Our First Foursome


Our First FoursomeThis is an account of our first foursome. “I’m not going to be shy anymore,” declared Len as he lifted his hips off of the sofa and slid his jeans to his ankles. My wife, Sela, had her eyes glued to his massive erection. It had to have been nine inches long and thick. “So beautiful,” Len whispered as Sela moved forward to her knees. Without so much as a glance toward me she slipped his cock between her lips. Whenever Sela and I got together with Len and Deanne the air would be thick with sexual magnetism. We had visited each other several times a year for years. We always drank too much and talked about anything and everything, sex included. During one of these binge sessions it came out that Sela was bi. Several months later we admitted that we had wife swapped with another couple a few times. This seemed to pique the interest of both Len and Deanne. The next couple of visits were spent answering questions (after inhibitions were lowered with a few cocktails). Sela is voluptuous, with blonde hair, blue eyes and large natural breasts that turn a lot of heads. Deanne is a beautiful, slim brunette, who I think resembles Catherine Zeta-Jones. Len is tall and slim and he once told me that he was like a thoroughbred – all ribs and cock. I thought he was k**ding, boy was I wrong. I am tall and broad shouldered with an average-to-small endowment. Finally came the visit in October of 2000. The evening began with a few drinks and moved quickly to sex talk. Sela was a bit nervous and downed a couple of drinks too fast and had to go upstairs to lay down. I waited a bit and went up to check on her. She was tipsy and extremely horny. “Should I ask Deanne to come up and check on you?” I asked. “Oh yessss,” she whispered. Back downstairs I told Deanne that Sela wanted to see her. Deanne started for the stairs with Len hot on her sexy tail. I stayed downstairs to give them some time so I am fuzzy on the details but I apparently Sela administered some oral attention to Deanne while Len fingered her sopping pussy. After a bit they all appeared down in the living room again. A few uncomfortable minutes passed and then Len made his move and slid his pants down. As Sela slurped and sucked on Len’s cock, I got up and went outside. It sounds crazy but I am self-conscious about my size. I’m a big guy and on a good day I’m six inches. Len’s impressive meat looked to be at least nine inches long and might have been closer to ten. Also, I wanted to make everyone more comfortable and I also wanted to masturbate in private. I moved quickly to the window and pulled out my rock hard dick. Massaging it, I watched the action intently. Sela was giving Len a fantastic blowjob while he had reached under her blouse and released her massive mammaries. Deanne was still sitting quietly sipping her drink and watching. As Sela sat back to remove her bra and top she looked over at Deanne and said, “Would you like to help me with this?” Deanne moved over beside her tipobet365 güvenilirmi husband and massaged his cock and balls as Sela resumed her oral ministrations. I know from experience how good she is at giving head so it wasn’t too long before Len was moaning. She slid her tongue and lips up and down the length of that massive meat stick and then went to work on his balls, licking and sucking them into her mouth. Deanne leaned forward and the two of them ran their tongues all over his throbbing cock. With that kind of cock worship going on Len leaned back, closed his eyes and groaned loudly. As my wife sucked the velvety purple head into her mouth, Len let out a roar and released his load. Sela’s hand encircled his cock and she jerked it as she swallowed his jism. As his orgasm subsided she pulled away and I could see a bubble of white semen on the tip of his penis. “Want some?” I heard her ask Deanne. I could not hear the reply, but Deanne leaned forward and licked the cum from her husband’s penis. After a few minutes I went back into the house and we all sat and had a beer. Deanne sat on a stool in front of me and I massaged her shoulders back and then moved to her perky breasts. She sighed and told me that she loved my big hands. Sela sat back in a chair and Len began to doze on the right end of the sofa. I have a feeling that he was feigning sleep just to see what would unfold between his wife and I. I helped her remove her top and nuzzling her warm soft tits, I guided her to the left end of the sofa. I moved my tongue over her nipples and all around her breasts and then began moving in a downward direction. I circled her cute belly button and flicked it with the tip of my tongue causing her to quiver. I then trailed past her well-trimmed pubes and licked each side of her rapidly moistening slit. I eased between her soft folds and licked upwards and gently spiraled the tip of my tongue around her clit causing her to arch her back and sigh. I used every oral trick I knew but I could not bring her to orgasm. This was a first for me. I raised myself up and rubbed my penis head against her warm wetness. Due to nerves, I wasn’t quite hard but thankfully I have an understanding wife. Sela moved beside me and positioned her head between Deanne’s pussy and my semi-erection. She sucked me almost to complete hardness and then moved her tongue to Deanne’s sexy honeypot. She slurped away and massaged my penis at the same time. The second I achieved maximum hardness I pulled Sela away and guided my hard cock into Deanna. For someone married to a guy with a horse-cock she sure had a tight vagina. I bucked away for a bit and then asked her to roll over so I could bend her over the sofa cushions. Taking cock while bent over is Sela’s favorite position so I was surprised when Deanne declined. Not one to complain I continued my assault on her pussy while Len continued to “doze” on the other end of the sofa. Sela rubbed her tipobet365 yeni giriş hands all over Deanne’s breasts as I approached orgasm. “Please don’t cum in me,” whispered Deanne. I may not