Married Heat – Staying Focused


“It’s just not you,” Toby Brooks, Lila’s boss, said to her as he looked over and contemplated her campaign presentation. “Your work used to have so much… fire to it. So much passion. And I don’t see that in this project.”

Lila nodded. “I can do better.”

“I mean, it’s not bad,” Toby continued. “We could go with it if we had to.”

“We don’t have to present it to the client until the end of this week, right?” Lila asked.

Toby nodded. “Friday. We still have a couple of days.”

“Let me work on it tonight at home. I can give you what you’re looking for.”

“OK. I’ll look forward to what you bring me tomorrow. Because what you’ve showed me today really sucks…”


“He said it sucked?” Duane asked his wife, Lila, over the phone as she drove home and recounted her meeting with her boss to her husband.

“No,” Lila said with a chuckle. “He said it was good but not great.”

“Oh hell,” Duane said. “You’re going to be obsessed with this, aren’t you?”

“Good is bad to me, Duane. My work can’t be average. That’s a death sentence to me.”

“I know, baby.”

“I’m almost home,” Lila said. They hung up as Duane hurried to put his last finishing touches on the dining and living rooms. He then quickly moved toward the front door as he heard his wife’s car pull into the driveway.

She exited her vehicle and smiled as she saw Duane standing just outside and holding a single red rose. “Thank you, baby,” she said before greeting him with a tender kiss.

“Of course,” he said with a mischievous grin before swiftly stepping back into the house and out of view.

Lila was amusingly confused as she entered after him. She then gasped as she examined the rose petal-covered living room and dining room floors. The dining room table was also sprinkled with petals as well as having been elegantly set for dinner, complete with lit candles.

“Oh my god, Duane. What’s all this for?”

He walked up behind her and kissed her on the cheek. “Just to see that expression on your face.”

Lila grinned as she turned around and said, “You know, you’re making it really hard for me to wallow in my bad day at work.”

“We can talk about work, too. Tonight’s about you. Whatever you need.”

Lila stared at Duane, softly shaking her head. “You’re amazing.”

“Well, you haven’t tasted dinner yet. You might want to withhold judgement until…”

Lila interrupted Duane with a long, passionate kiss. Duane then said, “Or we can skip dinner.”

He then lifted Lila by the thighs, walking her to the kitchen as she wrapped her legs around him and they continued to kiss. Her legs then slid down his body until she was standing in front of the kitchen island. Lila slipped off her shoes, pants, and panties and hopped up onto the island as Duane unfastened his pants and underwear, allowing them to drop to his ankles.

They resumed their passionate lip lock as Duane eased his shaft inside Lila’s hot, wet center. She re-wrapped her legs around him, squeezing him tightly. Duane grabbed her bare ass, firmly but shallowly pumping her body with his erection as she slid to the edge of the kitchen island for him to go deeper.

Lila began to moan in rhythm to Duane’s fucking as he planted kisses on her neck. She then inhaled deeply. “What’s that smell?” she asked.

Duane paused, lifting his face from her neck. “It’s dinner. Braised chicken breast.”

“Ooooh,” Lila said, smiling at Duane as their faces were inches apart. “You fixed my favorite dinner?”

Duane smiled. “Yeah.”

He resumed stroking Lila, thoroughly enjoying being inside her. Duane then noticed that, though she was still very wet, she wasn’t physically and audibly responding to him as she was before.

Duane paused and knowingly looked at Lila who wore a playful smile. He then said, “You want to eat now, don’t you?”

“Well… I skipped lunch after my meeting with Toby,” Lila said as Duane nodded. “And your dinner does smell incredible.”

A disappointed Duane steeled himself. He then caressed Lila’s face with both of his hands, kissed her gently, and said, “Hey. Tonight’s about you. Let’s eat.”


Lila swallowed another piece of chicken – having eaten about half of her dinner – before continuing their conversation. “It’s not like I put any less work into this campaign than I have any other. In fact, I went back and looked at some of my other campaigns after the meeting. I actually like this one better than some of those. I just don’t…”

“Do you understand what he is talking about when he says the campaign lacks your typical passion?” Duane asked, sitting across the rose petal-covered, candle lit dinner table from Lila.

Lila shook her head as she contemplated Duane’s question. She then exhaled and said, “Yes.”

“Do you think you’ve lost your passion for the job?”

