Subject: New Adventures with Older Brother Part 21 Disclaimer � This story is a work of fiction, and depicts incestual sexual action between teen boys. If you are uncomfortable with that, or live in a community where that material is forbidden, please stop reading. Don’t forget, Nifty is a great resource, so please fty/donate.html Hey everyone! Time to start Act 2! Please send all comments and critiques to my email at ail! I’m sure you will all have some after this chapter, haha. Chapter 21 – Decisions/Denouements The sun rose on a bright May, though in the south, everyone is still begging for the cold dreadful grasp of winter, despite being 5 months too late. Swampland’s have no patience for people craving succor from the heat, the humidity, the hostile mosquitoes… Graduation Day was looming close, and I did my absolute best to make sure Ben marked himself as among his peers going off to get their piece of paper and start their real education. I’ve been begging him to look at school, given his sports record, he could do pretty well, but his grades weren’t the best. I’m only human! I can only help him so much! I even offered to disguise myself as him and take his SATs for him, but Mom shut that plan down stat when she saw me trying to glue hair to my face. I doubt it would have worked, but I wanted the best for my big brother. Ben has been hesitant on talking about post school stuff, he will either change the subject or try and distract me… with mixed results. A kiss will always shut me up, but even worse… He’ll start undressing slowly and suddenly I found myself at a loss for words and breath. Is it hot in here? Nope, just my brother slowly pushing down his jeans and leaning back in bed in his underwear, playing on his phone.. “It’s like hot swamp down there,” he’ll tell me. And I can’t argue with that. Or the bulge in those briefs that makes me stop talking and just start working. It works on me, because I’m a pathetic horndog for my boyfriend. Can you blame me? Thankfully it’s a few days out, then summer vacation can really start, which gives me free time to help Ben research schools. Maybe something still in Texas, I hope. I don’t want him to go out of state. Hell, I would suggest something in the city, but even seeing my brother on weekends wouldn’t be the end of the world… Just a decimating catastrophe on a global scale, at least, haha. It was the last weekend before school was done for the younger folk. Harry and I decided to celebrate by hanging out all weekend at his place. A nerdy sleepover. Movies, food, a new game Harry got that’s like Grand Theft Auto but with cowboys and horses! Grand Theft Equine? Equus? But either way, sounds like a blast. Plus it’ll give us a chance to talk about what Ben can do. Maybe it’s this fantasy in me, but… I want Ben to do well. To go places, learn something, be a business man or something. He has the charisma for it! Or maybe it’s the thought of him in a nice suit… Me dragging him by his tie into our bedroom in our fancy 2 story loft. Telling me about his day as I kiss his neck, complaining to me me about important deals. He’ll tell me “I’m really struggling with this business brief,” and I’ll say back “I’ll help you with these briefs,” with a sly wink. The windows open, looking over the horizon of the city, a beautiful backdrop for my beautiful husba- …Stop it, Armando. I can’t think that way. That’ll just set me up for disappointment. I know its a pipe dream, but whatever. Who knows. Gays can get married now. Maybe consenting blood relatives could in a few years. Royals used to do it! Point is, I want Ben to have a great life, and I know school will be our best bet to make sure. I just want us to have a great life together, no matter what we call it in the end. Just us. I waited for Ben at his truck on the last Friday of school, since I knew he was going to say good bye to some friends and teammates. Harry showed up a little late too, apparently helping his sister grab some of her art so she can take it home. “Who would have thought 16 canvas paintings would be so fucking hard to move, dear lord.” Harry sighed as he walked up to me, wiping his brow. The back of his shirt and his underarms were soaked in sweat. Poor guy. I gave him a hug to comfort him. “Hey, you can call that your work out for the day, at least, haha.” “Ha, nice try, but I still gotta do my routine. You should join me, rather then lay around and watch me like some lazy pervert. Get some muscles on those bones of yours.” “Maybe I will…” Maybe it’s spending so much time with Ben, but I’m starting to feel insecure about my smaller stature. Of course, Ben loves my demure demeanor, I guess. He can pick me up like a damn rag doll. But I want to be seen as his equal at some point. His partner. Not just his baby brother, his young nubile lover. Harry would be nice to help with that, since he’s the most helpful person I know. Ben would just make fun of me or tell me he loves me as I am. But Harry? He would keep me on the straight and narrow about a good work out routine. “Hey guys, ready to go?” Ben popped up behind us, giving us each a hug. “Yep! Did you say good bye to everyone?” “Almost. I didn’t see Riley anywhere. But she’ll be at Harry’s place so oh well.” “Yeah, she was busy packing up all her nude paintings.” Harry chimed in. “Any of them hot?” Ben and I both asked. “Umm… Maybe one of them, but she made them look all weird, like monsters