Tales of Sub Asian Sissy Ch. 04


(Thanxxx so much for taking the time to read me stories! This is just my fourth post and I’d absolutely love any feedback… also, please feel free to reach out if you just wanna chat with a very depraved and submissive Asian sissy)


Dave threw my dress at me. “Hurry the fuck up, you stupid slut. My wife gets home in a couple of hours and I need to clean this place up.”

I sat awkwardly on the filthy mattress, trying to pull off my fishnet thigh highs… my ass hurt so badly from the brutal fucking Dave just gave me that I couldn’t sit normally.

Finally getting them off, I slipped my dress over my head and stood up slowly. My asspussy was on fire, but worse was a deep ache I felt inside me. I limped to my sandals, surprised how much it hurt to walk.

“I have two errands for you, sissy. First, go to Home Depot and get three keys to your apartment cut. Next, go to the adult video store on Smith Street and get a big dildo – I won’t tolerate your gagging and choking much longer. You will practice deep throating the dildo for an hour every day, live on cam.”

“You will text me photos when you’re at each place so I know you’re there and accomplishing your tasks. You can wear your ridiculous sheer dress to Home Depot, but you will only wear your stilettos, thigh highs, panties and bra into the adult store. You will hold up the dildos next to your open mouth and send me pics for my approval. Do you understand sissy?”

“Yes, Master Dave,” I stammered. “But, the keys—don’t you think this is going too far? I mean, what are you going to do with them? This isn’t what I ever wanted.” My eyes started to well up with tears.

Dave pulled out his phone while I spoke. He quickly typed something and then showed it to me. It read, “James Park is a sissy cumslut,” followed by a link to the video of Dave, mate and Kevin using and abusing me. The name was Abby Andrews.

My heart jumped out of my chest. “Fuck fuck fuck. Please Master Dave, please forgive me. Please please please don’t send any more texts, pleeeeeease.” I said, fully crying now.

“She’s the first person in your phone contacts. Who is Brian Bennet? Should I send the message to him too?”

I dropped to my knees, begging, “please Master Dave, please stop. I’ll do everything you ask. Anything at all. Please please please.” Tears streamed down my face.

“That’s fucking right, you stupid sissy. You should get used to begging for my mercy. Now be the obedient sissy cumslut that you’re meant to be, and never question me again. And get the fuck out of my house.”

Down on my knees, I looked up at him and said, “yes Master Dave, thank you kindly for your mercy Master Dave.”

I wobbly stood back up, my asspussy aching so badly from Dave brutally taking my virginity. I limped to my tote bag that held my make up, stilettos and fishnets, and then hobbled up the stairs. My mind was racing in terror, Abby was my ex girlfriend. Ironically, it was her dress and sandals that I wore presently. Thankfully, she already knew I had sissy tendencies; one night I had accidentally left my browser window open and she saw the depraved sissy videos I had been watching. She left me the next day, simply saying she was glad to have an excuse to dump me since my pathetic tiny dick was so small she could barely even feel when I was inside her. As she stood at the door, she added, “oh, and I’ve been fucking your friend Mark for the past three months. He has a huge cock and makes me cum.” She then slammed the door and never came back. But still, the idea of her now having a link to the video of me being used and abused by Dave, Matt and Kevin horrified me.

But I couldn’t focus on Abby; as I limped painfully to my car, my mind was racing with how I would be able to do my errands. The thought of going into a Home Depot while dressed as a girl made me nauseous. Except for the past two days with Dave, I had hardly ever gone out in public as a sissy. And when I did, it would be very late at night and I was only going to meet men who knew I was actually a boy. The idea of even walking through the Home Depot parking lot in my sheer white dress and my sandals and hot pink painted toenails made me cringe; while men always told me I was passable, I couldn’t imagine being around normal people at 2:00 in the afternoon on a Saturday. And then, to make matters much worse, I’d need to go to the seedy side of town and walk into the adult video store in just my stilettos, fishnet thigh highs and hot pink panties and bra. I couldn’t believe that this was now my life and I had no choice but to submit to Dave’s humiliating tasks.

As I sat down in my car, a sharp pain shot through me. My asspussy burned badly, and there was a pulsing ache deep inside me. I looked at myself in the mirror, my black mascara streaked down my face by tears. I barely recognized myself, and felt like my life was spinning completely out of control. But I gathered myself and started the car and drove a few blocks away and fixed my bayrampaşa escort make up. If I had to be out in public, I wanted to at least look my best. I then drove about ten minutes to the Home Depot. I parked as close as I could to the entrance and sat there, taking deep breaths, watching all these very masculine men walking in and out of the entrance.

