Sun, Sand and Sex


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Maggie climbed out of the driver’s side of her little red Ford Focus and took a deep breath. There was nothing like the damp, salty smell of a luscious ocean breeze. The warm wind kissed the bare skin of her face, shoulders, arms and legs, which had been chilled by the car’s air conditioner. This instantly caused goose bumps to break out all over her body as she was over whelmed by a sense of nostalgia for the few summers she had spent at Hampton beach in New England with her parents during her long ago childhood.

It wasn’t just the smell of the ocean itself that made it so memorable; it was everything else that came along with it. The smell of venders cooking hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries and fried dough, the sound of the cars as they slowly passed by looking for parking further down the beach mixed with the sounds of the music from several different radios, children playing, adults laughing, the constant cawing of the seagulls and under it all was the harsh yet somehow soothing lull of the breaking waves as they threw themselves upon the shore.

Maggie reveled in the sights, the sounds and all the sensations that always bombarded her on her now oh so infrequent trips to the beach. While she lived in Orlando, only an hour away from two of the most famous beaches in Florida, her busy and demanding work schedule was coupled with an extreme dislike for turning into a lobster. She always burnt and never tanned due to her pale complexion, so she rarely made the pilgrimages east.

She smiled out at the sapphire blue waves and frothy white surf. It was the perfect day. The temperatures were in the high 70’s, there was almost no humidity, which was rare in Florida, and the sun was shining as billowing white clouds lazily chased each other across the sky. ‘Yeah, this had been a wonderful idea.’ She thought to herself.

“What’s got you in such a good mood?” a deep voice said, breaking into her thoughts.

Maggie looked to her left and over the roof of the car where Craig was hunched over between the open passenger door and the body of the car checking the contents of his backpack.

“Oh nothing,” she replied. “Just thinking, it’s beautiful day, and I’m glad we’re having a chance to enjoy it.”

Craig smiled one of his dazzling white smiles back at her. His blonde hair, now hopelessly mussed from its stylish shaggy cut so popular with the young 20something crowd, was blowing in the breeze. While Maggie avoided the beach, Craig was an addict as evidenced by his ever-present golden hued skin tone. He was 6’3″, blonde, long and lanky. Craig was the epitome of the Florida surfer stereotype with one glaring exception; he wasn’t a stoned-out idiot. If he had been, Maggie wouldn’t be here. He was intelligent, energetic and witty as hell. All qualities Maggie prized highly in her men.

As Craig straightened to his full height and rapidly pulled his white T-shirt over his head bearing his wide, well defined chest and six pack abs, Maggie was reminded it wasn’t just Craig’s mind that she was interested in.

While Craig was the quintessential sun-bleached, blue eyed, bronzed god, Maggie was dark and pale. Her long chestnut hair and chocolate brown eyes were the perfect dichotomy to her flawless alabaster skin. Maggie shed her white tank top and slowly bent over to slide her green cotton shorts down her long silky legs. The rough material felt almost abrasive as it moved over her sensitized flesh. She picked up the two discarded pieces of material and tossed them onto the driver’s seat before grabbing her tan wicker beach bag out of the backseat and closing the door.

Maggie grabbed the white can of SPF 30 spray-on sun block from the top of her bag and began coating herself with the thin, coconut-scented mist. The sudden sensation of the cool spray over her heated flesh caused a slight shiver to travel throughout her body, tightening her nipples into erect little nubs that were quickly straining against the confining material of her swim suit. Tossing the can back into her bag, she ran hands slowly over her face, neck and shoulders. The subtle rise of her chest, each arm and her flat stomach were all shimmering as she rubbed the oily liquid over every inch of her pale exposed skin. Maggie stood up from smoothing the sun block down her legs, her breasts swaying as she moved and pulled the small plastic clip that was restraining her long dark hair out. She shook her head so it fell down her back and around her shoulders in flowing kozyatağı escort waves before finally adjusting the ruby colored triangles of her bikini over the round, full globes of her size D breasts and the high firm cheeks of her ass.