“No. Not at all. I still love what I do.” Lila sat her cutlery down before continuing, “Life is just stagnant. It’s good. It’s just… I don’t know. I feel bored or something.”

“Bored? güvenilir bahis So you need another vacation?”

Lila smiled. “No. We just got back from Zihuatanejo a month ago.” Lila looked off into the distance for several seconds as Duane studied her. She then looked back at him and pursed her lips. “I know, I know. These are champagne problems, right? I have a job I love and a great marriage. A great house. Great friends. You’re probably wondering what’s wrong with me.”

Duane shook his head. “Nope. I’m trying to figure out how to help you be unbored.

Lila smiled and shook her head. “You do enough for me. I mean… look at this!” she said, gesturing around their dining room. “I came home to a fucking bath of rose petals. I mean, how good can a woman have it?”

“Damn,” Duane said as a confused Lila looked at him. “I could have put rose petals in the bathtub. I’ll have to remember that next time.”

He then smiled at her, which made her grin.


A nude Lila laid on the bed with her legs spread as Duane lowered his head between her knees. She rested back on her pillows wearing a soft smile as Duane placed soft kisses on her inner thighs.

His lips moved up to her hairy center, finding and gently clasping onto her clitoris as the tip of his tongue began to wet it. Lila took a very deep breath. It signaled to Duane that she was relaxing and so he continued.

He slid his tongue between her lips and immediately noticed how dry she was. He attempted to stimulate her – with limited effect – before stopping and lifting his head.

Lila raised up on her elbows and looked at him. “What’s wrong?”

“That’s what I was about to ask you. You aren’t very into this, are you?”

“Why do you say that?” she asked.

Duane then sat up on the end of the bed. “Because I’ve been with you long enough to know when you’re into sex and when you aren’t.”

Lila laid back on the pillow, closed her eyes, and said, “Come on, baby. Lick me.”

Duane smiled. “No.”

Lila’s eyes popped open. “You don’t want to have sex with me?”

Duane grabbed Lila’s hand and pulled her to a seated position. “Go ahead. It’s OK. I know you want to get to work on your project.”

“Duane, you made this beautiful dinner for me. You decorated the house with roses.” Lila smiled as she ran her finger down the center of her husband’s chest. “The least I can do is fuck you.”

Duane lifted his wife’s hand from his chest and kissed it. He then said, “I didn’t do all those things to get you to have sex with me.”

Duane rose from the bed and began sliding on his pajama pants. “Come on,” he said to Lila. “I’ll brew you some coffee while you get to work.”

Lila smiled and shook her head. “I have the greatest husband ever.”

Duane looked at her plainly and said, “I won’t dispute that.”


It had been an hour and a half since Duane set his wife’s thermos of coffee on the desk in her home office. He peeked inside to see her in front of her large, free-standing whiteboard. She was rubbing the back of her neck as she stood in her matching silk pajama shorts and spaghetti strap pajama top.

He was trying not to be turned on, not being able to help noticing the shape of her pantiless ass through her shorts as she shifted her weight. It wasn’t working. He began slowly walking toward her. Still focused on her work, she sighed and shook her head. That helped Duane convince himself that she could use a distraction.

Though he desperately wanted to grab her ass, he slid his hands over her shoulders. His touch briefly startled her before her muscles loosened beneath the feel of his massage.

“It seems like you’re still having a hard time,” Duane said.

“I… I wish something was wrong with this campaign,” Lila said, gesturing toward her busy whiteboard. “There’s nothing to fix. It’s a good campaign. Toby even said so. He wants me to bring the passion.” Lila shook her head. “I don’t know what the fuck to do.”

Duane could feel her shoulder and neck muscles tightening further underneath his touch. He brought his lips near her ear and said in a very low, soothing voice, “It’s OK.” He increased the pressure of his massage as he continued, “Give yourself a few minutes to not think about it. You know you work better when you’re relaxed.”

Lila chuckled in frustration. “How can I relax when…”

“By concentrating on my hands instead of your whiteboard,” Duane said, sliding his massage down to her upper arms before moving back up to her shoulders.

Lila reluctantly stopped talking and allowed his hands to work. After several seconds she let out a low moan and Duane could feel the tension leaving her muscles. Lila closed her eyes and allowed her body to fall back against his.

He moved his hips back slightly, trying not to poke Lila’s ass with his erection as he was genuinely attempting to create a non-sexual, cathartic moment for her.

