Marrying Friend’s Sister


Marrying Friend’s SisterdeleteddeletedI have completed my civil engineering in a local college and now working as a design engineer in a nearby local company. I am 25 years old now. I am fair and have an average body type. I am 6.2 feet in height.I have a 6.5-inch hard tool that makes all girls feel the real heaven of sex. Any virgin, non-virgin, married, divorced, widows. Aunties, teens mail me for hot and secret sex. Mail id have a friend. His name is Kishore. He is an electrical engineer. We were friends from school days and we also studied in the same college. His parents know me very well and my parents know him well. I am the only son of my parents. He has an elder sister and her name is Sandhya.She is 28 years old now. She is fair, cute and beautiful. She has completed her MBBS and is working as a duty doctor in a private multinational hospital. I used to call her Akka from our school days. She was our senior in school. So we know each other very well from our school itself.Kishore introduced me the porn and sex stories when we were in 12th standard. We used to watch porn together and sometimes masturbate together. When we entered college, we had the ambition to seduce a girl and fuck her. We befriended many girls but we were not able to fuck them. Some warned us not to behave like that with them.We were in the final year. Sandhya had completed her degree and internship a year ago. She was working in a hospital. One day, when I visited Kishore’s house. I saw her. She was beautiful and also sexy güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in her skirt and t-shirt. She greeted me. I replied to her and went to Kishore’s room. While talking with him. I just said.Me: You are lucky Kishore you have a sexy girl in your house.Kishore: Sexy girl?Me: I mean your sister is hot and sexy. I know you may masturbate thinking about her. Right?Kishore accepted he has masturbated thinking her but was afraid to approach her for real sex. So we were discussing how to seduce her. He also offered to share his sister with me in the same bed. That is a threesome with his sister. Then he asked me why don’t you love her and make her your lover.“Then you fuck her and I will video shoot her with you. Then I will also fuck her,” he said. I said that was a good idea dude! But we had a doubt will she love me as she used to call me Thambi (younger brother). Kishore helped me to impress her in many ways and I proposed her one day.She was shocked and warned me, “I am like your sister if you do like this I will complain to your parents.” But after repeated proposals and with the help from Kishore we succeeded. She accepted to think about it and then replied to me “I love you!” on my birthday.I and Kishore were happy and we were in love for nearly 6 months. We had completed our college and were waiting for our placement offer letter. One day, I took Sandhya on my bike to a forest area and tried to fuck her. But due to her resistance and the open space, we were only kissing.Kishore, whom I informed güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri this followed us and recorded it on his mobile. A day later, my parents went to a marriage function and I invited Sandhya to my house. She came to my house at 11:30 am from her hospital. She was in a saree. She was hot. I started to kiss her and took her to my room.Kishore was already waiting with a camera. I lip-locked her. She responded well. She asked me, “So you called me to kiss me?” I said, “Not only kiss but more.” She ran with me. I pulled her and we fell on the bed. She was above me. I started to press her boobs and removed her saree pallu.My dick was hard and was rubbing her ass and she sensed it. I turned and her boobs were on my chest. I inserted my hand into her petticoat/pavadai. She had a panty and I pressed her pussy over her panty. She left off a moan and tried to remove my hand. I took her boobs out of her blouse and was sucking it.I untied her petticoat and removed it. I unbuttoned her blouse and remove it with her red bra. Now she had only her red panty. I removed her panty. She covers herself with a blanket. I removed it and was fingering her pussy. I sucked it and licked her juices and rubbed my dick on her pussy.She was moaning and said no. I inserted my dick in her pussy and broke her hymen and she was bleeding. Tears were rolling from her eyes. I waited and fucked her after 5 minutes. I fucked her for 20 minutes and ejaculated in into her pussy. Kishore was recording and masturbating watching us.Then güvenilir bahis şirketleri I made her suck my cock. She said no. But I pushed my dick into her mouth. While she was sucking my dick. Kishore came out nude with a camera and said this is my chance. Sandhya was shocked and tried to cover herself and was confused about what is happening.Kishore showed her the video and said. “This was our plan. Now I am going to fuck you, sister.” Sandhya was begging to leave her. But he fucked her forcefully for 15 minutes and laid on her. Then I joined them and we made her suck both our cocks and fucked her again.She was crying and I consoled and promised her to marry her. I and Kishore joined in our respective offices a month later. We fucked her nearly 15 times in a month. She had heavy pain on her pussy. I stopped fucking her and warned Kishore not to fuck her till I say.After 6 months, we discussed with our parents and I married Sandhya. I made her pregnant and we have a son. Sometimes Kishore too fucks her. She was upset because of this and was crying to me. So we arranged a marriage for Kishore. We know the girl already.She is our neighbor Ramya and she used to call me Anna. (elder brother). During his first night, he said, “Rahul, you go to my wife and I will fuck Sandhya.” She was not ok with it and he said this is the last time. So I convinced Sandhya. He fucked Sandhya and I fucked his wife. We swapped our wives.But his wife doesn’t know this. He convinced her. They had a fight and were not speaking and fucking. She became pregnant with my sperm and my Sandhya with his sperm. My wife gave birth to a girl baby and his wife a boy baby. Finally, after 3 months we convinced our wives to do foursome. We did in the same bed and enjoy.Now Kishore fucks his wife only and I am the only person fucking my Sandhya and I love her very much. Hope you enjoyed!

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