from Silent Hill. Bending their limbs weird and tons of blood and shit.” “Hey! That Pyramid Head guy is kind of hot!” Ben shot back, surprising us both. “Let’s drop y’all off, haha.” He finished as he jumped into his truck, starting it. “Shame you can’t hang out with us this weekend. You’d probably really love Red Dead.” “Trust me, I wish I was too. But I got some stuff to do. Surprise, I got a life outside of you two dorks.” Ben punched me and Harry both on the shoulder as he pulled out of the parking lot. Ben dropped us off at Harry’s place, and walked in with us to talk to Riley. We ran up to go start our game and left him to his own devices… _ _ _ _ _ I knocked on Riley’s door. Silence at first, but then the usual “WHAT?! HARRY, I SWEAR IF YOU BOTHER ME ONE MORE FUCKING-” rant started till she opened the door. “Oh! Sorry ’bout that.” “Ha, maybe you should look at who’s knocking before you start yelling.” I smiled at her. “Maybe, but who else would be knocking? My brother sometimes does it just to get on my nerves.” She rolled her eyes. “Anyway, what’s up, gonna spend the weekend with the loser brigade?” “Nah, could we talk for a sec? One on one?” “Oh, if you are gonna ask for a ‘Last Night of High School’ fuck session, just know… I’m still accepting offers.” She smiled and giggled to herself. Part of it sounded like sarcasm, but you could tell she’d say yes in heartbeat. Yep, still got the hots for me. “Nah, just… Had some stuff on my mind.” I walked into her room and closed the door behind me, and took a seat on her bed. “Sure. Nervous about graduation?” She sat down on top of her dresser opposite of me, crossing her legs and playing with her hair. Always trying to seduce me, I swear… But damn if her legs didn’t looks amazing. Damn it, Ben, keep it in your pants… “Sort of? I just… I don’t got any plans after this. I haven’t once thought about shit like college or work or where I want to go. It makes me… anxious? Scared? I don’t fucking know…” I looked down at my shoes, feeling ashamed. Army has been trying to spend the last few months trying to talk to me about this, but I don’t fucking know what I want or where I’ll be. It’s fucking worse when he’s probably dreaming about us having some gay ass loft, me in a dumb suit, talking about “business briefs,” whatever the fuck those are. He’d fucking make a stupid “underwear brief” pun too, knowing that dork. But I’m not ready for that, or what it takes to get there. I love him to death, but… I don’t know where this goes. Where I go. We go. Supporting myself and him… Getting married? Who the fuck knows. It drives me crazy scared even thinking about how this could happen… “Tons of people are in your position, Ben. You got your sports and your tech stuff. Not sure about your GPA, but Army and Harry were helping you study and shit. Why worry?” “Well… What do I want to do? Being happy? This seems like a choice that will decide the rest of my life? What if it’s wrong?” Riley stood up and sat down next to me, wrapping her arm around me. “You worry too much. This is the time to make choices, but this also the time to learn from mistakes too. Look for what you want. Look for opportunities. Ask around. That’s what I did. I got my art school stuff all set because I knew who to ask, who to talk, who to show my work to.” She smiled at me. “Also, nothing a smile and a low cut blouse couldn’t help me negotiate with, haha.” “You didn’t sleep with some old geezer dean, did you?” I looked at her, worried. “Ha! Oh calm down, I’m not a ho. I just know how to play it up when I need it. Makes me memorable.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Stop worrying and just focus on how to improve yourself. For your future job, and wife… or husband… or dog, whatever you find that makes you happy. No matter if it’s school or finding a job to work up in… or stripping for tons of easy cash. Okay?” I took in her words and stayed silent for a while. She’s right. Even if everything looks like a fucking haze, even if I can’t see the future. I just gotta do what’s good for me. I know deep down school isn’t a choice, since I’m not good at that. Studying, essays, tests… Fuck that noise. But I gotta stop thinking and start feeling, it’s our gawd damn motto at this point, right? Haha… Things I know I can do: I know I can find job, I know I can work hard, I know I can learn and gain experience. Like a classic RPG. I got the stats! Just gotta find a job that works. Like a charming rogue or a sexy paladin! “Thanks Riley… You’re way smarter than you look.” I gave her a hug back, feeling like the clouds in my head eased up a little. “Ha, fuck you too. But if you do start stripping, please let me know… I want front row seats. For free!” “Sure, I’ll send you my business card if I do. ‘Benito � Erotic Dancer. Will strip for tips.’ Haha, could you imagine?” “Oh yeah, I could definitely imagine, you sexy idiot. Anyway, go have fun. I’ll see you on Sunday in your cap and gown, you douche.” “You too, bitch.” I stood up and walked out. I passed by Harry’s room and saw my friends playing their game, completely focused on the TV. Stepping in, I gave them both a big tight hug, and told them I’ll see them Sunday. I got back into my truck and started driving home, just letting the view outside my windows blur by. Relief sort just slowly washed over me. Riley was right, and I’m glad I asked her. Just need to stop dreading the unknown so much. Focus on what the unknown can give me. What I can take from it. Like I’m şişli travesti hunting a wild animal, taking on an unknown prey, and harvesting what I’ll need to survive from it’s carcass. *RING RING* Huh? Oh, my phone. I look at the screen and read my Pa’s phone number. What could he want? Probably to tell me he won’t be there at my Graduation. “Hey, Pa, what’s up?” “Hey, kid!” He sounds happy… Odd. “How’s it going?” “Good, good. Listen, I got 2 things to talk to you about. Are you busy?” “Just driving, everything okay?” “Yeah. First thing’s first, I won’t be there on Sunday.” Fucking shocker there, asshole. “But once I tell you why, you’ll understand. Remember your Uncle Miguel? The one with the big scar on his nose?” “Hmm… Oh, the one who taught me how to shoot a gun, right? Yeah, what about him?” “Well, he started some kind of freight company a few years back, and it’s been growing. Fast… Like real fucking fast. So he asked me to come work with him and help him out a while back. But now we need to hire a lot more people to help. And…” “And?” “I know you’re graduating soon, and you’ll want a job, right? What if I told you I could get you a really really really really fucking good job, starting next week?” You could hear his excitement over the phone… Never heard my Pa be so psyched for something. “How ‘fucking good’ are we talking, Pa?” Watch, it’ll be like flipping burgers but worse. “$20 an hour. Starting pay. Full-time, tons of good benefits, and the job itself is easy. All you gotta do is work maintenance and security on the trucks, which you’ll be good at anyway. I remember how much you liked to help me fix up my old tractors. Same kind of work. And in a few months, with some solid work experience, you can work up in the company too. For someone with no job experience, this is a real good opportunity for you.” “What’s the catch, though? This all seems too good to be true, Pa.” I questioned him, unsure. It still sounds like some kind of drug running scheme or some shit. And as much as I love the Fast and the Furious movies, I ain’t ready to live it in real life. “Only thing is… You gotta move to San Diego where the main freight depot is. I’ll even help you get a place on your own, since I know how you are with the ladies, haha. Gotta have some private time.” “California? But that’s on the other side of-” “I know, it’s a real fucking long way away from your home and friends and shit… Think about it over the weekend, but you gotta let me know by Monday. There’s only one spot open, and the HR department is posting it soon, so you gotta be here by Wednesday…” “.. Which means I gotta leave Monday to make it to Cali by then. Fuck, you didn’t give me a lot of time to think about it.” Fuck, this is tough… I don’t know what to do. Fuck fuck fuck… “Listen, son. I know we don’t see eye to eye a lot, but as your dad, I just… This is a real opportunity, one guys your age rarely get. While your friends are making pennies flipping burgers or jacking off in dorm rooms at college, you’ll be starting a real career, making real money, and doing some real learning. I know it’s asking a lot, but hey, you can always turn this experience into something else, move back home, work a real good job near Galveston or anywhere you want!” I stayed silent for a while, thinking everything over… But fuck it, I couldn’t. My mind was racing, unable to focus on anything…. Fuck, it’s like a roller coaster with it’s brakes cut off… Just a swirl of shit in my head, making me nauseous. “Pa, I get that… Give me the night to think about it, and I’ll call you tomorrow, okay?” “Sure thing, kid. Congratulations, by the way… I’m proud that you got to graduate. I love you, son.” “Love you too, Pa. Talk to you later.” *CLICK * What the fuck am I gonna do… I realize I’ve been sitting in front of my house for like 20 minutes before I snap out of my trance. Shaking my head, I hop out of the truck and walk inside. “Hey honey, how was your last day?” Ma walks in from kitchen and kisses me on the cheek. “… Huh? Oh… Fine, I guess.” I sit down on the sofa and just… collapse, exhausted. “You okay, Ben?” She walks up the sofa as well and sits next to me, giving me her full attention. “Just… Pa called me, offering me a job. Pays really fucking well, will hire me on the spot, the whole 9 yards…. But…” I just put my head in my hands, trying to work out everything. “But… He want’s you to move somewhere, doesn’t he?” “Yeah… How’d you know?” “Easy guess, haha.” Ma gave me a hug. “If it was close by, you wouldn’t be upset at the thought of considering it…” “I’m not… upset…” I tried to sound way more confident than I really was, but that blew over like a lead balloon… “Baby, it’s fine. It sounds like a great chance to do well… What’s not to like?” “I don’t know… I don’t want to leave you and… and… ” I couldn’t even say his fucking gawd damn name. Guilt tied a gawd damn noose around my guts, pulling and tugging at the thought that… Shit. Army… How would he react? That’s the real part that hurts me… I don’t know what he’ll say about this. And that fucking terrifies me. He’s always a fucking crap-shoot trying to figure out what’s going on in that cute head of his. Maybe he’ll be happy that I’ll be doing well? Maybe he won’t… “Army and I will understand, you want a better life… Go take it, Ben.” “But… Army’s been talking to me about college and I can’t just… leave him like that, with no fucking warning. He’d