“That feels really good,” Lila said, slowly rolling her head from side türkçe bahis to side.

She then arched her back and Duane felt the tip of his pajama-covered dick slide between her silk-covered ass cheeks.

“Oooh,” Lila moaned, immediately reaching behind her and grasping his shaft through his pants. Duane silently gasped as she stroked him a few times before backing up and pressing herself against him… and his erection further between her cheeks.

Lila danced and grinded on his crotch, sliding her ass up and down Duane’s ever-hardening erection. She then reached behind him, put her hand behind his neck, and leaned further back against him. “OK, I think you’ve convinced me to take a break.”

Duane chuckled as he attempted to not be distracted by the feel of his wife. “No. I came in here to relax you. Not to distract you.”

“Then you shouldn’t be so damn hard,” she said, sliding further down into a half-squat before quickly coming back up and popping her ass against him.

“Damn! Baby. Umm… ” Duane firmly grabbed his wife’s hips and held them for a few seconds as she continued to slide her ass all over his cock. He was seriously debating whether to say, “Fuck it,” and just take her sexy ass right on her desk.

He finally summoned his will and pushed away from her. Lila turned around with a pouting face. “No, baby,” Duane said, understanding how ridiculous he looked with the significant tent in his pants as he physically held his wife’s skillful hips at bay. “As… incredibly nice… as it would be to fuck you right now, you will hate both of us if you don’t get your work done.”

With Lila’s head down and bottom lip protruding, Duane released her and stood up… and adjusted himself inside his pants as best he could.

Lila then looked at him – doe-eyed and still playfully frowning – and said, “But what if I’m still tense?”

Duane smiled and shook his head. “I’ll give you a massage. But you have to be good.”

“Oh, you know I’ll be good,” Lila said, moving toward Duane and reaching for his crotch.

Blocking her hand from it’s destination, a grinning Duane said, “Baby, you know you need to get your work done.”

“That’s the problem,” Lila said as her demeanor soured. She turned and gestured toward the whiteboard as she continued. “I am done. The campaign is finished. It’s just… listless. Apparently I don’t know how to bring the passion anymore.”

Lila returned to staring at her work in the whiteboard and rubbing her ever-tightening neck. Duane moved behind her and resumed his massage. He then lowered his lips to her neck, enlisting them into the rubdown. He even moved his still-firm shaft between her cheeks again as he felt her returning to a relaxed state.

Her eyes closed and her head falling back, Lila said, “Duane. You’re making it very difficult for me to want to concentrate on work.”

He kissed and licked her earlobe before saying in her ear – in a low enough voice to buckle her knees – “But you have to.”

“Oh, Duane,” she said, turning around to face him.

He quickly spun her back around to her original position facing the whiteboard. He placed his hands on either side of her face from behind and turned her head forward. Bringing his lips back to her ear, he said, “Focus, baby. You can do this.”

He then lowered his hands and wrapped his arms around her waist. She took a deep breath and began studying the layout of her campaign on the whiteboard as Duane returned to placing soft kisses on her neck.

Lila turned her head around toward him as much as she could with his arms still holding her. “So you’re going to keep this up?”

After another couple of kisses, he said, “I’m just trying to help you bring the passion.”

He then slid one of his hands down the front of Lila’s silk shorts. His middle finger met her pantiless clit and began softly rubbing as Lila’s breathing paused.

Turning toward the whiteboard with her mouth hanging open, she shook her head and said, “Baby, there’s no way I’m going to be able to work with you touching my…”

Lila paused. She then perked up as she studied her campaign notes. “Oh, hell. Why didn’t I think of that before?”

Duane slowly slid his hand from out of her shorts. Lila turned and bent over her desk, pulled up a word processing document, and began recording her thoughts. Walking out of Lila’s office, Duane looked back at her and smiled.

She then looked up at him. “Thank you.”

“Of course,” he said before leaving her to get to her work.


Duane’s eyes blinked open. He turned to find that he was still lying in bed by himself. His phone told him that he had dozed off for a couple of hours. He then swung his legs out of the bed and went to check on his wife.

Lila sat at her desk, staring at her laptop screen, with both of her hands grasping her already disheveled hair. A confused Duane said, “Things aren’t going well?”

Looking up from the screen – and without moving her hands – she said, “How could you tell?”

“I thought you figured güvenilir bahis siteleri out what was wrong?”