I applied some lip gloss in my rear view mirror, and then got out of my car. I looked around, and then took a painful step towards the entrance. Dave had given me such a hard pounding that my lower back was now starting to pulse with pain, and I limped badly.

As I walked in, I felt like every single man was gazing at me; my mind raced, thinking they all knew I was a sissy. But slowly, I started to see that some of the guys were smiling; a few of them stopped me and politely asked if I needed help finding anything; and a couple of them even hit on me, asking if I come there often and such. I realized they actually didn’t know I was a depraved sissy cumslut, and seemingly just thought I was some Asian girl limping through the aisles of Home Depot on a Saturday, just like anyone else. I felt a slight boost in confidence, and took a selfie by the key cutting machine and sent it to Dave. I had my three keys cut, paid for them and left the store. As I limped to my car, a guy cat-called me and I smiled.

Oddly happy, I got back into my car. But my smile was quickly replaced with a grimace from the acute pain of sitting down. And my heart started to race as I drove towards Smith Street. I had driven by the adult video store Dave was sending me to, but certainly never considered going in. It was in the worst part of town and next to a liquor store and a trailer park.

I pulled into their parking lot and was somewhat relieved to see only one car, a beat up old pick up truck. My heart pounded as I slipped off my dress and pulled on my thigh high fishnets and stilettos. I retouched my makeup, choosing a bright cherry red lip stick and applied a heavy layer of gloss, along with some slutty blue eye shadow. Since I had no choice but to complete my task, I thought I should look the part.

Taking a deep breath, I got out of my car and walked to the mirrored double door entrance. Catching a glimpse of myself, I actually thought I looked very sexy, but a horn honked as a car sped by and I stepped inside as quickly as my limping would allow. It was brightly lit, with aisles of dvds and a wall full of sex toys. There was an older guy behind the counter at the back of the store, maybe in his fifties, wearing a nascar tee shirt and sporting a greasy salt-and-pepper mullet and a goatee. He barely even looked up when I came inside, but was friendly, saying “hello sweetie, let me know if I can help you find anything.”

“Thank you, Sir,” I replied, and limped towards the wall of sex toys. The man’s casual and friendly tone put me slightly at ease; and I was also relieved that there were no customers in the store. I looked at all the dildos, surprised by how many options there were. I scanned them with my eyes, looking for one that wasn’t too big for me to be able to take down my throat. I picked it up and placed it near my face, opening my glossy cherry red lips and took a selfie.

“No photos, sweetie,” said the man behind the counter, pointing to a sign.

“Sorry, Sir,” I said, as I texted the photo to Dave. I quickly received a reply—a simple “no.” I knew that dildo wasn’t big enough, and picked out another which was slightly larger, trying to stealthily take another photo. But I could tell the man was now watching me.

“Really, doll, please no photos in here,” he said, pointing to the sign again.

Fuck. I didn’t want to be rude. “So sorry, Sir,” I said, as I sent the new photo to Dave. Again, the answer was a simple, “no.”

This time, I chose one that said “foot long” – it was big and veiny and thick. The packaging read 12″ long and 3″ thick; it was definitely bigger than what I wanted, but felt it would appease Dave. I had no choice but to take another pic, with the man fully watching me; but this time, he didn’t say anything, and just shook his head. I sent the pic to Dave, and was relieved to see his text reply of approval. I really did feel badly about taking the pics against the rules of the store, especially since it had been pointed out to me quite clearly twice already.

I limped up to the counter, and handed the man the giant dildo. I saw his eyes glance at the deep red marks on my wrist from the handcuffs Dave used as he took my virginity just a few hours earlier. “I’m so sorry about the photos Sir,” I said meekly.

“Well, you did what you did, sweetie,” he said, as he proceeded to ring me up. Then said loudly, “Dale, lock the doors and put on the closed sign.”

“Sure thing, Joe,” said a booming deep voice. I turned my head quickly as a man emerged from the back room, he was very tall and must have weighed 300 pounds; wearing a hunting camo tee shirt, escort bayan istanbul grubby jeans, big work boots and a confederate flag trucker cap. He glanced my way and grinned as he walked to the doors, bolting then, and pulling down a metal screen.

