Subject: Sniffing my dads underwear CHAPTER 4 ( – gay – incest ) Sniffing my dads underwear CHAPTER 4 By drcock hoo or kik me at drcock1990 [Disclaimer: This story is a work of my true experience slightly altered with some fiction. If you are under the legal age of eighteen or if the story of father and son incest do not appeal to you, please leave immediately! I won’t continue this story if I aint got no good responses from you guys. Your kind words do mean a lot to me as a sort of motivation. You are welcome to email me at hoo or kik me always at drcock1990. If you would love to read more but just can’t wait for me to post them on , you may make a request through email or kik then I’ll be more than pleased to send you an advance copy. Last but not least, PLEASE CONSIDER TO MAKE DONATION TO NIFTY AS THEY NEED YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT TO KEEP THEM ALIVE. Thanks!] I was also wondering at that time was that normal, gross or perverted to sniff somebody’s used underwear? I didn’t know but I was pretty sure Dave much enjoying the smell of my old man’s crotch. Dave continued sniffing the sweaty underwear while he pumped slowly on his cock. Every couple of pumps or so, he would cup the head of his cock and rotated his hand smearing the oozing liquid over the tip. After a while, the pace picked up and soon he was furiously sliding his hand up and down his cock from balls to tip. “Oh yeah, yeah, yeah” Dave’s body convulsed as I heard a groan, a pant, a moan and thick milky white liquid erupted from his cock head spraying all over his stomach and chest. “Fuck yeah!” Dave cried still beating hard his eyes closed as one more eruption shot a load clear over his shoulder and another landing on Dads worn briefs that almost fully covered his face. There must have been 5 shots erupted like volcano. “Fuck” he cried as now dribbles of thick white liquid oozed out his motionless hand as it squeezed hard on his shaft. “Holy shit!” Dave’s hand letting go and falling by his sides as his cock began to soften and returned to more like its normal size and flopped over his thigh. “Oh fuck yeah” Dave cried out again as his breathing became more normal. He started rubbing the white liquid on his chest and then he scooped up a large gob on one finger and put it in his mouth. He sucked the finger clean with a huge smile on his face. A few moments later, Dave sat up, removed his briefs from his ankles and used it to clean the liquid off his abs and chest. He was whistling as he did this. Then he got up and I rushed to my bed immediately even if it meant making a lot of noise. I quickly climbed into my bed and threw a blanket over me. The room was dimly lit by a small lamp on the nightstand. Dave came out from the bathroom a moment later and through my half opened eyes I watched him opening his bag then carefully put Dads underwear in like his newest precious. He came to bed exhausted from the previous jo session and slid in next to me. Then he promptly fell asleep. I laid in bed thinking about Dad and what a good time Dave’d had with his sweaty briefs. All I knew was the fact that I was more attracted to old man like Dad rather than young boy like Dave. I was starting to think about my sexual orientation. Was I probably a queer? Was I a fucking 12 year old pervert? Was şişli travesti I sick for drooling over my own studly father huh? I knew that time that being gay, was not a good thing in my parent’s mind. Mom had always made nasty remarks about fairies and queers. I also figured if Dad ever found out that his only son was fucking pansy – much less had the hots for his own bod! He’d throw me out into the streets like last week’s garbage to fend for myself. Told me he never wanted to see or have anything to do with me ever again. That was fucking terrible!!! Then I drifted off to sleep which wasn’t restful and I was constantly dreaming during the night, and the dreams were always of Dad and his sexy body. It was light outside when I woke up next morning. I turned over to see what time it was and found it was almost 9 in the morning. I looked over at Dave and was only lying halfway under the blankets. One leg sticking out hanging over the bed. “Hey Dave, get up, daylights burning” I said as I hit him over the head with my pillow. After a few grunts and growns Dave opened his eyes and then smirked at me, “What’s the hurry man. We could sleep in for God’s sake.” As he turned and saw it was almost 9 in the morning. “Wow!” he said, “I never sleep this late!” “Boys, you all want some coffee?” came from my bedroom door. Dad was bare chested standing in the doorway in his fancy white shorts. “Sure Dad, be right there, but I gotta piss first.” I said. Dave stretched, yawned and tried to rub the sleep out of his eyes. “Good morning Dave!” Dad said. “How did you sleep?” “Awesome Uncle Troy!” Dave responded cheerfully. “I never slept so good in all my life.” Dad smiled. “Come on, time for some breakfast!” And with that, Dad walked away and went downstairs. Dave got up from the bed immediately and followed Dad obediently. He walked just behind him and never turning his eyes away from him, obviously delighted by the sight of his muscular back, hairy legs and hot ass. I headed to the bathroom to piss and take care of my morning rituals. Then, I went downstairs, grabbing some coffee. Dave was already in the kitchen with my parents. When I came in and sat down at the table for breakfast, Dave was sipping his morning coffee, fully enjoying watching Dad as he devoured his breakfast. Mom was pouring me a cup and handed it to me. “Thanks Mom!”. As I sipped the hot black coffee, I slowly started to wake up. Then, Dad looked at Mom and said, “Honey, I thought I’d get the lawn mowed before we get some other things done.” “Hmmmm ok honey. Just take your time, but I’d like to hit the grocery store today.” Mom responded. “Fine with me honey.” Dad finished his breakfast and rose up to walk back upstairs to his bedroom. A few minutes later Dad came back in the kitchen wearing cutoffs that were shorter and a lot more worn than the plain shorts he had on earlier and a pair of tennis shoes. The cutoffs looked like they were no longer strong enough to hold in his package and were very frayed. They were tight too. Where the jeans were blue in some places they were also worn almost white in places like his bulge and where his ass pushed them out. They were fucking hot as well as almost obscene. For the first time I also noticed that Dad was a fucking walking beylikdüzü travesti wet dream and I felt myself getting hard again under the table. “The lawn shouldn’t