“I figured out how to spice up one part of the campaign. After that, the well dried up.” She lowered her hands and exhaled. “I guess I needed you to keep fucking with me to motivate me.”

Duane nodded thoughtfully. “I could do that.”

Lila briefly looked back up at him and gave a cursory smile before returning her attention to her computer.

Duane dropped his voice an octave in saying to Lila, “Come here.”

Her head popped up from her laptop and she seemed to be momentarily turned on. She then quickly smiled and said, “Baby, I really do have to get this done.”

Duane walked over to her desk. “I know. Get it done in the bedroom.”

Lila smiled suspiciously at him. “Get what done?”

“Your work,” he said in the same voice. Duane then closed Lila’s laptop and picked it up. “Come on,” he said, holding his hand out to her.

She smiled pleasantly as she allowed him to lead her out of her office and toward their bedroom.

Lila propped her pillows up at the head of the bed, sat with her back against them, and reached for her laptop. Duane shook his head. “Get up,” he said.

His command caused her breath to catch as she rose and stood next to the bed. Duane placed her open laptop at the head of the bed and a pillow directly in front of the keyboard. He then sat at the side of the bed where Lila stood. He slowly pulled off her pajama shorts – exposing her bare ass – and tossed them aside.

Duane instructed Lila to climb onto the bed on her knees with her bottom in the air and her forearms resting on the pillow lying in front of her laptop. “Are you comfortable?” he asked.

Lila, her breathing labored with anticipation, said, “Yeah. I’m comfortable.”

“Good,” Duane said, “Then you should get to work.”

Lila looked over her shoulder at Duane with a curious expression as he turned off the bedroom lights. With only the laptop’s bright screen shining in the room, her face and body were illuminated, which caused Duane to grow harder. Still, he stood still as they looked at one another.

“Get to work?” Lila said with a half-smile. “I thought you were about to get to work.”

“You first,” he said, sitting at the foot of the bed on the opposite side from her.

She stared at him in disbelief. “You want me to work like this?”

“Why not? The normal way of working doesn’t seem to be getting it done for you. Maybe you need to switch it up.”

“You want me to work with my ass in the air?”

“I would mind if you did most things with your ass in the air, but we’ll start with this.”

Lila pursed her lips as she looked at her husband and he looked back at her. She then chuckled, turning to her laptop to begin typing.

Duane continued to sit and watch his wife working, smiling as he enjoyed the aesthetic. She finally turned back toward him. “Are you just going to watch me all night?”

He shook his head. “Not all night.”

Lila rolled her eyes before returning to her work.

Several seconds later Lila grunted and her head dropped onto the pillow. “This fucking campaign is driving me crazy. I don’t know what he wants from me.”

Duane took that as his cue. He got on his knees and eased behind a still distraught Lila. She didn’t notice him until he placed a kiss on one of her ass cheeks.

She turned around and said, “Is this your way of telling me I need a break?”

“No,” he said, sliding his finger over her clit and causing her body to softly shiver. I was serious. You need to get your work done.”

Lila chuckled. “I can’t work when you’re back there feeling so good.”

Duane then stopped and sat up. “I can’t make you feel good for nothing.”

“What do you mean?”

“If you’re working then you deserve to be pleasured. I can’t reward you if you are slacking off.”

Lila’s back arched as she turned to look at Duane. “You want me to work while you are fingering me?”

Duane nodded. “And other things. It’s my job to make you feel good. It’s your job to spice up your campaign. I can’t work unless you work.”

Lila began to laugh. Her mouth settled into a big grin as she nodded. She then turned around and took a deep breath as she faced her laptop.

Duane waited until he heard the clacking sound of her typing before continuing. He resumed kissing her bottom and rubbing her clit, allowing his middle finger to slide until it slipped between her heavily wetted lips.

Lila gasped and paused her typing. Duane paused with his finger lying still inside his wife. He heard her chuckle before she continued. He then began sliding his finger in and out of her, allowing a second of his digits to join it.

Lila was deep-breathing in an attempt to control herself as she worked. That became increasingly difficult as Duane placed his tongue high between her cheeks and allowed it to slide downward. Lila, her typing slowing significantly, held her breath in anticipation.

He continued, lightly brushing over her hole with the tip of his tongue and causing her to gasp. Her typing paused. So did his tongue and finger.

“Duane,” she whispered to no response as he sat still with his face and tongue buried between her ass cheeks.

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