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sexy with a black guy in usaThis was sometime ago.Me and Margret had gone to Florida to a naturist park for two weeks holiday,she was not fealing well so I wen into town. Someone at the camp site told me aboutt this porn shopi had just gone into the back room with a hand full of quartersand i met this big tall black guy (6’6″) who was standing in the middle of the dark hall. it was dark so i did not see him until i bumped into him. he was real nice and said hi and started to invite me into one of the booths and we couldshare a movie. now this being my first time to have an offerlike this i was scared. and he was a big guy. but he was so niceand not pushy at all. so i went into the booth with this guyand sat down next to him and he started to play a movie abouta black guy and a white guy having sex. boy was i getting hotand hard. hiltonbet giriş he must have seen my hard on because he pulls outhis dick and starts to stroke it and so i do the same. well soon he was sucking on my dick. then i was sucking on his dick.he then had me standing in front of him while he was sitting.he worked my pants off and soon my legs where spread andhe was squeezing my ass checks and pulling my ass up and hesucked on my cock. well this was getting me really hot andby now would do anything he wanted. he had me turn aroundso he could rim me and what a feeling that was. he was pushingme forward with his hand on my back but using his other handon my thigh to pull my ass into his face. so i bent over andmade it as easy as i could for him to rim me real deep. nexthe had me turn around and he started hiltonbet yeni giriş to suck my dick againand pull me down onto his nice big cock. so now i am sittingon his lap with his big cock up my ass. He is lifting me up and letting me slide down his shaft, at first but then he starts to drop me on his dick as he thrusts his hips upward to getthat big cock as far up me as he can. well i felt like i was ridinga horse. so i started to help him by squeezing my thighs andbouncing up and down. this was really hot because i couldsee the look on his face as i was getting fucked and holdingonto his shoulders. i was trying to suck on his neck and kisshim. this was my first time to get to kiss a black man and thisguy had huge lips and i really wanted to feel them and suckon his tongue while he was fucking hiltonbet güvenilirmi me. and boy was he fuckingme. and soon he was filling my ass with his come. but he didnot go soft after he came and he told me he wanted to come i started to say things like i wanted his big black cockall night long and the rest of my life i would be his to fuckme all he could. stuff like that must have really got himgoing because he came again real soon. i had cum running down my legs and all over my chest and so did he. well when we started to leave about four orfive black guys had been watching us through the gap at thebottom of the door and they all said how nice i looked andwanted to know if i needed some help. this was a really bigday for me being my first time with a black guy. so i was stilla little out of it and i could barley walk after the first assfucking that i had just received. so i did not think i couldhandle another one let alone with four or five guys. it musthave really turned the guy on i was talking to because hehad a big hard on i could feel as i walked by. I went back to the park and told Margaret all.

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