whenever I’m happy, were rubbing deliciously türkçe bahis against the inside of my bra. I glanced over at Joel often. He seemed truly miserable and appeared to be trying to quietly extricate himself from the crowd. Teasing him, I let my skirt ride up just enough to let him see the tops of my stockings – and giggled when I saw his eyes widen just a little from across the room. Finally, in my whiskey-induced impatience, I decided to somehow rescue him from his misery. I slowly sidled over to his table and the uproarious conversation between them all came to a halt as every eye at the table turned to me.

“Hi, sorry to trouble all of you but could someone possibly help me? I seem to have a bit of a car emergency. Does anyone know anything about cars?” I asked in my best little-girl-in-need-of-a-big-strong-man voice.

The men at the table just stared at me as though mesmerized. I guess they were surprised to see a woman approach the table. I think perhaps the few blouse buttons I undid before walking to the table might have had something to do with it as well.

“How about you?” I said sweetly, pointing directly at Joel. For a second he sat slightly stunned. I winked at him and he caught on to my ruse. Standing up, he said, “Why, yes, I know a lot about cars. Let’s see what I can do.”

Quick as a shot he darted around the table to my side and we walked off toward the lobby. Vaguely remembering that he was supposed to be a professional in the presence of clients, Joel yelled back to the crowd that this could take a while and he’d see them next week. As we headed around the corner to the ornate lobby, we both broke down in laughter. “God, Hannah, you saved me. That bunch of blowhards could probably talk all night.”

The hostess looked up and told us our table was ready, then led us to a beautiful little private table in the corner. He pulled out my chair and looked me up and down as he pushed the chair in. After some small talk we ordered and then got on to more serious conversation. He had moved to DC, but then moved back here for another job since he missed the area. He tried to call me when he got back into town but I’d moved.

As we talked and ate, I couldn’t stop looking at his face and his eyes, I’d absolutely forgotten how attractive he was. I thought back to the last few times we were together and what fun we had. As my mind played over the events of our last lovemaking, I drifted off in thought – only to be startled from fantasy by the realization that he was talking to me.

“Hannah, everything OK?”

“Of course. Just thinking.” Before he could ask what I was thinking about, I decided to quickly change the topic. “So no girlfriend? No wife?”

Joel admitted that part of his move back to the area was to get some distance from his girlfriend and make a fresh start. Exactly what I needed too, I thought, a fresh start. As we finished our meal, I felt more and more comfortable with him and began to wonder how I let this one get away.

As we talked, I felt him rub his leg against mine, flirting and perhaps testing the waters. I slipped my stocking covered foot from my shoe and trailed my toes up his legs, sometimes playfully slipping up inside his pant leg. He smiled, but didn’t comment. My flirting became bolder, sliding my foot up the inside of his thighs. The server came over to clear the table, completely unaware of the under-table teasing. “Can I get you any coffee or dessert?”

I slipped my foot directly over his crotch and Joel jumped a little. He reached under the table and held my foot still, giving me a wicked grin.

He replied to the server, never taking his eyes from mine, “Yeah, two coffees and a crème Brule please.” She walked off and we sat in silence, smiling at each other. Just as I feared I may have gone a little too far by pressing against his growing erection, he began gently rubbing my foot against his cock as if to prove to me that he was excited.

“Since when have you been such a tease?” he asked. “As I recall, you were always pretty reserved.” I thought back on our times together and realized that back then I was more modest perhaps but those days were long over.

I was getting very excited at this point, feeling his eyes drift over my face and to my chest while he kept a gentle grip on my foot. His other hand began massaging up my calf and my pussy began to tingle. The tingling crept from my pussy to my belly and I felt a flush spread over my chest and cheeks. I looked around, suddenly self-conscious. Can everyone here tell how excited I’m getting?

Standing up from the table, I excused myself to the lady’s room. I could feel Joel’s eyes on my ass as I walked away. I took a look at myself in the bathroom mirror. Get a hold of yourself, girl! I haven’t seen him in forever. How can I be feeling this way? Maybe I’m just getting caught up in the moment. But he seems so amazing. And how can he accuse me of being reserved? I’ll show him reserved.