Maggie looked up from adjusting herself to see Craig standing in front of her, wearing only his dark blue Hawaiian print board shorts watching her intensely. She quirked an eyebrow and smirked at him, “enjoying the show are we?”

Craig devoured her with eyes. He stood there for a moment just taking in all 5’11” of Maggie’s oil slicked statuesque form. Her long dark hair was now framing her face as the wind blew sections of it behind her, across her face and over her beautiful breasts. Her slick pale skin almost glowed in the sunlight. The slashes of blood red material over her breasts and pubic mound were the only interruptions to her pale perfection. Maggie was just a few inches shorter than he was, which was rare among most women, but she wasn’t by any means stretched out or thin looking as many her height were.

Maggie was lean and toned, but she still had the body of woman. Her wide shoulders, just a little narrower than his, supported a gorgeous set of ripe, full breasts. They rested now, straining against the thin material that held them confined, her large pink nipples were hard and clearly visible despite the dark hue of the bikini. Craig practicaly licked his lips as he watched Maggie bend and root through her beach bag making sure everything was there. With every shift of her body, a ripple of motion moved through them and drew his attention even more. He drank in the sight of their gentle teardrop shape and the curve of the underside of her breast. Although now firmly held in place by her top, his favorite place for them was cradled gently in his hands. He loved the sensation of the firm, yet soft skin, the feel of her body heat seeping from their undersides into his hand as he palmed their negligible weight and massaged the beautiful, lush globes.

He wasn’t a breast man normally, but oh how he loved to fondle and suckle them at every opportunity. Maggie’s nipples were super sensitive and every tweak of his fingers and rasp of his tongue always brought a satisfying response. As Maggie continued to bend, Craig’s eyes moved over her torso and flat stomach to the curve of her hips, almost as wide as her shoulders so she had that perfect hourglass shape. The firm, round, pale spheres of her sexy bottom were in perfect relief against the dark colored retaining wall behind the car. As Maggie finally straightened, his eyes came to rest on the dark triangle of material that was nestled at the juncture of her long legs. The material sat smoothly against Maggie’s pussy, outlining her labia perfectly. Craig knew there wasn’t a single a chestnut curl beneath the snug material to mar the view; Maggie had shaved her pussy bare for the first time when they started having sex a few weeks ago, and had been very diligent about keeping it that way. Craig continued to drink her in and wondered if he wasn’t the luckiest guy on Daytona Beach today.

“What’s not to enjoy?” He responded her question as he finished his intent perusal of her body. “The last time I saw a show this good, it was at Rachael’s Strip Club and there was a three drink minimum,” he said, giving her his most lecherous smile.

Craig moved from just behind the back of the car where he’d been standing and took the final two strides to Maggie before pulling her against him. The few coarse hairs that dusted his chest further stimulated her already erect nipples through the flimsy Lycra material as she pressed herself further into him and pulled his head down to take his lips.

Their mouths met in a tentative, light kiss, which quickly transformed into a passionate, urgent dueling of their tongues where they lost all sense of time and their surroundings, being completely absorbed in each other. Craig’s mouth was warm and wet, Maggie moaned at the delectable taste of the sweet French vanilla creamer and sugar he had put in his coffee at breakfast. Maggie hated coffee normally, but if it always tasted like this she’d gladly become an addict. She massaged her tongue along the length of Craig’s and applied a little more suction which resulted in Craig moaning in response. Maggie wrapped her arms around him and pulled him tighter to her, grinding her pelvis against his.

Craig knew this Maggie very well. Normally she was an energetic, bright, happy, level headed woman, but the second she got aroused she turned into a demanding, pleasure seeking beast. Craig had quickly discovered in the few weeks since their liaison at her house that Maggie was a nymphomaniac. She was insatiable. They’d had lengthy bouts of sex this morning both before and after breakfast. As it was they had ended up leaving for the beach almost three hours later then they’d initially küçükyalı escort planned and here she was again, rubbing her hard, aroused nipples over his chest, her right hand had moved and was again buried in his hair, holding him to her while her left was trapped between their bodies pulling at the laces of his board shorts so she could gain access to his rapidly stiffening shaft.

