Orgasm to Die For


The day started off like any other: wake up, eat breakfast, work out, all the usual day to day habits; only there was one slight change, it had been a week or 2 since I last masturbated and I had a strange feeling of desire surging inside of me.

Due to the fact I was single and had been for some time the only way to reduce the level of sexual tension was to masturbate and experiment with myself and my body, I knew this was the case and truly accepted it, my flatmates however were unaware of my situation and my needs as a young straight male. Luckily for me I knew that all of my flatmates would be out that night leaving me alone to whatever activities I felt like doing at the time.

My flatmates all left just after 8pm for a night on the town, leaving me home alone, standing looking slightly lost I decided I would satisfy the feeling that was long building in my genitals, I started by running a hot bath to loosen up, I chose a plain bubble bath that wasn’t anything fancy, but did the trick nonetheless.

I slipped off my clothes one by one, them sliding to the floor and laying there, there I stood in front of the mirror in my tight black boxer shorts, my abs looking tight and toned, i carresed them and admired the fruits of my labour, as I stood there my bulging penis growing by the second throbbing and gagging to be touched, I slipped off my boxer shorts and grabbed my erection, it was twitching ümraniye escort and pulsing as I stroked the shaft and massaged the head, stroking it faster and faster I felt my heart race in my chest as I was close to an orgasm, just as I was about to I stopped stroking and just stood for a moment whilst i caught my breath and turned to face the bath I had just run.

Now fully in the nude and far from satisfied I stepped in to the bath water, feeling the warming sensation rush through my muscles; I lay there staring at the taps at the other end and the steam that was rising from the water, feeling it was about time to continue with my mission; without moving my gaze I slid my right hand onto my chest and slowly moved it down until I was once again holding my manhood between my fingers, pulling the foreskin away I revealed my red helmet that tingled in the warm water, pulsating it grew to it’s full size quicker than I expected, the shaft now rock hard and unmoving, my gaze moved to it, my hands sensually rubbing it I moved my hips into position, sucked in my stomach and leaned in slowly at first licking only the tip to begin and then the whole shaft, my lips tightly clasped to it I began to deepthroat it, my tongue caressing all of the curves and the veins as my mouth moved over them using my tongue for extra effect I felt sweet warm pre-cum sliding mecidiyeköy escort down my throat, sucking and trying to swallow the sweet fluid choking whilst doing so I decided to cease what I was doing as despite the fact that the pleasure I received from tasting my own meat, I felt that the risk of choking far outweighed the pleasure factor.

I finished up in the bath and still felt a nagging feeling of dissatisfaction a thought popped into my head, one that I had never thought until this point. Living in a mixed sex house there was always frequent talk from the women of the house of how they ended up finishing the job themselves after a one night stand partner had left the house and I knew exactly where I could find the tools I needed to finish the job.

I opened a ladies underwear draw pushing, pushing aside all of the small thong style sex clothes, there lay a large vibrator alone in its draw I withdrew it from where it was kept and took it through to my room, it and olive oil were the two items I held in my hands, I stood naked in my room, almost apprehensive due to the excitement, to start I opened the oil and poured a small amount into my palm, massaging my penis with extreme ease I realised a better use for the vibrator, again pouring the oil into my palm but this time spreading it on my fingers too I began to rub my anus gently occasionally kartal escort slipping the odd finger in to prepare it, before starting I read about the male P spot and the sexual power it held, I started laying on my back with my legs spread widely I turned the vibrator on to the lowest setting and holding to my anus, the muscles twitched gently and I inserted it into my rectum, knowing where to aim for I made circular movement shapes inside of myself and located my P spot, after finding the elusive organ I turned up the intensity of the toy, and holding it in the place that felt the best, my manhood throbbing I felt that this must be the correct place, the vibrations stimulating my penis greatly.

The pleasure growing in intensity and enjoyment by the second I knew I was close, the vibrator pulsating inside of me my erection began to harden sending moans of pleasure out of my mouth, cum slowly oozing out of my erect penis I composed myself and whilst still moaning with pleasure began to jerk my already cumming penis sending sperm in every direction, with it showing no signs of slowing down and my moans not subsiding all I could do was lie there whilst I was moaning and cumming all over my naked body and face the pleasure reaching a level that was totally alien to me the vibrator slid out covered in juices, I reached for it and held it to my sperm covered penis and sperm continued to slowly flow out and moans still escaping my lips.

I lay there a moment unable to move due to the intensity of my orgasm, I rose just in time to see ejaculation liquid seeping out of my anus, from now on every time my flatmates are going out I now plan to stay in on my own with very clear intentions of exactly what I will have planned for the evening.

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