be hung like a horse but I cum like a fire hose. When worked up I will spurt ten to twelve times and then two or three droplets. Sela has often complimented me on my cum quantity and this time was to be no exception. When I got down to the short strokes I pulled out and liberally coated Deanne’s flat stomach and fine breasts with cum. As I finished glazing her, Sela gave leaned in and gave me a quick suck and then proceeded to lick and suck the cum off of Deanne’s tanned and toned body. When Sela had finished Deanne and I grabbed our clothes and went upstairs to clean up and get dressed. We chatted for a minute and then we moved toward the top of the stairs. We could hear the sofa springs creaking. “What’s that noise?” asked Deanne. “I think your husband may be screwing my wife,” I replied with a smile. She started down the stairs and when we reached the bottom Len was standing in the middle of the living room. According to Sela’s account told to me later, Len grabbed her as soon as Deanne and I left the room. He threw her on the sofa and proceeded to fuck her like a man possessed. When he heard our footsteps he seemed to panic and jump up. Len whispered something to Deanne who then nodded. He then went back to where Sela still lay and got between her legs. He stroked his man-cock and guided it up into her waiting cavern. He then did something that I had not seen done before much less tried. He grabbed an ample breast in each and proceeded leaning his weight on her chest he began ramming that huge cock into her pussy as hard as he could. Sela moaned and groaned and her eyes rolled back in her head. I knew that my friend’s cock head was deeper in my wife than mine would ever be. Deanne and I sat down and watched as Len pounded her, tits in hand. We’re all porno junkies so we joked that it was like being on the set of a live porn shoot. Suddenly and wordlessly Len jumped up, pulled Sela up and pushed her to the stairs. Deanne and I looked at each other and shrugged as the moaning and creaking started again in earnest from the master bedroom. After a while Len came back down and sat in the living room. It was my turn to jump up and I ran up the stairs. Sela was standing in the room with a deer in the headlight look. “Did he cum in you?” I whispered. “Um…no,” she said. Originally our only rule had been that no one could cum in her. Since then I had changed my mind and I was hoping to try fresh sloppy seconds. “I can smell his cum,” I said as I bent her over the bed. I inserted two fingers in her and confirmed my suspicion. This time I was the wild man as I shoved my jeans down and slipped my dick into her slick slot. I didn’t need help getting hard this time because my erection was like granite. Her pussy was like a warm wet velvet tipobet365 güvenilirmi slice of heaven. “I know he came in your pussy and I love it”, I told her. “Y…y…yes he did. He fucked me doggie style in our bed and then rolled me over and rammed that big thing in me again. He grabbed my breasts and FUCKED ME HARD,” she gasped. This was almost too much for me so I pulled out, zipped up and went back down to settle our friends into the guestroom. Once this was completed I bounded back up, stripped and jumped on my wife who now lay on the bed. I slipped back into her sloppy cunt and reveled in its looseness. Now I knew where the expression “You can’t drive a nail where a spike has been” came from! My pecker couldn’t come close filling her the way Len had. I knew that she had not cum yet and I always make her orgasm when we have sex. I was a little apprehensive as I slipped out of her cavern and moved my tongue along her neck and down to her heavy tits. I spent some time sucking her nipples while I contemplated my next move. Should I just finger her clit or could I bring myself to lick it? I moved toward my goal, licking my way past her belly button. I tentatively flicked my tongue across her clit making her jump. She pushed her hips up and I began to lick her clitoral area only. It takes a long time to make Sela cum and while I lapped away I replayed the events of the evening in my mind, fuelling my passion even further. Suddenly I just dipped down and thrust my tongue into her cream filled pussy! It didn’t taste bad at all and I went wild, licking and tonguing her dripping quim. I pressed my lips against her pussy lips and sucked. I licked and sucked until she was writhing wildly. Sela grabbed her pillow and pulled it over her face and screamed as she exploded into orgasm. As she calmed down I moved my dick to her juicy pussy and sank into the warm wetness. “Oh, thank you for licking me down there,” she said. “My pleasure,” I grunted as I slipped and slid around. I could pull my dick completely out and slam it back in without guiding it with my hand she was that sloppy and loose. “He was too rough with me,” she whimpered, “but I loved his big cock. It’s twice as long as yours is.” That was too much for me and I slammed back into her and released my second load of the night. We lay panting for a while and then drifted off to sleep. I woke a couple of hours later with a raging hard-on. I took matters into my own hand and was soon asleep again. When we woke up in the morning I was hard again! I rolled her onto her belly and lifted her sexy ass up and proceeded to ravage her again. I didn’t last long and I filled her again. My fourth cum of the night and the third load to be deposited in Sela. Len and Deanne headed to their home in the morning and we recounted the events of the night before. Sela still had handprints on her breasts and she complained for days about how sore she was from being pummeled by Len. I was hoping for an immediate rematch but Sela thought Len was a bit too rough. One new move was added to our sex life, however. Since that night every time we have sex, I grab a tit in each hand and pound her for all I’m worth. I always say, “I learned this trick from someone…” and she is always quick to remind me who.

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