take long honey.” and with that he was out the door. After we finished the breakfast, Dave and I helped Mom to clear the table and wash the dirty dishes. By the time we finished and prepared to walk out of the kitchen, Dad came in shiny and damp in sweat. Since he had just reeked from mowing the lawn, all of his muscles were still bulging. And Dave and I were right in front of this magnificent body and as he wasn’t wearing a shirt either, there was sweat everywhere on Dad, appearing on all these bulging, flexing muscles, coating his skin, gathering in drops in the wiry hair on his chest, arms and legs, running down in small rivulets in the thick mat of his chest hair, encircling his tiny, hard nipples, cascading down over his belly. His sweat soaked through his cutoffs too. The sweat from Dad creating an intoxicating odor, filling my nose with a pure, overpowering smell of total masculinity. He was stank and I guess he had noticed somehow. My eyes traveled down to the sweat covered chest which was full of wet, matted hair. I looked at Dad’s golden chest glistening with sweat. The coating of sweat on his body made his muscles seem all that much bigger and rounder. He was also damp underneath the armpits and I could smell rancid, heavy sweat from his pits. “I need a drink, fuck I’m thirsty.” Grabbing a cold bottle of water from the cooler, he opened the bottle and raised it up to his lips, then quickly gulping it down like a camel dying of thirst. While he was drinking the water, Dad ran his free hand under his arm pits and flipped the sweat into the air. With his freehand, he felt his chest down across his abs and scratched his belly hair. Dad drank greedily till emptying the bottle, and then put the bottle down realizing that he had appeared to drink piggishly. Having quenched his thirst, he looked at us, then said “Oops, sorry, I was real thirsty.” By the time Dad walked in, the house was beginning getting hot. Dad was still standing in front of us. He was sweating some more too, not that it was cool in the old house by any means, even with the windows open it was really hot. Dad’s idea of air-conditioning was the breeze blowing through the screens. It was rough living there. As the sweat kept pouring off his forehead, he went to the sink, splashed water in his face and chest. The sweat continued to drip off him. He got a clean hand towel and used it to dry his face and chest, then wiped out each armpit. “Well honey I was burning up in the sun. I gotta take a shower it is so hot out I sweat so much. I’m stinking right now!”. Dad talked to Mom who was still busy in the kitchen. Mom mumbled, “Honey, don’t forget to change your clothes for laundry tomorrow!” “Sure honey.” And with that he went upstairs to his bedroom. As he walked pass us, he was so warm, almost hot, and the scent of him was strong. Once Dad was leaving, Dave was following him almost simultaneously and slowly headed up the stairs. Dave just kept watching Dad’s ass as he stepped up the stairs behind him. Meanwhile, I wandered into the living room to get a comic book then went upstairs back to istanbul travesti my room. At the top of the stairs, I walked down the hall past Dad’s room and I could hear the shower running loudly. I made my way to my bedroom and went straight to my bed. But, I didn’t see Dave in the room. I was sprawling in my bed reading my comic and I could hear the water running in Dad’s room, which was just next to mine. After a while, the water stopped running and it became so quiet. A moment later, Dave opened the door and walked in whistling with a contented smile on his face. Then when he took out something from his left pocket to put in his bag, I began to smell that the air in my room was ripe with some sweaty musky scent. As I slowly inhaled the heady smell, my instinct told me it got something to do with the thing Dave just kept in his bag. “Where’d you been?” I asked with curiosity. “I, uh, just decided to take a little time to myself that’s all”, he stammered then past by me and walked out of the room. After finished reading my comic in bed, I joined Dave in living room to watch our favorite tv show American Chopper. The rest of the day was spent watching TV, reading and at some point Mom and Dad went out to grocery store. Once they’re back from shopping, Mom said that the house needed a clean and that we would order out for our dinner. We cleaned the house and I noticed Dave kept looking at Dads crotch as much as he could during the rest of the day. Dave’s behavior had influence over me and I would cast an eye on Dad once a while. Sometimes I could even see his dick flopping and moving behind the material of his shorts as he moved back and forth in the house. To my surprise it dawned on me that it was the first time I had seen Dad in this kind of outfit. To my knowledge, he would normally wear underwear under the shorts. As we finished the cleaning, the pizza came and Dad paid for it. We sat in the sofa eating and watching TV, seeing some pieces of a film here and there. Dad had gulped three beer or four while spending most of the time sitting in the sofa talking to Mom. As the beer kicked in and it was really making him relax, I could hear Dad whispering and Mom giggling. Then, they started hugging and kissing for some time but it also concerned us. Interrupting them seemed inappropriate, but watching them also seemed to violate their privacy. So, Dave and I decided to call it a night around 9 pm. It was the final night Dave sharing my bed and all though it was difficult I did manage to sleep some. But, I woke suddenly at the middle of night, by the sound of pounding and groaning. The groaning sounded like a bear eating a poor victim. Yes, it was Dad fucking Mom in their room. I knew pretty well it was their routine happening every Saturday night. Dad won’t be getting any sex when he was away on the weekdays. There was once I heard Dad telling his buds that he won’t just ignore his wedding vows with Mom and make love to another woman when he was away from home, and he said that would be adultery. If that was true, he would have to relieve days of accumulated sexual tension every Saturday night back home. It was hardly light out as I laid there letting my eyes adjust. I looked over at Dave but he wasn’t in bed. He was nowhere to be seen in the room either. Leaning my ear against the concrete wall, I could hear any sound of Dad groaning and moaning. Surprisingly I got real hard-on for the very first time after countless times hearing a big man like Dad fucking Mom….. … to be continued

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