be crushed. We barely got on solid ground as brothers in the last year. How do you think he’ll take it?” Ma stood up and went back to the kitchen to check on her food. “Your brother is… your brother. He’s a sweet boy, but he’s very single minded. His way or the highway to hell, if you ask him… You don’t want to go to college, don’t you?” “… No. High school was one thing but… I’m not cut out for more school shit. I just wanna work and learn with my hands, you know? Actually become an adult. The whole college life isn’t for me.” “Trust me, honey, I know. I’ve seen your used shirts and towels, I know how hard you work with your hands.” She giggled to herself… Then I Realized what she was talking about, and my face felt hot with embarressment. Fucking damn it Ma! “Sorry, you made yourself an easy target, haha… * Ahem *… Anyway, I held off on any sort of school stuff till I was forced to, for you two. But I don’t want either of you to live that way. Army might not understand that, you’re right, but… he’ll have to accept it. And he will, because he loves you. I do too. And I want what’s best for you, but…” Ma turned around from the stove and gave me one long, strong look. “Only you know what’s best for you.” She came up and gave me a big hug… I couldn’t take it, I broke down, like a big dumb homo, and I cried in her arms. Fuck… I knew the choice I had to make, but it wasn’t going to be easy. For me, or for Army… He’ll be losing his best friend, his brother, and his boyfriend all at once, suddenly, for lord knows how long. I’ll be lucky if he takes it in stride… Running through the whole future argument in my head just broke my heart. I know Army will beg and plead, he’ll even probably suggest us doing a long distance thing, but that’ll just… hurt both of us. I can’t ask Army to promise me anything, and he’s too young to drive or fly to see me often, especially when he needs me. Long distance never works. It’s just a band-aid on a gun shot, doing nothing to help, and just making it all worse and toxic. Ma pulled back and gave me one more hard, strong look in my eyes. “Ben, you do what’s best for you, and your family will understand. It may not make sense now, but we’ll cope. Plus Army has Harry, he’ll be fine without. Just…” She gave me another long, blink-less look. “Please be careful. And call when you can.” “Ha. You’re taking this better than I thought you would.” I cracked a smile, rubbing the last bit of emotional shit from my eye. “You know… With me leaving again suddenly.” “Eh, I had to give you up once, I already mourned that. But you are doing what’s best for you now, and that’s all I care about. Now, let’s eat.” Ma and I sat down to some spaghetti and meatballs, and just talked… the whole meal. Honestly? It felt great, being able to air out a bunch of shit that grew in my head over the past few days. It’s hard to find someone to be sort of honest with, but Ma? She’s the best. “Do you think it’ll be okay to trust Pa with his job offer?” “Your dad is… a special kind of stupid, but he’s never had a thing go wrong when it came to work. It was the only thing he was ever good at, even when we were in high school. I say trust him, but worst comes to worst… You’ve always got a room here.” “Good… And… I’m worried about Army… I just…” I felt that stab of shame and guilt in my stomach. I felt so fucking guilty and wrong that I’m going to be moving without him… It’s going to be really hard… On both of us. I might have to beg Harry to watch out for him while I ‘m gone. Protect him and make sure he keeps his smart ass comments to himself. “No matter what, he’s your brother. He’ll eventually understand. But you know him, he’ll… Not be happy with the news, haha.” “Yeah, ha, I know… And… ” I stood up and gave Ma a tight hug, “Ma? Thank you… You’re the best.” “Ha, I know.” She gave me a kiss on my forehead and went to bed. Feeling gross and tired, I decide to take a shower… Something to wash off the stress and the feeling of… crying. I know, big tough guy can be a pussy too sometimes, making hard choices and getting worked up about it. I undressed, and looked at myself in the mirror while the water warmed up. The person staring back was me, eyes still slightly red, a look of exhaustion peeking through the scruff, the circle around my eye were darker than usual. Stepping into the shower, I started the lather/rinse/repeat process, but something kept nagging my brain… the mental picture of my brother, angry, upset… It haunted me. I shook my head… Trying to shake that dumb image and think about something else. Something enjoyable. I turned up the heat, letting the slightly scalding take over, a mix of relaxation and pain wash over me. The steam and the heat took me, burning away the stress and the emotions, leaving me… Well, not happy, but way better than I was. Plus a little horny… Can’t be naked for like 10 seconds without my dick wanting to put on a show. I decided to cheer myself up, stop moping and get over it. And first things first… Without Army around, guess I gotta take care of my own needs, haha. Taking a moment, I decided which fantasy I wanted to play in my head, what could I really enjoy… Usually, I go back to our first night we ever did something… Well, what I remember of it. I was a little buzzed and high, so it’s bits and pieces. But part of me just loves how awkward Army beylikdüzü travesti was, how weird it felt… Gawd, it’s a little embarressing. But