Re-wrtitng a candy bar commerical

Re-wrtitng a candy bar commericalWith all of the parodies being made of TV shows, have you ever re-imagined a commercial the same way. There is this Snickers commercial in which a woman accidently punches another woman while doing aerobics. They smooth things out when one gives the other a snickers. What if things were different…..Lisa’s day was going terrible. She overslept, didn’t have soap to shower, and she was late for work. She was screwing up at work, and just wanted to go to her aerobics class and call it a day. She was in the locker room getting dressed and wanted to have her customary candy bar before the work out. “Shit!” Lisa said “Out of bars!”. She slammed her locker shut and went to the gym. She lifted weights, did pull up, and jogged, sweat glistening off her tight body, her dark hair full of sweat. Now was the time for the aerobics. She took her spot next to Monica, a sweet blond with a little chunk on her frame. Monica had the sexiest blue eyes and her curly blond hair made her look 24 instead of 34. Monica had been a role player for her college basketball team. She wasn’t good enough to go pro, but she was a decent player, scoring 16 points off the bench in a NCAA sweet 16 game. She still played pick up games every now and then, but she wanted to regain the shape of her athletic days.Monica was enjoying her workout when an errant punch from Lisa struck kastamonu escort her in the eye. The instructor noticed this, and brought a haul to the exercise. Both Lisa and Monica were excuse. Lisa felt terrible, and wanted to make it up to Monica. While going through her gym bag, she noticed two energy bars, the exact bars she’d been looking for. Lisa quickly found Monica seated by a window, with a cold wash cloth over her eye. She sat next to Monica, apologized and explained she’d had a rough day. Monica accepted her apology and candy bar. Lisa then excused herself, saying she needed to relax in the sauna. As she walked away, Monica took notice of Lisa’s firm ass. She Lisa strutted away, Monica’s right hand put the energy bar down, and rubbed her clit through her pants.”I know how you can make it up to me.” Monica said to herself. She quickly hopped off the bench, and followed Lisa.She caught up to Lisa in sauna room 15. Lisa was the only person in the room. Monica peaked into the window, and gazed at Lisa, who was laying across a bench. Monica’s pussy was getting drenched by this point. As much as she wanted to slip her hand between her towel, she wanted Lisa more. Monica let herself in the room, and locked the door behind her. She reintroduced herself to Lisa. They talked for a while before Monica dropped her towel. This caught Lisa off guard.”Didn’t know escort kastamonu we could do that?” Lisa said, eyeing Monica’s chunky but sexy body, excellent breast, and soft blond mount between her legs. Monica caught site of this, and slipped her hands up Lisa’s legs. Lisa wanted to resist, but couldn’t. There was something about Monica she couldn’t resist. Her legs spread, still partially in the towel, Monica finger banged Lisa, who moaned softly. In and out, in and out, three of Monica’s fingers slide into the pink paradise. Monica wanted to know the taste, so she took the fingers out, and slid them in her mouth. She then got down and placed her mouth right on Lisa’s snatch. Monica, who’d done this on a few of her teammates, had a large tongue. She licked Lisa’s shaved snatch for all she could. She balled up her tongue and drove it deep in Lisa’s pussy, almost fucking her like her tongue was a cock. Lisa ripped her the towel off her own body, exposing her pert, c cup breast. Monica worked her clit like never before.Monica her driven her tongue so deep, it drove Lisa crazy. Monica sucked on the pink walls and could taste a moistness that existed, and it wasn’t because of the heat. Monica got up and laid down on the floor. Lisa got on her knees, and made her way to her new found friend. The two ladies sixty-nined each other with delight. Her blush blond muff kastamonu escort bayan in her face, Lisa was getting turned on like mad. It wasn’t long before she had her face buried in Monica’s ass, licking both her brown eye and pink hole. Every time Lisa’s tongue drifted near her asshole, Monica rolled her eyes with delight. Monica loved it having her ass eaten. Lisa could tell, and she worked Monica’s tight asshole with a fever. Licking it, fingering it, doing what ever she could to drive her new friend crazy. Now it was Monica’s turn to please again. Lisa laid on the ground as Monica dragged her super tongue up and down her body. She sucked on Lisa’s small but pert breast, almost taking the entire tit in her mouth. Lisa’s nipples here harder then they’d ever been. Monica worked each breast with equal attention, sliding her tongue down Lisa’s body, past her firm stomach, and deep into her snatch again. She licked Lisa’s clit quickly, driving Lisa insane. Suddenly, a gush of lady juice exploded over Monica’s face. Monica licked Lisa’s juice off her lips and enjoyed the taste. Though she could go on longer, Lisa was struggling for breath and was tired. Monica crawled up and kissed her new friend on her lips. She tussled Lisa’s hair and starred at her with her sexy blue eyes. “I wish you’d punched me sooner,” Monica said, “Because I’ve wanted to fuck you ever since you joined the club.” Lisa smiled.”Nice,” Lisa replied, “We should do this again sometime.” Lisa raised up and kissed her new found friend again. It wasn’t long before both Lisa and Monica quit going to the gym. They had their own work out regime and it was perfect.

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