Maggie managed to loosen the last of the white cotton laces that were woven diagonally through the metal grommets that held the top of Craig’s suit together. She slid her hand down into the mesh pouch that held his beautiful, already partially erect cock. Maggie reached the base and before grabbing it, she ran he nails up the patch of skin on his abdomen directly above it which caused a shutter to travel through Craig’s body before he pulled her more tightly against him and placed both of his hands over the globes of her bikini covered ass, kneading the flesh there.

Maggie quickly returned her hand to her prize and began slowly pumping her hand up and down his shaft as it strained against the material wanting release. The slick oil from the sun block she had just applied acting as the perfect lubricant as her hand rapidly traveled up and down his now engorged prick.

She hadn’t given him a blowjob this morning, which she was very much regretting right now as her hand continued in the limited jerking movements that she could manage within his shorts. Maggie loved giving head, there was nothing better then starting the day with a huge throbbing cock in her mouth–and Craig’s had become her favorite pre-breakfast meal of late.

Maggie continued to kiss Craig deeply as she jerked him off. She couldn’t tell you where she was or even what day it was right now. All she knew was that Craig was rubbing her ass with one hand as the other hand snaked down between the separation of her thighs and was moving the minute strip of material that was covering her moist opening aside.

Maggie pushed into Craig’s chest, wrapped one of her legs around his hip giving him better access to her and shoved her tongue into his mouth as she felt one of his long fingers slide into her rapidly lubricating cunt. Craig lazily pumped his finger in and out of Maggie’s body in time to her now incessant moans as she pulled harder, moving her hand more forcefully up and down his shaft. As her hand neared the head of his cock, she snaked her thumb over it to rub in the large drop of precum she knew she would find there. As Maggie did so there was a sense of movement, which registered only belatedly to her pleasure fogged mind.

Suddenly a sharp searing pain in the middle of her back knifed through the fog. Maggie pulled her mouth away from Craig with a shout of pain, threw her hands up in the air and attempted to jump away from the horrible pain only to find she was no longer standing. At some point during their little interlude Craig must have picked her up because he was holding her behind her thighs as her long legs were wrapped around him and she was pinned between his body and her car. It was the hot, sun heated metal of the car’s doorframe that was burning her back. Craig quickly assessed the situation and took a step back from the car before placing Maggie back on her feet, breaking apart, and panting.

Maggie glanced to her left and was both shocked and embarrassed that several people had stopped their beaching to catch the live show. A group of teenage girls wearing little more then dental floss were giggling and whispering to one another. Three well built college guys, right about Craig’s age stood off to the right, and as they turned to stride down the beach an “ah man, it was just getting good too,” could be heard. It seemed apparent that they were disappointed that the lovers had stopped before they saw more while one embittered 50 something woman hissed “get a room,” at them as she sauntered by. Maggie’s pale skin had been getting redder and redder, the dark flush spreading up her neck and face as the seconds passed and she watched their small audience disperse.

“Shit. I’m so fucking embarrassed,” she said before she continued to silently berate herself for her lack of awareness. If Craig hadn’t slammed her against the hot metal of the car, she probably would’ve sucked him off and fucked him right there on the beach for all the world to see.

This wasn’t the first time Maggie had completely ignored their surroundings and initiated things better left behind closed doors, but God, Craig did things to her sanity sometimes. She shook herself trying to clear out the last of the mental cobwebs and silently promised that there would be no more slips today. They’d come to the beach for sun, sand and fun. The sex needed to stay at home.

“You okay?” Craig asked as they made their way down the beach a few minutes later and spread their blanket over the dry, loose sand.

“Yeah,” mutlukent escort she angrily replied. “It’s just that I’ve never lost control like that before. I mean I’ve always had a bit of an exhibitionist streak, but I was ready to throw you down and do you right there in front of God and everyone. That CANNOT be normal. This is bad.”

Craig moved to her side and placing his arm around her gave a light squeeze. “Ah come on baby,” he chided, trying to lighten her mood. “The Craig Man always says anything that feels so good can’t bad. But if it is, then who better to be bad with then the badest man on the beach?”