that’s what I loved most about it. Me, drunkenly stuck in my shirt, happily begging Army to help me out, the way he tried to hide his way “way too fucking obvious” crush on me. How I caught him wearing my clothes… Fuck, I still love the sight of Army in my clothes. Shirts that are too big for him and fit him like a weird dress, just long enough to hide his ass and cock from view, but not enough to hide those sexy thick thighs of his, and if he bends or moves, you can see brief flashes of that cute ass. He’ll try to cover himself because he’s shy or ashamed or whatever, but that makes it hotter, you know? Like a pure tease. Then the way he blushes if he catches me staring… I love him. And fuck, I wish he was here. I’d go to town on him so fast. Mmmm… I didn’t even realize I was stroking myself, stuck in fucking nostalia. Nostalia-bation… Is that a term? It should be, haha. My mind kept jumping to flashes of my brother, still in my cum-rag shirt, on all 4’s, showing me that cute bottom of his, trying to beg for me to fuck him without saying the words because he’s too embarressed to ask. Gawd, drives me crazy. “Please, Ben…” Fantasy Army would ask, barely above a whisper. “I need you… Just… Fu- You know… Please?” “Anything for you, bro! I’ll fuck your brains out.” I’d respond, all the confidence that he loves about me. A bravado that’ll make him beg for it more. I know how he ticks. I know he loves it when I take charge. I just wish he would do it more. He always wants to be the center of attention except when it comes to sex. Fantasy Army shakes his ass a little, subconciously offering himself up like a pig on a platter. His balls dangle a little beneath his cute hole, following the motions. You can even see a little drop of precum under him. “Please…” Fuuuuuuuuuuuck… I shoot my load into my hand, milking every last drop out of myself. Damn damn damn, that felt good. I finally open my eyes and see my handiwork. I take a few licks of it, but I let the water wash away the rest. Doesn’t taste as good as my boyfriends, haha. Hopefully he let’s me take another shot of his nectar before he leaves… _ _ _ _ _ “Dang city-slicker, he killed my horse!” Harry tossed the controller at me, putting on this ridiculous accent. “You’re up, ‘pardner!'” “Uhh… Sure, cowboy!” “I reckon you gonna be in for a bumpy ride! Darn tootin!” He gave me a big smile and busted out laughing on his bed, rolling on his side. “You’ve lived in Texas long enough to know no one talks like that, you know that, right?” I couldn’t help but laugh along with him. “Yeah, I know, but it’s fun! Plus it helps me get in character! Did you wanna go ‘wrassle’ up some food, buckaroo?” “Only if you stop talking like Yosemite Sam.” “Ugh, fine, fun sucker…” We walked downstairs and put some pizza in the oven, and sat at the counter, watching it slowly bake. “Harry, can I ask for your advice on something?” “Depends… No, I won’t stop talking like a cowboy.” “Haha, but it’s so bad!” I punch him jokingly on the shoulder, knocking him off the chair. “Hey, watch it!” He warned, laughing from the floor as he got himself up. “It’s about Ben… I’m worried about him.” “Why… Is it an STD scare?” “What?! No!” I rolled my eyes. “No no no… He’s just… He’s not taking his post-graduation stuff seriously. Everytime I bring it up, he keeps blowing me off.” In more ways than one… Haha. “And it bugs you… why?” “I want him to do well. I want him to go to school and succeed.” “Oh, Army… Army Army Army…” Harry stood up and went to check on the oven. “He’s an adult. He can make his own choices. You’re his kid brother… Leave the man be.” “But I can’t… We helped him so much through high school, and he could get a sports scholarship if he tried. But he hasn’t done anything?” “So?” Harry turned back to me and put his hand on my shoulder, looking me straight in the eyes. “You are his brother, not his parent. He’s doing what he wants to do. Sometimes you gotta worry about yourself, and let him go out and learn and experience stuff. Don’t try to force your life choices on someone else, Army… You’ll only drive them away… Now come on, let’s eat! I’m ready to go shoot up a saloon for some gold!” “Okay…” Well that wasn’t very helpful… No matter, I’ll have to talk to sit down and force my boyfriend to talk. I care about him and I want what’s best. I just hope he sees it that way… _ _ _ _ _ Sunday rolled around so damn fast. I spent all of Saturday packing up my clothes and some extra stuff to take while I move. Honestly? I’m kind of excited. New place, potential new friends, rolling in dough! Maybe I’ll send Army some cash and get him a new console so we can play games online together, that would be sweet. At least keep some semblance of our lives intact: fraternal bonding over killing fuckers online in a game! I drove to the school early for the ceremony. Wanted to get a good spot and not get stuck in traffic. That’ll be the worst. Late to my own damn graduation, haha. I’d kick my own ass for that… . . . . . The ceremony was a fucking breeze, thank gawd. We only took too long because like 40 kids were all named Garcia. So we just sat there… I felt like the same kid was called up 7 different times. But it finally fucking finished. I was called up, grabbed my piece of paper, shook the principals hand, and went on my merry way. Thankfully, it was over quickly after I did my part. I wanted to get to my car fast so I can meet my family, but I felt