Sleeping Daughter Ch. 02


Sexual characters are above 18. This story is pure erotic fantasy.


Holly sat quietly at the breakfast table in the kitchen, munching despondently on her cornflakes. Her mother, Susan, was busy fixing Cheska some sandwiches for their journey. She’d qualified for a dance competition in Birmingham, which would leave Holly and her beloved father alone in the house.

Holly wriggled on her seat, feeling slightly uncomfortable. She hadn’t showered yet that morning, and last night she was sure she’d had an incredible dream, an… erotic one. Holly blushed visibly as she remembered waking to find her bed sheets damp. She knew she hadn’t wet herself, and she’d felt… strange- relieved but whole. As if she’d had a great release.

Holly wasn’t sure what she would have dreamed of that had made her feel so amazing, but it must have been something good. Did everyone have dreams like that? And was your… *thing* supposed to get wet like that? She would have to google it later when her mum and sister would leave her in peace.

“Okay, you and dad will have to make yourselves lunch and dinner, we should be back tonight but very late, so don’t wait up for us, okay? I’ll tell your dad the same,” Susan patted Holly on the head like a slightly dopey dog, and exited the kitchen with an air of purpose about her. Susan loved having something to work at, and Holly had been such a disappointing first child; preferring to hide away in her room and read rather than challenge herself.

Holly was glad Cheska was getting somewhere with her dancing, it meant that she and Susan were out of the house more. Sometimes Holly wondered if her parents might get a divorce so she could live with her dad, Richard. She had always been a daddy’s girl. As if he’d read her thoughts, Richard strolled into the kitchen, a finger looped around his belt.

“Morning daddy,” Holly mumbled through a mouthful of now entirely soggy cornflakes.

“Morning Hols, looks like it’s just you and teach that-bitch porno me today, huh?” Richard coughed awkwardly. Did she know what had happened? Had she *seen* anything? He was fairly certain she hadn’t but he knew that he’d gotten carried away, he could have easily missed something.

“Mmhmm. Do you want some breakfast? I could make you something?” Holly gazed up adoringly at her dad.

“No, no, I feel uh, I’m not hungry.” Richard felt sick. He couldn’t believe what he’d done. It wasn’t only incest, it was practically rape, or at least sexual assault. He knew Holly was a woman now but she was still so much like a frightened little child. What sickened him most of all was just how good it had felt, he’d never exploded like that before in his life. The way his cum erupted all over her… Richard gulped and shook his head slightly to rid his mind of the images, his dick already hardening.

Holly looked down at her bowl with disappointment.

“Well, I think I’m going to go and do some homework, will you be alright by yourself?” Holly looked at her father hopefully.

“I’ll be fine sweetheart, go do your homework,” Richard replied, glad to be rid of his daughter’s distracting presence.

Holly tapped her fingers one after the other onto the keyboard.

‘Stuff that comes out of your vagina’, she googled. Discharge, discharge, period… No, it wasn’t like that. ‘Dream that makes your vagina wet’. Hmm. She clicked a link titled ‘How do you get a wet dream if you were a girl?’ Holly blushed, someone had written about a man licking a woman’s genitals, and sucking her nipples. She felt a rush of heat in between her legs and she squirmed uncomfortably. Did men really lick women down there? She wondered what it would feel like. She thought nipples were meant for feeding your baby when you became a mum, but apparently men could lick those too.

‘Man licking woman’s nipples’, she googled. A video popped up of a young teamskeet porno girl and a man. He was massaging her breasts and pinching at her nipples. Holly had the sneaking suspicion that she wasn’t supposed to be watching this, but she carried on. The man in the video was older, like her dad…

“Oh, you like sucking on my titties daddy? You like that?” The girl in the video cried. Holly almost fell off her chair and scrambled to move the mouse and mute the volume. She’d called him daddy. Were they… were dads and their daughters allowed to do that? Of her few friends, only one or two had lost their virginities and that had been to spotty, smelly guys in their year at school. Holly thought what it would be like to lose her virginity to someone at her school. Her friends had said that it hurt but that it was over quickly. She wondered if her friends had felt like she had in the morning, when she had awoken from her dream.

Then she thought of what it would be like to be with her daddy. He was always so protective, caring and loving. He wouldn’t hurt her, he’d take care of her. She could just imagine sitting in his lap like she used to, his big strong arms around her. Before she knew it she was picturing sitting up straighter in his lap, facing him, naked. Her chest was at the same level as his face, her pronounced little nipples standing alert for him. She pictured his face coming closer, his hands wrapped around her, his tongue extending and taking a tentative lick. She pictured her daddy’s mouth smothering her breast, suckling at her nipple. She could feel juices rushing out into her panties like she had done in the morning, her face flushed. She wanted to feel them. Peeking quickly at her door to make sure her father wasn’t around, she tugged her pajama bottoms down and reached her hand south to feel the outside of her panties. They were soaking, she could see a big wet patch.

Creeping quietly across her bedroom, she sat in front of her long mirror, tecavuz porno spreading her legs wide so she could see the wet patch better. She rubbed the outside, it felt so good, but the material was tacking to her fingers due to her wetness. She pulled the inside of her underwear across to reveal her glistening slit. Holly almost gasped at the reflection in the mirror; she’d never seen it before- it was so pink and wet. Gingerly she edged a finger forward to her juicy cunt and nestled it between her pussy lips. She wasn’t sure where the good spot was, the one that tingled, but it all felt so good. She slipped her finger around and upwards- oh! There it was, what was that? She studied herself in the mirror. Her finger had slid across a small rosy nub, flushed and aroused at thoughts of her daddy sucking on her nipples. She rubbed it again and rolled her head back in pleasure. Sloppy white cream trickled out of some kind of opening- that must be her vagina. She didn’t really want to explore that, not when rubbing this little button felt so good, but she scooped up her cum and rubbed it across her clit and tickled it furiously. She wondered what it would be like to let her daddy do this, to have his fingers there. No, wait… google had said that men can lick down there. What would it be like to have her daddy’s tongue on this button, not just on her nipples? She gasped in pleasure and continued rubbing, picturing her daddy’s face in between her legs, locking his eyes with her as his tongue lashed sensuously at her pussy, lapping up all of her cum, sucking at the nub and slipping his lips over it. Holly felt something incredible building up and up, and… her muscles clenched as an overwhelming feeling jolted through her, she cried out helplessly, forgetting that she wasn’t alone in the house.

Richard sat with a look of desperation at the breakfast counter. He was an awful, awful man, but he wanted to do even more to his sweet, nubile daughter. He heard a cry from downstairs- Holly. Was she okay? He leapt up from his seat and bounded down the stairs. He reached Holly’s door just in time to stop himself from entering. There was his beautiful daughter, legs splayed open, grinding her fingers against her dripping wet pussy as she reveled in an orgasm.


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