Maggie gave him one of her patented you’re-fucking-delusional looks and said, “You’re such an ego-maniacal asshole, Craig. The badest guy on the beach? I could kick your skinny ass myself.”

Craig took on a martyred look, “Hey, you always say my ass is sexy, not skinny. And for you to kick it, you’d have to catch me first.” The challenge was issued as he spun and ran into the breaking surf 40 feet in front of where they left their belongings. Maggie ran laughing down the beach after him, flinging herself into the cool, salt laden waters of the Atlantic and spent much of the afternoon trying to do just that.


Maggie watched the car in front of her break for the third time in the last ten seconds. “I love coming up to Daytona, but the traffic is insane,” she remarked looking beside her to Craig who was sitting in the passenger seat wearing only his blue Hawaiian print board shorts. The bright sunshine was pouring in through the car’s windshield, bathing his wide tanned chest with warm, golden light, the few drops of ocean water he missed while toweling off were glistening in the sun’s rays.

“That’s exactly why I always go to Cocoa,” he said smiling over at her.

“Well too bad there, Bucko, this is my car, I’m driving. Therefore we go where I want.” And right now Maggie was wishing there was somewhere quiet and private they could go. After the incident at the beach earlier, she had made sure to keep her raging hormones in check, but the millions of gallons of cold water in the Atlantic Ocean had done little to extinguish her burning desire.

Craig had been absolutely breathtaking as he bodysurfed today. They’d played in the breaking surf, kissing and caressing, but every time he saw a great set of waves coming in, he’d say, “Sorry babe, gotta go,” and swam into the oncoming waves. Right now she was so hot and horny, her distended nipples were straining against the damp confines of her bikini top and her damp, hairless pussy was aching to be split once again by Craig’s large invading member.

Maggie pulled Craig over to her as the car pulled to a stop at yet another red light. Maggie greedily kissed Craig, their tongues mating, dueling, massaging within their mouths. He tasted of salt water, as well as the sharp sweet/sour lemonade he had with lunch. It was the shrill car horn from behind them that finally separated the two. They pulled apart, panting.

“How long until we’re back to your place?” Craig asked wearing his “I’m gonna make you scream” face.

“About 45 minutes,” Maggie sighed, “Sometimes it’s really annoying to be living in Orlando.” Or maybe not, she thought, as she looked over at Craig, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. She had tried really hard to be good all day. What harm would be in having a little fun now? It was a REALLY long drive home after all.

Maggie took her hand off the gear shift and placed it on Craig’s thigh. She began rubbing his left thigh, moving her hand rhythmically, massaging and working the thigh muscles. As she did, her hand slowly moved up to the white lace ties of his board shorts and once again worked them loose.

“What are you doing?” Craig asked, trying to squirm further onto the far edge of his seat, out of her reach.

“What do you think I’m doing?” She smiled.

“We’re in the middle of five o’clock on International Speedway Blvd, someone will see.” Craig protested.

“Well… Maybe not” Maggie replied, quickly reaching onto the backseat and grabbing one of the large green beach towels they had brought and tossed it over Craig’s lap.

“What the hell?” He shrieked as the cold, damp terrycloth material made contact with his bare thighs and knees.

As soon as the towel was across Craig’s lap, Maggie snaked her hand beneath it, through the gap of the loosened laces on his board shorts and down over his abdomen to grasp his cock as it lay nestled in the soft bed of blonde pubic hair. Maggie’s hand clasped around the base of Craig’s cock and he moaned, “AAhhh, Maggie, what are you doing? We can’t do this.”

“Says who?” she replied, daring him to further protest as she pulled his rapidly hardening penis from its cloth confines until the only thing separating his stiff member from the prying eyes of the college coeds, surf bums and families on beach vacations in the passing cars was the coarse material of the beach towel. Maggie massaged and pumped Craig’s cock as they crawled their way forward in the stop, start traffic past the imposing beige building of Halifax hospital, the hokey concrete sign with bright pink flamingos and green palm trees that marked the Daytona Airport and the hulking gray structure of Daytona International Speedway.

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