a hand grab me… “Hey Ben! Congrats! We were worried you wouldn’t make it here!” Riley smirked at me, still a bitchy mirror version of her brother. “Ha Ha, very funny!” I gave her a big hug. “Congrats too, I’m sure you’ll do well sleeping your way through college!” Harry popped up behind her, giving me a big hug too. He actually dressed up for the occasion, looking super handsome in a button up and tie. “Hey bud, where are you off too so nice dressed?” “Dad’s taking us to a steak house to celebrate, so I had to look good. Plus bonus if the waiter is a cute boy.” “Ha, anyone would be lucky to get a piece of that meat!” Then it struck me… Harry! I can use him to help me with my Army problem. “Harry, mind if I ask you a favor?” “Sure, man, what’s going on?” He looked up at me, big smile, his green still shining bright against the auditorium lights. “Well… I got a really great job offer in San Diego, and I’m leaving tomorrow.” “Really? Wow! Doing what?” “Stripping, like I suggested?” Riley muttered, still trying to make that dream happen, haha. “Nah, it’s for a trucking company. Maintenance. Pay is great, shit like that… But… Well…” “You haven’t told Army yet.” Harry looked smug, knowing he guessed right. Fuck, I hate dealing with people smarter than me, haha. “… Yeah.” I avoiding his eyes, that little punch of guilt still lingering in my stomach. Fuck. “I know what you’re gonna ask… And yeah, I’ll help.” Harry smiled at me. “Army is… hard headed, so I’ll try and help him.” “Thanks, you’re the best.” I gave him another hug, big and tight, feeling a little relieved. Harry can do what I can’t or might not be able to, so I trust him. Riley gave me a hug and smiled at me, a nice genuine smile. “I’m happy something came up for you. I knew how broken up you were on Friday when you talked to me so this is nice. Just… Don’t fall for some blonde vapid California slut.” “Haha, trust me, I won’t.” We gave each other one big hug, one big goodbye, and parted ways. But now… Time to face the final challenge. The final dungeon. The final boss. Army was waiting by my truck, talking to Ma as I walked up to them. Ma gave me a whole speech on how proud she is of me, blah blah blah, big kiss on the cheek that I wiped off, yada yada. “Yeah yeah, Ma, we get it, I love you too!” I pushed her off me, all 3 of us laughing together. “I know you’re probably tired and annoyed, so fine. I’ll see you at home.” She turned to my brother. “Gonna ride with him?” “Yes, please.” “Of course. You two be careful.” She gave us both a kiss and gave me a long look, bet she knows what I’m gonna have to do during the car ride home. Damn it… “Bye Mom”/”See ya later, Ma!” We both said as she walked away to her car. Army looked at me and motioned to hurry up and get in the truck. My throat felt dry… Do I tell him now? Or wait till the last possible moment? Let him enjoy what we have before I have to ruin it… Fucking hell. He looked at me and gave me the biggest smile, and leaned in… and I kissed him back, unable to resist. My hands felt up the back of his head and pushed him closer to me. He wrapped his arm around me, but the truck didn’t have a lot of room, but fuck it, I’m horny, my boyfriend is super cute and begging, might as well make it a last night to remember… I pulled away eventually, but I told him I know a great nice spot for us to “hang out”… So we peeled out of the parking lot and drove away from the school, heading off into the night… . . . . . We found ourselves in an empty parking lot for the park nearby. Everyone would be busy going to graduation parties, so the park was vacant for any nosy neighbors, haha. “Let’s hop in the back seat…” I told Army as I got out and looked around, making sure everything was good to go. I watched him try to scramble to the back, but he got stuck, and fell face forward into the window, with a huge CLONK! I busted out laughing at him, but he started rubbing his sore spot and scowling at me… Poor kid, haha. Climbing back there with him, I held him and rubbed his “wound,” though any real professional would tell them “man up, pussy.” Haha. Army looked up at me and smiled… And leapt on me, forcing me to lay back. Damn, he was thirsty for a shot of Ben, haha. He climbed up on top me, sitting on my tummy, leaning over me, giving me the biggest smile. I grabbed him by his shirt collar and pulled him in, our lips locking tight as we held each other, grabbing tight, making up for the lost moments from a weekend apart. We made out like that for a while, just kissing, holding each other, feeling our heartbeats against each other. It was… it was nice. Sweet. Comfy. Well, as comfy as we could get cramped up in the back of my truck. Wasn’t exactly designed with horny people in mind, haha. But I could tell Army was getting a little too turn on. His breathing got deeper, his hands started fondling my dick and ass. Boy knew what he wanted. “Mind if I…” “Ha, sit down next to me, dork, I want some action too.” Army got off me and sat on his side of the truck, and I righted myself up with him, and we sat, side by side, my right arm wrapped around his shoulders, his left hand on my thigh… We kissed for a few minutes longer, just enjoying each other, istanbul travesti till I felt his hand try to unzip me. “Eager, aren’t you?” I pulled away from our kiss so I could undo my pants. “Ha, please, you want a taste of my cock just as much as I want yours.” “Can’t argue with that.” So