As I turned back to the man at the counter, he pulled out a clear plastic bag with long black zip ties and put them on the counter. “You see, I don’t like handcuffs. I find these zip ties work much better for immobilizing a person,” he said, with a menacing grin on his face.

Suddenly, it clicked—the doors being locked and the zip ties on the counter. I panicked, and turned quickly to escape. But bumped right into Dale, who was standing right behind me. He wrapped his big meaty hands around my shoulders and turned me around to face the man at the counter. I struggled uselessly, Dale had a firm grip and easily overpowered my small, feminine frame.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going, sissy? You walk in here, half-naked, prancing around like a chink whore, taking your selfies and breaking the rules of my store. And you think you can just turn around and go?” said Joe, as he grabbed the bag of zip ties and stepped from behind the counter, approaching me.

“Please Sir, I’m sorry. Please let me go. I’m so so sorry, please Sir, I want to leave,” I stammered, my body starting to shake in fear.

“Oh, trust me sissy, you’re gonna be sorry, very sorry,” said Joe, who now stood about a foot away from me. He grabbed my wrist, which looked tiny in his big rough hands. “You see, sissy, I could tell these were handcuff marks. Looks like someone had a little fun with you this morning, huh?” He let me wrist fall to my side.

I was so scared I couldn’t speak to answer him. He put his hand on my face and squeezed, putting his face just inches from mine. “I asked you a question, sissy. Now fucking answer me.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said quickly, his hand still grabbing my face very hard.

“Well, now it’s our turn to have some fun with you. You fucking filthy chink slut,” said Joe, as he released my face, grabbing a zip tie out of the bag. “Now put your arms behind your back.”

“Please Sir, pleeeeeeease let me go. Pleeeease. I’m sorry about taking photos in your store. I didn’t want to take them. My Master made me do it,” I said, as tears started to run down my cheeks.

“Your master? You sissies are so fucked up in the head, with all your sick games. Is that who you were texting?”

Dale roughly pulled my arms behind my back, so my hands touched the forearms of my opposite arms. Joe zipped a tie very tightly around one side, connecting my wrist to my forearm, then did the other side. He pulled them terribly tight, I could feel the plastic cutting into me.

“I asked you a fucking question, slut!” Joe screamed at me.

“Yes, Sir,” I said through my tears, as Joe then put zip ties around my ankles, pulling them very tight, making me wince in pain.

Joe stepped back in front of me, looking me up and down as Dale stepped back a bit, now that I was completely zip tied and unable to walk or move my arms. “You see, sissy, aren’t zip ties better than handcuffs? Even cops use zip ties now.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said, choking back more tears.

Joe walked back to the counter, and pulled my phone out of my purse. He then walked behind me and pressed my thumb to the screen to open the phone. He went to my texts. “Master Dave, huh? You’re a sick depraved freak, aren’t you sissy?” He then took a step back and took a pic of me, then walked behind me and took another pic. “Let’s send these pics to Master Dave and see what he thinks.” I heard the texts send. My heart was racing. Part of me was glad they sent them; maybe Dave would be upset and come to the store to save me.

My phone dinged quickly with a reply. Joe held the phone up to my face, “read it aloud, sissy.”

“Do with her as you please. Sissy jade needs to learn her place in the world. Tell her to post all the photos you take on her sissy profile the moment she gets back to her apartment.” I started to cry as I read Dave’s reply, knowing that I was now completely helpless.

Joe and Dale both laughed as I read the reply from Dave. Joe walked back to the counter and set my phone down, he walked behind the counter and pulled out a wooden billy club.

“You see, chink, I always wanted to be a cop. But life had other plans for me. There’s just something about punishing criminals that I just really enjoy. I collect old police memorabilia, like this old bully club.” Joe smacked the club into his palm, making a loud smacking noise that made me shudder. The billy club was about 18″ long, with a round smooth tip that grew quite thick in girth and then tapered to the handle. Joe continued to smack the club into his palm as he walked up to me. I was trembling in fear.

He stood about a foot in front of me, then handed the billy club to Dale, and pulled a knife from his pocket. He unfolded it slowly, taksim vip escort exposing the razor sharp steel blade. My entire body trembled in fear. “Let’s see what we’ve got going on here,” Joe said, as he stepped towards me. He put the tip of the knife at the top of my hot pink lace panties and pulled the waistband forward. My body shaking and tears rolled down my face.