In the stall I slipped out of my panties, giggling to myself. Wadding the panties güvenilir bahis siteleri into a tight ball in my fist, I touched up my lip gloss and headed back to the table. I walked over to the table and Joel was still smiling. Perhaps he never stopped. As I walked around him, I leaned forward with my lips near his ear and whispered, “Reserved, huh?” – and dropped my panties into his lap. Stunned, Joel stared at the panties, then at me and again back at the panties – and then quickly hid them as the server brought our coffee.

I started to walk to the other side of the table but Joel took my hand. “I think you need to sit next to me where I can keep an eye on you.” I giggled and sat in the chair next to him. I could smell his clean scent and feel the warmth of his body next to mine. As the server placed the coffees, dessert and two spoons on the table, I felt his hand on my thigh, his fingers creeping upward to the tops of my stockings.

With his free hand, Joel slowly sipped his coffee, looking into my eyes for a reaction. I placed my hand over his, loving the feeling of his warm strong hands on my body.

“As I recall, you liked crème Brule very much, Hannah,” he said, grinning. I couldn’t quite read his expression but I was too excited to care. I reached for a spoon and before I got to it, he took it and put it on the other side of the table out of my reach. I was painfully aware of his hand on my thigh with his fingers splayed and working upwards under my skirt. Smiling, he cracked the top of the crème Brule with his spoon and scooped up a small bite. He brought it closer to my lips and as I opened my mouth wide his fingers brushed over my pussy.

I gasped quietly. Oh god, what a tease. The smooth dessert melted on my tongue as I looked into his eyes, silently begging him to continue. He scooped a little more and neared my mouth again. This time as I took a bite, he slid his pinky finger along my smooth, now slippery slit. This time I moaned quietly while Joel looked amused at his obvious power over me. On the third bite, just as the spoon was on my tongue, his fingers slipped into my folds, brushing lightly over my clit. I moaned loudly, concentrating entirely on his fingers and forgetting we were surrounded in a restaurant.

The middle-aged couple in the table next to us looked over, perplexed at my loud moaning, and Joel leaned over to them, “She really, really likes crème Brule.” The woman looked a little shocked and the man winked at me.

Somewhat back to my senses, I looked at them both and said, “Yes, it’s excellent. I highly recommend it.” Joel stifled a laugh and I tried not to look too embarrassed.

Being (mostly) a gentleman, Joel stopped teasing me and moved his hand over my skirt to lightly lie in my lap as we finished our coffee and dessert. I looked at my watch and realized that we’d been together for over two hours and it had flown by.

Joel walked me to my car and I told him I hoped we could see each other again soon. When we got to my car, he asked for my number and I was elated. I opened the car and leaned over the driver’s seat to get a pen from the glove box. As I leaned over, I felt Joel’s hand slide up my skirt and creep over my ass. The parking lot was dark but at that point – as I felt Joel’s hands caressing over my ass and thighs, then very lightly brushing over my hairless pussy – I hardly cared if we were seen.

“I have a better idea, Hannah. How about you come to my place and I’ll show you my new apartment. I could use some female advice on how to fix it up.” I was too excited not to agree and I followed him in my car to his place. He opened the door for me and as we walked up, I could feel pussy juices slippery between my thighs.

We stepped inside the apartment. There were unpacked boxes everywhere. Throwing off his suit coat and loosening his tie, Joel led me over to the living room as I looked around. Yeah, this place could use some fixing up. It doesn’t even look like someone lives here. Walking over to the couch, I put my hands on the back of it, feeling the soft leather.

“Well, I like the couch. Very nice,” I said, trying hard to slow down my heart beating hard in my chest like demented drum solo. I felt him come up behind me, kissing the back of my neck, then gently pushing me over the back of the couch. His hands fell over my hips and I felt him press against me from behind.

“Yes, I especially liked the height of it. Don’t you agree?” Feeling the hardness of his cock against my ass – even through my skirt and his pants – I was so excited I couldn’t even think of an answer. He pulled me up and spun me around, and as I wrapped my arms around his neck, he kissed me hard. I remembered suddenly what an amazing kisser he was as he held me close and his tongue slid between my lips.

His hand slid over my breasts, teasing the hardened nipples under the lace. “I’ve been looking at these all night, Hannah. I couldn’t stop thinking about your cute little pink nipples and how sensitive they are.” He remembered exactly the way to touch me and I melted against him. His other hand gripped my ass, pulling my middle hard against his cock. As his hand slid up under my skirt and clutched my ass cheek, my head began to swim with lust and my pussy felt as if it were on fire.

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