we sat, side by side, undoing our own pants and just staring at the others lap, waiting to see our respective present snap to attention. Army whipped his cock out first, hard and ready for duty. Fuck, why did I have to wear a belt. Damn it… Who’d thought a belt would be so dang complicated. Fuck… Finally! Got my stupid pants undone, my own boner saluting everything in the truck. And there we are, sitting next to each other, as brothers/lovers/etc., our hard-on’s in each other hands, stroking each other as we kiss, moaning how much we love the other, how much we need each other. Army, going slow and long with his hand, feeling every warm inch of me at his fingertips, while I enjoy teasing him with quick and slow motions, enjoying the feeling of him squirm. Deep down, I know I’m delaying the inevitable. The pain and heart break that will arrive eventually. But I want my brother to be happy for as long as I can make him… Does that make me a selfish asshole for not just telling him now? Sure. But fuck it, I’d rather keep the moment we have now safe and happy, rather just spend the rest of our current time together arguing and getting upset. Army leans back, and I take my opening, my mouth hovering just above his cock. I take a deep breath, enjoying how my boyfriend smells. Taking a good long look at how sexy he is. The way he closes his eyes whenever he feels good, how he bites the left side of his lower lip, the sexy pale caramel color of his skin, the wet pink of his head, coated in his delicious pre-cum… I went down on him, sucking and licking every inch I could fit in my mouth. I hear my brother trying to keep his moans under control, grunting under his breath. I look up and smile, and eventually he looks back, between the waves of pleasure. “Fuck…” is all he could muster. I just wanted him to feel good, so I gave him my very best, like no one ever has. To please him is my real test, to make him cum is my cause… Shit, I’m doing it again. Haha, I couldn’t help but giggle at myself. “What’s so… funny?” Army stuttered out, trying to keep his voice calm despite my best efforts. I pull my lips off his dick with a nice little *pop* “Oh, nothing… Just sang a dirty version of the Pokemon theme song in my head.” “What? Haha. You’re becoming as weird as I am, Ben.” He started to hum the song aloud as I went back to work, making us both smile. Oh dear lord, he’s just the worst. “You say that like a bad thing…” I peck him on the lips, and as I pull away, a string of pre-cum that had gotten stuck in my mustache formed a little tendril to his upper lip, linking us like a sticky spider-web Didn’t take long after that before I could hear Army’s breath become shallow. I knew he was close. His hands gripped my head and held it steady, so he could trust into my mouth at his own speed. I just held my position, letting him hit his own plateau… And like clockwork, he trusts deep into my throat, unloading himself in my mouth. I could hear him cuss under his breath, his voice quivering as his orgasm made him lose control. It’s so dang cute, watching him, listening to him… Feeling him. I swallow what I can, enjoying every drop… My brother always taste fucking great. It’s hard to describe, because the taste itself isn’t… special. It’s like mine, but perhaps because it’s from him, from what I did to him, what we did together… That’s what makes it tasty! Backing off, I watch him recover his breath, smiling like a big goofball. “W-… Wow, Ben…Just… Wow.” “Thanks, I learned from the best, haha.” He leaned over to me, and we kissed one more time, slow, his breath still shallow, the taste of his cum still on my lips and tongue… It was hot, amazingly hot. But… time to come clean. I made him happy, this is the time to… confess I guess. “Army… I… I need to talk to you about something.” “You sure? You haven’t gone yet.” I looked down, my cock still out and exposed, but it was soft, limp. I took that as a sign. Tucked myself back into my pants, and awkwardly coughed. “Eh… I’m fine. Just… Sit a little closer.” He cuddled up next to me, as he zipped himself back up too. “Are you going to give the birds and the bees talk? Because that feels… a little unneeded, haha.” He laughed at his own dumb joke. Fuck… It feels gut wrenching. I swallow… everything. My pride, my fraternal instinct, my love for my brother… I have to. “Armando…” He flinched… He knew it was something bad. Must be me using his full name… But I don’t know how else to sound serious around him. “I’m…* sigh *… I’m moving to San Diego tomorrow. Pa got…” I watched the color immediately drain from his face. My heart felt like it was hit with a baseball bat. Fuck… “He got me a job… A real good job for me over there.” “… This is a joke, right? Please…” He started shaking his head, not sure at me or at the world. “I’m… I’m sorry, Army. I just… I want to do something good for myself. Get a good job, learn, become a man. And-” “And you can’t do that here?! With me?! Go to college, get a real job! Not whatever back breaking torture your dad’s gonna make you do!” He started yelling… Guilt poured through all my veins like cement. I gotta hold strong, though. “You know me, Army. I can’t do school. I struggled with this shit already, it’s not for m-” “I can help you! I’ll do anything for you!” Army gripped my hand tight, as though it would keep me home. “You’re going to be busy with being a junior this year, Army! You still have to work hard