He looked down into my panties and laughed loudly. “Holy shit! I knew you chinks had tiny dicks, but that must be the smallest little cock on earth!” Joe laughed heartily, “Dale, take a look at this tiny little dick.”

Joe held the top of my panties open with the tip of his knife as dale walked in front of me. Looking down, Dale busted out laughing loudly. “No wonder you’re a sissy! Any woman would laugh you right out of the bedroom with that tiny little thing!”

With that, Joe moved the knife towards my hip and made a quick slice, cutting through the waistband; my panties dropping down around my ankles. I stood there, shaking and crying. Joe folded up his knife and put it back in his pocket; I breathed a sigh of slight relief, thinking they might be done having their fun with me.

“Give me that billy club, Dale,” said Joe. “And get on your knees, sissy.” With my ankles zip tied together, I wasn’t able to drop down to my knees. “I said to get on your fucking knees, chink!” Joe screamed at me. But I still couldn’t move. Joe walked up to me quickly and jabbed the head of the billy club into my stomach, making me immediately buckle over and drop down hard onto my knees. They made a hard crack onto the tile floor and I tried to catch my breath, the hard jab of the billy club knocking the wind out of me. “Was that so hard, sissy?” Joe laughed as he stood in front of me.

“Now, open that pretty little chink mouth of yours nice and wide,” said Joe, a big grin on his face.

“Please Sir, please let me go. Please please please. I’m so sorry I took those photos. Please let me leave. Pleeeeeease,” I begged, as I cried.

“What’s wrong sissy? You’re not having fun? Well, good thing for you, we’re just getting started! Now open your fucking mouth!” Said Joe.

I knew I had no choice but to obey, and opened my mouth as wide as I could. My jaw was terribly sore from the ball gag that Dave had used on me just hours before. Joe placed the head of the billy club at my lips, then shoved it hard into my mouth. The girth was so big that it barely fit, my jaw stretched as wide as possible. But Joe shoved it further and further, making me gag and choke, saliva dripping from the corners of my mouth, down my chin. The hard wood of the billy club hurt my throat badly, much worse than the throat fuckings I had received last night. He pulled it back and forth, facefucking me with the club, with a wild look in his eyes.

“Now tilt your head back and hold the billy club up with your mouth, sissy,” said Joe, as he let go of the club and walked back to the counter to grab my phone. He pressed my thumb to the phone and then stood back and took a pic of me; down on my knees with my arms zip ties around my back, and the billy club firmly lodged in my throat. Then I heard a text send sound, “let’s see how Master Dave likes this photo,” said Joe, laughing.

“Looks like this fucking chink slut is starting to have some fun,” said Dale, staring down between my legs. I looked down, the billy club falling from my mouth. To my surprise, my tiny lil sissy clit had become rock hard.

Joe laughed heartily. “Even with a boner, that’s gotta be the tiniest little dick on earth!”

“Now bend over sissy and get you face on the floor,” said Joe, picking up the billy club. With my arms bound behind my back and my ankles zip tied together, I found it hard to bend down. Joe pushed me forward, my face hitting the tile floor. “I said to get your fucking slanty eyed face on the floor, sissy!” Joe screamed.

With my face on the cold tile floor, and my arms bound behind my back, my bare ass was now high in the air. “Dale, grab a packet of lube,” said Joe. I couldn’t look back and see what Joe was doing; I was trembling, waiting to hear the sound of him unbuckling his belt. I shuddered as I felt the cold lube drip onto my tight sore fuck hole.

“Please don’t fuck me Sir, pleeeeeease. Master Dave took my virginity just a couple hours ago. My asspussy hurts sooooo much. I can’t take any more assfucking. Pleeeeeease,” I begged.

Joe stepped to my side so I could see him, slapping the billy club into his palm. “Don’t worry sissy, I’m not gonna fuck you. I would never put my dick in your filthy chink hole.” Then he poured lube onto the tip of the billy club, and walked back behind me.

I screamed. “No no no! Please no! Please stop! That’s way too big! You’ll tear me open! Please stop!” I writhed with all my might, and tried to crawl away on my knees, my face rubbing against the cold tiles.

“Dale, put your foot on that chink’s face so she stops squirming,” said Joe. Dale walked in front of me and put his big work boot on the side of my face and pressed down, but I kept squirming. “Make the sissy stop, Dale.” Dale pressed down harder with his foot, causing pain to shoot through my skull. I stopped moving as I felt the tip of the billy club touch my tight little asspussy.

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