The Beach


As the summer heat was gliding over the cool sand and they lie there naked on the beach, except for her Collar of Obedience, Pony and her Master relaxed for the weekend. Watching the other bathers heading to the cool tropical blue waters her Master asks if she like what she sees. Pony’s reply was quick with desire. “Oh! Yes Master!”

“I knew you would.” Responded her Master. And with that her Master had her stand up. “Now my Pony, when each couple or individual walks by our spot you are to introduce me as your Master, and proclaim you will do anything for your Master as you are his and only his to please.”

Pony did not have long to wait as the first couple approached the spot where her Master lay in the sun warming him. As the couple got closer Pony said softly to no one in particular, “This is my Master, I will do anything to please him, I am his and his alone to command.” Her Master quickly jumped to his feet with the long leather crop that was split at the tip as if two long slithering tongues reached out from the tip to nip harshly at anything in their grasp.

“Louder!” Her Master commanded as he swung the crop catching her thighs just below the curvature of her ass. She stood perfectly still as the crop bit her not once but twice, one for each person that could not hear her as she proclaimed herself to her Master. The couple approached the Master and his Pony.

“What did she say,” asked the couple?

“Speak when I command you and not a moment sooner Pony. Remember you are mine and not some common slave, answering to anyone.”

“Yes, Master.” Pony replied.

“Now go and adjust my beach towel you so rudely messed up.”

“Yes, Master.” Pony quickly rearranged her Master’s towel and resumed her position back in front and off to the side of her Master as he sat back on the towel and back support wedge.

“Now do as you were instructed to do Pony!” snapped her Master

Pony quickly and loudly proclaimed, “This is my Master! I am his to do with as he pleases. I am no one else’s. I will do anything for my Master as he commands me and I will anticipate his needs and serve him with all my heart, soul, body and Maltepe Olgun Escort mind!”

The couple smiled and congratulated the Master on having such a fine Pony. The couple watched as the Pony applied sun tanning oil to her Master’s feet and working her way up to his calf’s and thighs. Pony’s tightly braided hair flowed down her back like the dark and beautiful mane her Master had wished and instructed her to grow in their early stages of the relationship. It was difficult to determine if the mane was part of her tail that protruded from her ass, unless she was standing and her mane flowed outward from her back. Pony continued applying the oil to her Masters thighs careful not to touch his cock at this time, as her Master liked it only after the rest of him was completed covered in alight sheen of the warming substance. Pony moved close to his cock and around his inner thighs expertly with out touching his massive balls. She moved up over his stomach and moved over his nipples pulling slightly as her Master had taught her. She smoothed the oil over his face careful to touch her Master eyes massaging them just so.

The Master leaned forward to allow her to continue working her way around to his back. She reached her Masters ass and he lifted himself up thrusting his hips and arching his back, supporting himself on his arms so she could slide under him face up while applying the oil to her Masters under thighs and calves. Pony knew what she needed to do as her Master had taught her well.

Pony gently began to licked each nut and slowly bathing them in her mouth, alternately working her tongue over his asshole and the super sensitive area between his balls and ass. She worked deeper and harder with each stroke of her tongue, slipping her tongue each time deeper into his ass and alternately attempting to swallow his balls as they danced on her face. Pony continued to grasp his ass and open it, moving her face ever higher to suck his cock before applying the oil.

The couple watching applauded her application of the oil and began to touch one another and they lamented over not having such a fine Pony for themselves. Pony inched Maltepe Sarışın Escort her way forward now and was seated before her Masters massively hard and ridged cock as he continued to support himself. Pony loved to suck her Masters cock in front of the other couple showing her devotion for and to him.

Pony licked and tasted her Master from the root of his cock up ward working it with her lips and her Master held his position. Pony took his balls in her hands and gently began pulling on the them, massaging them and weighing them for herself. She knew they produced the gift she so craved from Him. Pony loved her Masters cum and would do anything to bring forth his offering to her. She loved to paint her lips and chin and stand before the bystanders and swirl her tongue as the cum drained from her mouth.

The first time her Master had her perform for the other on the beach she was severely spanked with the crop for disobeying her Master and greedily sucking down the cum, denying their audience the pleasure of seeing her enjoy his seed on her face. She glowed red with embarrassment the first few times, growing bolder as her Master spanked and cropped her in public for her disobedience. Her shaved pussy fiery red and dripping with desire before the audience. She made the mistake of cumming once in public before the other couples and was spanked within and inch of passing out. Pony had never felt such pleasure from the paddling; the explosive feeling of devotion and pleasure as the paddle swung over and over on her upturned ass at the public spanking table.

But for today she followed her Master’s instruction as she took the tip of his cock between her lips and felt the warm fluid fill her mouth with the salty sweet essence. Her Master relaxed back against the wedge and sat watching as she stood after applying the oil to his cock and balls, all the while holding his seed in her greedy mouth. Pony then positioned herself in front and to the left of her Master and slowly opened her mouth as the warm liquid began to flow between her lips. Pony knew only to allow so much out or she would not be able to perform to her Master’s satisfaction. Maltepe Şişman Escort She swirled her tongue over her lips and chin feeling the sweet cum paint them.

She grew moist between her thighs as the couple watched with desire as she played with her Masters cum between her lips. Pony began to undulate her hips, moving them with grace and seduction. Pony had danced this many times and began to move around the couple, pleasing her Master as his cock began to grow again.

She smiled at her Master, pleased with herself for making her Master hard again. She continued her belly dance around the couple; her pussy on fire for release but knew now was not the time. She felt the warm cum on her lips and chin and soon let the remaining cum flow from her mouth as she wiped it away with her hand and began to spread the warm cum over her breasts leaving a fine sheen of cum on them as she danced onward.

Pony danced as if possessed. She moved her hands ever closer to her hips, swinging her breasts and dancing before her Master, oblivious of the gathering crowd. Pony danced to the time honored love dance of eons of seduction till at last she moved to the ground and arched her back, spreading her inflamed cunt toward her Master.

Pony continued arching her hips over and over again, begging her Master to take her with out ever saying a word. The crowd mesmerized by her beauty. She took the remaining cum and spread it over her hot moist and open cunt. Gripping her clit and pulling, hardening it she smiled at her Master, beckoning him to take her on the beach before the crowd.

Her Master stands and walks before her. Grasping his cock he plunges into her grasping and seethingly warm opening, feeling her pulse on him, sucking him deeper. Master pounds into her, hips hitting hips as his balls begin to contract and at last he explodes with satisfaction and laughs with lusty desire as his cum flows from between them and slips down over her ass and onto the sand. Her Master repositions himself watching her as she stands just to front of him and off to the side and announces to the swollen crowd.

“This is my Master! I am his to do with as he pleases. I am no one else’s. I will do anything for my Master as he commands and I will anticipate his needs and serve him with all my heart, soul, body and mind!” The warm hot cum flowing from her pussy and down her thighs, she smiles to herself and knows she is happy and will remain his forever.

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