for your GPA and shit! And I’m just… I don’t want you to stress yourself up for my sake. Focus on-” “What am I gonna d-do without you?! I barely got a year with you, after almost a decade of you b-b-being a fucking repressed asshole to me! And you just up and f-fucking leave! That’s not f-fair to me!” He’s starting to lose his composure… If he starts crying, i’ll start crying… I can’t handle this. “Do you think that’s fair to me? I want to do something with my life to, something I know will work for me! Fuck college, fuck wasting money on something that I’m not sure I’ll be good at!” “Isn’t that what we are supposed to do?! Be there for each other?!” “I’m not going to let you struggle with high school and college work for my sake! I want to do something that’ll be good for me, and I trust my Pa to at least upfront about this job! I’ll be making way more cash than my friends or any of those fucks who graduated with me! Doesn’t that count for something?!” I was starting to get annoyed. Army is going to fight back till he knows he can’t win… Which makes this whole thing worse, because he always thinks he can win. I love him with all my heart, but the guy refuses to ever back down or look at it from anyone else’s perspective! “And do I not count for fucking anything? You waited till the last possible moment to fucking tell me you’re leaving! THE NIGHT BEFORE YOU FUCKING LEAVE!” His eyes started to water… Oh damn it! “DO I NOT DESERVE TO BE TALKED TO ABOUT THIS?! AM I NOT PART OF THE DISCUSSION ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS TO OUR OWN GAWD DAMN RELATIONSHIP?!” I kept my voice level… I won’t stoop to his anger, it’ll just make things worse. “Pa gave me a timelimit, either be in San Diego by Wednesday, or I can’t get the job! That means I have to leave tomorrow! I didn’t do this to punish you or fuck up the only good thing in my life! And telling you would have made this harder on me… Especially since…” “Since what?” “I don’t… think we should…” My voice dropped down to barely a whisper… I couldn’t believe the words I was saying, but I had to. For both our sakes. “…still be together if I’m going to be that far…” Army sobbed hard, he was in pain, and I was the fucking cause. I am a total asshole… “You’re going to… to… stab me in the back and… and move far away, WITHOUT TELLING ME!” He wiped some of his tears off his cheeks, “…and then have the balls…. to break up with me… Why can’t you just stay with me while you’re a thousand miles away?! Scared of fucking temptation, you prick!?” “Long distance relationships are a scam, Army. They’ll hurt us way more in the long run, and I can’t-” “HURT US?! LOOK WHAT YOU’RE DOING RIGHT NOW! JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO TAKE SOME GENTLEMANS INTERMISSION AND FUCK EVERY SINGLE WHORE AND TWINK IN CALIFORNIA!?” “THAT’S NOT WHAT THIS IS, YOU NEED TO STOP MAKING UP SHIT! YOU’RE THE ONLY PERSON I EVER LOVED LIKE THIS, WHY DON’T YOU BELIEVE ME?! I’VE SPENT THIS LAST YEAR TRYING TO BE A PERSON WORTHY OF YOUR DAMN LOVE AND RESPECT, WHY DO YOU THINK I’D THROW IT AWAY FROM SOME SLUTS?!” “BECAUSE WHEN I NEED SOMEONE, THEY ALWAYS LEAVE ME. YOU, MY DAD, YOU AGAIN, SO MANY FUCKING FRIENDS GROWING UP. JUST…” Army sat silent, trying to control himself. “Just take me home… Go to California. I don’t fucking care anymore.” “Army… Please don’t be like this.” “I’m not going to repeat myself. Do it now.” Army was cold, hurt, and lashing out… This sucks. This sucks bad… I got in the front seat and started driving, heading home, my heart in my ears, ringing… I just couldn’t handle this. I’m a fucking moron who can’t handle anything right… We made it home without a word spoken… I step out quickly, and rush to the front door, before Army could beat me there. Fucker thought he could out-run me. “Stop it, Army. I want us to leave on good terms.” “That’s not going to happen, Ben. You betrayed me, broke the only good thing in my life, without a warning…” “I didn’t betray… Fucking stop that. I love you.” “Stop lying!” Army swung his fist and hit me square in the jaw. I flinched and took a step back, my eyes filled with stars… painful stars. I heard him duck past me and dash inside… He’s lucky he did. I was seeing red. He struck me. The fucker punched me. The brother part of me felt a weird sense of pride… Wasn’t a slap, and it fucking hurt. But the boyfriend part of me… I’m fucking pissed. He refuses to fucking see my side. Shocker, he’s a fucking arrogant selfish prick, and I’m done trying to apologize for what I was forced to do. I was in a damn corner, what am I supposed to do. Ma was right, I need to look out for myself. Fuck him, if he’s gonna be a little bratty bitch. I saw my luggage on the ground, next to the door. Ma was so kind to help pack up my stuff for tomorrow, but I can’t be in this house any longer. If I see him again, I don’t know what I’ll do… I toss my shit in the backseat, and hop back in my truck. Ma will understand me leaving early… I hope. I don’t want her mad at me too. I sped out of the neighborhood, tears in my eyes, fists clenched on the steering wheel, biting down hard on my teeth… I was upset. I’ve never been so… so many feelings. Broken, alone, hurt, angry, the adrenaline pumping in my veins. But fuck it, I’m out of here. Heading west, family and friends and broken hearts be damned… End of Chapter 21 Thank you for reading!

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